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  1. Offensive Coordinator Interview Update

    I think many are over looking the great and balanced offenses he put together between his time in MN and Seattle. He coached Brett Favre during 4 of his most productive years (between GB and MN) then was part of the coaching staff that drafted and cultivated Wilson. I also read his style is more a west coast brand of offense if everything is equal.
  2. Week 8: Seahawks @ Lions

    I am hopeful he plays.. I cant describe how excited I am for him to be part of our team. The player fit and value is seriously ill. As Lions fans we dont want to get our excitement levels too high, but my imagine has been running wild with the whole team feedin off "Snnaaaacccckkkkssss".. feel me ?
  3. Trade!

    I dont see how we can afford PP over the long haul. I of course am no cap expert though. That said, i feel the Snacks trade will get us into the top 15 defense realm, which coupled with our good looking offense should result in playoffs. Still got to play the games of course.
  4. Trade!

    I couldnt be happier about this. We get a guy who is one of the best run defenders, which we need incredibly bad, for a 5th round pick, with 3 years left on his contract? This is not a good trade, this is a great trade. Well done Bob!!!
  5. Do The Lions Fire JBC?

    After a day of reflection instead of my usual post defeat depression, I am ready to share my thoughts.. 1. Stafford in my opinion was the main reason we lost that game. He has the ability to change any play at anytime pre snap, and he didnt read the defense well at all. All of his picks where some of the worst decisions he has made in years. The interceptions not only resulted in 13 direct points, but also completely sapped any momentum we were able to build. 2. The defense is hurting. Patricia needs to scale it back and make sure the guys can do their jobs before getting too exotic. Players were constantly out of position, and hardly executed when they were in position. We lost Ziggy so they need to figure out a great way to use the Kennards and Harolds for some pass rush and hope for the best. Quinn needs to stop being so bone headed and sign Hankins.. like yesterday. Our run D is not a run D.. it is just dudes on the field. 3. Special Teams; anomaly.. I am pretty confident we kept our ST coordinator and we have have very good special teams for some time. I expect they will not like that for the rest of the year. All that said, there are Silver Linings; 1. I dont expect Staffy will have many more outings like that again this year. For those claiming he has reached his ceiling, totally fine with that. He is a top 10 QB in this league and 99% of people will say the same... 1 game doesn't change that. He is 30 and in the middle of his prime and looks great physically, he is not regressing either. 2. Patricia is known for his ability to make adjustments. Granted he didnt make very many this game, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he will figure it out. New England didnt always start fast defensively, but always seemed to rally under his watch. Hopefully he an also make adjustments to how he coaches to mesh better with others personalities as well. I also expect more turn over on the roster. 3. Special Teams- see above Couple other notes- - Kerryon Johnson should be our starting running back - Jones Jr and Golladay both missed a couple 50/50 balls a piece they should have caught for deep gains - Golladay showed out otherwise. Possible future WR1- he caught all types of routes - We need a TE to help out in the seam (Valles maybe??) - Oline is a work in progress, clearly - Hopefully we improve and no one gets fired mid season - It is one game ya'll
  6. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    I also read that. In fact, I heard Adam Schefter saying that we basically took all of our players just before other teams were going to take them. I like reading things like that
  7. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    After reading Quin's post draft presser, it surely was the goal.. and in my opinion it surely has.
  8. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    I would agree if you were to just look at the draft without also including what the goal of this draft seems to be. If the goal was to improve the running game with proven players while adding a couple versatile pieces to the defensive puzzle, I would say say B plus. To impact the run game we added; 2 OL, RB, and FB. Defense; 3/5 gap DL, and a Safety who seems to be able to do many things including covering slot receivers. I am liking this draft more and more. I could care less about the 3rd rounder we gave up. We can simply move back in round 1 or round 2 next year and re coup it. Not to mention we have like 8 picks next year I thin as is.
  9. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    Most definitely did. I was not excited until just recently with how this draft unfolded, but our offense should be totally set. Oline a plenty, running backs a plenty, very good WRs, very good blocking TEs, and now a FB who paved the way for 2 2000 yard rushes. He can also catch and what I have found through research is he is a plus athlete.. seems he could play some H-Back for us.
  10. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    ^^^ Lol As for the pick, it is very clear where Quinn felt our biggest area of opportunity was/is. If all of these draft moves pan out, we could be looking at a top 5 offense without question, in my mind. As for the defense, they added through FA and the draft versatile pieces which have a ton of interchangeability. Add this with Patricia's ability to coach defense and we should be looking at at minimum a 16th ranked outfit. I believe if those two things happen, we should be right there competing for our division.
  11. Round 5, Pick 153: Tyrell Crosby, OT

    Versatility is the key to this draft. This pick is no different. As has been pointed out, great value.
  12. Draft Day 3

    Quite a few guys with just above replacement level grades per NFL.com anyway.
  13. Draft Day 3

    I am starting to feel the same way. Looking at our selections as well, every single guy can play multiple positions. Seems they are really trying to maximize versatile players to ensure they have capable bodies when the injuries begin to pile up.
  14. Draft Day 3

    Just thinking the same.
  15. Draft Day 3

    I am really hoping we pull the trigger on Hurst if he is there in the 5th. It would really help with my opinion of this draft.