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  1. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    When you look at Clowney when he came out and now you see a massive difference in the pass rushing part of his game. Why people call him lazy or that he has gotten this far because of his athleticism is because he was such a hyped prospect that ticked all the athletic boxes but in terms of actual skill he was pretty raw which is why you saw him "struggle" early in his career. He has become better each year both statiscally and just how he beats guys. But yeah he probably will get tagged and rightfully so.
  2. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Clowney ain't just a elite edge defender. Is he on the same level as Mack and Miller as a pass rusher no but they aren't on his level against the run either. Besides that Clowney has grown every year since he came into the league which means he works hard to get better which makes me way more comfortable giving him a big contract then a guy like Beasley who only had one year where he outproduced Clowney as a pass rusher. Clowney is a guy you can plug in at Leo and don't have to worry about that position for the rest of his contract.
  3. Minor Niner News Thread

    No way do we draft a WR if we trade for OBJ. But count me in the no to OBJ or AB group. They are no doubt great players but i think to a certain level having one of the best receivers in football is overrated. Last year of the top 10 receivers with the most yards only 4 made the play-offs(Hopkins, Hill, Thomas and Hilton). If you extent it to top 20 only 4/5 more are there(depends on how you count Cooper). Besides that with Kittle we already have a top receiving thread and adding McKinnon to that if he returns healthy only adds to that. Adding a Beckham or Brown in FA or if you can draft one and then keeping them i 100% support but giving up what you have to give up for especially OBJ is too much for the value they will add. Also getting JImmy G back really changes a lot for our receivers. Mullens is a good back-up but he really doesn't have the arm to throw outside the numbers and really doesn't take many chances when a guy is covered.
  4. Never quite understand the negativity against these types of moves. Nobody blinks if a former head coach gets a coordinator job if he succeeded there before so why be negative if the same thing happens with front office guys.
  5. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Would i like it? Probably not but i can understand it from a BPA perspective.
  6. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    No problem also i see Josh Harris is listed as a K but i believe that should be a LS
  7. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    Was just checking some things in my workbook but i believe there is something wrong with Matt Gono in the 2020 tab.
  8. Minor Niner News Thread

    We probably if he doesn't absolutely wow us cut him next year because we save 6,8 on a 8,8 mil cap hit.
  9. Minor Niner News Thread

    We would save nothing pre june 1st.
  10. 49ers cut Garry Gilliam

    Marsh as the 3rd or 4th guy along with Blair i am totally fine with.
  11. TCMD 2019 - Discussion

    I believe rosters where already locked a few days ago.
  12. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Jackson transformed that D with his play and makes everything easier for the rest of that secondary. He is the type of guy we need and i am pretty sure that adding Amos would really end up being a disappointment.
  13. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Falcons trade block: Vic Beasley Ryan Schraeder Brandon Fusco Mohamed Sanu
  14. AAF

    I am pretty sure they plan on holding a draft in the beginning of september after the NFl cut date.
  15. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Well guess my job as Falcons GM is getting made easier by the actual GM. No tough decision to make with regards to Bryant.