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  1. Maybe that was before this week when they also had us twice in there.
  2. i guess Boswell will be without a job tomorrow.
  3. wow what a play by the Steelers
  4. Cards SOS is better(or better said worse) so they would take it.
  5. Think it has a lot to do with missing any kind of rhytm since he hadn't played since 2016.
  6. Just remember how god awfull Goff looked his first year and how he looks now. Needs to get in a better offense both in talent and in OC,
  7. I always try to go in the game wanting to win it no matter what it means for draft position. If we lose though its easy to move on when you are in the position we are. But winning always feels better and yeah it sucks we might lose the first pick because of it but in the end you still have to make the right choice.
  8. If you had said we would be 20-0 at half time i don't think anyone would have believed it.
  9. Should get him there Thomas.
  10. Grabbed his arm but yeah that should have been called.
  11. Yeah my fault at first look that looked absolutely awfull but it got tipped.
  12. What an ugly pass by Mullens was that.
  13. Come on Marquise. Got saved by the penalty on Kittle there.
  14. DB i feel is more of a position that if we want to improve we have to do it in FA. At corner we have Sherman, Witherspoon, Moore for the outside and Reed and WIlliams for the inside. At safety Tartt and Harris are locked in at SS and we still have Colbert at FS where i feel we really need to improve but i think i prefer going with a veteran there to help Colbert in his development. We need way more help at LB next to Warner. And ofcourse the biggest need is for a edge rusher and i believe there are some good guys behind Bosa. Might even mean we can trade down a little if we end up with the 2nd pick.