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  1. I got my sorc up to lvl 65 but once I hit hell I just can't deal with all the cold immunes, so I'm starting up a hammerdin. What is the best way to solo with a pally until you lvl up enough to spec into hammers? I've just been running Zeal and Concentration so far.
  2. Javazon doesn't even get fun until like level 60+ when you have pierce maxed and are getting 3-4 lightning procs per throw.
  3. I love that FIFA 22 added the create-a-team feature to Manager Career mode. Obviously the first thing I did was start an AFC Richmond save.
  4. I did a lot of C++ programming in highschool, and then more C/MATLAB programming as part of my engineering major, and I consider any sort of programming to be unfathomably harder than calculus. I don't know how CS people do it.
  5. No reason for this. Be better. You've been warned before.
  6. I have a Lum, and I think a couple Io/Dol
  7. Can mercs wear armor that is class specific? (Ex: Treachery says Assassin only)
  8. Has anyone had the Paqui ghost pepper chips? I can't tell how spicy they actually are..... I grew up in northern Minnesota and my ancestry is Finnish where the joke is that "ketchup is too spicey", but these are labeled as the most extreme hot chips, and I can easily eat 6-8 chips before I need to stop. Are these really spicey? Are these a joke? I don't know what to believe anymore. The only 3 plants I grow in my garden are jalapenos, thai chilis, and ghost peppers (because apparently peppers are the only plants I can't kill). I like making ghost pepper sauces because they have a gre
  9. Is it good? I played the first 10 minutes, and the sneaking stuff just wasn't fun for me. Is that the whole game?
  10. I just got to lvl 50, walking NM A3. Still handling everything easily, until there is a fire/magic resist enemy. I'm scared for Hell when there are magic immune enemies.
  11. Javazon is my favorite build (back in the day when I had a bot running so I had legit gear). I'm scared of trying to run it now that I'm on console and have to solo walk everything because you need legit gear to be viable. Doing cow runs on a geared lightning/pierce javazon is immensely satisfying.
  12. I'll admit I've been drinking tonight, but reading this post I legit thought they announced a Pokemon Pear, and I was excited.
  13. I guarantee exactly 0 people in the "do your own research" crowd have any idea how to interpret (or even find) actual primary research, let alone the skills to do a proper meta analysis.
  14. Just looking for a 4os polearm. I found a superior poleaxe that I thought was the correct item level to get 4 sockets from Larzuk, but I got 5 sockets.... that was a bummer
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