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  1. Yeah, injuries really sapped him of a good deal of his speed. He is a very capable pass blocker and pass catcher, but the staff clearly feels Jermar can offer what Kerryon did on the field. Best of luck KJ.
  2. Ahhh, I am ashamed for not picking up on that 😊
  3. You make it seem like I do not understand that Tom Brady is all time exception. I am not suggesting we find the equivilent, only that we find some guys capable of beating 1 on 1 coverage..
  4. I like your outlook, but do not totally agree about hanging Goff out to dry. On the contrary, I think we did the opposite. Goff has shown great ability when given time to see the field. We added to the oline with the best prospect in some time. Granted receiver was/is a huge need, but lets look at it holistically; - Williams/Perriman can both stretch the field - Hock/St Brown working the middle of the field with some seam stuff and corner routes sprinkled in - Swift/Williams/Johnson are all capable pass catchers No we do have a true number 1 Wr, or maybe even a number
  5. I do not personally have the level of research completed on the prospects as many of you do so I cannot say I would have taken anyone over who we did, except I wanted to take Jamie Newman with our last pick. I did really like our draft as we put so much emphasis on the trenches which is always a welcome thing in my eyes. The National Pundits really liked our draft which is a departure from drafting a long snapper, or taking a Tavai in the 2nd. This article helps to gather a lot of the data and breakdown how we ranked against our peers; https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2021/5/3/2241390
  6. I like this. Let the cream rise to the top. If Tom Brady can become the greatest QB of all time as a 6rh round pick, we can surely find some starters out of all the guys we will have competing. We will have some strong position groups on offense lead by what should be a stellar line. Based off the amount of play action I expect to see, we just need a couple guys running routes to beat their man 1on1 and catch the football when it comes to them.
  7. I do not receive the opinion or grade as negative, just differing with a degree of wait and see approach. All of us truly have a reason to take this stance given the history of our franchise. I generally choose to be more optimistic, but that is only personal preference. In the end, we either hope our optimism proves correct, or we for any pessimism to be proven wrong. We are all still Lions fans 😊
  8. We will certainly all have varying opinions on the transactions so far, but this thread was more so to communicate how I feel about his personality/demeanor vs the previous turds we had.
  9. I think we were all skeptical upfront. Easy to be that way when the person being hired is a relative unknown, and the coach hired is not the "offensive genius" many people would prefer. But yes, this regime just has a strong positive vibe to them.
  10. More great points. It does feel much different this time. The energy is so much different top to bottom. It all starts with SHF as you allude to. She is proving herself to be an engaging and empowering owner to this juncture.
  11. Oh yes, that was really cool to watch. Another great example.
  12. Just wanted to share with you all how much I like Brad. Have listened to probably every media session he has had since being hired, and his candor and charisma are such a departure from Bob Quinn and the arrogance/cryptic nature he approached the media with. Brad is always appreciative of those around him, and always seems to know when to provide information or when to "keep it in house". Without having sat in on the interview process, I totally understand why he was the selection for GM. Excited to see what the future holds.
  13. I think it does matter. It just goes to show that everyone has an opinion and some are positive, some are more negative. Fact is, we need to see these kids get down. Then we can make full assessments of each selection.
  14. I like it all, a lot. I was hoping for Jamie Newman with our 7th rounder, but am happy to see a running back considering I believe our offense will be built around running game and strong play action.
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