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  1. off topc I just recently lost my grandma. this women raised me and my bro since we were kids and is the main reason I became a steeler fan. She got me hooked watching the steelers in the late 90s. This past week has been hard. Coming on here to discuses the steelers with you guys has helped me keep my mind out of the 24/7 sadness I'm in ATM.I like to thank you guys for putting together a good community to discuss the steelers and the NFL.
  2. does Hue have a good backround as a OC, tho? this might not lead to anything tho since it could be just to check off the rooney rule
  3. I think guys like Rivers and Ryan will get in eventually they won't be 1st ballot, but I can see them getting in during a weakish class. I think most people will be fine by it by that time.
  4. feel the same way. Tomlin is still young for a HC, but he's been here for 14 years. Most coaches don't stay that long at one place. I wonder if he'll take a break after this yr to recharge for a yr or two.
  5. just don't want TB in it. I'm so over Brady. I just find him adding to his legacy just boring now.
  6. Bell is a no show in this offense..wonder how many seasons he has left in the NFL...
  7. that touchback fumble from the 1st half is looming large right now
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