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  1. O-Line / QB / Special Teams Coach Search

    I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing in Hue Jackson as our QB coach or something, but I would prefer Stefanski or Gase at OC.
  2. Are we at the end of the Rhodes...?

    There aren’t any good free agent guards this year. If we want to get better at that spot we will have to look through the draft and hope Easton can be healthy.
  3. The Gnat's Crazy Off Season

    Decline? Didn’t he just have 9 receptions for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns? I think if we fix our OL he will keep producing and have a long career.
  4. The Gnat's Crazy Off Season

    This is very similar to what I would’ve done. I like the Barr extension. I’m not sure that DJ Fluker would be much of an upgrade over Remmers. I like your strategy for the draft of targeting a DT in the first round and OL in the second. Ford is a guy that I really want, but we might have to move up to get him.
  5. 2019 Draft Talk

    Even if we resign Richardson in the offseason is still love to see us draft a DT in the first round. Linval isn’t getting younger and will definitely be on the decline near the end of our new DTs rookie contract. If a guy like Dexter Lawrence is there at our pick then we should absolutely draft him. He would go top 10 most years, but DT is extremely deep this year.
  6. 2019 Draft Talk

    I agree. LT and RT are almost the same difficulty to play now days since pass rushers can easily come off of either side. I’d prefer o leave O’Neill at RT since he has already shown good footwork and the ability to be a good player on that side. Moving guys around too much can sometimes cause more problems than it’s worth.
  7. The 2018 Playoff Hunt is on!

    I think the Vikings can easily beat the Bears. I’m guessing that we will knock them out of the playoffs in round one. The last time we played them they only beat us by 5 points in Chicago and the game would’ve been completely different if we didn’t have DeFillippo calling the plays. Last time we played them we passed 46 times and only ran 14. Things would be way different if we call a balanced offense. And yes I am blaming DeFillippo for us losing the division this year.
  8. Lol I was gonna say... Our OL seems a lot worse than the 4th best, but yeah pressures and run blocking are stats too. I think if we run the ball more and make the offense less predictable it will help our OL in pass protection a bit too.
  9. I understand that we have to work with what we have this year, but I don’t think that Compton or O’Neil should’ve been starters this year. That being said for the rest of the season I would like to see O’Neil develop as a backup. He has played better than I thought he would this year, but he was such a project coming out I don’t think he’s ready to start yet. Slide Remmers to RT where he is significantly better, and bring Brett Jones up to start at OG. I think that would help our OT spots significantly. Next year I would like to keep both Easton and Jones on the roster since both can play OG and C at a decent level. We can cut Remmers for cap space and O’Neil should be a better starter by next year at RT. The we can draft a good OG in the first two rounds.
  10. Vikings Fire DeFilippo, Stefanski Promoted to OC

    Shirley we couldn’t have been more predictable than the Lions offense!
  11. Vikings Fire DeFilippo, Stefanski Promoted to OC

    Maybe we will get lucky and the Packers will hire Defillippo to be their next head coach!
  12. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    I’m so happy to see DeFillipo go! I mean the guy is still a pretty good coach in the aspect of being a teacher, but I don’t think he’s a very good play caller at all. He’s probably better suited as a position coach.
  13. We have been one of the better drafting teams in the league over the past few years and Zimmer has been one of the top coaches too. Every year we have made significant improvements to this OL, but have also had some losses. We replaced Kalil with Reiff who has been a significant upgrade. Pat Elflein is still young, but should be a starter for a long time. O’Neil has been playing a lot better than I expected him to, but he still shouldn’t be a starter this year; next year he should be better. Remmers is much better at OT than OG and should be starting there over O’Neil. Losing Berger and Easton has been quite the hit, but we needed an upgrade over them anyways. We need two new OG’s. I think our defensive struggles are a product of our offense struggling which is partly due to our OL, but I think a lot of it is because of the play calling and our poor 3rd down efficiency. If our offense could sustain drives and stay on the field longer or score earlier and get in the lead for once we would be back to having the top defense in the league.
  14. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    As predicted Gruden is tearing apart an already good roster and making it worse. I would be pretty upset if I were a Raiders fan.