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  1. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Anyone listen to DAYTONA?
  2. 49ers trade Trent Brown to Patriots

    Was going to say this. I mean all you really need to do is look at the way the Oline, especially Cannon, was playing in 2015 I believe when Scarn was gone and we couldn't keep Brady up in the AFC championship game. Which they still almost won. Scarn gets the most out of his guys, Oline is one of the positions I'm least worried about for this team right now after getting Brown and Wynn.
  3. Don't forget you also said that Belichick is retiring after this year too @DoleINGout
  4. ^This guy must be trollin, right?
  5. Boston Celtics Thread

    Have you watched the NBA the last few years?
  6. Boston Celtics Thread

    Yes. I would do this. It's only because of Irving's injury history because his whole body has been in the ER it seems like. I have loved Ayton since his second game at Arizona, was hoping the Lakers sucked all year to get him but that's obviously not an option anymore. Now we have to look forward to 2019 SAC pick. Which brings up another question, should we extend Irving? Injuries are the only reason this is being brought up, obviously, so what's his value?
  7. Boston Celtics Thread

    Celtics have no business winning these games that they have been winning. That being said, these have been some crazy finishes. Cant wait until the Celtics are back to full health
  8. Boston Celtics Thread

    Brad Stevens should be coach of the year
  9. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    The Patriots do this virtually every offseason where they let guys test the market and let other teams over pay. Not saying that it doesn’t suck to lose Solder but the guy is due over 25m in guaranteed money over the next two years. All of the guys the Pats let go have gotten massive contracts with a lot of upfront guaranteed money. Doesn’t really seem to be hurting us when we go to 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls and win 2 of them, with a chance to win a 3rd. League is literally built to make sure something like this doesn’t happen yet year in and year out they are back in the AFC Championship game and then all of the sudden everyone forgets their takes about how BB should be fired.
  10. Malcolm Butler Signs w/ Titans 5 yrs 61mil

    Grounds for termination of Belichick?
  11. Boston Celtics Thread

    And there goes Theis for the season..
  12. Boston Celtics Thread

    I think fans are just focusing on his contract and see that he has a “max deal” and expect him to have 25/10. Max deal means nothing to me really in the NBA and he does so much for them on both sides of the court. Could be a potential DPOY candidate and he’s so good at facilitating. Just thought this narrative was insane Hopefully Irving’s knee soreness doesn’t get worse, need to make it through this season alive. they’ve had a lot of injuries this year it seems like. Irving, Horford, Smart and now Brown have all been out for extended time. And Hayward goes without saying. Browns injury could have been a lot worse though.
  13. Offseason Trade Targets

    Isn’t it only like 7m in guaranteed money? At least in the first year? Saw that he needed to play all 48 games, make the pro bowl every year and be an all pro every year just to reach the full contract. For a guy that’s turning 30 and coming off an Achilles injury it’ll be tough to reach the potential of that contract
  14. Offseason Trade Targets

    I just think it’s crazy to say cancel the season. Our secondary was absolutely atrocious a few years back this is why I have a problem with articles saying “Could the patriots be interested in player X” because then everyone expects the signing to happen and then they ask wth is Belichick doing when it doesn’t.