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  1. 2020 Browns Hype

    You all know these things start by non-Browns fans and Media
  2. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    Love how they strategically announced this before the sanctions, but I love the move. They were waiting in the bushes the whole time, to be honest, I never really cared for the Patriots but have a lot of respect for them for this one. Honestly, If this is successful, there should be several GMs that should get fired when they had the opportunity to.
  3. Matt Ryan vs Big Ben

    8:31 4th QT (28-12): 3rd and 1, took a sack and fumbled (Killer) If he completes the pass he extends the drive and possibly puts points on the board in addition to taking more time off of the clock, if he throws away the ball, they can at least pin them in poor field position and make them go 90+ yards to score 3:55 4th QT (28-20): 2nd and 11, takes a sack (Killer) if he completes even the shortest of passes, he could at least gotten it do a manageable 3rd down as well as continue running the clock down, he throws the ball away, at least its not a sack 3:44 4th QT (28-20): 3rd and 33, incomplete, what can you do?, possibly thrown one deep to try to draw a P.I. and get a cheap first down to keep the drive alive I'm not offended by your insult because its clear you flat out don't know football and how it works, if he could have lead them to at least 3 additional points, they probably win the Super Bowl and he had ample opportunity to do so.
  4. Offseason Discussion

    Boy, I was screaming this all last season, I think we still need a you guy with upside and plenty of juice in his legs to come in and give quality reps like how Buffalo has Darryl Johnson, or Ade Aruna , or like when we had Armonty Bryant.
  5. Matt Ryan vs Big Ben

    How about maintaining a 28-3 lead?
  6. An even better gesture to his friend would have been paying the $200 or so it would have taken to move and sitting back and knocking back a few cold ones on a hot day
  7. Antonio Alfano leaves another program (CU)

    If I were him, I would be begging to try to somehow get into Rutgers
  8. JT Daniels transferring to Georgia

    I think Penn St would have been a better move for him
  9. Clemson WR Justyn Ross to miss 2020 season

    Hate to hear that, hope he has a speedy and complete recovery
  10. DK Metcalf Vs Deebo Samuel

    IMO, Deebo can do more, and has more route diversity, and also plays a lot bigger than his size. Steve Smith ish to me
  11. Troy Vincent: NFL Still Planning for Full Stadiums

    i.e. "We gettin this schmoney"
  12. Bravo to you for being impartial and answering a BLACK and WHITE question and not trying to make it GREY with hypotheticals
  13. 2020/2021 - The 55: Roster Talk & Team-Building Analysis

    I don't know if this is accurate at all, but if I were his agent, I would tell him you should be trying to go to Cleveland because: A) We obviously offered the most money B) Most important, why wouldn't you want to go somewhere where you don't have to shoulder the load of being the sole focus of the blocking schemes, to be honest, the smartest thing he can do is sign a 1 year deal with us and play with Garrett and back door 10 sacks to boost his value on the market Add, this is the worst group of skills he's had since he's been in the league, the whole franchise is on his "shoulder"
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    The 49ers as well, I for one am like the RG spot, I'm good average/above average. As long as we have elite units surrounding them
  15. Jets sign Grandparent Frank Gore

    For my Metal Gear fans, he reminds me of "The End"