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  1. Coming back. It was a near flip of the coin coming out of preseason. They went with the vet. Shocker. He got injured the other side of the coin came in.
  2. Either literally everyone else, including his coaches, are wrong or youre right.
  3. Well ok. Lets have our whole line ready for the playoffs
  4. Between pressures and pressures How one site has 11 and one has 25. The interpretation of pressure.
  5. I think thats where the vast differences lie.
  6. Whats a pressure? Beating your man or influencing the QB or making the QB move or getting close to them QB?
  7. What happened on the 1% of snaps we didnt plag a LT? Probably explains why Myers score so low. Blocking two dudes at once.
  8. Look at us. the Green Bay Tom Bradys Then this absolute wet blanket of a tweet. It's ok though. he'll be great here. cant wait to watch him destroy someone, mercilessly. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
  9. Im not going to pretend i watch texans games. Stats seem there and the owner said hes good for the community.. Sooooo $$? Probably not buying into the tank. Switched to a 4-3, and just restructed to basically be gone after this season so just doesnt fit in the future aaaand maybe they just wanted to do right by him?
  10. New Kamal 54 wants to be a good player but his lack of athleticism betrays him. Looks heavy on the edge at least. Garvin looks real solid in rotation right now. Everyone who says Jaylon was equivalent to Burks this game is being dishonest. Burks was bad, you put Jaylon on your highlight reel. 51 was also not good. Pay Divandre. Kenny is so damn good. Get the man some help. Anybody. In that vein Lowry actually looks to be stacking some success. Really think theyve ****ed keke by adding weight on him. Hes not a run down 3 tech. Guys useless right now. Cant
  11. Ryan Kerrigan is doing nothing in Philly. Reunite with Barry and Preston. Looks like hes done. Unfortunate, 100 sack career wasted in Washington
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