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  1. Goodwin just got tackled while running his route.
  2. Is the NFL rigged?

    in Rugby they also just keep going and just can go back. In the NFL when a new play starts they can't turn it back to the last play so every play will have to be reviewed before the next snap which in the best case for them is 40 seconds. For the worst examples i am sure it will help but for the ticky tacky plays it will slow the game down. I am not saying more involvement of video refs and reviews is fully bad but it isn't the holy grail since it still will be someone making the decisions and people make misstakes especially when they have time pressure to make that decision.
  3. Is the NFL rigged?

    Or it is just because using more technology just slows the game down. Having technology is a good thing don't get me wrong but having every play reviewed automatically would just slow it down way too much.
  4. Honestly think we already have more broken tackles so far in this game then we have had all year.
  5. Baker almost looks like CJ once you get pressure on him. Just doesn't know what to do.
  6. Almost a great catch by Juice.
  7. Please keep getting distracted if it results in this.
  8. Nice pressure by Bosa and great pick from Sherm
  9. Good block by the Skule
  10. Well thats a way to start on offense.
  11. I believe it is just that when you get a pressure it doesn't matter for this stat if you get it after 1 second or after 5. A pressure is a pressure and the pressure rate mostly just adds them all up and calculates a percentage of snaps you got a pressure on. If the metrics are more specific is stand corrected.
  12. I saw some stats that had us at 17th when rushing 4 and 7th or something when rushing more. When rushing 2 or 3 we where somewhere near the bottom though. My point still remains the same that pressure rate as an empty stat just doesn't tell the whole story. Having pressure quickly is way more important than getting pressure at all. It's one of the things i liked about one of Saleh's press conference after the draft where he pointed out that we where near or add the bottom for average time to throw and that opposing teams would call a lot of slower developing plays because they didn't have to respect our pass rush outside of Buck. Now i feel we see a lot more quicker plays against us. No real data because after three games it really isn't anywhere near conclusive based on who you have played but our pass rush looks 10 times better and put way more consistent pressure on the opposing QB than we did last year.
  13. Honestly don't think pressure rate says much. Last year we where pretty much in the middle of the pack on pressure rate but the average time the QB got was pretty high which means that while we got some kind of pressure it usually took a while which is less then ideal and makes it that opposing offense call slower developing plays where we eventually got pressure on them.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Honestly just filling time till Nelson comes off the suspension list.