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  1. we had like 2-3 good long drives where we used a ton motion that resulted in touchdowns, but those formations/motions went away..I'm guessing we'll see that in full force next yr
  2. 2019 when we had a few games where it was Duck at QB, Snell at RB and rookie DJ at WR.
  3. this feels like a good yr to trade back in the 1st if a good offer was available. could get extra high pick for this draft or get ammo in 2023 draft in case we need to move up for elite QB prospect
  4. imagine telling guys like Watt and Heyward they're gonna settle for a guy who lost his job to a Duck.
  5. Mason is gonna get the late 90s Kordell/05 Maddox treatment from fans if he starts the whole yr.
  6. his pass rushing was getting better late in the season. I think yr 3 could be the breakout yr for sack production for him.
  7. no way the 2022 offense can be worse than this? this has to be the bottom
  8. I hope Tracy appears in a scene or two. He was a great addition last season. everybody knows a annoying *** tracy lol
  9. killer B era steelers were too top heavy and they were always missing one of them in the postseason. I think they only played together in 3 full postseason games.
  10. Did the colts almost beat the bills last yr as a 7th seed? I think LAC could of given a better game than the steelers but seeding did not fall their way. I'm fine with the 7th seed, its not that big of deal to me. Don't have to watch the 7th vs 2nd seed games
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