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  1. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    But say LaFleur goes to the Packers does he really do much different then he does here? I get the rule change but i also get the way we think. If they will be the real coordinator and really get control over the Defense or Offense we let them go. Like we did with Scangarello after it was clear Kubiak wouldn't stay on and Woods going to the Browns.
  2. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    And are they position coaches technically they both have a coordinator function.
  3. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Honestly not sure how much that will affect us. Yeah we have blocked LaFleur and McDaniel. And we did block Scangarello before it was clear he would be the real OC but i always wonder how much of that is those guys not wanting to go. That a guy can interview also doesn't mean he gets hired.
  4. Isn't this the time the contracts for guys like this usually expire?
  5. Cam Newton not willing to sign as a backup.

    Honestly what does he win by signing as a back-up now. Better to wait till a QB gets injured and a team panics.
  6. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    If that is true i am happy we traded up for Aiyuk.
  7. You can't have Buckner and 14. It is either Buckner or the 14th(technically 13) since we traded Buckner for that pick.
  8. UDFA Thread

    Also looks to have some zip on it. Looks strange how he throws it but can't really put my finger on it what makes it look so strange.
  9. UDFA Thread

    His throwing motion is strange. Pretty quick but also with a ton of velocity it looks like.
  10. UDFA Thread

    Oh or even better Darius Anderson who i really really like.
  11. UDFA Thread

    Was hoping for JJ Taylor or Dowdle as UDFA RB's but Hasty is a nice get too.
  12. UDFA Thread

    Wow didn't expect that. Was expecting someone like Josh Love.
  13. Joe Staley to Retire

    Probably knew he was strongly considering it and the 100% finite decision came monday.
  14. Honestly still a lot of guys i like and could provide some competition for guys we have on the roster.
  15. Joe Staley to Retire

    George is such a great guy.