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  1. Love me a Baldy breakdown. And would be amazing if Kinlaw takes that step forward. He is so powerfull and needs to learn how to do that every single play and use it to develop his pass rushing.
  2. Achilles in general isn't a one day thing most of the time. To tear your achilles there has to be damage already there for it to tear. The worst thing is we changed almost everything two years ago and there literally doesn't seem to be any change in these types of injuries. Last year a lot of the big ones where bad luck as well. Like all the injuries we got against the Jets where with contact involved where you really can't do much about in most cases i think.
  3. But most take till the second year before they fully get back from it. Big difference between it being fully healed and actually not having it be an impact.
  4. Yeah this one probably sucks the most out off the three injuries so far.
  5. Wilson was part of our RB by committee and probably RB2 or 3 depending on how fast Sermon picks it up. Skule was bad when he played and was in the running for one of the last O-line spots. Moore was closest to a starter since Ward and Tartt are both made of glass.
  6. The pacing of that game was so bad though. The huge gap between gyms where really nothing happened and then like three in a row with just a little route in between them.
  7. Tartt is older to and Kittle is old for when he came in to the league. Then you have guys like Coleman, Benjamin, Sanu and Johnson who may or may not make the roster. And Ford is older too and offcourse a big question mark regarding his health. But the core on both sides is more about how we will be able to keep them money wise over them being old. Most of those guys can play for another 10 year barring injuries and the biggest question mark to me is how long will Kittle go before he gets injured even more often.
  8. Difference is pretty low though. Adding someone like Mack shoots you average up already. We are one of the older rosters but our core is pretty young still. Oldest part is probably our O-line but i don't have a doubt that outside of Mack and Tomlinson(more to do with contract not being extended than anything anyone on there doesn't play for another 3/4 years at least.
  9. Always good to be ahead of the curve on those things. You saw it with a lot of the guys from the Carroll tree who kept running the same thing which got less and less effective while Carroll himself has changed his scheme up and with us you saw Saleh change drastically what we where doing from year to year(we will see how much of that was Saleh's and how much was pushed on him from above). There will always be things we do that come from old Shanahan/Bill Walsh but changing it up is always a good thing. I think personnel plays a big part as wel because we really haven't had a guy that is better
  10. I agree with most of what you say but for me there is a big gap with QB's. You either grab one to be the starter in the first(maybe early second). Or you grab a guy late to hopefully develop. The only reason we know anything about what Beathard is is because he had to play that season and later on. I think he is a fine back-up and i would have been weirdly ok if he was resigned because of that. And yeah he probably he beter than those four but at that point does it really matter if you throw Beathard out there or Peterman? Neither will get you where you want to go so give me the worst one and
  11. Never mind see Barrows confirm it is Pettis.
  12. Solomon was a consensus top pick. Sure he failed but don't think he is the one and Dante was also not really that far from where most people had him ranked. I would say Beathard is the one. Consensus had him late day 3/UDFA and we took him round 3.
  13. Imagine taking that guy in Are you smarter. Makes my draft look worse than it already did.
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