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  1. hopefully tuit, Davis, mcfarland and Banner are ready against cle after the bye. we need to get healthy in the trenches for that team
  2. 1. Young core on defense led by Watt, Minka, Highsmith 2. Young core at the skill position led by Johnson, Claypool, Harris and Muth 3. a ton of cap space to work with for the 1st time in years 4. the structure of the organization putting consistent winners on the field 50 years now 5. the team being a attractive place for good vet QB's, in case the draft does not work out. with the way players move around at that position and the talent coming in. I don't see a blackhole at the position for years like it was between terry and ben.
  3. Pat and Najee combined for 185 total yards last night with 37 touches and a TD. These two look like great building blocks going forward.
  4. feels like teams are perfect kicking FG against us this yr
  5. cle and bal gonna run all over us this is not a playoff team..
  6. not having a run game is killing us right now. Sea finding one got them back in this game. looks like ben is going to throw the ball 40+ times...great
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