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  1. The continued lack of respect of this guy will not be tolerated
  2. 6'5 320? undersized? Ok...... Thats bigger than any DT we have on our roster you know?
  3. Marvin Wilson would be the Dog we've needed inside since we had Shaun Rogers. He is a team captain, takes no disrespect from anyone, and is flat out a dude inside. My comp for him is Akiem Hicks. Regardless of injury, I still have him as DT1, and would make his presence known from down I IMO - I like Dimukeje but he seems a little light to me and doesn't play as physical as I like but has pretty good technique - I flat out question his athleticism, he literally has everything but he looks really tight and stiff as an athlete. If he had it, I would look at him as a Leighton Vander Esch type of LB - Phillips is rising, but I don't think he will rise that far, I ideally want him as a second end do be our version of the Eagles Josh Sweat (A high level developmental guy who has potential to be a starter) - I like Hutchinson, but I want to see what his explosion numbers are, because we already have a similar guy Gustin, we need some guys with juice - I absolutely love Rumph, he would be a steal, he is light in the pants for a base end but he gets off the ball, has excellent technique and is just a natural pass rusher, he reminds me of a lighter Tamba Hali with his tremendous technique On a seperate note: Cincinnati has some STUD DBs, I hope our scouts have their eyes on those guys
  4. I'll go ahead and say it, Cincinnati has the best defensive backfield in the country
  5. I hope Day is holding Coombs feet to the fire, I know Urban would.....
  6. Doesn't this have more to do with the Front office than him?
  7. Mack is still better than anyone the Raiders got from that trade, easy.....
  8. Way to take what the defense is giving them, smart playcalling
  9. If I had a dollar for how many times Michigan fans mentioned Tom Allen's name after watching this game....
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