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  1. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Currently having a beer in the bathtub. Get on my level
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    From that article: In February, Wang Chen, a director at the state-run Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, estimated that the nucleic acid tests used in China were accurate at identifying positive cases of the coronavirus only 30%-50% of the time. Another theory is that, because the test amplifies tiny bits of DNA, residual virus from the initial infection could have falsely resulted in that second positive reading. "There are false positives with these types of tests," Dr. Jeffrey Shaman, a professor of environmental health sciences at Columbia University, told NPR by email. Shaman recently co-authored a modeling study showing that transmission by individuals who did not exhibit any symptoms was a driver of the Wuhan outbreak.
  3. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    We thought we were spec'd in as the preferred vendor by the end user, but we ended up losing the bid to a competitor. This was a copy of a previous project that we won, so it was a surprise that we lost.
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    14 sales managers/directors/VPs on a conference call together for a "Lessons Learned" meeting (see: who to blame) to figure out why we lost a $1M+ project. Kill me now.
  5. FFMD II '20 - Minnesota Vikings Front Office

    Reminder that anyone can sign up for any team, so if you want to have some fun with a different roster, go for it!
  6. Moving On To 2020/2021.

    I'm still waiting for the Aundrae Allison breakout.
  7. Stock Investing

    Both Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are projecting -25% GDP in Q2 (April-June). We aren't close to the bottom.
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    1) We aren't testing at nearly the rate China did 2) We don't have nearly the control over our population that China does 3) We have numerous leaders that want to prioritize the stock market over health We are going to be on a much different timeline than China. People need to realize that without a vaccine, social distancing doesn't reduce the number of cases we will see. It only extends the timeline so we can better prepare and don't get hit all at once. Most people WILL get infected sometime in the next 12-18 months. The MN Governor explained it very well:
  9. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Your optimism is very American.
  10. FFMD II '20 - Minnesota Vikings Front Office

    I'm actually gonna unpin this (mod war!!). People actually notice pinned threads less (I had to look around to see where this one went). It just needs to be bumped occasionally to keep it near the top. Everyone go sign up!
  11. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    This is just the first week... It is gonna get much, much worse
  12. Woah woah woah, don't pull me into NFL General. This place scares me.