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  1. That kinda defeats the purpose of drafting Love, they'd be better off trading him for a ransom/players. Hell, Danielle Hunter, a 1st and a 3rd and a future 2 would be a damn good trade for both.
  2. Apparently its the "in" thing to look past the flaws of a popular prospect unless it's Justin Fields.
  3. What do you think about his athleticism on the surface? And I almost guarantee there will be some DL coaches in the league that would love him as a 5T in an odd front or a 3T in an even front
  4. Was a huge fan of his coming out of FSU, he was a stud in the making. Here's to a speedy recovery
  5. To think about it even deeper, extra kudos to him for playing 14 years in the NFL at a position he never originally supposed to play. If people remember, he was the top cornerback prospect in the country and changed positions because he was so dynamic with the ball in his hands at tOSU. Who knows if he would have lasted as long if he played corner
  6. I personally thought he was better off with his hand down, he was always a straight ahead type of guy. I still think he has a bit of upside, but in an even front. As far as the Ingram signing, damn good signing. Not sure how much his body has left but he should feast with the front they already have.
  7. Coming for the belt Mean Gene.... (Browns) QB: Charlie Frye RB: James Jackson FB: Owen Marecic WR1: Dwayne Bowe WR2: Greg Little Slot: Corey Coleman TE: O.J. Santiago LT: Kevin Shaffer LG: Melvin Fowler OC: Dave Wohlabaugh RG: Floyd (Porkchop) Womack RT: John St.Clair DE: Courtney Brown (injuries) DT Gerard Warren DT: Trevon Coley DE: Barkevius Mingo LB: Chaun Thompson MLB: Kaluka Maiava LB: Chris Gocong CB: Justin Gilbert CB: Brandon McDonald Slot: Buster Skrine S: Abe Elam S: Andrew Sendejo HC: Hue Jackson OC:
  8. Agreed on all accounts, I just don't see anything special about him. I think its at least 3 guys currently on the roster than can do what he does or better
  9. Went from overrated to underrated, kudos to him for knowing he was over drafted but worked hard to carve out a respectable career. Still feel he wasn't properly utilized throughout his career.
  10. It has to be Cincinnati, they return too many impact players on both sides of the ball and have a rising star as a coach. If they beat both Indiana and Notre Dame (both of which will be ranked), watch out...
  11. It flat out sounds like you are making excuses for the guy, and to be quite frank, why even go out there if you are going to give the effort you give in those .Gifs? Either way, it doesn't look good injury or not.
  12. If the Browns can tap into those quick twitch muscles, he would be an absolute steal. That was literally the only thing missing with his game
  13. No, thats on me. I couldn't resist, I'll back off
  14. This is true but we also were fortunate to get timely turnovers in many forms throughout the season from unsung guys I wonder if we will get a comp pick for once
  15. Coming from a team with a non-existent passing game, I can see why you would think that.
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