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  1. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    I also read that. In fact, I heard Adam Schefter saying that we basically took all of our players just before other teams were going to take them. I like reading things like that
  2. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    After reading Quin's post draft presser, it surely was the goal.. and in my opinion it surely has.
  3. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    I would agree if you were to just look at the draft without also including what the goal of this draft seems to be. If the goal was to improve the running game with proven players while adding a couple versatile pieces to the defensive puzzle, I would say say B plus. To impact the run game we added; 2 OL, RB, and FB. Defense; 3/5 gap DL, and a Safety who seems to be able to do many things including covering slot receivers. I am liking this draft more and more. I could care less about the 3rd rounder we gave up. We can simply move back in round 1 or round 2 next year and re coup it. Not to mention we have like 8 picks next year I thin as is.
  4. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    Most definitely did. I was not excited until just recently with how this draft unfolded, but our offense should be totally set. Oline a plenty, running backs a plenty, very good WRs, very good blocking TEs, and now a FB who paved the way for 2 2000 yard rushes. He can also catch and what I have found through research is he is a plus athlete.. seems he could play some H-Back for us.
  5. Round 7, Pick 237: Nick Bawden, FB

    ^^^ Lol As for the pick, it is very clear where Quinn felt our biggest area of opportunity was/is. If all of these draft moves pan out, we could be looking at a top 5 offense without question, in my mind. As for the defense, they added through FA and the draft versatile pieces which have a ton of interchangeability. Add this with Patricia's ability to coach defense and we should be looking at at minimum a 16th ranked outfit. I believe if those two things happen, we should be right there competing for our division.
  6. Round 5, Pick 153: Tyrell Crosby, OT

    Versatility is the key to this draft. This pick is no different. As has been pointed out, great value.
  7. Draft Day 3

    Quite a few guys with just above replacement level grades per NFL.com anyway.
  8. Draft Day 3

    I am starting to feel the same way. Looking at our selections as well, every single guy can play multiple positions. Seems they are really trying to maximize versatile players to ensure they have capable bodies when the injuries begin to pile up.
  9. Draft Day 3

    Just thinking the same.
  10. Draft Day 3

    I am really hoping we pull the trigger on Hurst if he is there in the 5th. It would really help with my opinion of this draft.
  11. Round 4, Pick 114: Da'Shawn Hand DE

    I think by saying that "...every single player has the ability to pan out or bust", you have just said the exact same thing I did by saying we just dont know. For all intents and purposes, every bit of the evaluation, conversations, mock drafts, etc could be moot on a player by player basis. Talent, may not change, but players are miss evaluated all the time. I do agree that this has been a very disappointing draft, but I choose to remain positive I guess.
  12. Round 4, Pick 114: Da'Shawn Hand DE

    I mentioned this in another thread... What if all these players drafted turn into an all pros? I know that is very unlikely, but the point is, we just dont know how it is going to shake out. I do understand the skepticism though. As for the 3rd rounder.. not all that big a deal to me.. we can recoup that in a variety of ways.
  13. Draft Day 3

    Yeah, we all have our preferences and opinions. With that said, we just dont know... what if we just drafted Alex Mack, Leveon Bell, and Earl Tomas? Of course I am only referring to the type of players our top three could become. I think this draft would be looked as more than a huge success. Not likely of course.. but again, who knows?
  14. Draft Day 3

    Oh ok, so straight up. I was hoping we shipped Abdullah. Not a real big deal about trading a third next year, there is always a way to recoup it.
  15. Draft Day 3

    Any more details on the trade deal? I am very happy we got some dline help. The player seems to have good size and burst and should have a strong role year one in our versatile scheme.