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  1. Eric's 2019 Vikings 7 round mock

    Nice job you were able to add competition at just about every level. It looks like you were able to add some pretty good prospects in the later rounds. I really like Oliver as a prospect, but I also don’t see TE as huge need for us this year. I would still be happy if we got him though. I feel the same way about Ben Banogu. He seems like a great prospect, but I don’t see DE as anything more than a day 3 need this year at most because we have a lot of depth. Who do you you think would be our 4th safety? Right now we have Harrison Smith, Anthony Harris, Jayron Kearse, and then nothing. Your mock is pretty different from the one I came up with. I like it for the most part, but my biggest complaints are that I don’t think you did enough to address our two biggest needs. We are stacked at most positions, but we need a ton of help in the trenches if we want to make the playoffs next year. In my opinion our top needs are OL and UT. I think we need two new starters on the OL because I don’t see Kline as any sort of an upgrade over what we had last year. To be honest, I don’t know a ton about Daniel Wise, but he looks like a decent prospect. I don’t like the comp you gave him because Brandon Mebane has always been more of an undersized NT in the NFL than anything else and that isn’t where our need is on the DL. NFL.com has his comp as Tom Johnson which is closer to what we need. Although I think he could be a good prospect he doesn’t seem like a lock to make the roster and may struggle to beat out some of the guys we already have. The reason I don’t love this pick is because to me it feels like we’re adding a depth player to a spot where we need to find a starter. That’s why I would prefer to find a UT earlier. i don’t think you did enough to address our OL issues either. IMO we need to find two starters. Cody Ford although he isn’t a scheme fit would still be an upgrade. I think Risner or Lindstrom would be better scheme fits and I think they are better prospects as well, but Ford isn’t a bad player. Javon Patterson seems like he could be a good practice squad player for a few years, but I would like to see another player added that could be an early starter because I have no confidence in Josh Kline.
  2. Kparty15’s Final 2019 Mock Draft, No Trades

    I agree that they both might not be there, but that’s why I put the alternate picks for the first two picks. I think they both could be there, but if they aren’t then I’d go Dillard and Jones; I think both of those guys will be available. Our OL starters and depth were awful last year so I think that spending several early picks and bringing in some quality late round picks is necessary to try to avoid having this problem come up again. The more players you add the better your chances are on hitting on one. I think you could easily add a DE or TE in UDFA since we have been able to hit on some good undrafted players lately. I don’t think TE this year is a huge need, next year maybe, but not this year. I think either Rudolph or Morgan will be back next year. There are always a ton of talented TE’s floating on the waiver wire after training camp if we want to add one of those guys or we could bring in a free agent if we need to. I know Rhett Ellison might be cut soon. I don’t think DE is a huge need either. Adding one is always nice, but it would be a luxury at this point. I think Griffen will be back next year and we are incredibly deep at the position already with developmental guys. Right now we have Danielle Hunter, Everson Griffen, Stephen Weatherly, Tashawn Bower, Ifeadi Odenigbo, Ade Aruna, Hercules Mata’afa, and even Jalyn Holmes is a tweener between DT and DE. That’s 8 guys who all have a realistic chance of making this roster or filling the practice squad. I’m not sure many late round picks would be able to beat out those guys, but I guess if we can get an extra pick it may be smart to add one though. OL, LB, S, and HB are a lot less deep than DE.
  3. Kparty15’s Final 2019 Mock Draft, No Trades

    That’s true. I have seen that as well. If he isn’t there at that pick then I guess we could go BPA. There’s also always the possibility that NC State LB Germaine Pratt is there or someone like Mack Wilson who Didn’t have the best combine falls.
  4. Kparty15’s Final 2019 Mock Draft, No Trades

