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  1. You definitely weren't the only one that expected the Packers would shy away from those picks. You can assume youre the smartest person in the forum, that's okay, can't wait to see your draft game prediction.
  2. But then it is no longer the pure best player. There's a gradient. Gradients create values. 100% what I'm saying that it isn't black and white. I think we've seen that we'll lean to positions that aren't RB even if it's not deep, in round 1. When the pick isn't EDGE there's still a more valuable position on the board, there's never not. Part of the low value of RB is that you can find them easily all over the draft. You can find Guards deeper in the drafts, etc. so it would be poor value to grab one of those in the first. The Packers have shown that unless you believe it's the biggest coincide
  3. I give zero ****s about the number. I dont think anybody does, outside a minor curiosity. Yes, prime positions right, so you know about value. So they wouldnt take the best player regardless of position. How we percieve the team vs how Brian percieves the teams needs may be different but it doesnt mean he's going pure BPA. Do you think Gute picks Quenton Nelson over Jaire? Ive got serious doubts. If you didnt believe in BVA vs BPA then there wouldnt be positional premiums.
  4. Yeah it was a rounded number. Naturally, so within that tier you dont think they put up positional favorability? Or are you saying theres a real way to compare a RB to a corner in skillset in a tier set?
  5. I think you stick gary at Morgan fox's spot. I think hes almost a dream 9. Z you let take some of Donald's floaty reps and the 4i. Preston probably gets stuck with Floyds reps because he has to.
  6. Curious. Do you think they number them out 1-200?
  7. If yall dont watch Eric Andres movie and hate 90% of it but love it for that last 10% i don't want to talk to you.
  8. Its still not that bad. Theres money to ve moved around. The Packers will keep the players they want and need and might lose a B list player or 3. Theyll be back to relying on nailing some drafts to keep rolling. The Pack will still be Bakh. Aaron. Davante. Z, Kenny and Jaire. The rest will work itself out
  9. This could be Nijman for all we know.
  10. Other than missing 1 guy we don't know what Nijman is. Guy has all the tools and a coach who is quite highly touted, around here at least. So you have the Elgton glass break a toolsy guy going into year 3 and, I assume, a T in the draft.
  11. Apples are superior to oranges. No pulp, seeds centrally located. No acid attacking your mouth. Repels doctors. The red color is more sexier. Makes pie. Also comes in other colors and tartnesses. Disclaimer: red delicious apples don't count. Its a bad apple.
  12. Why cant fruit be compared??
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