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  1. Random Game Talk

    I'm guessing GOTY includes the DLC, and you will want the DLC.
  2. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    But why would they want to sign him long-term instead of tagging him? The only reason the tag isn't the best option is if they firmly believe he is "the guy" they want for 3+ years
  3. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Keenum definitely has his flaws but I don't understand how he is physically limited. Definitely more athletic than Foles and has plenty of arm.
  4. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    No downside. I'll be shocked if he isn't tagged.
  5. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    I want nothing to do with Eli. I'd rather just roll with Sloter and a rookie if it comes down to that. My preference would be: 1. Keenum 2. Cousins 3. Teddy + rookie 4. Bradford + rookie
  6. Random Game Talk

    Personally my favorite game, ever
  7. What QB Do We Want Going Into 2018?

    The Saints are good enough to compete for the Super Bowl as long as Brees is there. No reason for him to leave, and no reason for them not to want him back.
  8. Random Game Talk

    Sleeping Dogs
  9. Random Game Talk

    If you have never done blitz melee, do that. If you have never played Survival mode, do that.
  10. It wasn't really a "hit". Both players just ran into each other. Thomas didn't even see Sendejo.
  11. Postseason Plundering of the Coaching Staff

    Shurmur to the Giants probably means Keenum won't want to follow him since they will be most likely be drafting a QB at #2.
  12. NFL.com Playoff Challenge group

    Pittsburgh losing really screwed me.
  13. 7 Heaven: Keenum does the miraculous

    Nope. I wanted him franchised before this game.
  14. To the tune of 'One Day More' [Les Miserables] [ZIMMER] One week more Another game, another destiny This never-ending road through south Philly These men who finally know my scheme Will surely beat another team One game more [DIGGS] I did not live until today How can I top yesterday's play? [ZIMMER] One week more [DIGGS & KEENUM] The Eagles are in the way And yet with you, we'll make all the plays [RHODES] One more game all on my own [DIGGS & KEENUM] Are we the best to ever play? [RHODES] One more game with zero catches [DIGGS & KEENUM] I was born to play with you [RHODES] Nick Foles will never see me there [DIGGS & KEENUM] And I swear that we will score [RHODES] and he'll never beat my zone [EVERSON] One more day before the storm [LINVAL] Will they run or will they throw? [EVERSON] I'll beat the block and hit Nick Foles [LINVAL] You know I'll beat you there [EVERSON] When their runners start to fall [LINVAL] Will they run; and do they dare? [EVERSON] Will you take on blocks for me? [DEFENSE] The time is now, the day is here [ZIMMER] One week more [HARRISON SMITH] One more week to beat the Eagles We will kick them in the butt We'll be ready for these schoolboys They will wet themselves with blood [ZIMMER] One week more [BARR & KENDRICKS] Watch 'em try to duck Hit 'em as they fall They'll have no luck When there's a free for all Here's a little 'hit' There a little 'touch' Most of them are losers And they won't score much [OFFENSIVE LINE] One week to a new beginning Blow the Gjallarhorn of war Every teams fears the Vikings Every man fears the Vikings There's a new game for the winning There's a new game to be won Do you hear the Eagles cry? [SHURMUR] My place is here, I fight with you [ZIMMER] One week more [WAYNES] We will blanket Philly's wideouts We will follow where they go We will learn their little secrets We will know the routes they run [ZIMMER] One week more [BARR & KENDRICKS] Watch 'em try to duck Hit 'em as they fall They'll have no luck When there's a free for all [HARRISON SMITH] We'll be ready for these schoolboys [ZIMMER] This week we might be far away, but This game will be the judgement day [ALL] This week we'll show those Eagles fans What Zim's Reapers have in store One more game One more win One week more
  15. That is strange because he has been excellent under pressure all season