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  1. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/walz-all-covid-business-restrictions-end-may-28-mask-mandate-to-follow-july-1 Noon, May 7: Removal of limits for outdoor dining, events, and other get-togethers, and ends the mask requirement outdoors except at large venues with over 500 people. This could see full capacity return to, for example, Twins and Minnesota United games. The 11 p.m. mandatory closing time for bars, restaurants, and other food and drink businesses will also come to an end. May 28: Remaining capacity and distancing limits will come to an end, including for
  2. Also, no capacity restrictions for outdoor events starting today (that means full capacity sporting events), and no capacity on indoor events by May 28. Masks still required for events with 500+ people until July 1.
  3. No love for the Sega Genesis? Man I loved that thing. Did anyone else have Sega Channel?
  4. I love this pick! I wonder if we will regret passing on Mac Jones, but trading down and still getting Darrisaw is great value.
  5. The USA Curling headquarters is moving to the Vikings campus in Eagan. That is pretty cool. The high performance teams already do their training there.
  6. PS2 for me as well. I remember installing the network adaptor and playing online and my mind was blown. Also, who makes a list of N64 games and leaves of Perfect Dark?? GOAT.
  7. Woo nice AH spike from Apple's earnings report
  8. I'm predicting Vikings trade up in the 1st
  9. I know we need OL, and I really like Cousins, but I'm secretly hoping one of the 5 QB's falls to 14... Letting a QB sit for 2 years behind Kirk would be awesome.
  10. It is OK to look back and cringe at some of things you did when you were younger - that just shows you've grown
  11. I wasn't aware that there was DLC for Sword/Shield.. how is it? I played through it once and haven't touched it again since it was such an easy game and there wasn't much of a reason to play again. What is the DLC like?
  12. Massive Fallout 76 update coming out today. Really excited.
  13. Yeah, just 10 shares though.
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