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  1. I can’t help but feel if we were in a QB situation like the Broncos, Panthers, 49ers or Washington we’d have pulled the trigger already on one of these big moves. It’s almost like the fact that we have Carr is holding us back from making a splash play - because we’ve already got a guy that we can win with, we’re less inclined to bring in a true game-changer. I’m not saying we’re wrong to have this attitude, either. Would I swap Carr for Rodgers or Wilson straight up? 1000%. But would I do it when we’d be giving up a ton of picks and a solid QB for a better but older QB? It’s definitely to
  2. Should we? Yes. Will we? Probably not. If we win 9 or 10 but miss out they can use the “progress” excuse for another year. If we’re sub-.500 Mayock will bite the bullet but Gruden will stay and get another 2+ years with a “new GM” and new QB. I guess if we really stink out the season (4 or 5 wins) Gruden might be gone. But even with that much of a failure I’m not convinced Mark would can him.
  3. I think Gruden has been pretty bad hire, though I’m reluctant to place too much blame on Mayock because he seems to be more of a puppet than anything else. Brought in as a draft guru more than anything, and it feels like he’s even getting overruled in who the Raiders draft. It’s really not a great look for him. Out of interest, what did you expect from them? Since Mayock arrived the team has gone 7-9 and 8-8. If you didn’t expect them to succeed, but expected them to be better than this, I’d be interested what your expectations of their “lack of success” were?
  4. Mayock is surely number 1 on his list. He’s not done a great job, although I wonder how much of that is directly his fault, and how many of the decisions he’s been overruled on by Gruden. Either way, Mayock will be out before Gruden is. I think Derek Carr will be as well.
  5. Joseph’s talent level is essentially that of a rotational depth player in the league, but in our mess of a secondary that means there’s a good chance he’ll be starting at SS. I’d certainly rather it was him than Abram anyway, so from that point of view it’s an upgrade. Underwhelming, though. Really can’t see him playing at FS so that hole still feels unfilled.
  6. I'm not convinced we're any better than we were the moment that 2017 season with Jack Del Rio ended. In that sense, it absolutely has been a failure of a hire. We don't have a better coaches, we don't have better players, and our personnel decisions are worse and often straight up illogical. I appreciate what JDR did in bringing us back to some form of stability as a franchise (plus finally delivering the playoffs again) and while he's never a guy that's going to get you over the hump, he was a decent enough HC who put together as good a coaching staff as Gruden has. For all we're paying
  7. Still seems cosmetic to me rather than actually necessary. And maybe more of an issue to KC than others because they keep retiring numbers, which is their decision. How about teams just don't allocate practice squad players the same number as players on the main roster? If that's the main issue then this seems far more sensible than changing the whole numbering system.
  8. Yuck. Why is Peter King saying this is a "necessary" change?
  9. That whole video in general is an embarrassment. Idiots fighting in Walmart, people filming rather than doing anything about it. Not really surprising he took a beating. Hard to fight when you're too big to move properly.
  10. We’re having a weird off-season. Drake is a nice pickup, but that’s way too much money. Then again, if it ends this Gruden trait of getting inside the 5 yard line and failing to get into the end zone every time then he’ll be well worth the money.
  11. Cap will shoot back up after this season. Players taking short deals and gambling on themselves to earn a bigger contract when more money is available soon. Also means we can easily move on from the ones who don’t perform. It’s a good “rental” kind of environment.
  12. Feels about right for us. Defense is better on paper and offense is worse, but neither extravagantly so. Not sure I agree with the Patriots being so high. Feels like they just made a high volume of signings rather than any particularly good pickups.
  13. Yes, the 4 projected starters for 2021 were all on the roster last year. Kolton Miller was the starting LT. Richie Incognito was on IR. Andre James was the backup C. Denzelle Good covered numerous positions (mainly at LG in place of Richie) throughout the season. The only current hole is RT.
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