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  1. Lions shopping Darius Slay

    Agreed 100%
  2. Trading Stafford

    I am not good with trade scenarios.. What would actually be realistic now knowing the the cap hit doesn't appear to be an issue?
  3. Trading Stafford

    I read earlier today that the salary cap hit is not the 32mil we thought but is actually just under 25mil. That said, maybe trading Stafford is more realistic that we thought. What about Stafford for Tyrod Taylor and the 7th pick from the Chargers? That too much compensation? Just a quick thought.. dont want to see him go, but....
  4. Trading Stafford

    I am beginning to hope Young some how falls to us at 3. After putting some more thought to it, having him with the exact same personal otherwise (injures aside) would have really brought Patricia's vision between the lines. That should still hold true with the turnover we have on D this off-season.
  5. Picking #3

    With Tracy Walker deep and hopefully a ready to contribute Will Harris... This would be a stacked Secondary.
  6. Picking #3

    So, I have had an interesting thought on us taking Tua. I am not advocating for the below scenario, but what if? - The Lions trade Stafford for a 1st and 3rd (or whatever picks you think would make it work) - Lions sign Marcus Mariota to a 2-3 year contract (or a vet of your choice) - Lions take Tua at 3 - Lions focus on D and OL the rest of the draft Now I am no cap expert, and this might not even work financially, but could it? Marcus has talent and I believe we could win games with him under center and Bevell calling the shots on O. I think he just needs a change and a better person calling plays. Thoughts?
  7. lions sign Cory Undlin as their new defensive coordinator

    @NFL_FAN Are you suggesting that Stafford is the issue with this team? If so, you may be one of the last people to feel this way.
  8. Quick 3-round mock draft

    True. Hoping we plug our OL holes in free agency and focus on D and Jalen Hurts (😊) in the draft.
  9. 6 Round Draft

    Incorrectly worded on my part.
  10. 6 Round Draft

    Could totally get behind this. This would give our D the boost in the arm it needs. I also like how you departed from your Young or bust position.. Not that you have changed your stance, but at least looking outside of that prizm.
  11. Picking #3

    Me too. I think Young is a serious prospect, but the more I am researching, the more I am finding very real defensive prospects in this draft. I think by the time the draft rolls around, the difference in talent level between Young and the next 4 defensive players will not be that significant to the point where we need to trade up. Okudah Brown Simmons Espensa I think all 4 will be right there in the end.
  12. Quick 3-round mock draft

    I am starting to like Simmons for us at 3. If Patricia is the guru we are led on to believe, Simmons would be a star in our defense. He just does so many things at a near elite level, while doing some things at an elite level. I would love this draft though.. I am all for Hurts. In fact, that is the Qb I want in this draft.
  13. Lions VS Eagles Takeaways

    I agree with your assessments and would also add.. We need to be able to take the top off the defense. I saw we signed a receiver to the active roster who has been timed sub 4.3... Hopefully this signing proves to be just that. Mistake filled performance, but for the second week in a row we made the plays we needed to in order to win Take that every week if the outcome is the same.
  14. I guess we do not have a week 1 GDT:

    Are you an auctioneer? Lol. Just kidding.
  15. I guess we do not have a week 1 GDT:

    Sucks that we as Lions fan have to bascially plan for a potential unraveling. That said, things feel different for me this year.. Hopefully the pessimistic outcome doesnt come to fruition.