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  1. GME from 86 to 113 in the last two hours. keep it going! really big buying volume in the last 20 minutes too
  2. GME going UP at open? that is a nice change! Also really low (relatively) volume..... seems strange
  3. That is where I am at. I have about half of my original profits in, so I'm cool just letting it ride
  4. D2:LOD is the best game ever made. Full stop. I love that they are keeping it as close to the original as possible. I've never been more hyped for a game.
  5. still up overall on day, so maintaining positive momentum. tomorrow is a new day. I'm sort of surprised nothing is happening AH.
  6. I'm definitely thinking of jumping in just before close, considering what happened yesterday.
  7. Man I wish I would have stayed in MP longer than I did.... I got into MILE and DM. Chamath is king.
  8. Those are all a bit pricey for me... I don't really want to sink $5k+ to get the 100 shares. I'm looking for something in the <$20 range
  9. Alright now that I'm out of GME, what are the new sexy plays? I want to get into selling covered calls, but need to find something good to hold
  10. the stonkiest of stonks, and stonks only go up
  11. I was at a $93 average since the initial spike, so it feels so good to get out ahead and not seeing that negative $2k-$3k every day 😅
  12. Apparently ARC missed the memo and is doing its correction a day late...
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