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  1. Awwwww, I miss you guys and I do appreciate the sentiment. Life has me on quite the journey these days.
  2. Stepping away from a situation where others are out to cause anxiety in what is supposed to be entertainment is never the wrong choice. I stepped away, told everyone to have a good one and immediately informed the boss. I handled it perfectly. Deuces :roll:
  3. I never benched my team. I deleted my ESPN acct altogether early Thur. This comment is a good example why I am stepping away. Enjoy all
  4. That has never been a rule. We all gave courtesy up to the point X drafted Bichette. If it had been a rule, I would have drafted him. What you are saying don't even make sense. You can't make rules on the fly or demand rules because you want things your way. That isn't how life works. But no issues. I will save you the trouble. I don't have time anyhow, much less time for people to throw imature fits over what they want over want is fair. Have a good one.
  5. Ohtani was in. Bichette had no expectation of being added soon. No difference.
  6. If you want to waste a spot on a guy that won't be up any time soon and isn't a top prospect, I would say both that is your prerogative and your loss.
  7. The "normal process" is acquisition. Draft picks and pickups are 2 forms of that process. You can not allow one without the other and can not disallow one without disallowing the other. There is absolutely no logical way you can tell me draft picks make more sense than a pickup. All a pickup is, is a way to replace a draft pick. You either allow a saved roster spot or you don't. In most fantasy brands, it would not be an issue because the players we are all coveting are in the database. You can't penalize X or me because ESPN is slow.
  8. Wasn't saying that at all. Interesting you thought I was though.... (My turn to bust your chops)
  9. You are right. Saying that a draft pick can take the place of a waiver pickup but a pickup can not makes less sense.
  10. I rarely have time, but do right now. I don't have much though. And I am a former alcoholic and leader of a recovery ministry.
  11. Don't matter if he was 60yo, he was #1 last year and showing no signs of slowing down. I essentially gave 3 solid keepers+ for a single player. No matter how you spin it, that is alot
  12. Perspective is a crazy thing. I traded the #1 rated SP last year, a .300/100RBI 2B, and a 1rd pick (likely to be very high)for a single guy. I would say I overpaid.
  13. I like the idea of raising Innings min. The slippery slope started when X drafted a guy. We are on it now though and there is no way we can allow one but not the other. Allowing draft picks to take place of waiver order? That makes less sense than claiming an open roster spot for a guy.
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