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  1. Are you smarter than our front office v.2019

    Hopefully with our run game and D he won’t have to be a carry the team performer. I just want someone who won’t wilt in the 4th quarter or 3rd down. That’d be cool.
  2. Random Thoughts

    Pretty sure there’s a cream for that
  3. Don’t get me wrong I also think it was a bad pick, I just didn’t get the same vibe from the Lindsey comment that you did
  4. If Lindsay vouching for him was the only reason we drafted him then you’re absolutely right. But if I’m a GM I’m talking to everybody about a player. I’m going to have discussions with the gardener at his grandma’s nursing home, let alone someone who was close to him in college.
  5. Biggest Freak of all time?

    Surprised no one has mentioned Darrell Green. one of the greatest athletes to ever play football. he wasn't big but the speed and power he got from his body, as well as pure body control was amazing. Played until he was 43. Ran a 4.43 40 for fun on his 50th birthday. Dude was the definition of a freak.
  6. UDFA tracker

    Well Grayson is gone, so his chances are getting better. That being said it still wouldn’t surprise me to see us roll into the season with 2 QBs on the 53 and Rypien on the PS
  7. Are you smarter than our front office v.2019

    yeah, tthe only draft that I think was much better than what the broncos did was when Mac was running the show. And though my 2017 draft was almost as terrible as Elways at least we would have gotten Desmond King. But that's why I love this thread every year. to paraphrase Mike Mayock paraphrasing Ozzie Newsome: its easy to have an opinion, its hard to make a decision.
  8. 6.187 Juwann Winfree WR Colorado

    One of his biggest strengths. He has the size/speed to develop into a good #3/4 WR but could never stay healthy
  9. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    I feel like they won day 3. They passed up great players for good players the first 2 days though. When you have that many holes, don’t target players, play the board as it falls.
  10. UDFA tracker

    I know nothing about the kid, his ESPN profile has 1 sack: http://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/3127075/ahmad-gooden *edit* other sites including draft countdown have him with more sacks
  11. UDFA tracker

    A pass rush specialist with one career sack ?
  12. UDFA tracker

    Brett Rypian, QB, Boise St should be a camp arm and PS candidate that can activat in an emergency
  13. UDFA tracker

    Post with sources please
  14. 6.187 Juwann Winfree WR Colorado

    Like I said In the main thread, I thought he was the 4th best Colorado college WR on board. Both Preston Williams and Alex Wesley, and probably edged by Olabisi Johnson (though Winfred has a higher ceiling) Still hope we target Alex Wesley as an UDFA.
  15. I liked the Hollins pick, but day three was definitely sub par. Overall I’d still give the entire draft a B. Loved the way we maneuvered the first 3 rounds.