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  1. Jack Tocho has been getting burned so badly tonight that I thought Jabari Price was still playing for us!
  2. Barr V Richardson?

    I’m sure we would get a pretty nice comp if we let Richardson walk, but we could get nothing if no team wants to trade for Waynes and we have to cut him.
  3. Barr V Richardson?

    I’m pretty sure he is referring to cutting Waynes next year before his $9M 5th year option becomes guaranteed. At that point Hughes and Hill would have more experience.
  4. Barr V Richardson?

    Another reason to keep Barr over Richardson after this year is because it will be a lot easier to replace Richardson with a rookie in this years loaded DT class (much better than the past few years) than it would be to replace Barr in a lacking OLB class. OLB’s Josh Allen, Kentucky (1st comparable to Leonard Floyd) Terrell Lewis, Alabama (Late 1st-2nd) Afernee Jennings, Alabama (Late 1st-2nd) Montez Sweat, Mississippi State (Late 1st-2nd) DT’s Ed Oliver, Houston (Top 15) Raekwon Davis, Alabama (Top 15) Derrick Brown, Auburn (Top 15) Rashan Gary, Michigan (Top 15 significantly better than Maurice Hurst) Dexter Lawrence, Clemson (Top 15 significantly the best player on a stacked Clemson line) Christian Wilkins, Clemson (1st would’ve been a top 20 pick had he come out last year, but will likely fall in this years stacked class)
  5. Saints sign OL Don Barclay and WR Michael Floyd

    Michael Floyd should be able to become the #2 WR in the group, but who knows because he’s getting a late start at learning the playbook and developing chemistry. I think Brees should be able to revive his career as long as he gets opportunities.
  6. Barr V Richardson?

    I would much rather keep Barr if I had to choose. Usually UT is a more important position the OLB, but we already have 3 pro bowl level players on our DL not including Richardson and I think you need to have be balanced at all levels of a defense to win. If Richardson were to leave our DL would still be elite, but if Barr were to leave our LBs would really struggle because Kendricks would be the only decent one. We already know that we have an elite defense without Richardson, but we have no idea what kind of a drop off our defense will have without Barr. I think our defense would sorely miss Barr’s ability to shutdown elite runningbacks in both the pass and run games. I think the chemistry that Barr and Kendricks have from playing next to each other for so long is really valuable. I also like the idea of resigning our own homegrown players and having the loyalty. Barr is almost as physically imposing as Danielle Hunter is and if he can improve his pass rush he will be a huge chess piece. Finally I think that the DT class in this years draft is much better than the LB class. There are like 5 DTs that could go in the first 20 picks! Most of the top LBs are late 1st early 2nd quality players which could be more hit or miss. Barr’s impact on the game is extremely underrated. Also Barr is younger than Richardson. Ultimately I don’t know if this will even be an issue because with a few restructures or cuts we could have enough money to resign both of them, but we would have to give up Waynes and Sendejo. It will be interesting to see how the front office decides to handle this, but I definitely don’t want to let Barr walk.
  7. #PaidDiggs!

    Before incentives I don’t expect Diggs to stay in the top 10 paid WRs for very long. Julio Jones and OBJ are about to be paid and that will push Diggs down to 11 or 12!
  8. #PaidDiggs!

    With Treadwell continuing to improve I anticipate that the Vikings will pick up his 5th year option too. That would keep Diggs, Theilen, and Treadwell all together for the next 3 seasons! Not to mention with the same QB during that time!
  9. Putting the Training (Camp) Wheels On!

    Looks like Jerome Felton is on the Vikings staff now. https://twitter.com/Andrew_Krammer/status/1023688667972427779?s=20
  10. Newman!

    I think Newman holds a ton of value since he is able to back up every defensiveback position. The best scenario would probably be if we could cut him and bring him back mid season after an injury or something, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if we keep 11 defensivebacks on the active roster. Smith, Sendejo, Harris, and Kearse are locks at safety. Rhodes, Waynes, Alexander, and Hughes are locks at corner. Hill is too talented and won’t make it onto the practice squad so he probably a lock too. Sherels is one of our best special teams players and returners so I could easily see him being kept over a lot of other depth positions. Newman has so much versatility, is a mentor to the younger players, and is huge locker room presence so I could see us keeping him too.
  11. The NFC's Top Three

    Rams, Eagles, Giants... then the Saints, Falcons
  12. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    Yeah maybe he will. I felt comfortable keeping less RBs and more TEs around since there are quite a few RBs still available in free agency and Ham is pretty good at carrying the ball too.
  13. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    Offense (25): QB (3): Kirk Cousins/Trevor Siemian/Kyle Sloter RB/FB (3): Dalvin Cook/Latavius Murray/CJ Ham WR (6): Stefon Diggs/Adam Thielen/Laquon Treadwell/Kendall Wright/Stacey Coley/Brandon Zylstra TE (4): Kyle Rudolph/David Morgan/Blake Bell/Tyler Conklin OT (4): Riley Reiff/Mike Remmers/Rashod Hill/Brian O’Neill OG (4): Nick Easton/Danny Isidora/Tom Compton/Colby Gossett C (1): Pat Elflien Defense (25): DE (5): Everson Griffen/Danielle Hunter/Brian Robison/Tashawn Bower/Stephen Weatherly UT (2): Sheldon Richardson/Jalyn Holmes NT (2): Linval Joseph/Jaleel Johnson LB (5): Anthony Barr/Eric Kendricks/Ben Gedeon/Devante Downs/Eric Wilson CB (7): Xavier Rhodes/Trae Waynes/Terence Newman/Mackenzie Alexander/Mike Hughes/Holton Hill/Marcus Sherels S (4): Harrison Smith/Andrew Sendejo/Anthony Harris/Jayron Kearse Special Teams (3): K (1): Daniel Carlson P (1): Ryan Quigley LS (1): Kevin McDermott KR/PR: Marcus Sherels/Mike Hughes/Stacey Coley/Stefon Diggs Suspended (1): LB Kentrell Brothers Injured Reserve (1): DT Hercules Mata’afa Practice Squad (10): RB Roc Thomas WR Cayleb Jones WR Jake Weineke OT Aviante Collins C Josh Andrews DE Ade Aruna DE Ifeadi Odenigbo LB Garret Dooley CB Horace Richardson S Jack Tocho
  14. Putting the Training (Camp) Wheels On!

    I wouldn’t call it an easy decision. It’s not like we are really deep at returner. I could see Hughes at KR and Sherels at PR or something. Sherels is still an extremely valuable special teams player. I could see him staying on the roster at least until after Brothers is back from his suspension.
  15. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft v 1.0

    There is a 0% chance that the Vikings don’t end up being one of the last 4 picks. We would have to lose almost half of our starters. Also the Packers won’t even make the playoffs this year. Their defense is too young. They won’t beat the Vikings or the Lions.