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  1. Still Too Early 2019 Draft Talk

    Only because there is such a log jam of people getting voted in. Hutchinson and Faneca will for sure get in and there are others in the league still.
  2. Still Too Early 2019 Draft Talk

    I think Dexter Lawrence is the best player on that line. He’s 6’4” and 340 lbs so he’ll likely play NT in the NFL, but he’s dominant in both the run and pass games. I think he’s probably even better than Vita Vea this year and can also bring that Haloti Ngata type of impact. I know we’ll have more of a need at UT, but I think he could play next to Linval Joseph in our defense since they both handle double teams like they’re nothing and get very good push up the middle. No one would’ve able to run against us up the middle.
  3. Still Too Early 2019 Draft Talk

    Absolutely not! I think that Wilkins is a talented player and all, but I just can’t get behind my team bringing in a player who blatently molests other players during games. There’s just no place for this and he would be an embarrassment to our team.
  4. Looking at Colby Gossett’s measureables and results from the combine compared to Alex Cappa’s, Gossett looks like the better prospect. Cappa can play OT and is an inch taller, but Gossett is heavier with longer arms and bigger hands, and he performed better than Cappa at just about every event.
  5. Vikings select...Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    Is Marcus Sherels a camp cut or does the team actually think they can sneak Holton Hill onto the practice squad... Or is Terence Newman a camp cut that can be mid season CB injury insurance in free agency?
  6. I noticed that Gosset had a better combine than Pat Elflein did and he has a significant amount of starting experience.
  7. Will the Vikings be Wayne's World...?

    Great news! The Vikings just picked up Trae Waynes 5th year option per the Vikings app.
  8. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    I think it will also help that Treadwell won’t have to compete with Michael Floyd for snaps this year.
  9. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    I would like if Terence Newman would stay in good shape during the season so we can sign him in case one of our CB’s gets hurt.
  10. Grading the rest of the North's Drafts

    I think the Vikings had the best draft if you count UDFA. Yeah the Packers did well to add Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson, but the Vikings aren’t very far behind by add Mike Hughes and Holton Hill. I could see Brian O’Neill and Colby Gossett becoming starters for us and liked them both more than Cole Madison. They added the 2nd best Punter, but we added the best Kicker.
  11. I like this pick a lot too. About a month ago Bleacher Report was pushing this guy as a late round steal similar to how they were pushing Rashaad Penny.
  12. 2018 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    Mike Hughes was a great pick. He has the potential to easily be a #1 CB ain’t a different team. I think he will end up being better than Waynes and Alexander; both of whom I like. Before the draft I thought Brian O’Neill would be a 3rd round pick, but there was a huge run on OL early this year. Even though I would’ve preferred to get him later O’Neill still has the talent to be a 2nd round pick. He has a low floor, but also has a very high ceiling. He isn’t a day 1 starter, but he could end up being the best OT out of this class. Admittedly I don’t know a ton about Jayln Holmes individually, but Ohio State has been great in the trenches the past few years and he could end up being a very good player that was overshadowed by 1st round talent in college. I’m happy with the Tyler Conklin pick. He was a good value with where he was drafted. He’s a good receiving TE option, but doesn’t have elite athleticism; he wouldn’t have been available at this pick if he was an elite athlete. The Daniel Carlson pick stung a little bit for me. He was the highest rated K in the draft so that is good, but I didn’t like that we took him when Jamarco Jones was still on the board. Colby Gossett was a steal where we drafted him. I would’ve loved to get an OG higher in the draft, but the board didn’t fall that way and Gossett is a great consolation prize at the position where we drafted him. I don’t know anything about our last two picks. Holton Hill and Hercules Mata’afa should’ve been 2nd-3rd round picks so they were steals as UDFA’s!
  13. 2018 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    People have been talking for months that Brian O’Neil could end up being the best OT in the draft. No OT this year has higher potential than him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is better than Mike McGlinchey 3-4 years from now.
  14. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    I absolutely think that Hill will make the final roster as long as he can stay out of trouble. He has 1st round talent as a player. We are absolutely stacked at CB right now!
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Thread - Day 3

    I’m really hoping that we can get Nick DeLuca with one of these next few picks!