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  1. I don't really care much about that record. But, I'm never in favor of people who whine about trying on a snap of football when there is a game of football going on.
  2. TOm Brady not as sharp as he used to be if he really thinks Judon was ever the best player on the Ravens defense.
  3. How are we still in the first quarter here? I've seen more commercials than football snaps from Brady today.
  4. Seriously, how come there were several uber talented freak pass rushers freely available at the bottom of the first round this past draft?
  5. Lamar deserved that garbage time TD. QB1 in control all day.
  6. He's still in the league? He's on my team? He's protecting Lamar's blindside?!?
  7. They review facemasks now? I haven't seen that yet.
  8. Lamar gets hit late twice, can't get a call.
  9. Probably because people do things like bump threads involving multiple first round picks after three regular season games and declare victory. Note: I am on the first page of this thread with support of the move for the Rams.
  10. The post-three week take will love forever at the end of this thread.
  11. Eli Manning. Especially the first SB.
  12. I actually agree with you. This would make a ton of sense for the Chiefs.
  13. Perfect landing spot to amplify the hype and media noise that will amount to next to nothing.
  14. Good game. Packers deserved this one.
  15. Already in FG range by today's standard
  16. that might have been backwards too
  17. Is straight into the ground Jimmy's second read?
  18. It's time. Trey Lance is the most effective QB in NFL History right now. How can you bench him?
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