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  1. If he just had some damn consistent accuracy. Mentally its pretty impressive what he already did in college and what he had on his plate especially for the age. And while we have seen with Allen how his accuracy has improved i think taking him over Fields is a hard one for me.
  2. Honestly all depends on who is available at out 2nd. If Farley, Samuel and Newsome are gone i have no problem waiting till our 3rd because i really don't thinkt he value is there outside of those three who really should be gone at that point.
  3. They can't have any control over who attends. Its just who wants to go and then the teams have a max of 3 i believe that can go.
  4. Because Shanahan seems to believe he needs to have top talent for his running game to get even stronger instead of going the cheap route with late round/udfa pick-ups making it already good.
  5. Always fun when gains on short throws are called gimmes. Those passes need to be on time and accurate to even have a chance to succeed. Yeah you need less arm strength but the margin for error is slimmer because a slight overthrow on a 30 yard bomb usually doesn't change much where if you sail a "Gimme" you either get intercepted or its incomplete. If its a gimme every QB would succeed at those which just isn't the case. I am not even arguing Fields is a less accurate passer than Jones because he is not. But on screens Jones is a better QB at this point in their development. Part o
  6. They sure do since Fields is the QB. They did it a lot more with Haskins because it was something he could execute at a high level. They change a lot of things based on who they have at QB and with Fields the ability to extend plays and his accuracy deep makes them run more of these types of plays compared to Haskins or Barrett before that. There is a reason why he was the most accurate at throwing middle and deep and not short. Its because he just isn't as good at those quick screens because of his release. The Ohio State offense is so different from anything being ran in the NFL that th
  7. And on the other hand Fields his strengths totally don't line up with a good screen game. Not even a accuracy thing but more to do with his release being more elongated. I think off the three people mostly assume Lance will have the hardest time trasitioning but for its Fields. The things he does at OSU don't translate all that well to the NFL and while his physical talents no doubt can do all the things he needs to both passing and running the mental side is the biggest one(not saying he is dumb or can't do it but just like Mahomes i think its best for him to work on those things for a year b
  8. That really is one of the most puzzling ones for me. I didn't expect top numbers but this is really bad.
  9. Wouldn't mind it. Mostert is great but always gets banged up and Wilson is a good back-up but Hasty didn't exactly impress last season and only other one on the roster is Walter. Unless we decide we have money to burn and overpay for him offcourse.
  10. Might be best to leave that to @EaglesPeteCor one of the mods in charge.
  11. Seeing Sterns was higher on that guys list i'll vote for him.
  12. There is a guy in his war room that lister Gillespie and Sterns so one of them might make the most sense.
  13. The pick formerly known as Trenwannabe.
  14. @baltimoreRebel Christensen was already picked at 93.
  15. Could be the best option bepending on what you want to make with it. Or if there is a bit of mold on those other two.
  16. And still not winning a price.
  17. I think Thomas is a player that belongs in the NFL unlike Jenkins. However for the third overal pick he is a massive bust. If you pick Thomas in the 3rd or 4th you probably are pretty happy with him but now it's just a awfull pick.
  18. And the crazy thing is the team still got to a Superbowl shortly after. Its sometimes really like this regime has two faces. We makes bad moves on most of the big money signings and our early picks are kinda hit and miss. But then in the late rounds and UDFA we find a gem almost every single year and not just good but great players at that. Putting all moves on paper they are pretty 50/50 in good and bad and maybe if you look at the big assets the bad outshine the good(big signings and day 1/day 2 picks.
  19. Well we already added Gowan earlier along with Verrett and Moseley thats a solid top three. St Juste is way more physical than Taylor who is more in the Gowan/Witherspoon mold where they are tall but not really physical. And when you play Hopkins and Metcalf twice a year you need someone that can go head to head with them physically(i know he doesn't have the speed Metcalf has but at the LOS he has the strength to throw the timing off). The only thing comparable between Taylor and St. Juste is the length. Its like saying Sherman and Witherspoon are comparable when in fact they are totally diff
  20. Honestly looking around various big board this is around where St Juste is slotted. Sometimes higher sometimes lower. I just plain think he is a better player than the other two.
  21. And when you watch him i don't really see that. Is he worth a shot on athletic ability? Sure and i said to the others that if they wanted to draft him they should. But there are other guys that do similar things to him that can be had later.
  22. My fault. @Forge and @JIllg have been wanting to draft him since our pick at 75 but i really see nothing that makes him special. For WR's i prefer them to have one unique thing that you can take advantage over just being average around the board.
  23. If he didn't have the achilles tear for sure but with that i think this is around the early range where he can go IRL.
  24. QB Jimmy Garoppolo Justin Fields Josh Rosen Josh Johnson RB Raheem Mostert Jeff Wilson Jr Jamychael Hasty Austin Walter FB Kyle Juszczyk Josh Hokit X Brandon Aiyuk Travis Benjamin Kevin White Mohamed Sanu Matt Cole Z Deebo Samuel
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