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  1. I think this is the biggest reason. lets face it, we're in a society constantly being bombarded with something trying to grab our attention, where most people cant be bothered to look past the headlines, where the majority of the television consumers live on the coasts. He is IMO the most important CB to what his team does in the league. His ability to play outside and slot corner at such an elite level is what makes this D so good. Von and CJ are the 2 players that this D is built around. For what it's worth Madden has Aquib and CJ tied at 94 as the best CBs in the league.
  2. New Forum, Who This? - Introduce Yourself!

    About Yourself Name: Josh Age: 33 Occupation: 4th year Medical Student (9 months until I'm Dr. Uk, not that I'm counting down or anything) Location: San Antonio Favorites Sport teams other then the obvious: NHL: Colorado Avalanche MLB: Colorado Rockies NBA: none. I watched zero minutes of NBA basketball this season and didn't miss a thing College Football: USAFA Fighting Falcons/Colorado Buffalos College Basketball: USAFA Fighting Falcons/ Kansas Jayhawks Soccer: none. Past Broncos: John Elway, Randy Gradishar, Rod Smith, Champ Bailey Current Broncos: Derek Wolfe, Chris Harris Jr., Von Miller Favorite Broncos Moment: The Helicopter, The fumble (actually my first memory) Favorite Non-Football Athletes: Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, GGG (the fight with Canelo is going to be awesome!), Gabe Landeskog Movies: I love a lot of movies, but Forest Gump and The Godfather and it's one and only sequel I can watch no matter what part of the movie is on. TV Shows: Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Westworld, Actors/Actresses: Edward Norton, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks Music: All kinds from 2Pac to Zac Brown, Metallica to Tom Petty. I prefer music that if I close my eyes I can imaging them writing the music/lyrics and pouring out their soul, instead of thinking "yeah! this'll sell" Foods: All kinds as long as it's well done. If I'm cooking it's probably gonna be Chicken Fajitas or Doro Wat Things to do in Free Time (Please abide by Forum Rules for this one!): Honestly have not had much free time in the last couple of years. What time I do have that's not in the hospital or studying is spent with my wife and boys. Tell Us More What Made You a Broncos Fan: Dad was a Broncos Fan, gave us something to talk about. Again, my first memory is Ernest Byner fumbling at the 1. Favorite part of 2017, so far: Passing my boards. Getting residency interviews at my top 3 choices.
  3. Musing From Broncos Training Camp

    Came to the forum to check on how everyone was doing and you all had moved! I like the new space. As for camp, I can only listen to the fan/altitude podcasts and the coaches interviews but it sounds like the QBs continue to underwhelm (though paxton is making progress in accordance with the "2-3 years away" that we all knew he was on draft night), Boles is a mean sumbitch with a lot to learn, and the defense is looking like the best in the league. Its a tough schedule the broncos have this season and though they will be improved over last year the record may not reflect that. The biggest surprise to me so far has been the way the coaches have been talking about Todd Davis. Sounds like he has taken the next step and we may have some monsters at ILB