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  1. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    Honestly don't think at this point Verrett is better than Dontae.
  2. Don't tell me to root for those 49ers.
  3. Yeah sure for a guy that needs the explosiveness a hamstring has a high chance of keep getting injured. He probably will play if it isn't too bad but for him to be 100% he really needs to have more time off which there simply is no room for.
  4. Honestly 2 weeks is a really short time for a hamstring to heal.
  5. Sure suck to lose Richburg but i think of all places it almost is the best case for our team to lose someone on the O-line since the gap between starters and back-ups is smaller and you can really adjust your play calling where on the D every injury basically means a loss in quality besides outside Corner.
  6. Man this game was insane. Great win but the defense really layed an egg here.
  7. Honestly don't understand this time-out by the Saints.
  8. Please Robbie don't **** this up.
  9. At least we have almost a minute and three TD's to drive the field.
  10. Thats no PI no way he can catch that.
  11. With Sherman thats a Int. Spoon just doesn't have those ball skills.
  12. Honestly too many injuries to important pieces without a good enoug replacement really shows on defense. Especially when you play a guy like Brees who picks you apart and Peyton being a really good playcaller.
  13. Moore with another huge ST's play.