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  1. In a year without offseason practice, with 1st and 2nd year receivers, and where we have yet to have the same QB throwing them passes for more than 10 consecutive days in games/practice? Yeah I could see where there might be a few drops. If lock stays healthy and they’re still dropping the ball at this rate against the falcons I’ll start to get worried
  2. Bad look on the Broncos waiting for a league ruling. Lindsey is back. I wish the Broncos would suspend Gordon for 3 games right now. The NFL in the past has shown deference to teams willing to punish in house
  3. 😅All of that being said it really does benefit us! Get healthy, get a full week of practice during our “bye” week. (Lord knows they can use it)
  4. Why are WE getting F-ed over? When will we play Miami? Why is more of OUR schedule being changed? They are the ones who couldn’t self quarantine properly. I say make them forfeit.
  5. Really? It’s been corrupt since the 80s. From the frozen envelope to the fact that nearly every finals for the last 40 years has included a team from NY, Chicago, Boston, Miami, or LA. The 2 exceptions: 1995 (Shaq vs reigning champs with Hakeem) and 2007 (LBJ vs Popovich) weren’t exactly “small market” matchups in the context of their times. Jeff Van Grundy was fined the most ever for a coach and run out of the league for mentioning it. Tim donaghy went to prison for fixing games as a ref and despite the NBA painting him as a rogue lone wolf has always said that it was widespread. love the game. Can’t bring myself to watch the NBA for that reason
  6. So you think if we have third and short deep in opposing territory when we’re considering going for it on fourth next week we try to run it? You know just to mix things up? Nah, let’s —ing throw it out of the shotgun twice again.
  7. Well...dang. MRI for “lower leg injury” that may require surgery? I’m thinking syndosmosis tear, Achilles rupture, Or lisfranc.
  8. See, I thought they messed him up the other direction. His skill set best fits that of an Edge player, despite his body being that of an ILB. He always struggled in space but had the burst, hand strength, and body lean to be a good sub-package pass rusher. at the end of the day he might be one of those players whose skill set doesn’t match his body and this never succeeds at this level
  9. Glad to see Derek Tuska make it to the PS. Has to grow his body but kids a player. In other news, Josh Rosen to the Bucs PS. I can’t recall ever seeing a former top 10 pick, let alone QB, falling so hard so fast that he still had PS eligibility left.
  10. Yeah, he’s a pure zone CB and struggled in man to man. Who knew?
  11. A player a lot of people in this forum (myself included) likes, Lynn Bowden Jr, was just traded by the raiders to the dolphins. typical raiders. Take a slot/returner/gadget Player, put him at RB, then get mad when, in an offseason abbreviated like no other, he’s not able to pick up blocking assignments, and trade him before he ever plays a single snap for you. I hope the dolphins use him correctly and he becomes the next great slot weapon for them.
  12. Bassey was being talked about as a day 2 pick until he sucked it up at the senior bowl
  13. Yeah but despite squeaking out game 1 the Nuggets were outplayed the first 4 games. The Avalanche have outplayed the stars the whole series but go into 10min lapses where they look like horse 💩 each game. Even the last two games they had 10 min where they were a different team. The other 50 min? The are the aggressor and the ice is tilted in their favor the whole time.
  14. Dude, literally my first memory! Not the play itself, but everyone in my house losing their damn minds. i wanted in on whatever was so exciting so I watched the game the next week and was hooked!
  15. Are the spurs really going to let Pop go? Dude misses the playoffs for the first time IN HIS CAREER as HC and they’re going to call it good? I like Malone but yeah, you do that every day. Pop has (admittedly distant) Colorado ties being a USAFA alumn so maybe he’d be willing to come back. Likely just a pipe dream though
  16. Is this the rulon jones hit the week before the drive?
  17. Fun thought. Let’s say they did keep Peyton. They Would have traded likely with Washington (who gave up 3 1s and a 2. I figure to get to Luck would take an extra 2 2s) they still would have drafted a backup in the early middle rounds. They were switching to a 3-4. They had arguably the worst CBs in the league. The Cupboard was bare at offensive skill positions. The OL was below average. So taking that into consideration and looking at predraft rankings of players (not fair to see who was a surprise player and who busted) and keeping the same picks where applicable I think Indys next 3 drafts would have looked something like this: 2012: #6: Morris Claiborne, CB,LSU: by far the highest graded CB going into the draft that year. #34: Dwayne Allen, TE, Clemson: rumor was he was their #1 TE (which is why they took him when he slid to the 3rd) but took Fleener at this spot due to Lucks comfort with him. No Luck= no Fleener. They still needed at TE though. #39: Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford: Manning always preferred athletic tackles #69: Nick Foles or Kirk Cousins: After manning missed a year they would take a high upside backup in a similar mold (that’s why they wouldn’t have taken Russell Wilson) 2013 #22 Björn Werner, DE, FSU: the colts had no one and loved this dude for some reason #24 leveon bell, RB, MSU: they had no one and RB and reportedly loved bell. Especially in a manning offense. After he was selected in the second the colts traded back instead of taking Lacy. #51 Jaime Collins, LB: with Freeney moving on they had a big hole at OLB and Collins is the best on the board. 2014 #2 Kalil Mack, OLB Buffalo: the pass rush remained a huge need for the colts. Collins was ok as a rookie but couldn’t be relied upon as the main focus #26 (since I they now have bell they didn’t need to trade for Trent Richardson so they keep this pick): Jimmie Ward, S, NIU: S was arguably their biggest need #34: Joel Bitonio, OL, Nevada #59: Allen Robinson, WR, Penn St Obviously with manning they would have won more games so they would have had their own picks later but this gives a general idea. I don’t know if manning would have went to 2 more SBs but I think he still probably gets 1 more ring
  18. Butt says he’s healthy for the first time since college. Been a mismatch this far in camp exploiting the seams. Could we have gone from TE being a glaring weakness to a strength in just 2 years? It remains to be seen but I’m hopeful. Kid always had the talent. Imagine a 3 TE jumbo set with Gordon that you can shift to a 5 wide. Could be fun
  19. To me a lock means they could have a devastating injury tomorrow and still get in. Not sure Mahomes fits that. Will he likely end up in the hall, and is he currently playing at a HOF level? Absolutely! Didn’t make him lock yet
  20. Appreciate it bro. Feel like the little engine some days, just keep chugging.
  21. He’ll get $150k plus all of his bonuses (which is a lot)
  22. I get it. I’m salty and tired, but when I think about the fact that he made 3x more per snap than I did all of last year and he wants to opt out because of fear of exposure to a disease I come face to face with 80+ hours a GD week.... They get paid to entertain.... entertain me.
  23. https://mobile.twitter.com/MikeKlis/status/1290325285112631296 James opts out due to COVID. Got to say, lot of quit in that dude. Time to move on.
  24. Rockies with the best record in the majors? Cant have a June swoon if the season starts in July!
  25. Baseball had a very good chance of being the only sport on TV this summer. But they have continually messed this up. Now they’re talking universal DH and advertising patches on uniforms? This is going to be like the 1994 strike season all over again. It’ll that them a decade to recover from this PR disaster
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