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  1. they look clean. so who's up next to get new uniforms? I think Den could use a upgrade.
  2. Sea vs Den TB vs KC Oak vs TB watching the defenses dominate in these games was fun at points in the game, but I was really hyped going into these games that the end results were disappointing
  3. that dude is gonna get clowned for this in his area for the rest of his life. that pic of him could end up as a meme lol
  4. Colbert is just as good as a GM as Ozzie Newsome, who got way more media praise for his work.
  5. I don't think Bettis gets in if the Steelers lose SB40 is Vinatieri still a lock if NE does not win the SB vs Rams? feel like half his legacy points came from that SB run
  6. I think HBO Max has a chance to be the best streaming site or close to it in 3-5 yrs. the IP they own and the talent they are bringing in for original shows/films is impressive.
  7. wish WB let Christopher McQuarrie do his Superman with Henry Cavil https://cosmicbook.news/superman-christopher-mcquarrie-never-again don't get how they can see the success he had with the mission impossible franchise and still pass
  8. Juju, tyson and williams being back when at points we thought they were gone is clutch for our overall dept. We still took a hit in free agency, but it does not feel as devastating as it did a few weeks ago.
  9. I was watching the greatest games of all time show and it was on the browns vs steelers 2002 WC game and it showed a young James Harrison in the locker room. I was shocked to see him be on that team. James spent nearly half of his steeler career on the bench/special teams. James being paired up with Joey porter around 05 is a good "steelers what if"
  10. James Harrison? steelers win SB45 he's now a 3x SB champ and a DPOY award/few elite seasons on his resume. He becomes the Terrell Davis of Linebackers(he kinda already is) what about Cam? he wins SB50 and the positive media blitz that comes with that. I could see that pushing him in down the road.
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