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  1. Reggie McKenzie out as GM

    Walter Football is like the blog/website version of Colin Cowherd. Makes a lot of strongly-opinionated "impact" statements that he may or may not actually believe in, to attract attention to his site. Much of what he says is stretching the truth to fit his own agenda. But fair play to the guy for making a living from basically running a football blog. I think his narrative of people sticking up for McKenzie because they hate Gruden is off, but don't particularly disagree with his evaluation of McKenzie's job as a GM.
  2. Around the league v.1.0

    If we play like we have done the last two weeks, there's a decent chance that we beat both the Bengals and the Broncos. I don't necessarily want to, but it has felt good seeing this team grow in recent weeks. Offense moving the ball, and the likes of Conley, Joseph and Hall really showing up to play on the other side. I still want a high pick, but winning at this stage of the season could build momentum for next year, so if we go 2-1 in the final three games and finish the season with the 7th or 8th pick instead of the 3rd, that's fine.
  3. Starters you want back in 2019

    There were times this year where I was almost totally done with him, but I'm fully back on board with Carr as our QB going forwards. Another comeback win for the list, and he threw some lasers yesterday. Looks like he feels more comfortable in Gruden's offense, and while there were definitely a couple of mistakes yesterday and he really should have been picked off, he's playing with far more confidence in general - stepping up into the pocket, trusting his WRs, and just protecting the ball really well. Give him a couple of extra weapons and a bit of help at RT and I'm looking forward to 2019 with DC as our QB.
  4. I'd say he was a middle of the road GM, all in. Had his good points, such as hitting on Mack, Cooper and Carr in a short space of time. He also turned around a horrendous cap situation far quicker than most thought was possible, as well as continuing to manage the salaries effectively. Conversely, he had some awful drafts - his hit rate in the 2nd & 3rd rounds is dreadful, and you could argue that Mack was such a no-brainer that you can't exactly credit Reggie for drafting him when anyone would have at our spot. The Raiders could do better, but they could also do worse. As with most of the Gruden stuff so far, this one will be better evaluated a few years down the line. But I don't think it's a particularly big loss.
  5. Road games your team historically struggles at

    In fairness to the egomaniac, he can clearly still coach. His roster decisions have been baffling this year, and he still seems to treat people like dirt, but numerous times this season he’s called pretty good games with barely an offense to speak of. I don’t know if this happens to the Steelers in other games, but I feel they always play down to the Raiders - I’ve seen good Raiders teams and (more often) bad Raiders teams play Pittsburgh, and it’s almost always close, often with the Raiders winning it. I’ve no idea how essentially the same game keeps happening over and over between the teams.
  6. Reggie McKenzie out as GM

    I don’t think that was a McKenzie decision. He most likely would have got it done if he still had control over such matters.
  7. GDT: Steelers @ Raiders

    There hasn’t been a real rivalry between the teams since we’ve been bad for so long and haven’t had any playoff meetings, but I still love beating the Steelers. Carr’s interception-free streak really should have ended today, but I thought he had another solid game with some very nice throws. A few more dodgy moments than last week but against a tougher defense. Conley was great on the other side - we have a real CB again.
  8. Reggie McKenzie out as GM

    Poor drafting GM. Seems to be very good managing the cap. We can do better. But will we?
  9. Your favorite games as a Raiders fan

    The play in OT was amazing. Jason Campbell with one of the prettiest spirals I’ve ever seen, with Ford making the diving grab and sliding another 5 yards due to the conditions. He had Flowers on toast all game.
  10. Your favorite games as a Raiders fan

