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  1. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    They aren't all long pass patterns. They're patterns that happen to have a long passing route among them. There's numerous examples of Rodgers passing up opportunities underneath. It's both right now. I feel like Mac doesn't use his players in the best fit in the most critical situations and Rodgers will make every play call critical. Right now this offense is a bad Coach/QB confluence.
  2. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    He's already this.
  3. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Pretty sure Arians has said he'd only return for CLE
  4. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    You're giving Aaron a whole lot of pass. Jones' best plays came on dump offs and screens, which could have continued throughout the game. AR missed on a few gimme throws from the "best QB in football". On a pass play if you never take what's underneath, defenders will fly to the deeper zones. Throw aways are hardly considered a real negative play. Sometimes an int isn't worse than a sack or a throwaway if you're giving your guy a chance to make a play. It's the NFL sometimes guys have to catch balls they shouldn't.
  5. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

  6. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    It's so tired. It's been going on as long as people have had the opportunity to hate on him. A little originality would go a long ways. Like a gut effects his ability to call plays or something?
  7. Extend Mike McCarthy?

    The Fat Mac stuff.... Ya'll got something going on at home or? Try like Dumb Mac or something if you don't like his playcalls.. He's a big dude, but he's probably like average American soooo... You guys hate America?
  8. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Except right now, when their defence is better.
  9. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    I feel you. Blame to go around. FOR SURE! But it's not so simple as **** Mac Aaron blameless..
  10. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    UNBIASED? IM BIASED TOWARD THE PACKERS DUMMY. IF THERES AN EXCUSE I WILL USE THAT *****. His knee isn't torn. He outran Wagner for a 1st. At least not bad enough to affect his brain. Jones got the ball 41% of the time. We didn't have very many plays.
  11. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    False. I have all-22. I can show you game changing plays where there are open WR's.
  12. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    That's one bad play call. There's a plethora of open WR's when theyre designed to be open. It's a team and they have to work together. When there's an open 1st down, it has to be taken.
  13. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Heavy disagree, he made every throw in the book form stupid spots. Physically 100%
  14. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Should've been a W, **** football.
  15. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths