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  1. I think this is going to be a great game..... on PS5. It runs terribly on PS4. Horrific textures, pop-ins, and the lag is bad enough to make it almost unplayable sometimes. Not network latency, but the actual framerate jitters and drops in the middle of gunfights.
  2. Downloading the alpha now... I should be able to get in 2-3 hours of game time before I'm offline for the weekend
  3. Heimdallr


    I use ASPCA insurance.
  4. and he can be cut to get out of the big years in 2024-2025 with zero issue
  5. I only ever buy digital games, but getting a 4k player for an extra $100 is an absolute steal. The biggest reason I want a next gen console is to play 4k@120 content, and that isn't going to happen via streaming for a long time.
  6. Patch 22 just hit, and there were a bunch of massive changes. The legendary perks are awesome, the daily ops are a fun change of pace, "one wasteland" is a much needed change for high level players, and the damage re-balancing helped close the gap between the OP builds (Bloodied) and other builds. I would definitely recommend this game right now. Nothing like the game that launched.
  7. Screw Cyberpunk, this'll be the game that makes me get a PS5
  8. I'm usually not around/online much on the weekends, so I'll probably just be playing Friday afternoon.
  9. I want to see what sort of bundles and special editions are released. I would love a Cyberpunk skinned console
  10. Do you need a preorder is it open for anyone?
  11. The VAST majority of console owners/gamers would get a PS5 before they would deal with a PC. Completely different animals.
  12. While we are living in fantasy land, the team should actually just fold, and come back under a new legal entity as an expansion team so they can have an expansion draft and be guaranteed the number 1 pick. Big brain move.
  13. The best thing would be for EA to make the UT version of each game a separate, free to play title (just like COD did with Warzone, etc.). They would make even more money from the microtransactions, the dev team could focus on the rest of the game, and the UT games would draw people in to the full versions of the game and drive more sales.
  14. so this is basically mafia?
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