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  1. Broncos rumors

    Not only for next year but moving forward. Both DT and Sanders should be gone after this year (the dead money makes cutting them this season a no go). Maybe we sign a veteran but we need a WR ready to step into a starting role in 2019
  2. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    This. In fact the only Alabama player he has signed was Cyrus Kouandjio. I remember a story last year quoting a “AFC GM” who stated he takes Alabama players off his board because Saban both gets everything he can out of them and beats the sh-t out of them. I truly believe that was Elway.
  3. Broncos rumors

    If the Broncos do go the rookie QB, starter from day one route, what are your thoughts on dumping contracts (DT, Sanders, Watson) this season to avoid the dead cap next season? Condense the pain of a rebuild into a single season the way the eagles did last year. We could afford to keep Talib that way (since he still playing to the level of his contract) Frees up $41M for 2019.
  4. UK Mock 2018

    Do I love them? no, but this is a weird draft. Very deep, not top heavy. Aside from Barkley and Nelson, I don't see any elite/HOF type players. In this scenario they are both gone. Is there any one player in this draft you love more than 3 1st round picks? I don't see one.
  5. UK Mock 2018

    I agree that Orlando looks like a finesse player at times, but I think thats due to the ZBS OU employs. In short yardage and goal to go situations ive seen him blow guys off of the ball. To me thats a plus that he can play both styles. The kid has great size and is obviously very technically sound, playing with great angles and hand placement. his slow feet scare me which is why I think hes a RT in the pros. I'm always hesitant about OTs coming from no huddle spreads. They get masked by the system, much like our OTs did when manning was here. I only saw clips of Crosby at the senior bowl, and saw a lunger with poor footwork. But again, im early in the process. What do you like about him?
  6. UK Mock 2018

    do you not like the player or the position? don't think he'll drop that far? hes another one that will underwhelm at the combine and could fall. I have high hopes for Butt this year but would like a TE#3
  7. UK Mock 2018

    honestly thats just me showing my own bias. I haven't had a chance to really delve into the process yet this year, aside from the senior bowl, and simply havent looked at any of the RBs other than barkley. The ASU kid at the senior bowl looked pretty good to me out of the backfield but not as good as Henderson did as senior and he never touched the field...
  8. UK Mock 2018

    The kid comes from money, so I'm not worried about him falling off after getting paid. From what I've heard his driving force is to be better than his dad. I agree with the weight incentives though.
  9. UK Mock 2018

    His stock is high right now, but I think he will have a rather pedestrian combine which will push some lesser WRs above him. He's not the biggest, not the fastest, he's just a great football player.
  10. UK Mock 2018

    This is assuming that the Broncos sign Kirk Cousins. I love the guy (He was my #3 QB that draft) but I am fundamentally against spending that much on one player. It makes it so that you have to draft perfectly to fill in the rest of the roster because you cant afford other top FAs. I digress, my opinion on the topic is well known by now, and it feels like this is going to happen. In this scenario Barkley goes #4 to Cleveland so the Broncos start looking for trade partners. Denver trade #5 (1700 points) and 2019 2nd rd pick to Buffalo for #21 (800) #22 (78) 2019 1st rd pick Also projections I’ve seen have Denver getting either the last 3rd rd comp or the first 4th rd comp, and you guys know me, ever the optimist. 1/21) Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma- He is an ideal RT, the best one in the draft in fact. He will be a multiple pro bowl player for a long time. BPA meets up with position of most need. 1/22) Isiah Oliver, CB, Colo- In order for us to sign Cousins I think we have to give Talib his walking papers. Oliver is a long, smooth CB who has that aggressive attitude to fit in with what the broncos secondary does. Denver will continue to have a top 3 CB trio. 2/8) Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP- A beast of a man at 340 lbs and surprisingly athletic, his former HC (now our OL coach) will no doubt be pounding the table for the young man. Our right side looks big and mean. 3/7) Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State- A great WR who seems to be underrated in everything Ive read (which admittedly isn’t much). He high points the ball well, has plus hands, runs sharp routes, is quick into and out of his turns, and is a willing blocker in the open field. He may lack deep speed but definitely someone who has the potential to take over as a #2 when DT and/or He-man leave next off season. 3/Comp) Chad Thomas, Edge, Miami- From the neck down hes everything you want. His motor is very suspect though. 4/6) Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond- I’m an advocate of the old Ron Wolf motto of drafting a QB every year. I thought this kid looked poised at the senior bowl, throwing with anticipation and accuracy, good mechanics. He has top notch backup written all over him with the potential to be more. 5/5) Nathan Shepherd, DT, Ft Hayes St- really raw, but has the size, athleticism, work ethic and attitude. Well worth a flier at this point. 6/8) Tegray Scales, ILB, Indiana- Great awareness and instincts, great in coverage. A bit undersized and gets caught in the trash. Continues in the broncos tradition of this type of player (woodyard-Trev-marshall) 7/7) Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin- This guy is not an athlete at all. He just busts his *** and knows how to get open. Reminds me of Jeb Putzier.
  11. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    The argument can be made that the reason he has such hefty endorsement deals is because of his rings. I also want to clarify. He is a top 5 all time QB, but will go down as the undisputed GOAT because of his willingness to take less pay.
  12. Is the Qb situation good enough?

    The fact of the matter is that no team has won a SB with a QB whose salary cap hit was greater than 10% of the total cap number (the highest was Peyton Manning's $15M in 2015 which was ~9.5%) You want to know the reason Brady will go down as the GOAT? It's not because he was actually the best QB, its because he has never had a cap number higher than 10% (this year it's $14M). He bought in a long time ago that his goal was not to make the most money, but rather to collect the most rings. look at all of the SB winning QBs from the last 20 years. None of them won a SB after they got paid. The only way to win a SB (and that's the goal, right?) is to draft a QB or sign one cheap who out performs their contract.
  13. Random Thoughts

    in fact the symbol for the Bluetooth is the runic representation of Harold Bluetooth's name
  14. Random Thoughts

    yeah, when I made this account (holy sh-t has it really been over a decade?!) I was stationed in the UK.
  15. 2018 College Prospect Thread

    So I was on the Wyoming sideline against Air Force assisting the team Docs (I was doing a sports med rotation with USAFA) and had a chance to watch Allen up close before and after his injury. The kid has all of the tools, and is a hell of a leader. Wyoming scores as we were walking back out of the tunnel after his evaluation and he sprinted onto the field and head butted his teammates without his helmet (maybe not the brightest crayon). He was definitely the leader of that team. He doesn’t throw with great anticipation (honestly only Rosen does) but he does read the entire field and he had full command of that offense. After the injury he was coaching his backup. I have no doubts about his love of the game or his work ethic. I have him and Darnold and 2a and 2b.