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  1. Offseason Work to do

    sounds like he's ahead of schedule
  2. What does Rivers have to do to make the HoF?

    Ryan would probably be a lock right now if it was not for the SB loss which feels unfair to him I think with a few more great seasons Ryan could still get in down the road even without a ring
  3. 1970s Horror - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    The Exorcist The Omen Halloween The Wicker Man Invasion of the Body Snatchers Alien Carrie Nosferatu the Vampyre Phantasm
  4. 1980s Horror - Official FF BMET (Poll Thread)

    this is so hard gonna think on it
  5. 1980s Horror - Official FF BMET (Poll Thread)

    love the pace in that film. they manage to keep raising the stakes smoothly
  6. Is Big Ben done?

    he's throwing now. huge step in his progress
  7. Offseason Work to do

    and now he's throwing a football!
  8. Ravens - Lamar(cheat code) Browns- Garret(freak of nature pass rusher when he's on) Bengals- Boyd(hometown kid) and Mixon(reminds me of L. Bell)
  9. Offseason Work to do

    he looked fine in the last pic I saw of him a few months ago the giant beard and coats he was wearing on the sidelines made him look fat, but wearing a T--shirt and jeans he looks like a healthy 6'5 250 dude this was taken about a week ago
  10. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    wonder how much influence the NFL has on how some media members report this. they're making it seem this is close, but in reality the players might hate the current offer? thus making the players the bad guys for ruining what was thought to be a done deal.
  11. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    on set pic of the batman suit being worn by a stuntman https://twitter.com/badpostbatfam/status/1230909283551678464