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  1. Questions about his ability to process information in 3....2....1.....
  2. -Hot take: Sauce Gardner will push for CB1, he may not make it but he is damn good in his own right -Other guys: Bubba Bolden, MyJai Sanders, George Karlafitis, David Bell, Boye Mafe
  3. Yawn, some people's defense mechanism when they have no answer is to attack and name call, mine isn't. It's funny how you find people's true character during the heat of battle.
  4. *chuckles*.......forget it man. You are clearly too sensitive for this subject. I'll bow out...
  5. That's fine, and to me Lamar has not proven he can pass from the pocket without having to run around and dink and dunk. Or that if a team shuts down their running game, Lamar can win games consistently passing from the pocket. Which should be just as fair, some Ravens fans are making him seem like he is on par with Mahomes passing the ball and we all know he clearly isn't.
  6. Maybe you are lost, I asked him what was Lamar's record when trailing at the half, he responds with a question about Baker. Not sure where you're from, but where i'm that's called deflection. You can create some false scenario all you want, it's cool with me. Cheers.... You can also answer the question while you're at it since you are so quick to interject....
  7. We also didn't have the #2 Defense to rely on, major difference
  8. Well if you paid attention, this team was hit with injuries (OBJ,Nick Chubb), Covid (individual players as well as a game with the whole WR room out and the HC), games with inclement weather where you had to condense the offensive playbook, all of that and was good enough to win 11 games as well as a divisional playoff game. There is plenty of context to why we didn't rank in the top in points, total yards or yards per play, I fully expect a healthy offense to be dynamic and unlike you I fully expect Baker to continue to ascend. Now the funny thing is teams assuming Lamar to all the sudd
  9. Not sure they really won if you are the same exact team you were the previous year, plus a few draft picks who probably wont start. I think there are teams out there who significantly improved their teams from last year with new players/draft picks. i.e. The Chiefs OL may be better than last year, and the Browns defense is significantly better than last year.
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