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  1. What makes you think that the fan base ready to turn on a QB after 1/2 of an offseason and 18 starts doesn’t have patience?😂
  2. Wilson is the perfect fit for Shanahans offense. If he’s there he’s a Niner.
  3. I’m thinking he’s trying to maximize trade back value if one of fields/lance drops. I think you could get at least a 2022 first and 2-3 twos to trade back with WFT if they’re targeting a QB. That could set us up to be movers in next years draft and still have us in that sweet spot of being able to get one of Moehrig, Samuel JR, Bolton, or Z Collins, as well as getting a top notch RT and RB in Rd 2.
  4. https://denverfan.com/2092133/john-clayton-joins-fan-senior-broncos-writer/ I had wondered what happened to him. No offense to the Broncos but talk about a fall from grace. From ESPN to writing for a local sports talk radio stations website
  5. This is all stuff that was fun pre-COVID. Not sure what’s still open. The Barton Springs Pool is a cool natural springs swimming hole. It’s always a good time to grab some friends, beers,and tubes and float the Colorado (or paddle board) The Mockingbird Saloon is a Broncos Bar to grab a game with like minded fanatics on Sundays. 6th street is fun to do once Schlitterbahn is a world renowned water park (south in new braunfels) Driskill bar is a fun bar largely unchanged from its founding in the 1800s Franklin BBQ is arguably the best BBQ in the nation. also the
  6. Memories of Ted Gregory are coming to mind! Something tells me the scales at Bama will read slightly different than when he gets to his pro team
  7. I’ve lived in San Antonio (technically Schertz which is a suburb on the Austin side) since 2015. Went up to Austin fairly frequently pre-COVID. What kind of things are you looking to do? For reference I’m in my 30s with 3 (teenage) kids so that kind of shaped my experiences😂😂
  8. lol looks like I’m in the minority here. I guess time will tell. Lord knows been wrong on QBs before (see Cutler, Jay; Mahomes, Patrick) but then again I’ve been right a fair amount as well (see Allen, Josh; Haskins, Dwayne; Rosen, Josh; Griffen, Robert; Winston, Jamis) If he ever wins a SB I will gladly eat crow because he seems like a really good kid and I’m pulling for him. Just wouldn’t trade the farm for him😏
  9. Sorry, he’s been in the league 4 years not 5. But I disagree that he’s elite. He’s very good. I put him in that range of QBs who can lead a talented team to the playoffs, but where he’s at right now is not one who will carry a team. Much like Jake the Snake. Maybe closer to a Donavan McNabb? Either way not an elite franchise QB who carries the team deep year after year and always a threat to win a Lombardi. that’s not to say he can’t grow, simply that he’s not there after 4 years, seems to have regressed when he can’t throw it up to the best WR in the league (needs to show it’s not arepe
  10. I like Watson, but let's be real. 5 years in the league. 1 playoff win. People talk like he's mahomes or Brady. He's Jake Plummer or Carson Palmer. I wouldn't kick him off my team but people talking 3 1sts, 3 2nds and Von? Hard pass like I said a couple weeks ago when I pointed out he had friended a bunch of Broncos players on IG, I’d give 2 firsts and lock. If the Texans pass for a better offer, so be it.
  11. https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/former-broncos-lb-al-wilson-elected-to-college-football-hall-of-fame Well deserved! a true heart and soul defensive leader
  12. Probably. Again it’s just what’s being talked about down here in south Texas
  13. Pure conjecture here but the sports radio guts down here are reporting that deshaun Watson may be wanting out and started following Von, Court, Spencer, Kareem, and AJ on IG yesterday. I know it’s a pipe dream but I’d send 2 1sts and Lock for him (and I’m on the “give lock a full off-season before we judge” team)
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