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  1. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: 2019 NFL Draft- Spoiler Edition

    I think both are top notch in coverage, Bush may have a slight edge simply due to his superior instincts (again not saying white doesnt have great instincts as well) where White separates himself is his ability to disengage from blockers and his ability to just take over a locker room
  2. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK: 2019 NFL Draft- Spoiler Edition

    The Raiders had Haskins in for a workout last week, then sent their scouts home so their pick wouldn't be leaked. This could be pointing to the raiders taking Haskins at 4. IF the raiders take Haskins at 4, I think the Giants panic and take lock at 6 and the Redskins trade ahead of Denver (likely with Det) for Daniel Jones. In this scenario the top 9 would go something like: 1) Murray 2) Bosa 3) Allen 4) Haskins 5) Q. Williams (I know TB has been linked to White but I dont see them passing up Quinnen Williams) 6) Lock 7) Hockenson 8) Jones 9) J. Williams Who would you take at 10? Ed Oliver? D. White? D. Bush?
  3. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    The difference between 10 and 16 is a low 2nd-high 3rd. Even factoring in over value for a QB the trade would probably be 10 and 148 for 15 and 46.
  4. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    agreed, that being said regardless of how the CHJ dispute plays out having 2 of our top 3 CBs on the wrong side of 30 means I wouldn't mind taking a CB in the 2nd or 3rd anyways
  5. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Kyler will have some success his rookie year, struggle/get injured his second and third year and both he and KK will be out of the league by 2022. Haskins, jones and lock will all be ok/solid starters who will get a 5th year, but much like Famous Jamis and Mariota will probably not get an extension by the team that drafted them.
  6. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Here’s my bold prediction on this QB draft class. None of them will receive a second contract from the team that drafts them.
  7. Random Thoughts

    Per Rappaport the chiefs are looking to trade their 1st rd pick and the 2nd they got for Dee Ford for Frank Clark....
  8. Random Thoughts

  9. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    everyone will put all of the emphasis on the 1st round pick, but I'll be happy if we continue from last year with good players in the middle rounds instead of pure projects. Guys I'd like us to take if available in rounds 2-5 include Dalton Risner (OG KSU) , Garrett Bradbury (OC NCSt), Khalen Saunders (DT W. Ill), Oshane Ximines (Edge Old D), Andy Isabella (WR Mass), Tytus Howard (OT Ala St), Foster Moreau (TE LSU), Cortez Broughton (DT Cinci), Ben Burr-Kirven (ILB Wash), and Hjalte Froholdt (Swing OL, Ark)
  10. I’ll be happy with the draft if...

    I really like Kahlen Saunders for the role. should be available early Rd 3.
  11. Trading the 10th Pick

    If Haskins is still there the dolphins are a potential trade partner as well, something like #10 (1300) for #13 (1150) + #78 (200).
  12. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    What will be interesting is how the league dynamic is going to change when Brady retires. No longer is the best QB in the game going to be making WAY below market value. Which strategy will win going forward. Will it continue to be teams with QBs on rookie contracts or restructures (remember Manning took a paycut to $14M the year we won) or will the teams that seem to be always so close due to having franchise QBs that take up >15% of the Cap (Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Seattle, GB) finally be able to push through once the playing field is leveled? my gut tells me it will be a combination of both. I think the established franchise QBs will win 2/3 of the rings moving forward but every couple of years a hot young QB will enable his team to win the Lombardi.
  13. Random Thoughts

    Probably safe getting an Arenado jersey but personally I go with the blank jerseys in baseball.
  14. Random Thoughts

    True but if he continues to play even marginally well OBJ will start asking for a new deal. It’s not the money it’s the status. He knows where he stands in that list and I can’t imagine he’s too happy to not be at the top.
  15. Draft Prospects

    He could be a HOF level gunner though!