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  1. 2018/19 Europe Thread - It begins again

    Watched the Liverpool-Bayern game tonight, and man, that was dreadful. Bayern got what they came for, and Hummels in particular was like a wall, but it was awfully boring stuff. Fair play to the Bayern fans for continuing their protest against ticket prices, although I do kinda question them taking this sort of moral high-ground on the issue of finances in football, when they're happy to support a team who use their financial clout to bully other Bundesliga and take their best players for free all the time.
  2. Real Madrid C.F. Thread - LUCKY NUMBER 13

    The departure of Ronaldo has taken any kind of fear out of playing against Real Madrid. Right now when a team comes to the Bernabeu, there's nobody in white that's a particularly scary prospect to face off against. Nobody is running scared of Karim Benzema as RM's main goal threat, as good a player as he can still be. Modric, Isco, Kroos are all top players who would start for almost anyone in the world, but with them the intimidation factor just isn't there like it was with Ronaldo. A guy who could score from nothing, who could bully you with physical attributes as well as his technical ability, and a guy who motivated those around him. Ronaldo was just something else. I think bringing in a Hazard, Griezmann or that horrible rodent Neymar would change this somewhat. Something a bit different in an attacking sense.
  3. Raiders to face Bears in London

    Yeah, Vegas will be the end of the Raiders playing games in London or Mexico City, thankfully. I’m from the UK but I hate these games. Such a fake football atmosphere and the disadvantage it clearly has on our team is obvious. Will probably still go to this one though knowing it could be the last time I see the Raiders for some time.
  4. Marshawn Lynch??

    It will be if somebody with lots of cap room decide they really want him, and there's always someone out there overpaying the big FAs. I hope it's not us. I don't think it will be either.
  5. Tom Cable???

    I don't think it's going particularly far out on a limb to essentially suggest Derek Carr is a better QB than Mitch Trubisky or Lamar Jackson, because he almost certainly is. I agree with your point in general, although maybe not so vehemently. Carr has played at a very high level with us in the past, and you could see as the season went on that his level of play was improving throughout. Between the embarrassment in London vs Seattle and the last game in KC, he was generally pretty good with barely any help. Learning Gruden's system, regaining his confidence, building trust with certain players (Nelson, Cook and Richard) - you could see it all coming together. Now with all that in mind, I do hope we make the decision to move forward with him. But to play devil's advocate a little, I can see why some in the organization/fanbase would want to move on. He has some pretty significant flaws; mainly of the mental variety. They don't make him a bad QB, but they are the reason why he is closer to Andy Dalton or Ryan Tannehill than he is to Aaron Rodgers or Philip Rivers. Which is all fine - you can definitely win with a guy his level. But if Gruden and Mayock think they can do better... well, we'll see.
  6. Marshawn Lynch??

    In general, yes it is. Bell won't be, though. My real worry with Bell is that while you get an undeniably very good RB, you probably don't get particularly good value for money when you sign him as he's going to be the highest paid back in the league. I do agree that Martin fits our offense in general better than Lynch does, but I do have worries about Martin from a ball security standpoint. At this point, I'm pretty flexible on what we do at the RB position. Of all the options available, I can get behind any of them really. If it's Lynch, I'd be ok with it, but not ecstatic. Exact same feelings with Martin. Even with LeVeon Bell, while he would play at a higher level than the other two, his salary would bother me. I think RB is one of the lesser worries we have, and there's no definite yes or no moves that we could make at it from all the options available, imo.
  7. Starters you want back in 2019

    Cook coming back may depend on whether or not we're looking at a future with Carr at QB. He has been Carr's safety net this year, and if the plan is to stick with DC at QB long-term, then having a target he can trust would be ideal.
  8. State of our team

    We also have the Bengals at home and the Jets on the road (other 4th placed teams this year), which may well be the easiest two on the schedule. You're right, it's a rough list of games, and 6 wins wouldn't be a terrible return based on that.
  9. State of our team

    Taking a very simplistic look at 2018 and splitting our season in two, we went 1-7 in the first half and 3-5 in the second. Or alternatively, 1-5 before the bye, 3-7 after. Either way, we improved as the season went on. A mixture of Guenther finding that the younger guys were easier to fit into roles/played better than the older ones we started the year with, and Carr’s improvements as he learned Gruden’s system. These improvements were made throughout a season and we looked substantially better in a few games down the stretch. Not all games (Sunday was a disgrace, for example), but generally we look a more competent team after week 17 than we did after week 8, with fewer holes to fill. My point really is we were able to improve the team without signings or draft picks. If we are able to scout and sign well I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to find an extra 3 or 4 wins on the season. Of course, there’s the ‘wait and see’ element of Gruden/Mayock at this point, but I think 8-8 is a realistic ambition.
  10. State of our team

    8-8 would be nice progress next year. Any Raiders fan who wouldn’t be happy with that is kidding themselves.
  11. Mike Mayock nearing deal to be Raiders next GM.

    It’s always interesting to see how moves like this split FF into two camps; those willing to analyze the pros and cons of a hire, signing, firing, etc, and those who will just reply “lmao dumpster fire lol”. I think hiring Mayock is totally reliant on other factors to be successful. If his role is exclusively to evaluate talent both as a draft analyst and on the current roster/free agents, then it’s a potentially very good hire. Surround him with cap specialists, etc, and let him do his work. However, if he has to undertake other typical GM duties which he has no experience at all of, it could be a disaster. With 5 picks in the first 2 rounds in the next couple of drafts, I think it’ll actually be a decent move in the short term.
  12. Raiders vs chiefs

    Ugh, that's a shocker of a play from Joseph.
  13. Raiders vs chiefs

    Nice stand. Chances of us going 99 yards without another dumb turnover?
  14. Raiders vs chiefs

    This is getting embarrassing.
  15. Raiders vs chiefs

    This team today with these errors.