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  1. I want to see Brady complete a 20 yard strike to Gronk for a TD and he does his TD spike in the NE vs TB game just to see the conflicted energy in the crowd. that's the top non-steelers game for me...
  2. I know a good chunk of this will be used to resign our own, but its still refreshing to see us top a list like this after this cap strapped offseason
  3. 79 Steelers offense vs 74 Steelers defense would be fascinating to watch with 2021 rules
  4. gonna take me some time to get used to seeing these records. 10-7, 6-11, 5-12. Gonna change how we perceive teams
  5. KC vs GB(if A-rod stays) can't wait for the schedule to come out next week, so we can play around with that schedule predictor site.
  6. Steelers lost too much on defense for me to say they are elite top 5. I think they'll still be good tho
  7. I've seen some hockey fans say Mario was just as good as Wayne, but injuries/cancer cut his career short so many times and he also played in a era where scoring was tougher
  8. A-rod or Wilson 👀 I can those guys wanting to play for rooney/tomlin, especially if the O-line/Canada have positive years
  9. I just saw the video of his press conf and what he said did not feel as bad as it looked in text lol He looked like he was joking about the tic-tok
  10. thankfully we'll have a real TC/preseason to work this out and not the shorten covid offseason
  11. I've seen people call out villa being a bad teammate in the past...so this is not all that surprising
  12. I remember the seahawks in 2011 or 2012 had a draft that was getting clowned all day by the media and it ended up being one of the best in NFL history lol didn't the steelers have a draft class around the same time that looked great on paper and was getting "A+" grades, but ended up being one colberts weakest
  13. For team sports I'll take MJ over brady. Due to the nature of the sport, I have hard time putting any NFL player that high up, too many other factors have a impact on your legacy
  14. what actors do you guys want to see in the MCU? I think its only a matter of time for Denzel to appear. He's done plenty of action/B movies in the last 20 yrs, so I don't think he'll be above doing a superhero film.
  15. I find this interesting. I wonder if Mike T looks at Juju as a leader of the offense, which says a lot for a 23 yr old guy. I think the steelers will want to keep him beyond his 1 yr deal if his 2021 seasons goes well.
  16. we're about to get 86 bears blitzed of MCU content in the next 7 months. The superhero fatigue probably won't hit, because I think the public will be HUNGRY to get back to the theaters or see blockbusters in their home . MCU looks unstoppable right now and they still have well known properties in Blade, X-men, Deadpool and F4 to fuel the flame in 2-3 yrs lol
  17. feels like they'll need to start addressing that unit high in the draft soon hopefully Loudermilk(what kind of last name is this) is a good start for depth
  18. guys thoughts on this? notice these NFL draft analyst seem to act very "meh" with how the steelers been doing things lately, I wish we could get colbert on one of their postcast for a hr to debate one of these guys
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