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  1. as a Pitt fan I WANT WVU in the ACC. We need a real rival again. Cuse/VT/Miami don't really scratch that for me. WVU does
  2. would be wild if Brooks and McFarland become solid role players for us adding on to already promising draft class that also helped us get Minka.
  3. can't wait to do moves like this in EA college football 2024
  4. I hope VW gets into media. He has the personality for it.
  5. also think Johnson could be deadly with sweeps, toss passes, screens etc. I can see Matt getting creative using Watt, ebron and Patt too. fullbacks and tights ends were really productive when he was the OC at Pitt in 2016 and those guys have the athletic profile to do some damage on offense imo our offense lowkey can be really exciting/creative if Matt's influence shines + O-line being at least decent.
  6. they talk about the scouting at the 34 minute mark
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