    Yeah I think it’s possible that he falls to the 4th, but it’s definitely not a guarantee. NFL.com says he’s expected to go in the 3-5 range so that’s where I got that number from.
  5. I think he would’ve had a bigger impact if our offense could sustain drives better. His best skill is getting after the QB, but that was negated when every team we played had the lead and could just do quick short passes and run the ball. He gave up some plays in the run game too.
  6. Kparty15’s Final 2019 Mock Draft, No Trades My main targets in the 1st round include Jonah Williams, Andre Dillard, Rashan Gary, or Ed Oliver. If any of them are left on the board at pick #18 then I would stay put and take them, but if all 4 of these players are gone then I would prefer to trade down a few spots. 1.18 (900) OT - Jonah Williams - Alabama - 21 Years Old - 6’4” - 302 lbs — Alt Pick: OT - Andre Dillard - Washington State - 22 Years Old - 6’5” - 315 lbs I have Williams and Dillard ranked very closely, but decided to go with Williams here because he has the ability to play more positions on the OL and has more experience playing against top competition, but I would be very happy with either. I know OG is technically the bigger need, but if you need OL help and have a chance to draft a franchise LT then you shouldn’t pass on it because they are very hard to find. 2.50 (400) UT - Jerry Tillery - Notre Dame - 22 Years Old - 6’6” - 295 lbs — Alt Pick: UT – Dre’mont Jones - The Ohio State - 22 Years Old - 6’3” - 281 lbs With this pick I’m ultimately deciding to go BPA UT unless a better opportunity presents itself. We know what we have in Shamar Stephen and he’s only a rotational stop gap player for us so UT is still a huge need. Tillery is a little tall for a DT, but he has very good physical traits and should still be able to get after the QB. 3.81 (185) OG/C - Connor McGovern - Penn State - 21 Years Old - 6’5” - 308 lbs McGovern has starting experience at both OG and C, but I think that he is better at OG. He is a mauler in the run game and he is decent in pass block, but has room to improve. He has the ability to be an average day 1 starter, but he would also do well being given time to develop. 4.120 (54) LB - Blake Cashman - Minnesota - 22 Years Old - 6’1” - 237 lbs Cashman is a hometown talent that surprised at the combine with his athletic ability. He plays with better instincts than several of the LB’s from bigger names schools. I expect him to go in the round 3-5 range. 6.190 (15) WR - Gary Jennings - West Virginia - Years Old - 6’1” - 214 lbs I think Jennings might go closer to the 5th round, but I think he would be a steal at this point. He’s a good route runner, is a hands catcher, has good body control, has shown the ability to win jump balls, has enough speed to beat a defense over the top, and has experience as a punt returner. I think he is actually a better player than fellow West Virginia WR David Sills who is getting more hype and will likely be drafted earlier. 6.209 (7.4) RB - Bryce Love - Stanford - 21 Years Old - 5’9” - 200 lbs Love is an explosive player who likely would’ve been a 1st or 2nd round pick if he came out last year. This year was statistically down for him as he played through several lingering injuries. Then he tore his ACL in the season finale. He probably doesn’t have the size to be a 3 down back and will need to significantly improve on his pass blocking, but he would be a great fit for a zone team. Since he tore his ACL late in the year he might not be ready by camp, but between Cook, Abdullah, Boone, and Thomas I think we are deep enough that we can afford to give him time to recover. 7.247 (1) S - Evan Worthington - Colorado - 23 Years Old - 6’2” - 212 lbs Worthington has ideal size to play safety in Zimmer’s defense and has experience playing just about every defensive-back position in college. He comes with some character concerns which will likely drop him in the draft, but he has the potential to develop into a starter in the NFL and could be worth a flyer in the late rounds. 7.250 (1) OG - Terronne Prescod - NC State - 23 Years Old - 6’5” - 334 lbs This guy is kind of an enigma to me because there is a ton of conflicting information out there about him. He has huge size which would indicate that he is a better fit in a man blocking scheme, but having played at NC State he was able to find success in their zone blocking scheme. According to some reports that I have read some people considered Prescod to be the best OL on NC State even better than His teammate Garrett Bradburry. For some reason Prescod did not receive an invite to the NFL combine. He is a mauler in the run game and has a good anchor in pass protection. Several analysts at CBS actually have him as their top ranked IOL, but then a ton of other sources don’t even know who he is so he might be worth taking a chance on. According to Pro Football Focus Prescod ended this year as their highest ranked OG and the best run blocker in the country! UDFA OG - Larry Allen III - Harvard - 23 Years Old - 6’4” - 285 lbs Yes, this is the son of former HoF OL Larry Allen. Allen is undersized and will need to add weight at the next level, but he is well rounded and is good at both pass and run blocking. Allen has enough athleticism to be a good pulling OG. Allen sat out of college football in 2017 for undisclosed reasons, but he was a first team all Ivy League selection in 2016. There have been several Ivy League OL that have found NFL success after falling into the late rounds of the draft and I think that Allen could be the next in that line. I think Allen can at least become a better OL than fellow Harvard grad Nick Easton so he is definitely a name to keep an eye on.
  7. Vikings On the Clock

    I don’t think Gary is a tweener at all. He just played a ton of positions in college because that’s what Harbaugh likes to do in Michigan with his players similarly to how they used Jabrill Peppers. I think Gary has the chance to be a very good DE or an elite UT.
  8. Vikings On the Clock

    I have a feeling the Giants will take Risner in the 2nd if he falls out of the first.
  9. Vikings On the Clock

    I feel like all of those guys are pretty close in ability, but are all reaches at 18. I think it makes the most sense to trade back and take one. Rashan Gary has the potential to be the next bigger version of Aaron Donald. If we miss out on all 4 of those OL then we will have options in the 2nd-3rd like Eric McCoy and Connor McGovern who are almost as good as the other guys.
  10. Vikings On the Clock

    We should’ve picked Rashan Gary... Cody Ford is a huge reach at 18 and Hockenson is a luxury pick.
  11. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

    We’ll take either Jonah Williams or Andre Dillard with the pick; whichever one is going to end up being the better pro!
  12. Vikings On the Clock

    The choice here is easily Rashaan gary for me. I want one of Andre Dillard, Jonah Williams, Ed Oliver, Rashan Gary or else a trade back. I think Rashaan Gary is prototype Mike Zimmer prospect and with a little grooming could easily end up being the best UT in this draft. He could be this years Dannielle Hunter. He is just as strong and athletic as Ed Oliver, but even taller and longer. An amazing athlete, but very raw. He was significantly better than Maurice Hurst at Michigan.
  13. Draft Lead Up: Question 1 - OL Choice

    I’d take most of these guys, but my preference is that if Williams, Dillard, or Oliver aren’t there at 18 then we trade back and try to double dip on guys like Risner, Lindstrom, and Bradbury.
  14. 2019 Day 3 Gems

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Scharping sneak into the 3rd or 4th round.
  15. 2019 Draft Talk

    I don’t think Houston take OL in the 1st round. They just signed Matt Kalil to play LT and they need to upgrade their defense too. There are a lot of scenarios, but one specifically that I was looking at involved trading our first and second to Oakland for picks 24 and 35.