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  1. Nakobe Dean = Johnathan Vilma meets Roquan Smith
  2. This guy needs to be talked about more, he is a more physical Zaven Collins. Look at play 4:17 and play 4:26 👀
  3. Not good at all for Bama, if they can't run the ball successfully vs UC, they are screwed because Sauce is going to shadow Jamison the whole game, and thats going to be a heluva fight for him.
  4. -I disagree, they were an average LT away from beating UGA last season, and their defense is damned good. They have the best corners/DBs Bama has seen all season, they can literally take those WRs out of the game, as well as they have a QB who is a threat passing as well as running. -Not to mention Ford WENT to Bama so he will have those guys gassed up -I just think UC matches up very well vs Bama
  5. But I think they have, they have the makings of an future elite OL as well as drafted to highly rated DT in Alim Mitchell and Levi Onwuzurike, they just need to continue to build and play together, heck in two years they could be in the playoffs. Plus I think that is twice as much as what he Texans have, they purposely got rid of any talent they had in anticipation of them being bad. The Texans are as close to an expansion team as you will see
  6. -I have my doubts though, the Browns just had a bye week to prepare for the Ravens, the main problems were our WRs not being able to separate, their best corner unfortunately is out for the season, that is going to be a problem. Also our defense is getting better by the game and already know how to play Baltimore, just go cover 0 and get after Lamar. -In addition to all of that, at some point the injuries are going to catch up with them, the Browns are getting healthier (outside of Conklin) and those guys keep going down, I actually think the Ravens are at a crossroad. -Do realistic
  7. I'll admit, the Ravens have been fighting like champs all season despite the injuries but at some point the magic has to eventually run out
  8. God, I like him but his size scares me having two smaller LBs (either its going to be a massive success or we would get gashed)
  9. I'm not entirely disappointed because Devin Brown has QB1 written all over him
  10. I knew he wasnt all the way in, he thought he was going to beat out Stroud and didnt, im not mad at him he sees how good Stroud is.
  11. Taylor Mays Dri Archer PJ Hall Marvin Austin Bruce Campbell Leon Williams Yamon Figurs
  12. If we don't win this next game vs Baltimore...normal teams will see one defensive approach and make adjustments, this is all that the Ravens have, they have zero run game outside of Lamar, and Lamar passing is well.....Lamar passing. You are going to see a lot of the same things, their hope is that we stay stagnant offensively Our guardrails say otherwise, as much as I like that guy, we don't need a worldbeater at center, we just need a guy who is efficient at what he does I think he likes playing along side of Garrett, they play really well together and this is working real
  13. 1. I need more than just an average starter, I need very good with flashes of outstanding 2. Clowney 3. If you reference back, I wanted him gone after last offseason
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