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  1. That’s simply not true. It’s not that he’s inaccurate, at least not in a Tim Tebow or Jamarcus Russel sense. He plays with ****ty footwork when he gets off rhythm in the pocket. He does much better on designed roll outs because of this. (which is why he was better his rookie year) footwork can be fixed. We’ve seen it with Josh Allen. Let’s see if the kid put in the requisite work in his first full offseason.
  2. Damn, this one hit me hard. Gibbs is the reason I love OL play do much (I was scrawny in HS, played S and WR) Story time. I wasn’t a very good kid as a teenager. Got busted for underage drinking in 1997 at the ripe old age of 13 and sentenced to community service building a park. This was June-ish and Broncos OL and Coach Gibbs showed up. Gibbs gave me that verbal *** kicking that only a great coach can give. That one that implores you to say thank you and yearn for more at the end. Best day of my life. God speed coach.
  3. “I found out fans here are pretty close to giving the Packers fair market value for Rodgers.” thank god fans make those types of decisions. ANY WAYS… Hopefully this can be a make or break for Lock this year. Given that it’s also make or break for Vic I wouldn’t be surprised to see the defensive coach go with the vet in Teddy B.
  4. Right?! I remember being sooo excited that we drafted him. Not just the fact that we needed a WR, but more excited that we DIDN’T draft Dez or Tim Tebow (though that particular joy was soon squashed)
  5. If for no other reason his Crue is great
  6. Former Broncos OC (and Giants HC) Jim Fassel died.
  7. The Colorado Avalanche are insanely skilled. If they can get out of this series uninjured (honest concern given Deboer is their coach) anything short of a cup is a disappointment
  8. Your stats are biased. They are based on the assumption that every allegation is true. The total number is from a survey conducted by a NGO (non governmental organization) at 3 colleges that asked questions such as “have you ever regretted a one night stand” and “have you ever had sex while drunk” and counted that as rape. They then projected out for every woman in the untied states. That’s where we get the 1 in 4 number. then they looked at the total number of reports and found that to be 1/5 of their projected number and concluded that must mean 80% go unreported. then making
  9. Even if this goes to civil court (where the threshold for guilty is MUCH lower) and he were to be found innocent? I agree that where there’s smoke there’s usually fire, but IF he is found innocent by the courts then it’s not up to the courts of public opinion to decide his fate anyway based off of allegations. remember it was false allegations that led to AJ Johnson being out of foot ball for a couple of years. Brian banks comes to mind. And these were all women drummed up by the Texans owners lawyer in retaliation for him wanting to force his way out, so we can’t say that there’s no moti
  10. Dude same! I went back to the old site and looked it up. I joined 6 Feb 05 and my first post was suggesting we trade Trevor Pryce and 25 to the cowboys for 12 to get Alex Smith(who I thought was the better player but would fall because of the “Tedford effect” 😂
  11. I think risner will do very well at RT. He’s got the arm length and base for the position. His issue was always his feet aren’t the fastest. He would be exposed at LT (or even RT if consistently left on an island) but playing next to Glasgow would benefit him. He’s a player (like most) who excelled with consistency and having a 2 players on either side who would double team inconsistently (Boles because he was mirroring his rusher as he should, Cush because he was often confused) left Riser out to dry in all 3 games I got to see last year. TLDR: assuming we don’t go all Air Raid with
  12. I don’t feel bad for him at all. I have no issues questioning his motives either. He’s paid (a —— ton of money) to provide entertainment. Entertain me. In fact as we’ve pointed out he’s been paid more per snap than I made last year. I worked 70-80 hours a week dealing with COVID and death. Know what I could have used? The distraction of sport. The thing he was paid to provide.
  13. 63 snaps for the Broncos $12m signing bonus $5m base salary for year 1 $150k to hide from covid Assuming he doesn’t get any of the $10m base salary this year? $272,222.22 per snap Assuming NFLPA gets him the full amount? $430,952.38 per snap I’m…I’m gonna go grab a drink now
  14. I expected nothing from James and am somehow still disappointed.
  15. I’m hoping for Tyler Shelvin today. Was the unsung hero of LSUs championship defense 2 years ago. Smothered the run up the gut and freed up their LBs to flow to the play.
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