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  1. Denver at ClevelandCarolina at N.Y. GiantsAtlanta at MiamiWashington at Green BayCincinnati at BaltimoreN.Y. Jets at New EnglandKansas City at TennesseeDetroit at L.A. RamsPhiladelphia at Las VegasHouston at ArizonaChicago at Tampa BayIndianapolis at San FranciscoNew Orleans at Seattle
  2. Damn, missed the Thursday game again. I’ll take that as a L. Miami vs Jacksonville (London)Cincinnati vs DetroitKansas City at WashingtonMinnesota at CarolinaHouston at IndianapolisL.A. Rams at N.Y. GiantsL.A. Chargers at BaltimoreGreen Bay at ChicagoArizona at ClevelandDallas at New EnglandLas Vegas at DenverSeattle at PittsburghBuffalo at Tennessee
  3. Missed Thursday night. I’ll take the L there. NY Jets at Falcons 2 Lions at Vikings 2 Saints at WFT 1 NE at Texans 1 Dolphins at Buccaneers 2 GB at Cincinnati 1 Broncos at Steele
  4. Jaguars at Bengals. 2 Titans at NY Jets. 1 KC at Eagles. 1 Panthers at Cowboys. 2 NY Giants at NO. 2 Browns at Vikings. 1 Lions at Bears. 1 Texans
  5. I would have liked to have seen us more aggressive at the end of the first half but I agree with not going for it here. To what end? To rub it in the face of a longtime friend and mentee? Nah. Class move.
  6. Jeb Putzier! So right after young Joshy Mac was hired Jeb was cut and he had a tryout with the New Orleans Saints. I happened to be sitting right next to him on the plane from DIA to Louis Armstong and Jeb got pretty drunk and told me about what was going down in the locker room and how Mac had already lost the team. I relayed that info to this forum and jerseysfinest called me a liar hahaha. Well Jeb never played in the NFL again. kept getting concussed and couldn’t hang on in the arena leagues either. Attempted suicide and then became a big advocate for medical marijuana. Now he works w
  7. A lot of people have bone spurs. Most don’t bother you. A lot of them overly high use areas and are buildups created by the body to protect themselves. So you will see bone spurs in an area of injury but in reality it’s an incidental finding. So you play it conservative. You don’t cut into the ankle of a pro athlete because his sprained ankle shows he has an incidental bone spur. But if the inflammation in the area keeps reoccurring at an abnormal rate you start to consider the fact that this could be one of the (relatively) rare spurs that is causing an issue and now the pros outweigh the con
  8. Carolina at Houston 1 Washington at Buffalo 2 Chicago at Cleveland 2 Baltimore at Detroit 1 Indianapolis at Tennessee 2 LA Chargers at Kansas City 2 New Orleans at New England 1 Atlanta at NY Giants 2 Cincinnati at Pittsb
  9. NY Giants at Washington Denver at Jacksonville Buffalo at Miami Houston at Cleveland Cincinnati at Chicago San Francisco at Philadelphia New Orleans at Carolina LA Rams at Indianapolis Las Vegas at Pittsburgh New England at NY Jets Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Detroit at Green Bay Survivor: Tampa Bay (LAR)
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/dubs4o8/status/1437571284699791360?s=19 love Peyton
  11. So “high ankle sprains” are such a misnomer. It’s an injury of the syndosmosis, the ligament between the tibia and fibula. If it’s a complete tear this can be more unstablizing than a fibular fracture. Add in the fact that blood supply to the tendon is barely adequate and recovery times can take up to a year to get back to 100% (again this is for a complete tear) I don’t know how bad his is but given the fact that his game is so reliant on quick plants and route running I doubt he is 100% until next season
  12. Dallas at Tampa Bay Philadelphia at Atlanta NY Jets at Carolina LA Chargers at Washington San Francisco at Detroit Pittsburgh at Buffalo Seattle at Indianapolis Minnesota at Cincinnati Jacksonville at Houston Arizona at Tennessee Denver at NY Giants Miami at New England Green Bay at New Orleans Cleveland at Kansas City Chicago at LA Rams Baltimore at Las Vegas Survivor: Rams
  13. Remember how when we passed on Josh Rosen how it was going to set our franchise back 15 years? (and to a lesser extent Josh Allen, but looking back it seems only AAA was beating that particular drum at the time) no one is doubting that we need a franchise QB. But you don’t swing for the fences if you believe it to be a bad ball. There are those that disagree with the assessment that Fields was not a great fit (personally I had him as the #2 QB, but I also think that this class after Lawrence was hugely over rated. Similar actually to the 2018 draft where mayfield, Darnell and Rosen were
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