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  1. If we lose Kevin Stefanski then we can always just bring Pat Shurmur back.
  2. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Yeah we cut Epps and are trying to get him on the Practice Squad.
  3. Rams CB Marcus Peters traded to Ravens for Kenny Young, pick

    I bet the Rams are making room for Trae Waynes! Lol
  4. Week 4: VIKINGS (2-1) at Bears (2-1)

    They’re using their LBs to interfere with our WRs on slants before the ball is thrown. That’s kinda bs.
  5. Vikings sign WR Laquon Treadwell

    Treadwell is a good special teamer and a very good run blocker so given how much the Vikings have been running this season it’s not a bad rotational piece. We only need him for 6 weeks at most. At that point we can take Josh Doctson off of the IR.
  6. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    This game is bs! The refs are cheating so bad right now. Any time the Vikings make any sort of a positive play the refs throw a flag. The Packers are doing the same stuff, but aren’t getting called for anything. Jaire Alexander holds Stefon Diggs on a comeback route... No Flag Devante Adams shoves Xavier Rhodes to get open for a big gain... No Flag Packers defender tries to take Kirk Cousins down below the knee... No Flag David Baktiari and Bryan Bulaga are holding Everson Griffin and Danielle Hunter just about every other play... No Flag Aaron Rodgers throws the ball away while still in the pocket... No Flag Packers gunner touches the ball first and prevents our punt returner from fielding the punt... No Flag Chad Beebe catches the ball for a big gain and Adam Theilen blocks down field... Flag Stefon Diggs catches a TD when Dalvin Cook was jammed at the line and then ran into a linebacker when he got free... Flag Stefon Diggs puts his arm up on a comeback route to prevent the defender from holding him again... Flag I’m sure there’s plenty more that I’m not thinking of right now. Can the refs please just call a fair game?!
  7. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    They are holding Danielle Hunter like crazy, but still no calls! Big surprise.
  8. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    They never call penalties against the Packers!! That was clearly pass interference by Jaire Alexander against Diggs!
  9. Falcons C Lindstrom possible foot fracture

    Chris Lindstrom is their RG not C. I’m pretty sure he has never played C even in college. The Falcons C is Alex Mack.
  10. Multiple Dolphins Players Request Trades After Loss

    IMO the Dolphins would be dumb to tank for a 1st round QB. The smarter option would be to trade down from #1 over all to load up on OL, RB, and Defense. Then they could trade a pick for Teddy Bridgewater and let Rosen develop as the backup.
  11. Now just wait for Rob Gronkowski and Brett Favre to come out of retirement and really take the Patriots over the top.
  12. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    There’s no way we go into the season with only 4 WR especially if our depth is that inexperienced. Of the names I’ve seen Michael Floyd, Demaryius Thomas, Josh Doctson, Keelan Doss, and Jordan Matthews all looked interesting. Is Brandon Zylstra eligible for the practice squad?
  13. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    I thought Bryan Anger was supposed to be a good punter, but he was cut today. Also is Marquette King still available?
  14. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    DeShone Kizer is getting cut. He might be a better backup than Mannion.
  15. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    Yankee Swap Treadwell for Doctson please!!! 🤞