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  1. At this point, I do not want to see anything that prolongs this nightmare... Unless that something is, the light bulb switching on and us steamrolling the rest of the league and win the Superbowl as a 10-6 wild card.. Then I would be fine with this regime sticking around. Since that will not be happening, the sooner we can move forward with trying find a competent GM and HC, the better in my opinion. It also looks like a nice QB class this year. Thinking it is time to turn the page and trade Staff to a contender... I dont know s**t though.
  2. I agree. She was pretty involved by all accounts anyway.
  3. I think this is accurate. I think Huntly was drafted to be a slot, but will probably see time in the backfield as well.
  4. Gave us a D huh? I cannot disagree more. For the first time in Quinns history as our GM, he didnt make any picks where we though "what the hell"? On top of that, we hit all positional needs selecting players with a defined role IMO. This was the best draft we have had in years I would say.
  5. Here are some guys I would like to see; WT Tyler Johnson DT Josiah Coatney OL Prince Tega Wanogho DB Brian Cole QB Anthony Gordon
  6. Good athlete, good length, good value, good pick. I think we will see him in a situational role while he builds strength and adds some weight. Will give us some pass rush boost day one though.
  7. But, Vatai is not being paid 10 mil per year. The contract is up to 45 mil for 5 years, but it is only guaranteed at 20 mil through 2021. A lot of guaranteed cabbage, but not the contract we initially thought when signed.
  8. Again, stop yelling. Jokes aside, we were able to land arguably the most complete/best back in this draft. It is no secret that 1. We have durability issues at the position, and 2. Need a reliable run game to really unlock Bev's offense. I certainly understand wanting other players, but the value and need cannot be denied. This pick will help unlock our offense, which will of course help our defense.
  9. Hog mollies! I Also love that we didn't give up our fourth rounder.
  10. He called AJ a speed rusher too.. Goodness
  11. I agree we need some pass rush, but lets not forget that Hand and Bryant didnt play last year. Now these two guys alone are not enough to completely offset tbe need, but getting both back is very helpful. Also, dont forget Davis will be our poor man's Von Miller 😃
  12. Stop yelling at us
  13. I wanted Taylor at Rb, but when they announced the pick I let out a loud Whoo... This dude is bad a$$.
  14. I agree. Been on the Davis to rush LB for a while now. Using him how Von Miller is used would be ideal. He is obviously nit that kind of talent, but to me he is like a pitbull.. Just unleash him I say.
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