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  1. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Maybe a 24 hour thing?
  2. THe Baalke-Harbaugh thing was never going to work in the long term. They are both guys that want to be on the forefront and get all the credit.
  3. Not sure what the coverage was there. But Kwon had his back turned to the QB and didn't stay with Graham so no idea what he was doing.
  4. Or your GM for that matter.
  5. Don't forget Martin Mayhew and Paraag. Also this is what can happen when your FO and coaching staff are working in sync.
  6. Well mister McFarland could have said it himself at this point in the game.
  7. Packers defenders are getting tired of having to defend the run.
  8. Some good changes by the Packers. Time to adjust ourselves now.
  9. Well only thing we aren't winning convicingly is the TOP-battle.
  10. Hope we get Breida involved the second half to get him going because we can't go in the SB with just Mostert having some kind of rhythm.
  11. Mostert just has that insane burst when he turns it on. Has improved his vision too massively the past few years especially between the tackles.
  12. This defense when mostly healthy really is something special.
  13. Spoon with the ST's play. Really hope he can get his head straight and stay healthy cause when he is on he is so good. So far have done a good job of containing Adams. Lazard having himself a nice game.