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  1. You should take your thoughts on this over to the Draft forum and see what others say, create a poll
  2. I think its all about how our FO grade these guys and if they fit what we are trying to do
  3. Explain what he does better than Simmons Ill pass on all of that, Harrison is going into year 2 of the defense, that is valuable in itself. I'd take a safety and move him around rather than take a gamble on a guy who may or may not be able to do what people project him to be able to do.
  4. - Such a well thought out take, people are so infatuated with the latest shiny toy and don't even think about how he would realistically fit with us. Plus people want to compare him to Isaiah Simmons, I almost fell out of my chair, Simmons is 6'4 and basically 240, ran 4.39 with 39 inch vertical and 11 inch broad jump. People are trying to hype him up to be like Simmons but he isn't, just like this time next draft, there will be some guy who may fit the description and will be the recipient of similar hype. - As I continue to say, we already have a guy that fits the same description of JO
  5. One of the players who was hurt the most by Covid, would have totally blown up after the combine
  6. I already went through this argument with @MWil23 and laid out all of my evidence, you are flat out trying to make something worse than what it really is. This is as simple as sitting in a film room with a coach and explaining what he sees or didn't see and walking it on the practice field, thats how they become better in their reads. And yes, I played the game at a highest level, these are how they are corrected. Also, do you realize that there is no such thing as a flawless prospect?, even the elite prospects have things they can get better at, this is what NFL coaches are tasked with at the
  7. The thread says "Pound the table" for your guys. Not a critique forum. And for the record regarding Browning, those aren't fatal flaws, that's why they have NFL linebacker coaches to clean things like that up. Also for the thread, how could I forget Chris Rumph Jr. ,he may be my favorite player in this whole draft. Severely undersized as a prospect but is a flat out ball player, he is instinctive and may be the most natural pass rusher in this draft but is built like a high school sophomore.
  8. Smells fishy.... They are up to something
  9. Definitely a #2 corner who would be capable of being a #1 in a pinch I smell rookie, I don't know if they would invest much in a FA DT if they are already squeamish about Richardson's contract. Or made a trade for someone we can build on long term What about Jacob Phillips? At what point do we see what he has? Also, we are so quick to run these guys out of town, but do any of these guys have the ability to grow and make a big jump? Taki made a big jump from his rookie year? who's to say any of those other guys couldn't make a jump? I don't think Berry is g
  10. I'm telling you........, these two moves will change the whole complexity of our defense. You get Delpit and Greedy back along with at least two impact rookies and we are a legit super bowl contender
  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder at least when it comes to Browning
  12. Him, Chandler Jones, Reddick combo will be pretty formidable.
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