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  1. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    should of just gave it to the FB..don't risk your QB who's already hurt smh
  2. New look NFL for year 101 (QBs) 2020

    AFC east could get really interesting during the early part of the next decade. Jets might have a elite QB in Darnold, what will Miami look like after the rebuild and I think the Bills could still be a elite defensive team led by McDermott and NE will still have the GOAT HC, so they won't go away easy
  3. New look NFL for year 101 (QBs) 2020

    how many more years do you think Bill has in him? can you see him making it to his late 70's?
  4. New look NFL for year 101 (QBs) 2020

    I think Ben will come back next yr, but his time is running out. I see two more years max for him.
  5. 5up 5 down

    who's his competition? Nick Bosa is the only guy I can think of right now. feels good to have a player on defense in the race for award like that
  6. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    it looked like Mason was improving a bit against the Ravens, before he got knocked out. He started to throw it down the field more(although I hear the Ravens pass defense is suspect)I hope he builds more confidence and wings it a bit against Miami.I think Mason and Hodges have showed signs of being capable NFL back-up. I hope they bring Hodges back next yr and see if he can take another step up with more experience in this system. Having 2 quarterbacks who can manage a game is not a bad thing to have when you are starting a 38 yr old QB coming off elbow injury tbh so a improved Hodges at 3rd string is a asset
  7. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    wonder what the near future will be like for this team(2-3 yrs from now)..they really are in a "win now" mode