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  1. NFL 100 team

    Bill is great on these reveal shows their doing I hope he does shows with NFL network after he retires...it can be on the history of the league, shows breaking down film etc..I'd watch
  2. Top 10 horror movies this decade

    iconic horror villains to come out of this decade? SkarsgÄrd pennywise(I think he's the clear cut top one), the family from Get out, the devil thing from insidious, Annabelle doll. Quiet place 2 is coming, so I can see those creatures becoming a bigger deal if that's another hit
  3. Top 10 horror movies this decade

    I'd personally take this decade of horror over the 90s and 00s
  4. also the 2016 offense was banged up in the playoffs too.. once bell went down ..all NE had to do was cover AB. our WR core was dreadful that game. Ben was throwing to no fingers coats and cobi hamilton on crucial drives lol
  5. wish we got to see them healthy in the playoffs. the only playoff game they lost with all 3 playing the whole game was the 2017 div game against the jags were they scored 35+ points against a elite defense. I think a healthy Bell helps us in the WC against the ravens in 2014, a healthy bell and brown wins the div rd in 2015 and having bell on the 2018 team might of added one more win and we're in the playoffs last yr. not sure they win a SB with these guys being healthy, but I see more than 3 playoff wins and multiple AFC title game appearances(they still lose badly to NE since the defense is doo doo against Brady)
  6. Top 10 horror movies this decade

    The Witch The wailing Hereditary The Babadook Starry Eyes The conjuring Train to Busan Tucker & Dale vs. Evil What We Do in the Shadows Kill List
  7. Will jets get rid of Bell after the season?

    imagine our cap situation going into the season with Bell contract on top of it lol thank god he did not resign
  8. Cardinals release Terrell Suggs

    suggs would look cool in a steelers uniform
  9. Cardinals release Terrell Suggs

    back to B-more for one last ride?
  10. Teams with different starting QB in 2020?

    it will be so weird to see the pats without Brady on the team and I remember them with bledsoe as the face of the franchise, so its got to mess up a whole generation of fans who grew up only knowing brady as the guy
  11. TNF: For Whom the Bell Bowls (balt v nyj)

    did not know ward coached for the jets