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  1. Jimmy was good on one leg no doubt. Reed was good but not game ball good. Mostert had one/two if you count the McGlinchey penalty run big plays but besides those didn't do much. Just overall a good performance from those guys but not anything that i say wow that guy stood out. Could totally be the disapointment of all the injuries though.
  2. Adam Gase deserves it. But really don't think we had one standout performer. Defense was pretty decent as a whole but no one really flashed positively and on offense outside a few big runs there really wasn't much that caught the eye.
  3. Honestly we will be missing like 8 of our most important pieces next week. Kittle, Bosa, Sherman, Ford, Jimmy G, Deebo, Mostert and Richburg. And biggest suprise of them all. Ward and Tartt still healthy.
  4. Good thing we play a team that is almost as bad as the Jets.
  5. He doesn't look like a guy seeing ghosts or anything to me. Not like he is being a ballerina with no opponent close to him.
  6. Honestly a pretty good throw by Darnold there. Imagine Darnold with an actually competent OC.
  7. He was a 27 year old rookie. Not that age really matter for Punters.
  8. My bad math failed me. Thought it made it a 16 point game.
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