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  1. Hopkins is one of the only receivers in the league that can make that catch. A 50/50 with that guy is like a 90/10.
  2. And off al people its Johnson with the fumble. Have to say he does seem to perform better on the inside.
  3. He did the same thing last week and we picked it up. He clearly doesn't like Lance sneaking so he does it with Juice.
  4. It sure takes time to mesh and no O-lines with a QB with movement skills will ever be considered at the top of the league. Lance really needs to just run out of bounds.
  5. Loved Hufanga coming out and every single thing he has done so far hasn't changed it one bit. He seems to just be in the right place all the time and compared to someone like Harris lacks some athletic ability but more than makes up for it by just reading it quicker.
  6. Biggest difference between Aiyuk and Pettis is that Aiyuk at least seems to give his all on gameday. Just hope that he can clean up whatever he is messing up outside of the games.
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