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  1. Good research there. My biggest objection to this is that yes, the bylaws state that on field achievements are the sole criteria, but the people still have to be voted in. The voters will always consider character subconsciously or otherwise when casting. Going back to TO, he should have been a first ballet inductee with out question, yet he waited 5 years to get in... The bylaws seem more like guidelines to me.
  2. I think character goes a long way in voters mind's, which is why it took TO so long to get in. From a stat perspective, Brown is probably a HOFer in my mind, but it is going to take voters years to remember that because he spent the last few years in the media for all the wrong reasons. In Calvin's case, all voters remember is his dominance and humble self. Those kind of people will always get in before folks like AB.
  3. Good points here. I would agree that longevity is part of the equation, but it is not like Calvin played for just a few years. He was around for 9 years. But to answer your question, I do not really think there is any set amount of years someone would need to play. Terrell davis really only had three years of production and made it in. Not a first ballot player, but in none the less. At the end of the day, the folks who vote thought he was worthy.
  4. I think it is important to remember Calvin's impact on the game of football when discussing his entry. Sure Reggie had more years playing and stats because if it, but Calvin caused defenses to have to cover him differently than any other receiver to play the game. He was hands down the best receiver during the years in which he played.. Those are the reasons he made it as a first ballot HOFer despite years played and stats accrued.
  5. Maybe so, but these are not reasons to wish ill on the family in my opinion..
  6. I am very happy about this. Not only did we secure great draft capital, but we got younger at QB. Stafford is better than Goff overall, but Goff is a good QB. Also, I am from and live in Southern CA so I will likely see more of Stafford this year than I have his whole career. Lol
  7. I am starting to get onboard the Mac train. Mentioned in Karnage's mock that he is very Brees like to me (size difference of course). If we do bypass any of the remaining big 4 Qbs at 7, I think we would need to take him prior to New England's pick. I am still firmly in the Lance at 7 camp though.. I like that dudes game.
  8. Why the eff not? We have a green DC. Nice to have an established mind to bounce ideas off of.
  9. If all the salaries work as you lay it out, I am all for it. Cannot speak to every play added, but this would sure make for one h*ll of an exciting offseason. Regarding the qbs- I generally like Jamis and think taking an inexpensive flyer on him makes sense given he is still only 27. As for the rooks; 1. Jones- been watching some tape and I really get a Drew Brees vibe from him. Solid arm strength, accurate, poised, and a great distributor. Wouldnt be surprised if he is the Staffs preferred target. 2. Newman- real dark horse prospect in this class. Has good tools to work with a
  10. Yeah, I do not see how they could make this work. That said, it appears the Lions are doing all they can to get Staff into a good situation. Commendable of them.
  11. This is valid amd of course I agree. Hopefully we do receive a first for the reasons you outlined. All I know is that I am so anxious about this situation. Have not found myself like this in some time.
  12. What do you think about this? Me personally, I am not sure... Would love a first, but this is still a pretty good haul.
  13. I would agree. I personally believe Watson to be very overrated and is not worth the haul he will bring in a trade.
  14. You make a strong argument. That said, I believe this is how the structure is going to work; Spielman is there to advise Wood/Hamp Ford and will have no real say in player acquisition. Disner is the cap and business guru. Dorsey is there for guidance to Holmes to act as a mentor type. Agnew is the assistant to Holmes to provide additional support with regard to GM tasks. The real collaboration will be between GM/HC as it relates to player acquisition and development. I do not personally believe that all these people will be making the decisions. They will provide input
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