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  1. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Wasn't Coby Fleener in the concussion protocol forever?
  2. That sure is his Australian Rules football past coming out.
  3. Madden 19

    The QB1 storyline which is the College and combine thing is only for QB. For all other positions its just the same as the past few years.
  4. Madden 19

    They should really go away from the once a year release schedule and go to a subscription based service because it lets the developers keep improving the current game instead of having to switch to a new title and coming up with new big things the higher ups deem Marketable.
  5. Madden 19

    It was on the stream. And they still have three months to go so they won't release everything at once. With EA they anounce the marketable additions which may or may not be the major additions from a player standpoint. Next week will be more about the superstar abilities and i believe they said there will be more about other franchise things. Then in two weeks Ultimate team and in three weeks gameplay. Then you still have the E3 and other thing where they will anounce some things.
  6. Madden 19

    They did the superstar QB1 blog which is run in the franchise system. They already anounced more franchise stuff will be revealed in two weeks.
  7. Minor Niner News Thread

    Oh absolutely just in terms of talent Garnett is superior to Person. Person is just way more dependaple. I though last year Garnett should have won the job but the injuries and Person was just solid enough to not be replaceable.
  8. Minor Niner News Thread

    Honestly to execute the fifth-year on a G or C he has to be really good since T's are also in the formula. Garnett has been injured a ton and just hasn't played well enough when he did so i don't think anyone would be suprised is he is gone next year.
  9. Ah nevermind just saw you did another trade to get the extra sixth.
  10. Didn't you trade a 5th and a sixth to the Bears since you still have three sixths.
  11. Not even a practice just a afternoon off the field.
  12. i saw 31-07-1995 in Calhounlambeau's doc.
  13. The safety thing i was pretty much already convinced we wouldn't draft anyone early after we resigned both Exum and Ward and i believe i posted that too. The corner thing to me is if we drafted someone for them to improve the team it isn't just beating out Moore. If they beat out Moore he still would be the 4th outside corner on the depth chart behind Sherman, Verrett and Spoon and then we have Reed and Williams on the inside and in case of need Ward who can play both spots. Is it good enough to be 100% confident with what we have no way but also it isn't bad enough to have it as the top need. I always said if we add someone in the secondary it is a veteran out of FA because we have young guys that have their ups and downs already. And if next year the situation is still the same i am pretty sure next year CB or S will be on top of our priority list going in the offseason just like Edge was this year.
  14. I think its the other way around. Ward will probably start and then get injured after a few weeks where we give AC another shot.