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  1. Absolutely. I was shouting at the TV yesterday at some of the playcalling. Another related thing - I swear when we have a 4th & short, we either run it or throw deep. I don’t mind a short pass in those situations, but why are you chucking a low percentage pass down the sideline at 4th & 2? It’s infuriating.
  2. Overlooking an opponent who aren’t as bad as their record. Terrible playcalling early in the game. 5 turnovers. Being a notoriously dreadful team when travelling east to play in early games. The offense in general being totally inept. A perfect storm of failure today. Weirdly, the 6-4 Raiders also travelled east to face a 3-7 team last year and were embarrassed by a similar margin by the Jets. They never really recovered after that and stumbled to 7-9. This team feels better than last year’s, but today was very worrying.
  3. Eerily similar to the Jets game last year. Week 12, 6-4 Raiders at 3-7 opponent, same pathetic performance and embarrassing score. I think we need to just forget about this one. Gruden’s playcalling was bad, Carr was bad, the run game was bad, the blocking was bad. I can’t think of one positive thing that happened offensively. No room for error next week. We absolutely must win this game.
  4. Is it just me, or in addition to this being an abysmal, pathetic excuse of a performance, has it also been infuriatingly slow? Like, we should nearly be done by now but it’s dragging on and on and on.
  5. Evan Silva is one of the worst “journalists” going. He’s an absolute goon. I wasn’t totally sold on the Gruden hire at the time, but didn’t doubt the man’s ability to run an offense. I felt like he would be smart enough to realize the changes in the sport since he last coached and would be able to adapt to them, and this has pretty much happened as expected. To put it plainly, the dude can coach. My main worry with Gruden was how much of a (negative) impact he’d have off the field, eg. with the draft and FA. But he seems to mesh well with Mayock, and while they definitely haven’t been 100% on either drafting or signing, things have gone better than I expected. There haven’t been many examples of Gruden’s ego making bad decisions - with possibly the Mack trade as an exception, although I kinda see why that happened from a financial perspective. To your point - I can’t see these beat writers eating crow. If we make the playoffs and continue to develop into a contender, their previous criticisms will all be swept under the rug. If we fall apart in the next year or two they’ll be back in saying they told us so. It’s the nature of the beast, unfortunately.
  6. Comeback POTY is a terrible award in general, but Alex Smith could stink up the last 6 games of the season and he’s still got that one sewn up, and I think that’s probably fair enough. Coach is a tougher one to call and has far more variables but right now I’d agree on Tomlin.
  7. There’s a chance of the Colts beating the Raiders and all three teams finishing 10-6. I wonder how that would work with tiebreakers.
  8. He said the Browns are 5-1 in games against teams outside their division; not specifically against the NFCE.
  9. Similar list to mine. I’d probably replace Allen on that list with Burrow. Obviously assuming Burrow’s injury doesn’t stunt his development too much. But either way, not many building block QBs I’d take over Carr right now.
  10. Offensively, we’re a very good football team. We score points, and do so while missing key OL players every week, and not utilizing our 1st round pick (which I have a problem with, but if we still score 30 every week is it justified?) I’m actually surprised at how well we’ve played against the Chiefs in the two games this season, considering on paper I don’t think we match up well against them. Disappointed to lose, but not disheartened. We competed all game with an elite team. I think the one real “ugly” is still Guenther, and I worry that the offense being good enough to carry us to a decent record masks his continual deficiencies as a coordinator. If we go 10-6 this season I struggle to believe Gruden will get rid of him, no matter how bad the defense has been. It’s a tough spot to be in in that sense. Onto the next.
  11. They’ve had a terrible week. The reigning Superbowl champions really shouldn’t be acting like a bunch of crybabies after one loss, but here we are.
  12. Social media in general is a cesspit. If someone like Adam Schefter tweets something, he instantly has hundreds of trolling replies, and it’s like that across the majority of the platform. I’m so glad for places like this where rational thought still exists.
  13. I know you’ve only done one quarter so far but excellent work.
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