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  1. Honestly with how short it was its almost as if he expected him to run a comeback route.
  2. Honestly great game by the D and a decent enough game by the O considering the injuries. Shame our ST outside of P,K and LS have been really bad. On the other side give me games like this the rest of the season where we actually look competent and get a high pick in the draft to grab a talented QB to throw to the weapons we already have and then spend the rest of the draft shoring up the O-line and fill the remaining spots we have left after FA.
  3. And thats where Nick's arm really hurts you.
  4. Honestly Colbert was a bigger succes just based on that one season
  5. Anybody suprised. Honestly one of the worst safety's i have ever seen.
  6. Thats what you get for driving someone to the ground.
  7. So far both offense and defense really has done what you can ask. Our ST coverage and blocking unit have been poor though which makes it a tie instead of being ahead.
  8. Honestly there is really nothing Street could have done different there.
  9. Its Brees. No way they call that on Mullens.
  10. I am good with him starting on the outside and sliding in to bring in a speedy guy. Man can Spoon really be worse than Webster on ST?
  11. Ward hasn't been great so far this year but great coverage there.
  12. Really underrated position.
  13. Should have been Saints ball inside their 5 but instead our coverage messes it up.
  14. Brees seems a little off so far. All three of his throws have been off target.
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