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  1. Build Aaron Rodgers' Ideal Pass Catching Corps

    The write ups have started going up. Was going back through Bryce Hall and they had his done. Draft season is here and im getting goose bumps. Nerd alert.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    http://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?f=Jermichael&l=Finley&i=7924 Ill put money Alberts in the territory. O is a bull to tackle and has a great catch radius. Those write ups arent as bad as you apparently think they are? He's a tight end, I'm not that concerned that he wont run around people. Hes a stalemate blocker, yeah again, that's ok. He didnt get any better on the coachable stuff, thats why hes getting dinged a whole round after going back to school. Anyways, Richard with a little more everything isnt a bad tight end either.
  3. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Just saw this posted in news. Lets get that vet min offer in before the rush.
  4. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Looks like there's going to be a good cluster of TE's around our 3rd. Albert O really lost a full *** round for going back to school with a bad QB and a focus on the run game. Heavy JMike vibes in his play, but he lost the super young status. 3rd looks like a prime slot to add something to the TE room at the moment.
  5. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Okudah or Brown would be my guess for lions.
  6. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Max of 20 first-time offender means a quarter of the time served so he might get 5 years and then out in like 2 and a half if hes a good boy. That's if they throw the book at him.
  7. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Jones would love running behind him. Z would love what he brings to the team.
  8. NFL News & Notes

    I do not like. Playoffs should be tough to get into. Already get the odd sub .500 squad. Sounds like I'll have to get used to it though. Bakh feels the same.
  9. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Football stuff with words!
  10. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    correct on all accounts.
  11. Packers Part way with WR coach Alvis Whitted

    Chel is a better franchise building game. Fifa is a better talent acquisition and development game. Madden is the best pay to play game. We need to quit buying this product.
  12. 1[21]: Darnell Savage [S; Maryland]

    Easy my favorite part as well. Taking things away is so satisfying, getting an int edges out a sack on my personal gratification scale. Playing corner is what got me addicted to FB. I feel like Jaire needs to get his hands on a few. Hes got the nose for returns.
  13. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Gary on the Jadeveon arc. We're fine, he'll have a couple nice years and then get traded.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    Could you imagine if a Eli situation boiled up and then you HAVE to go to DC or Detroit? LOL
  15. 1[21]: Darnell Savage [S; Maryland]

    2 is pretttty good especially for a rookie. 6 led the league and there were only 3 of those. Seeing more Ints means you need to be targeted more or you need to get lucky. King was 1 off the the first place podium and he only had 1 previous. For our team Savage was #2 with his 2, and we were 3rd place in the whole NFL for amount of ints.