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  1. If vegas puts an over line at 175 for a QB you should smash the over out of respect for the league. the fact he didnt get it means we did very well.
  2. I know you're not saying it, but Floyd is a perfect example of a C player getting boosted from an A player. Floyd is fast, and gets Donalds scraps. Donald is negligible, Floyd is invisible.
  3. Yes, absoutely, neither team was patient/good enough to beat the process. the game is 60 long. Thats what it's about. IDK if you expect us to jump out to 30-0 every game and keep that lead or what lol. They scored 2 TD's. If we can keep teams to 2 TD's we win.
  4. Ute's great, Huntley! Thats my boy! He's a boss.
  5. 36-18 35-16. Seems to be working fine. Situational af.
  6. because it invites "lucky" big plays. Play the cushion where are they going. underneath. Then you just have to make sure to tackle. Play tight and they send 4 verts? Someone whiffs the jam and every QB in the league can toss 60 yards. Pettine is saying "We know Rodgers will score, we know you're going to have to keep up." bet you can't stay patient and run or dink and dunk.
  7. So the plan to play complimentary defense... worked? Yes, when we play an elite QB we better have some tricks in our sleeve. that is EVERY defense vs Elite QBs lol. Like the literal BEST defense just played an elite QB and failed. it's like the NFL has been built for offenses. 2nd edit lol. Last year the absolute best defense came against the best QB in the Super Bowl, what happened? Not many teams have elite D's and elite QB's. I know everyone is upset and thinks this D SHOULD be elite, and I think there's pieces to be more intimidating than we are as well, but there's a plan by Pet
  8. There was a play by the rams defense to cover our flood that Pettine needs to steal right now fast. But other than that. I love that MLF is taking out his **** and balls and saying we do what we want.
  9. Bruh if I didnt say I was nervous after the 3rd.
  10. The situation is we are keeping teams under 20. The stat is, we win.
  11. Time to put away the hair gel until next year mcvay.
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