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  1. Music vs TV

    You can still find a lot of original films that take risks...its like music ..just have to look for it
  2. worried his personally could end up backfiring on the jags if things go south in the future?
  3. Are the 90's the greatest movie decade?

    90s was alright..the young talent from that decade was great(QT, PTA, Fincher, etc..) ...I think other decades produced more influential films/trends tho
  4. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    hope we see mason take some snaps with the 1st and 2nd teams
  5. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    feel like this guy is trolling 24/7 for attention he does have a background in wresting
  6. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    honestly, if I was a famous person I would not be on social media at all ..feel like the negatives out way the positives for most tbh just hire some PR person to run your stuff for good PR(charities, donations etc..)
  7. Official Training Camp 2018 Thread

    lol he got Ed on that
  8. its been awhile but I felt little joy watching the 2003 steelers.. in hindsight that season was a blessing since it put us in spot to get Ben
  9. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Damoun Patterson is next great WR find for the steelers
  10. Madden 19

    yeah...not expecting 100 percent accuracy ... that's impossible but some of these trends I've seen over the yrs were headscratchers passing, rushing and sack stats were always unrealistic to the extreme.. had seasons with 1-3 guys having 30 sacks, only 1-2 quarterbacks throwing 4K and one time I had about 40 running backs rushing for 1,000 yards in one season..half of them averaging over 5 yards a carry... I think last year I had a season with about 15 teams averaging 30 points a game lol
  11. Madden 19

    I'm no programmer but should having accurate sim stats be a easy fix for EA guys? this has been a problem in madden for years now...
  12. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    wonder if we'll ever get Wasteland read money issues between miller and the studio is whats holding it up
  13. seems like people only have a problem with pandering when they are not the focus of it lol
  14. Fan tries to practice with team

    felt good checking this off my bucket list
  15. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    tebow brock paxton