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  1. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I agree with AKRNA they all things being equal a well run WCO (specifically the Shanahan version with its precision timing, misdirections, play action, and bootlegs) is to me, the best offense to watch. some people prefer spread em out, dishing dimes ala PFM. Others don’t care as long as there are points on the board.
  2. Grizmo's Mock Offseason V1

    I don’t like the idea of paying for topFAs this off season. We’re not just a couple pieces away yet. I hope we continue the approach we’ve taken the past few offseasons. I’d rather bring back CHJ and add another mid level CB than being in jones. The more i watch him the more I like Ruggs. His route tree is non-existent but much like DT he shows the skills to run crisp routes if asked to. Also he is willing to block and high point balls. More than just an Ashley Lelie (which I first thought he was) love Biadasz. Have no problem trading back up for him. I don’t have a problem with any of the players in your draft but feel we should probably double dip in a deep WR draft. Really would like Gabe Davis in the 4th. Reminds me of BMarsh#15.
  3. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    He called it a power spread in Minnesota as well when he used a heavy dose of 12/21/22 personnel (47% his last year). Regardless of personnel he works to create space with route design which does differ from the Shanahan branch which uses a lot of bunch formations and misdirection. Both rely heavily on play action. He also was definitely an early adopter of RPOs (likely due to being kept on in philly when Chip Kelly took over. as for the power/zone OL spectrum he favors more power (though coached heavy zone in Minnesota and under Kelly) which probably favors our current roster a little better.
  4. Random Thoughts

    I agree with the general sentiment here. Jackson is fun to watch, but it’s not the style of football that has ever won championships. Additionally it leads to a shorter shelf life. Maybe he can pull a Steve young and become a much improved passer from the pocket. If he does he’s a HOFer. Of course it took Steve years on the bench to get there, while Jackson is taking almost 200 hits a season (rush attempts plus sacks plus knockdowns).
  5. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Shurmur also uses a WCO. He (via Andy Reid via mike holmgren) is part of the Bill Walsh tree much like Scangarello (via Kyle via mike). The concepts should remain fairly close.
  6. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Kubiak, Kyle, mcVey, leFleur, Anthony Lynn. thats a hell of a tree that’s already happened.
  7. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Let me preface this by reiterating that I think we should have given Scangs another year, but understand how given the overall poor performance, the not seeing eye to eye on play calling aggressiveness, and the apparent ill fit of personalities between Scangs and Vic why they took advantage of Shurmur becoming available as a chance to move on and upgrade. When that move happened TC getting the axe was almost a foregone conclusion. Unless the OC was an OL coach they typically don’t understand or mess with the black box that is the OL (outside of minor preferences in the utilization of zone vs power as all teams use both a fair amount now) so Munch And Kuper were safe. The technique and routes of WRs and TEs are pretty much the same regardless of scheme (it’s the language and frequency of given concepts that change) so Azz and Herdman are likely safe. QB and RB technique, language, and assignments can change quite a bit from scheme to scheme however so TC and Modkins may be let go and coaches that Shurmur has worked with previously brought in to decrease the amount of time he has to spend coaching his coaches before the players can be coached.
  8. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    Haha swipe text for the unintentional comedy!
  9. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    This was expected. As it helps if the OC and the QB coach are already on the same page. Then he doesn’t have to coach up his QB coach on what he wants prior to coaching up the players. I fully expect Mike Shula to be naked QB coach in the next day or 2.
  10. Random Thoughts

    The pro football HOF is an absolute joke.
  11. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I agree. I don’t see us going into TC with Hamilton and Tim Patrick penciled in as the 2/3 respectively.
  12. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    While that was true during his giants tenure, in Minnesota he used the FB 16% of the time (6th most in the league) I think that shows he’s able to adapt to his personnel
  13. 2020 College Prospects

    I know he’s so 2 years (at least) away from turning pro but Stingley is the best college CB I’ve seen since Champ. His hips are just liquid.
  14. 2020 College Prospects

    Only defensive player I’d be happy if we drafted in the 1st
  15. Jimmy Johnson vs. Mike Shanahan

    I agree that on the surface it’s seen that way but that’s why WE dig deeper. Snyder made him pick RG3. Mike chose Cousins too. the fact is not many HOF coaches succeed without a HOF QB. John in years 13-16 was not the HOF’er he was earlier in his career but Shanahan designed an offense to make those the best years of his career. From teaching players, to designing a scheme, to running an organization of coaches and players I contend that mike did more with less and was able to lead and teach those around him to be successful as well. now Mike the GM was subpar, you won’t get any rebuttal about that from me. He definitely was NOT a HOF GM. But as a Head Coach? I’d only take Belichick over him in my 36 years on earth