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  1. Dolphins are another one I noticed on here over the years. For whatever reason they seemed to have a few wildly delusional posters mixed into the normal folks. Would agree on the Steelers fans on here. Definite homer vibes, but also a knowledgeable group. BP rolling up into the Broncos and Chiefs subs often led to chaos…
  2. Some of the salty post-game posts on their thread were delicious as well. FF is a very mixed bag in terms of fanbases, but some are so arrogant. It’s always great to take the W against the entitled ones.
  3. Yeah, it’s actually surprising the team is as competent as it is considering the miserable job done in the draft since Mayock was hired. I’m not convinced he’s fully in control of who the Raiders draft, but he will almost certainly be the first to fall for the draft failures. And it’s tough to really argue.
  4. He was so excited to be back playing again. This sucks.
  5. Except it doesn’t. You’re literally still using the same arguments against Carr which were used in 2017/8. And don’t get me wrong, they were accurate then; he loved to check down and looked terrified in the pocket. That’s not who he is any more. No arguments that he had a bad first half on Monday night. But by the same virtue, did you see how good he was after that?
  6. East coast trip on a short week. I’m not too confident for this one. Ngakoue would be a big miss.
  7. Sometimes people just won’t change their opinion on players. Let him have his take which belongs in about 2018.
  8. Not much to add to what others have said about our individual performances on the field. One GOOD that I think deserves a mention is the atmosphere in the Allegiant tonight. The Raider Nation represented strongly in both color and noise, and you could see the players feed off that at times. I think many (myself included) worried about losing our homefield advantage by moving to a destination city, but tonight it was reassuring to see that we have a strong enough fanbase to make this work. Of course, the Ravens aren't typically a team who show up in numbers all over the country, and t
  9. Dearest Woz, I appreciate the above does not follow your template verbatim, and thus I shall quote and re-enter. Favorite Team: Las Vegas Raiders Week 1 pick: Los Angeles Rams I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  10. My Team: Raiders Week 1: Rams I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  11. Some of our fans are just awful. I get that there’s idiots everywhere, but we really do seem to have an alarmingly high proportion of lunatics.
  12. Terrible, terrible news. RIP to the King.
  13. Always wary when we sign these vets with a lot of miles on the clock, but this one seems to feel more positive than that. LB has been an issue for the Raiders for what seems like about 30 years, and if Wright can still play then this could be a great signing.
  14. This one reminds me a bit of when we hosted the Saints in the first game at Allegiant last year. Potent offense coming into town and widely expected to beat us. Us pounding the rock down the Ravens’ throats like we did to the Saints in 2020 would be ideal.
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