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  1. Black Ops 4

    It usually only goes live like a week before release
  2. Twisted Metal 1/2/3 Jet Moto 1/2 Tony Hawk 1/2 Metal Gear Solid Harvest Moon: Back To Nature Spyro Crash Bandicoot + Crash Team Racing Tomb Raider 1/2/3 Arc The Lad Castlevania Ape Escape PaRappa the Rapper Silent Hill
  3. where is the s'more in this discussion?
  4. #1 Philly Cheesesteak vs. #9 Pulled Pork #2 Cuban vs. #7 Monte Cristo #3 Reuben vs. #6 Italian Beef #4 Poh Boy vs. #5 Lobster Roll
  5. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    no reason to go off on a tangent
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    My parents' old college friend founded a brewery, and his daughter was getting married there. I was not invited because I had not seen her in 20+ years, but my buddy (his parents are also old friends with both of our parents) got invited because they were sort of close. So one night my buddy and I go to the brewery and start drinking, and randomly the daughter is there as a warm up to her bachelorette party , so we start drinking together. Eventually we all decide to meet up at my buddy's place later to get drunk. So we do. Within 30 seconds we are pulling tequila straight from the bottle. 2 minutes later the bottle is empty. 6 hours later I'm laying outside on the ground with the bride and get invited to the wedding. 2 weeks later we are at the wedding, and after the ceremony a new girl (that apparently whom we all knew back when we were 10 years old) starts talking to me. Eventually after many drinks (because we are at a wedding at a brewery, with a full open bar) we are dancing, and I drop and shatter a glass on the dance floor. Very embarrassing. I figured I was so drunk I would be banned from the brewery. 1 month later, the owner (bride's father) invites me on Facebook to the brewery's Oktoberfest. Not banned. There is no point to that story.
  7. The best sandwich I've ever had was a meatball sub during brunch from an upscale Italian restaurant. I still dream of it. house made hoagie roll, boar meatballs, fontina, chilies, parm chips.
  8. Yeah, I just don't do deadlifts. Too paranoid about my back.
  9. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Remember when WR drama was limited to shirtless driveway situps and fake mooning celebrations?
  10. Has the league gone too far with The "Rodgers Rule"?

    Just give the QBs flags if that is how we want to play the game
  11. Did anyone notice how O'Neill did against GB?
  12. I haven't followed this in weeks, but ET, because touch is giving out footballs for votes.
  13. Alcohol Thread!

    the vodka in a white russian really does not matter. just get something cheap. good whisky matters. easy decision to get the rye for me.
  14. The Travel Thread

    Just booked flights for 2.5 weeks in Europe in November. Flying in and out of Manchester and I'm definitely going to spend 3-4 days in Amsterdam, but not sure what else yet. Main attraction is the USA vs England game at Wembley.
  15. This is the routine I generally go through, are there any areas I'm really missing? Not much for legs because I bike a lot. Running Bicep Curls Incline Situps Bench Press Squats Pull Ups Leg Lifts Dips Cable Row Overhead Press Russian Twists Tricep Pull Shoulder Fly