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  1. Ok, at this point, perhaps. *the last time Lane played extensive time* was more the point. Lane showed drive ability and a real anchor. Runyan has shown that hes not out of his league. A JAG getting abused by DeForest Buckner types in the NFC Champ game could easily derail us as much as a Lowry type getting run over. You have to be willing to commit help in either situation. Pettine wasnt willing to help Lowry. With 2 out of 3 of the interior dudes being mediocre theres less help to be had. That means if we run into a dominant front we'll be in trouble, again. Having Elgton be able to hol
  2. Theres not much that tells me Runyan is better than Lane Taylor at this point? I think you're denigrating what Lane made himself into as well with this comp. I know people love to say this and with the passing game, where its about gelling and communication, Id agree, when it comes to pulling and getting to the 2nd level the talent levels start to really expound. Lucas Patrick vs Jenkins in space are completely different animals. Correlatingly the DL and ILB are a sum of the parts in the run game, so Lowry *should* be fine between Clark Preston and a OTLB. It's fairly equal. Wh
  3. You basically just described Lowry's 2nd year.
  4. Yeah, that's the point though, there's going to be a drop off in play. It is coming. Runyan could be fine or he could be the Lancaster/Lowry of the OL. We saw a sample of him play, any highlights?
  5. sooooo who are you replacing Jenkins with? You'll definitely be missing a thing without Linsley.
  6. Our line will not be as good next year.
  7. Dillon popped a 30 yd TD while coasting to the end zone. I think hes plenty capable of breaking a 50 yarder.
  8. Yo Tutu Atwell 👀 also. Javian Hawkins. In fact if we dont get Javian or Michael Carter I'll cry. (and then Javian goes and ****s a punt. boo) Marvin Wilson's lower half is so narrow its kind of wild. Marvin looks injured halfway through this game he's chugging hard, game falls off a cliff somewhere around midway. Lul tonight was the first night I could bring myself to watch football again. Still tough. Can we get anywhere to as close as we were this year with all the question marks going forward. ugghh. existential crisis.
  9. The UNC game for Marvin Wilson gives me the feel that he got some BAD advice like the ACC wasn't going to play this fall. This game makes me feel good about the Packers running that ticket up whenever they feel is right. Unfortunately he gets hurt the next game as he's rounding into form a bit. Does some things at weight that really pop the eyes and turns it up another notch as the game gets close late.
  10. why tf isnt there a gamepass for CFB yet. bad business plan.
  11. Damar Hamlin's a Packer. bet. He's a 3rd safety who's probably best in the slot or close to the line but can play deep. slight but aggressive. has a knack for being in the right spot and shadows well despite medium athleticisms. Patrick Jones gives me mini Z vibes. He's interesting but I think he'll be overdrafted unlike Z. More of an athlete/strongman than an EDGE right now. Guy they, wisely, moved around to find production. Also the yearly post that we should bring Jason Pinnock to town.
  12. Who's the drop backer in this situation? Between what the Rams showed and what Barry coordinated last there's a high probability we're running an over type SAM backer. Preston is the only legit one on the roster ATM.
  13. From the sounds of it. The virtual meetings mean virtually nothing. Apparently those are unlimited and they're going to meet with a vast swathe of players.
  14. byeeeee 33, thanks for the memories (aaron retweeted this)
  15. i cant tell if you actually got mccockiner'ed. or if its irony. so congrats, either way.
  16. The ol wisconsin sell. Hopefully this lowers the contract demands.
  17. Rams Linebacker Raves About New Packers Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry - Sports Illustrated Green Bay Packers News, Analysis and More Ill post all the fluff pieces.
  18. LOL, can we win the SB with Runyan-?-Patrick.. Heaviest of doubts. Our front 7 isn't going to be massively changed, and that crew was good enough to get there with. The CB situation is an issue but a rookie CB isn't getting you there either. Okudah?
  19. You absolutely are kicking the can, rookies aren't going to give you huge production at the positions you listed, they'll have to grow into a full 17+ game season. Runyan was fine, you're *hoping* he gets better (kick the can) but there are aspects of his game that aren't going to get great, he's not keeping Donald, even an injured Donald, off of Aaron. You can leave Elgton on his own and slant your Center the other way. Having two guys, even if you keep Linsley somehow (which how? cap concerns), really puts the interior in a bind. Our offense (which is quite good) is predicated on Aaron sitti
  20. Are they? kick the can a little further down the road while we train up another player? I'm not saying squander the future but we're ready to win now. Why abandon those chances today in hopes that Aaron can last another 5 years? We've also not been nearly as committed to the run, AND had Sitton and Lang for a huge period who were AP caliber. What do we even mean a "good one will do". There's been a general buzz that Billy Turner isn't good enough at G, that Patrick needs to be upgraded.. those are league average G's. Aaron just went through a year fairly clean and completely healthy, I wonder
  21. Yeah, right, but just like include the 5-7 and make it not arbitrary. It shows the same point with more complete information I dont actually care though, just expounding on dstars point. Lol
  22. Potentially. Or you know, get nothing or a worse G and a ST ILB. If we want to be able to run the ball like we did this year, we need a presence inside. Take the comp from Linsley and go. Going from Linsley and Elgton to ?-patrick. Good luck, weewthe seahawks now.
  23. @squire12 yeah, good stuff. Just saying theyre better at drafting 2-4 doesnt matter if were getting that impact from 5-7. Not saying we are, definitely some work to be done drafting. Youd think we'd have some of the most talented STs with all our athletes who havent hit positionally.
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