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  1. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Seriously, and all we are doing is parading around that we are going to go OT @ 10 for everyone to know. Someone could come up to 8 or 9 and undercut us and we would be stuck or have to reach for a guy who may or may not have a 1st round grade (according to their board). It will be interesting to see
  2. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    just was making a point
  3. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    I wouldn't worry much, I guarantee he's just trying to run fast
  4. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Queen could also be the perfect guy to spy Lamar Jackson Also on a side note, I have a feeling someone is going jump right in front of us to nab a tackle
  5. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    -Also, I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in a guy like Andrew Billings to be a rotational guy -I almost know for sure they will bring him back but a draft darling of mine from a few years ago (Javon Hargrave) is a free agent. Him in 4 man front would be such a destructive force inside. A move like this would win me over with this FO
  6. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    His legs are dead, I'm good on that. I need some fresh legs with some upside, this should be a last resort or a guy you bring in for a playoff push They better have a plan in place, I really don't want to be stuck with a Frostee Rucker type of signing, I at least want to have a rookie with upside along with a Ronald Blair, Emmanuel Ogbah, or even Robert Quinn on a 2 year with an option after a year type of guy. Shaq Barrett would be my #1 target If I were them
  7. Panthers to keep Cam Newton for some reason

    That's understandable, if this is the case, they need to put that plan in place NOW, so that they can draft his successor and let him sit for a year and be ready to go in 21
  8. Panthers to keep Cam Newton for some reason

    What sense does that make? If Cam is playing well, 9 times out of 10, the team is playing well. Why would a team do something dumb like trade the QB in the middle of the season when they could be in contention? Why would a team pull the plug on their own season just to trade him and start all over with a new guy?
  9. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    No, they don't need to change anything IMO, its as simple as some of these guys are getting bad information from their people. Some of these guy will drop in the draft and learn a hard lesson about what teams REALLY think about you.
  10. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    The thing is, Ogunjobi is going to be Batman THIS SEASON because he is in his contract year.
  11. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    Prime candidate for the "Surprise faller in the draft" category
  12. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    This is such a gloriously bad take and a bad hill to die on - Did you take the time to think he was still in high school when he posted these numbers? The kid had no idea what he was doing - You said unless he dramatically improves? Have you heard of Mickey Marotti? do your research, - Also "Not an explosive athlete"?, is that really what you see on film? You need to explain yourself, because you are making him out to be Bjoern Werner - This really could be as simple as him standing on his film - I cannot wait til his pro day, but this could go down as one of the all time worst takes on this board - Film tells me he is very explosive down low in the lower body, I'd stake my reputation that he runs at least a 4.65 Bad for him, good for teams looking for an outstanding value at the top of the 2nd round
  13. 2020 NFL Combine Thread

    So why not reduce it to 6'3 1/2 instead of 4/8?
  14. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    A)I like the way you think B) I have been on record for a while complaining about our DL depth, its pretty terrible, some of these guys are XFL caliber guys C) From your lips to God's ears, the DL of Garrett, Ogunjobi, Shelton, Armstead and Kinlaw rotating with Shelton, along with or two other high upside, fresh legged guys. And they could probably get him a really great price, he would do wonders for our run defense and it would be a third of the price a guy like Snacks Harrison would be asking