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  1. Absolutely no thank you to Gregg Williams.
  2. You could let Gray do it for the rest of the year, if he has any interesting ideas. Then if that doesn't work out you can reassess. Pettine just doesn't have it, he's at the bottom of the curve creative wise at this point.
  3. reinforcements have arrived. no worries
  4. Because its a dumb excuse. Message board fodder looking to put blame besides their favorite player.
  5. Any reputable sources? Its just that Rodgers understands how serious concussions are. I don't think he's gonna keep himself in there if hes got one.
  6. Rodgers getting knocked loopy by Winfield is a weird narrative this forum has created that nobody else is running with or mentioned. It's weird, stop it. He had a bad game. Focused too much on getting DA back and things went south. Needs to get back to playing the system and we'll be fine. Coach needed to see he was wasting downs and yards trying to go wide when there was room to operate in the middle. Atrocious performance. **** happens we don't need to make excuses for them. Solid learning performance. Let's see if they adjust.
  7. Gotta start that fire LaFluer thread @Refugee.
  8. To be fair. Were down our #2 WR. And our #2 CB. Not showing up after a bye is a major concern. That and we dont travel at all.
  9. Hick weddings man. This is why were losing. Ive cursed us by attendimg this abomination
  10. He doesnt disappear. I can tell when we're losing just by whos posting tho lolol
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