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  1. I'm pretty sure I called AA breaking out this year and said he was pretty good last year (just couldn't stay healthy). I also said Owey would be high impact right away, hyped him up all offseason and said that everyone saying he was raw was a false narrative. Stuff I said without as good early returns: Bowser being better than Judon and Ngakoue (Bowser had a nice game, but Judon's apparently had a strong start), and Queen taking a step forward. I still think it will happen in time for Queen. It takes time for MLBs and that's probably the toughest position to play in the modern game. Ther
  2. Miss it and make it was a one score game with Seahawks getting the ball. Absolutely need to make it 2 scores.
  3. The WR route design on that trailing slant play was so good
  4. Imagine punting on 4th and 3 on the opponent's 43 with RUSSELL WILSON Glad my team's coach doesn't do that. Infuriating.
  5. Well, that's not good tape for Tutu
  6. So... is there any reason the Pats didn't just keep him and let him walk for a comp pick? Surely it would have been better than a 6th and it would have come on 2023 anyway. Am I missing some reason for him not being eligible for one?
  7. The fact that literally every player who played even a little while in Baltimore since 2008 (without the exception of one Bernard Karmell Pollard) seems to be vocally bought in on the program and its operations even after they leave is proof enough that Harbs has all the buy in he needs.
  8. What personal issue could Calvin Ridley have to sit out a game that is more important than my fantasy football team.
  9. ^That design on the DD-Bell play was great and a great block by Bell. Actually I think Duvernay underachieved by a lot on the run after the catch. If he cut upfield sharper, one yard sooner, he could have gained 10 more yards maybe gotten the corner on everyone.
  10. Lamar isn't/shouldn't be in the MVP award discussion. Agree that the numbers aren't there. Also, don't think anyone suggested that, but may have missed it. On a more literal sense of valuable, he is doing exactly what you hope to see from an elite QB does with far less than ideal circumstances, which is to carry them to success (as much as a single player can). The MVP award will always go to a player on a very good to great team (including when Lamar won it) because production of QBs of every level are dependent on supporting cast.
  11. Carr had Renfrow right down the middle for a potential TD if he kept looking down field. Didn't want to take a hit from that free blitzer.
  12. So a 4th down stop happened. This broadcast is trash.
  13. An absolutely clean break by Mike Williams, wow!
  14. Fangio might be trying to draw attention away from how awful he personally managed the game when it was only 13-16 points at the end. Dude didn't know or want to use his timeouts. He's upset because he was ready to go home an hour earlier.
  15. You have to play 20+ games to win a SB. Harbaugh knows what he's doing. It's his job to keep all the players and coaches motivated and bought in for a long season and his track record shows he's able to do that at a level well above the average coach. It's one snap so even the possibilty of a minor psychological edge in helping blockers/backs live up to the rushing identity we need may have been worth it.
  16. There is nothing close to the WFT defense in terms of expectations vs output disappointment. So much talent and they don't even look like they have base fundamentals executing as a defense.
  17. Gunslinger Lamar has been one of the most fun to watch developments this year.
  18. 56 yard AND kicking off with a minute and the Bucs 2 TOs. A first not only makes the FG easier but puts it in a real end of game situation. Surprising bad football math from BB.
  19. Terrible decision to kick the FG... You still had a pretty good chance to lose even if he made it
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