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  1. Wouldn't be surprised gets the first 5* at an HBCU with his connections.
  2. Its cool, I just feel people tend to over rate those guys, thats all. There was some discussion of whether JJ was the GOAT DT which sent me through the roof. I just believe in giving guys proper credit, not extra sprinkles to make them look better amongst their peers. And yes, JJ Watt can be considered great for his era, but that's it for me
  3. Well if its any consolation, I am the same was with is brother....🤷‍♂️ (JJ)
  4. That battle right there will be worth the price of admission
  5. So you mean to tell me you are really trying to argue one spot? Point is, the defense was still a top defense before he got there and still is a top defense (which I stated before) and thats not up for debate. And to be quite honest, if he were to go down, the defense will still be a top defense (As history states) Now he is a good football player, im not going to deny that, but you will never see me overrate him either. But you haven't explained how though, but ok. Top defense before he came, top defense after. Tell me i'm wrong (but I'll expect some grey area, talking around the point type of argument). Which is expected
  6. Browns OL vs Washington DL, Winner wins the game
  7. Mullens was very impressive, no need to panic, let Jimmy G heal 100% and roll with him.
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