    Weirdly, that was a year I found it tough to pick games from. We were winning games most weeks, often with late comebacks and last play deciders - so much so that I can't even remember which ones in particular bring back good memories. Totally forgot about the Bucs game being one we should have wrapped up, then nearly lost, before Carr to Roberts in OT, though - that's definitely a good shout. Maybe some of the ones from the previous 15 years stand out so much because they were few & far between...
  11. Inspired by the mention of the Raiders win in Pittsburgh in 2009 and Bruce Gradkowski's career game, I was trying to think which games would be up there as my favorites since becoming a Raiders fan. I first got into the sport and instantly picked the Raiders in around 2000, and really started following properly in 2002 (which I guess was great timing...) - that said, being based in the UK, it was hard to watch the games live back then, and so I don't have many memories at all of games from these good times. Since then, we've had 16 years of (mostly) absolute garbage, but with a few decent seasons sprinkled in. Even in among all the losses, though, there have been some great wins. Tough wins on the road, blowouts of rivals, individual great performances. I've tried to make a top 5 from all of them (and gone with honorable mentions after because I couldn't decide between a few): 1. Broncos 24-25 Raiders - Nov 24, 2004, Denver Who can forget Ron Curry's snow angel at Mile High? A Sunday Night Football game, I stayed up until 4am watching this one, and still vividly remember Jerry Porter making Champ Bailey look bad. By far the best win in the ill-fated Norv Turner/Kerry Collins era, and definitely worth sleepwalking through school on Monday for. My favorite game for all the cool factors: beating a divisional rival, on their turf, in the snow, with a one-point margin of victory. 2. Steelers 24-27 Raiders - Dec 6, 2009, Pittsburgh BRUCE. The game I thought we'd lost on three separate occasions in that 4th quarter. We kept letting the Steelers take the lead, and then Gradkowski kept snatching it back again. He seemed like a really nice guy, and I'm glad he had his career day for us in front of all his family (and obviously that we beat those guys as well). 3. Broncos 14-59 Raiders - Oct 24, 2010, Denver Another one in Denver. 35-7 up at HT, 59 points in three quarters of football, Darren freakin' McFadden. Don't think much more needs to be said. 4. Raiders 45-42 Browns (OT) - Sep 30, 2018, Oakland Simple reason for picking this really - I was there. Really exciting game, and glad that my one visit to the Oakland Coliseum served up a classic. Shame about the rest of the season, though... 5. Raiders 20-13 Steelers - Oct 29, 2006, Oakland Art Shell was the HC, Tom Walsh was the OC, Andrew Walter was the QB. A team so badly coached and an offense so downright awful that they really didn't deserve to win any games at all. They did win two, though, and one of them was against the Superbowl champion Steelers. Andrew Walter completed 5 passes for a total of 51 yards, and we still won the game. I remember Burgess having a field day, Kelly & Sapp in on the action as well. And of course the four interceptions, including Nnamdi with the pick six. In probably the most brutal season as a Raiders fan, this win was memorable. One of those 'watch from behind the sofa' games, but a great win. Honorable mentions: Raiders 30-10 Jets - Jan 12, 2002, Oakland This playoff game is one of the few I do remember from my early days as a Raiders fan. Sacks, interceptions, and generally making Chad Pennington's life a misery. Texans 20-25 Raiders - Oct 9, 2011, Houston The RIP Al Davis game. Michael Huff and that emotional ending. Saints 34-35 Raiders - Sep 11, 2016, New Orleans Just so much fun. Two offenses piling up the points, and then JDR's bonkers decision to go for 2 to win the game, which we converted. What are your favorite games as a Raiders fan? Top 5, top 10, even just your best, doesn't really matter. Would be interesting to see the lists from some of the slightly older fans who actually saw some glory times as well, and of course from those who have actually been to games.
  12. Around the league v.1.0

    The Bruce Gradkowski game was one of my fav ever as a Raiders fan. Ripping apart the Steelers in Pittsburgh with Louis Murphy, Chaz Schilens and Johnnie Lee Higgins as your WRs. Great fun.
  13. Road games your team historically struggles at

    Just about any team that plays on the east coast for the Raiders. We've been an absolutely terrible coast-to-coast team for the majority of my 18 years watching. Pretty much the opposite of the topic question, but I always used to love the anomaly of the Raiders winning loads of games in Kansas City when they couldn't buy a win anywhere else on the road for years. In the Raiders' playoff drought (2003-2015), the Raiders won 23 road games. 23 road games in 13 seasons; not even averaging two a year. Of these 23, 6 of them were consecutively in Kansas City between 2007-2012. In fact, 15 of the 23 were actually wins inside the AFC West as well. Only 8 wins on the road outside the division in 13 years is abysmal. Maybe I should change my answer to the original question to 'the Raiders historically struggle at everyone who isn't a divisional rival'.
  14. Around the league v.1.0

    1995. We've won the three against them at home since then.