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  1. If Watson wants to be traded soon he waives his no trade clause. Doing what you said makes it even easier for the Texans to just make him sit out next season. If they trade him its on their terms and he can either choose to accept that or sit the year out. His value isn't going down if he sits out a season.
  2. For the Texans they sucked with Watson already who is considered one of the best QB's in the league. Trading him for Lawrence(sounds good on paper but no way the Texans trade Watson to a division rival) doesn't make them better and they really get in the same situation. If they don't trade him and Watson sits out there is no doubt they are even worse then they where this year and can easily end up with the first pick. Then trade Watson for a haul and you have a great start for a rebuild.
  3. The problem with that is that the Texans don't care about where he ends up and only care about the package they get from him. They have him under contract for years so he can play for another team or sit out and make nothing. If he wants out as bad as he is letting out he will waive that clause as soon as a deal is agreed. But what exactly do the Texans lose from having him sit out. Does he somehow get worth way less next year? Besides that telling the media you are not taking calls and actually ignoring calls coming in are two different situations. If the Jaguars wanted him mor
  4. Honestly he won't be a tackle on some old school guys boards and for more of a power blocking team he probably won't be a fit either but he has all ticked all the boxes at LT for Northwestern and if he doesn't make it at OT he is almost surely an amazing OG in just about any scheme.
  5. If you are going to draft a guy in the 2nd or third at least he needs to have a above average NFL arm(i can get taking a average arm in the first because it means he has other attributes at a really high level) or even later if you are banking on him at the least being a very solid back-up. In that day two period give me a guy that has a lower floor that has a really high sealing.
  6. San Francisco 49ers trade block: Mike McGlinchey (not cheap) Kentavius Street Richie James Kevin White
  7. San Francisco 49ers release: 1733 - Matt Cole WR 0183 - Austin Proehl WR 0468 - Chris Thompson WR 1440 - Justin Skule LT
  8. Happy with the trade up now Toney has gone of the board. Absolutely love that guy but he is another guy that is at his best when he has the ball in his hands which with Kittle and Deebo we already have. On the other hand all three haven't really shown an ability to be on the field for a whole season so if they timed the injuries right it could have worked out perfectly.
  9. He is versatile is being bad. You have the slightly bad ST's version. The worse nickel version and the terrible outside corner function. Really no idea what this team sees in that guy.
  10. Jimmy's problem for me has never really been his perfomance on the field. He is a average starting QB who gets hurt too much and when you then get in a cap crunch like we probably will be IRL it gets hard to really commit to him. Having the Run game with Kyle and then adding Slater to start at OG this year(unless someone wants Mike McGlinchey hit me up if anyone has interest) really adds to the O-line and is almost as perfect of a scheme fit you can find. Bateman this late(receivers is just getting so deep you can argue there still are WR's that could easily be picked in the first) just makes
  11. Had to seriously convince myself Bateman was the reasonable choice. Really love another receiver but Bateman both in value here and in what he brings is a better compliment to Deebo, Aiyuk and Kittle. Also basically traded 12, 43 and 102 for Slater(probably would have been my pick at 15) Bateman and still have 86.
  12. After doing a John Lynch by trading down and still getting the guy i wanted i decided to take a leaf from the Shanahan draft book. Targeting a WR at the bottom of the 1st/early second. Rashod Bateman dropped all the way to 34 so i decided to go for it and traded my second and 68 i acquired for 34 and 86. Basically traded 12, 43 and 102 for 15, 34 and 86. Had some serious debating with myself to go for Toney who i really really like but the injury history along with Seamus being a threat to injured at anytime i opted for a guy that can slot in on the other side of Aiyuk and offers
  13. With the 34th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, The San Francisco 49ers proudly select: Rashod Bateman, WR, Minnesota D-0348
  14. 49ers get: 34 and 86 Jets get 43 and 68 @bcb1213
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