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  1. This is part of the plan. After they pass on a QB at #1 again, they can trade down get a bunch of picks and look super smart on draft day, because they have the most-est.
  2. It's going to allow everyone to praise how smart the FO is in the offseason again with all the high value picks, as they get no closer to respectability.
  3. Tony Romo injury in the game Tony Romo commentated on
  4. Lots of bad. Some good news in the bigger picture is that we are still alive this season at 2-2, if Flacco can start playing better. Obviously can't be thinking we're a playoff team, based on what we've seen the last two weeks, but we can still go on week to week, it's a long season. I don't think we are going to IR someone today, so that's something. We definitely made the right decision in paying Brandon Williams this offseason.
  5. So yea... we are clearly not a good team. Not sure we are terrible yet, but it's a good level set on expectations.
  6. Ravens defense without Brandon Williams is certainly not elite. Getting run on at will.
  7. Peterson looks completely done and it just messes up their offense when he's in there. Saints need to move on, like right now.
  8. Jeez... now we're seeing THIS overreaction to one game. Raiders weren't ripped apart by the Titans, who based on their other two games have a very good offense.
  9. Yea, and being down and not having Brandon Williams forced us to key in on the running game. Plus the give up factor. IDK, maybe there are serious problems with the defense and I'm in denial, but I'm not going to believe it unless I see it over multiple weeks.
  10. Yea. He's really fast. A lot of those receiving backs are quick, but he's also got the breakaway speed.
  11. Go for a 52 yarder up 21, but don't go for that 4th and 1 at the end of the half? Who's running win probability here?
  12. Pryor with a less lazy block springs Thompson for a bigger gain
  13. The word overrated is overused, but Amari Cooper is overrated.
  14. Russell Wilson is a hero, forget the loss. I don't care what people say about Brady (he the GOAT though) any other QBs working with nothing. Wilson literally can produce high offensive productivity with nothing. Brady would die behind that line.
  15. Bengals dead Nice work, AFC North
  16. Not sure anyone is better against pressure. Mayyyyyybe Russell Wilson
  17. Seems like AJ Green is always open
  18. ^That??? I mean, he might have grazed him...
  19. Yea... I'm still not even sure I have the right play, because that was barely anything. A flag sure, but nothing beyond that.
  20. Dang... If I was a betting person, I would have put some on the Bengals. Didn't think they'd go 0-3
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