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  1. Random Thoughts

    They had to suspend him because of the optics but I don't think it was a dirty play, I think it was an unfortunate play. Danny didn't launch himself up at Adams's head, or down at his knees. He launched himself at his torso. Adams' head came down to meet Danny's head. was Trev trying to inflict pain? Absolutely. Was he head hunting? His actions prior to and following the hit indicate otherwise.
  2. Week 3 GDT: Denver Broncos(2-0) @ Buffalo Bills(1-1)

    Really? I used to live where my back yard faced security services field. Damn these last 3 years have flown by...
  3. Week 3 GDT: Denver Broncos(2-0) @ Buffalo Bills(1-1)

    Rhinos off of Barnes and powers? I used to watch UFC fights there! I've never had their parm wings. I'll have to try them next time I'm in town (which will be next month!)
  4. Week 3 GDT: Denver Broncos(2-0) @ Buffalo Bills(1-1)

    Benchwarmers you say? I'll have to check those out next time I'm up that way! and I totally agree with you about the tacos.(though I like a squirt of lime on mine)
  5. Week 3 GDT: Denver Broncos(2-0) @ Buffalo Bills(1-1)

    I don't know... they were okay, I guess... the Anchor Bar was cool and all but I've had much better wings elsewhere. But wings are one of my favorite foods. Favorite all time wings were in Omaha at Addys Favorite chain is pluckers (in Texas and Louisiana) tip for making wings at home: steam them for 5 min and then let them cool to room temp before frying/grilling. It turns the cartilage in the skin into gelatin that makes them SUPER crispy when you cook them and you only need to cook them for half as long which keeps the meat moist
  6. Random Thoughts

    So I just listened to the latest episode. I like it! I'm assuming you're Duce?
  7. Broncos QB Battle - Siemian it is

    Trevor plays NFL football. Tebow didn't. All smart football people knew Tebow's style of play wasn't compatible with championships. If he could play a sustainable style of football Elway would have kept him. Trevor plays a style of football that is compatible with championships.
  8. AFC Playoff Picture

    Going 6-0 in division is really tough. How many times have the Pats (consistently a top team in football) gone 6-0 against the AFCE (constitantly a bottom conference)? And the Titans are not the Pats. I also have the titans going 4-6 out of conference but think they drop 2 in conference (Houston has a great D and there's still talk of Luck returning this year)
  9. Broncos QB Battle - Siemian it is

    That's often repeated but I would argue that especially with the poor OL play in the NFL since the last CBA, QB has become a dependent position. Even the top 5-10 QBs, none have won a SB if the cap hit is > $15m. I will grant you that Brady, Peyton, Brees, and Rodgers are HOF QBs. But Big Ben was carried to two Lombardis and has posted a 3-4 playoff record in the 8 years since signing his big contract. Was Flacco, Eli, or Wilson great? They rode elite defenses to paydays that then necessitated the dismantling of said defenses.
  10. AFC Playoff Picture

    I think there will be two, maybe three, AFC teams that miss the playoffs that have a better record in the AFC South Champion
  11. Broncos QB Battle - Siemian it is

    My point is you should never invest that kind of money in a QB.
  12. Broncos QB Battle - Siemian it is

    And even there look how many players they have on rookie contracts who were playing lights out. Maybe the argument could be made that a more mature, veteran led team wouldn't have collapsed like they did? 🤔
  13. Broncos QB Battle - Siemian it is

    Even beyond all of that. A multi-SB winning QB will make more from endorsements than he would lose in salary
  14. Broncos QB Battle - Siemian it is

    There has been talk on Broncos radio, about offering Trevor Siemian a contract extension at this point in time. What are your thoughts on this? I'm for it ONLY IF they can get him to <$15M cap hit per year. The fact is that aside from Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees, every QB that has won the SB in the last 15 years was on their first contract. Even with those three, they won in years where they made less than $15M (Brady's cap hit every year is ridiculously small, Brees had prorated his salary in 2009, and Manning had to take a pay cut in 2015) A team has NEVER won a SB with a QB counting for more than $15M against the cap. It just doesn't leave any room to build a team. Look at the Giants after Eli's contract. The Steelers since Ben got his money. The packers have gotten close recently but no cigar. And don't even get me started on the Ravens after Flacco took them to the bank. The real reason Brady will go down as the GOAT? He took far less money than he could have to let the team around him be competitive.
  15. Broncos Forum Pick 'Em & Survivor Week 3, w/ standings

    @AnAngryAmerican thanks for doing this! L.A. Rams at San Francisco Baltimore vs Jacksonville (in London) Denver at Buffalo New Orleans at Carolina Pittsburgh at Chicago Atlanta at Detroit Cleveland at Indianapolis Tampa Bay at Minnesota Houston at New England Miami at NY Jets NY Giants at Philadelphia Seattle at Tennessee Cincinnati at Green Bay Kansas City at L.A. Chargers Oakland at Washington Dallas at Arizona Survivor: Miami (Oakland, Buffalo) I try not to have more than 6 road teams winning on a given sunday, but this sure has the feeling of a road warrior weekend. there were 3 games that I took the home team just because they were at home (KC/LA, ATL/Det, NO/Car)