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  1. Broncos sign Melvin Gordon

    I’m mildly optimistic about Gordon. The Chargers OL was horrid last year. They were one of only 2 teams (Tampa being the other) where every back averaged less than 1.9yards before first contact (freeman got 1.8ybc, Lindsay 2.7; 6th best in NFL) Maybe he runs with poor vision, or maybe the combination of play calling and line play set him up for failure. in his career he has done of good job of getting plus runs (over 50% of the needed yards on 1st or second down, or conversion on 3rd/4th/goal to go) consistently in the top 5 in the nfl (not so much last season) did we overpay for his role? Yes. But he is a huge upgrade over freeman, who in turn is a huge upgrade over Booker.
  2. Free Agent Frenzy

    No DL in the NFL play 90-100% snaps. With all of the packages and looks everyone gets rotated out. There are a few superstars like Joey Bosa and Aaron Donald who top 80% but most starters are in the 60-70% range (Casey was 64% last year) last year we only had 1 DL play more than 50% of the snaps (S.Harris had 60%) now this just reinforces the fact that we need more depth and players to eat snaps (kind of like those bulldog middle inning relievers who eat up innings)
  3. Free Agent Frenzy

    Were Hamilton’s numbers the last 5 weeks him finally getting a QB who trusted him or garbage time stats? projected over 16 weeks that would be better than anything Higgins has ever posted.
  4. Free Agent Frenzy

    While I like the concept, there’s a reason teams don’t front load contracts anymore. #1 is that cap space rolls over so for MOST contracts whether it’s paid this year or next year makes little difference on next years cap, but a back loaded contract can have a positive impact in this years cap. #2 the cap rises every year so the % of the total cap that a players salary takes up goes down even with slightly back loaded contracts. #3 is there is a push every year for players to hold out more as players they deem inferior get paid more than them (look at Melvin Gordon last year) its why so many contracts are 2-3 years now. Players and their reps want multiple resigning as to keep them in the right “range” compared to their peers. all of that said, I do think it’s smarter to get Simmons singed this offseason
  5. Free Agent Frenzy

    Hope the broncos kick the tires on Pierre Desir. colts just released him because some guarantees kick in tomorrow. Really good zone CB who’s season got derailed by injuries last year. Only 28.
  6. Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)

    An old and shot QB, with a new head coach with an offensive background who’s known for a style completely different from what got the QB to the Hall? In fact I think we will hear of “hybrid styles” in minicamp and TC, that will be more to what the HC likes, with the QB saying how he likes the new wrinkles and learning new things at this stage. Then they will struggle early with a shift after 4-5 games to what the QB likes to do, with some improvements but nothing compared to the glory days. Sounds familiar
  7. Free Agent Frenzy

    Honestly reminds me of how it ended with Shannon Sharpe
  8. Free Agent Frenzy

    With an option for a third year at $11M if I’m remembering correctly
  9. Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)

    I can’t remember the last time I found myself agreeing with any of Barnwell’s analysis. Maybe that says more about me though 😂
  10. Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)

    3 reasons I don’t like the Brady signing: 1) he showed decline last year 2) prior to this year the most he has ever counter against the cap was $15M. Now he’ll count $30M. There’s a reason he is the only QB (other than manning who took a pay cut to $15M that year and Brees who was on a “prove it” contract after being cast aside by the chargers and coming off of a torn labrum) to win a SB not on his rookie contract in the last 20 years. 3) Bruce Arians likes long developing plays, going deep often, and play action. Brady plays quick release, underneath, let your sure handed skill players make plays. If you thought Kubiak and Manning were a poor match, hold on to your seats.
  11. Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)

    Barnwell is a —— joke. He flat out says he doesn’t understand OL play and still downplays it. Dude graded the Brady signing as an A. like I said it’s a B signing. B+ player making A- money.
  12. Free Agent Frenzy

    The browns, Raiders and redskins have historically won FA every year. The browns and Raiders are winning it again this year. Let’s see how it plays out this fall. More often than not bites them in the ***. Our 2013/2015 SB teams were largely built through FA but thats rare. I wish Reader would have taken our offer of $11M AAV. But I’m glad we didn’t get into a bidding war. That’s not how good teams are built. I expect us to bring in a few tier 2/3 FAs (Wolfe is still in play)
  13. Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)

    I think to @AKRNA’s point, the broncos see Morris as the future. Kid was strong and athletic but undersized at TCU (45.5” vert, 37 reps) munch fought to get him to Pitt and then fought for us to claim him on waivers when they tried to stash him in th PS last year. 2 weeks later he played 37 snaps for Risner when he had the flu. I went back and watched those snaps. Started shaky but he held his own on short notice and out of position (really is a true pivot). Now my love of Biadasz is well known but it would not shock me to see the broncos not draft a pure OC in the draft (probably a swing guy later. Shane lemieux and Kieth Ishmail come to mind)
  14. Broncos sign OL Graham Glasgow (4 year, $44M deal, $25M gt'd)

    An upgrade from McGovern. Not elite but a B+.
  15. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    Or Andrew Thomas. Or Derrick Brown. If any of those three are there you take them. They are top 5 players in this draft.