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  1. I agree with this. I've been baffled by people saying its a bad yr to get a QB. maybe for teams like the Lions and texans who won't land a great QB prospect with a top 3 pick, but for teams like the steelers and saints this is a potentially good yr for us. might see THREE elite QBs be available through trade and several decent QB managers as a plan B. I'm going to be sick if we go into the 2022 season with the mason vs haskins plan, that's settling for bottom 3 QB play. it would be a spit in the face to guys like Watt, heyward, our young offensive weapons etc...
  2. most interested I been in a AFC east match-up since 2010 jets vs pats. Huge game
  3. heard the same thing from my social studies teacher who met him, who is a steelers fan. this was before his off the field incidents. Ben is lucky social media was not around during that era.
  4. TJ tied james harrison steelers single-season sack record. 16 sacks while missing 2.5 agmes with 5 more games to go. All-time great season he's having
  5. true I was surprise to see his INT/TD ratio over the lat 10 games or so, its not good. I hope he get 45 mil a yr deal in a few months!
  6. steelers have kept lamar in check in the 3 games they've played against him and this game was with some piss poor LB play to start the game. Butler/tomlin have the blueprint
  7. 1st time in awhile where the div does not have a elite or high quality team. cin turn around has been surprising, feels like their a yr ahead of schedule. I think they will be the div favs going into next yr, unless with get A-rod/wilson + some FA splashes 👀
  8. 10-3 classic steelers/ravens score but does not feel like a classic steelers/ravens game lol
  9. ravens swarming to anyone who has the ball and making tackles. night/day compared to what our defenders do when going after a player with the ball.
  10. can't wait for him to retire. he's been around so long that now I find his story to be boring. He's the GOAT, we get it. its not even hate, I just don't care anymore(feel the same with bron)
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