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  1. A group of High Schoolers made Bakh look like a small guy like 2 months ago. Silly reporter guy.
  2. Ive spent literal minutes on google searching. Cant find a super secret connection.. Hold on @Chili what do you have on this?
  3. Re: Simone. Could be this. Could be that. She did what was best for her. **** it. Hope she wins a couple more medals for the ol US. Screw the couch ***** talking about mental toughness.
  4. I thought it was ******* awful hahaha. I advise everyone passes on this movie Just gotta be the yang to your yin
  5. Isaiah Mcduffie is a real plaher on the packers roster. Lol this year gone be liit
  6. Anybody going to the east side popeyes?
  7. Yeah. I dont even disagree. If matt takes the rams deep and he's just ballin out with a couple seasons in that 100+ QBR with the help of a competent organization behind him I think the bulk stats are good enough. The lack of great QBs in his group only helps i think. My whole argument is wait and see what happens. So like outpost said im just gonna stop this conversation here haha. Let the kiddos get back to bickering with broncos fans.
  8. Nobody cares man, come back after the trade and atoadaso.
  9. But has literally nothing else that says hes HoF material. If Flacco gets in I'd be pretty shocked. Both Flacco and Stafford have some pretty serious pieces of the HOF pie missing. When a QB is top 15 in QB stats in the 16 game era that has to get a conversation started when he retires. Without the postseason success and accolades I definitely think he's on the outside. I just feel like his is at a turning point for his career. Can't even tell you why I think Staffords going to last for another ~5 good years, could easily flame out in LA. But the way players talk about how hes a guy they
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