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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I fully admit I have not had a chance to watch much football this season, but I think if Elway drafts Haskins it will cost him the job. The kid has promise and if he stays another year in college I would jump all over him. But over the last 15 years (that’s as far back as I had time to research) the list of QBs who have started at least 5 NFL games after a college career where they started less than 20 games is less than impressive: Ryan Tannehill Trevor Semien Mitch Trubisky Brock Osweiler Matt Cassel the adjustment to NFL speed is too great to also learn the basics of reading a defense on the fly as well
  2. Random Thoughts

    Woke up surprised I wasn’t hungover. Turned out I was still drunk! A great time was had by all
  3. Random Thoughts

    I’m in San Antonio now in Emergency Medicine Residency. Lots of good beer to choose from. Hope to visit the springs again next summer and will define check out peaks n pines (your not the first to mention it to me)
  4. Random Thoughts

    Unsure if the wife would appreciate the hookers but only one way to find out!
  5. Random Thoughts

    Honestly it’s tough for two reasons. #1 and most importantly is the airport is $&1@ing FAR from Denver, like damn near Kansas. #2 despite having a relatively good nightlife it reverts back to Midwest roots on Christmas and ****s closed.
  6. Random Thoughts

    So tomorrow is my first full calendar day off since September 17th (getting off at 7am only to be back to work at 7am the next day should not count as a day off! Thanks for looking out ACGME!) how drunk should I get tonight?
  7. 2018 53-Man Roster Projections and Discussion

    And it didn’t have to be! There were players to be had that many of us wanted the broncos to draft at the time http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=588004
  8. When VJ gets fired

    If I were a raiders fan, I’d want the broncos to hire McDaniels too. His success when not playing second fiddle to the Hoodie with Brady as his QB is so enticing.
  9. When VJ gets fired

    I agree with AAA not a fan of first time HC, the jump is just too big for most of them to handle the first time around. Jim and John Harbaugh, Shaw, Chris Peterson, Dan Campbell. That’s my top 5 right now
  10. When VJ gets fired

    My gut tells me Jim Harbaugh is the next coach of your Denver Broncos.
  11. Random Thoughts

    My specialty is Emergency Medicine, so I see A LOT of flu. Bottom line up front? The flu shot saves lives. 2 bits of background are needed to understand why. #1: Your body has two types of immune systems. Your innate immune system is derived of cells that attack and kill things that your body has not tagged as "self." the result of this though is inflammation and can have systemic results in large amounts. It a dumb dirty system, kind of like carpet bombing in WWII. Your adaptive immune systems is your antibodies. When your body encounters one of these invaders it creates antibodies. This is a target attack, like a cruise missile. This takes a couple of days, so the first time your body encounters a specific strain of the invader its all up to your innate immune system to fight it off. The antibodies hang around for years though and the biggest benefit is that they help your body identify and kill it faster the next time. #2: The flu is caused by a virus (so antibiotics don't work. For that matter tamiflu doesn't work either, but i digress) that kills people in 2 different ways. The most common way is that it lowers your overall immune system and allows for a superimposed bacterial pneumonia to set in, which kills you in 10-14 days. This usually affects the very young, the very old, and the chronically ill. There are some strains however (the 1918 flu and last years version) that make your innate immune system go haywire. This kills otherwise healthy young adults within days. So how does the vaccine work? it allows your body to make antibodies against the flu virus. For the old, young, and ill this means that their body is able to mount a response before they get the pneumonia that kills them. For the otherwise healthy person this means that the body uses cruise missiles right off the bat and there is a much lower chance of your innate immune system going crazy and killing you. So how effective is the vaccine? very at reducing your chance of dying (79% less likley) or ending up in the ICU (37% less likely), though only ok at reducing your chance of getting sick at all. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28525597 Edit: So as not to be a fear-mongerer, the chance of dying from the flu is still fairly low. Over the last 30 years the number of Americans who have gotten the flu has averaged at about 200K, the number of american deaths has ranged from 3-49K.
  12. GDT Week 1: SEA @ DEN

    Finally got a chance to watch the game. Team looks improved in all phases, including coaching. Keenum’s first INT was a bad read. Maybe he misjudged Thomas? Thought he’d be rusty? I don’t know. You don’t make that seam throw against him. 2nd int looked like he and the receiver needed to get on the same page. It was a timing throw on what appeared to be a WR option route (obviously we don’t know for sure) where the read was McDougle. For the record if the read was mcdougle then I think the WR made the correct read as mcdougle was floating deep in his zone, but perhaps the read was Thomas and the correct play was to cut away from Thomas in the deep third. Again hard to get in their heads. the last INT was a hell of a play by mcdougle. Simple as that. definately things to work on but not bad considering this is their first game together (anyone remember Manning’s first game as a bronco? Chemistry takes time. And no I’m not saying Keenum will be like Manning)
  13. Training Camp Thread

    We’ve been bad longer than that! This will be the 10th season since the McStake and aside from Manning’s first three seasons we have been bottom third in the league in points scored and bottom ten in offensive DVOA, every [censored] year! Hell our Super Bowl year (the worst offense to ever win a Super Bowl) serves as the high point! BPs concerns are valid however. This team is very unproven, but on paper has talent and potential. We will see if the “leader of men” can get the most out of them
  14. Training Camp Thread

    I was with you about this AAA until my wife and kids went to camp yesterday. Bottle water was $1?! Souvenirs for <$10?!? This is in stark contrast to when I last went in 2013 where we were paying close to stadium prices. They can sell the naming rights to camp all they want if they are going to continue to pass that savings onto the fans
  15. 2018 OTA's

    Broncos brought in Howard Mudd as a consultant at least for the duration of OTAs.