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  1. It would be shocking if the SSD wasn't upgradeable. That is pretty much a standard feature for consoles now.
  2. I have a 1060 Ti (6 GB) and am happy with it........ Maybe I should upgrade.. The only games I play on PC though are Stardew Valley and Fallout 76 though
  3. That is crazy.. I can't imagine any game having the map of RDR2 and being less than 60 hours... Once RDR2 gets a PS5 upgrade I might never play any game ever again
  4. I'm waiting for the Director's Cut but I can't wait!
  5. I would NOT trust this hardware. Being able to fit quality performance into a console (let alone a handheld device) requires developers to specifically develop for that hardware. For a Playstation or Xbox, there are tens/hundreds of millions of units that makes this viable, and developers account for that. Nintendo basically owns their entire ecosystem of hardware and software so it works for them. But trying to make generic "PC" hardware fit into a handheld doesn't make sense to me. It won't have the power to keep up with games developed for PC, and even if it did, it would only last a
  6. I love my PS5, but I would NEVER buy from a scalper. There are so many things in life that require comprising your morals just to get by, but a gaming console doesn't need to be one.
  7. The Wilfs just finalized the purchase of Orlando SC (MLS). They tried really hard (with some downright dirty tactics) to get the rights to the MN MLS team that eventually went to Dr. McGuire and MNUFC, but they finally got their soccer team. I hate them on the business/family side, but purely on the sporting side they are great owners, and Orlando is a team that deserves better leadership, so I hope if works out.
  8. It just depends how much you value the resolution/framerate bump, fast loading times, and the new controller. Anything below 60 FPS is unplayable for me, so it is well worth it to me.
  9. Sure the K5 is neat, but the Stinger.......
  10. I really think once games are fully developed for next gen and not trying to still work on the old gen, we will see 120 FPS pretty regularly. But yes, at the moment HDMI 2.1 is just future-proofing.
  11. Make sure any new TV you buy supports the new HDMI 2.1 standard so you can get 4k@120. Dealbreaker for a PS5 TV. I definitely prefer OLED instead of QLED (which is just a tweaked LCD), and especially for gaming because of the much faster refresh rate and much better black levels and contrast.
  12. Heimdallr

    EURO 2020

    Wow. Two just classic games today. Awesome to see an underdog knock off France! Rooting for them against Spain.
  13. A canadian bacon, pineapple, and jalapeno pizza is perfection. Savory, salty, sweet, sour, spicy, all perfectly balanced.
  14. Yeah... using actual healthy chicken meat is more expensive than grinding up hormone-pumped zombie "chickens", and soybean filler / sawdust.
  15. The fresh meat you get from your local farmer is going to exponentially better than any imported meat, regardless of grade. Canada (across every industry, not just meat) does have better and stricter grading and standards though. I only buy dogfood made in Canada.
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