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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread: Nashville

    Starting to get my hopes up for certain players and I know that BB won't draft a single one of them. Tillery, Simmons, Arcega-Whiteside, Deebo, Winovich, Allen, Risner, Savage just to name a few. Feel like they're in a pretty good position for most of them. Just saw the ESPN mock special and Mike Reiss drafted Daniel Jones at 32 - I'd rather have the Pats draft that safety from Rutgers tbh. Draft night is one of the best nights of the year. Can't wait.
  2. Boston Celtics Thread

    Yeah I think they have been doing a better job at driving to the rim these last few games. Tatum especially. Last night was what the Celtics needed. They have an easy schedule the next ten games, just worried about AD in the 2 games they play against them. Bucks and Sixers both lost to the Suns, Cavs respectively last night.
  3. Boston Celtics Thread

    I don't think missing open shots has to do with too many ball handlers. They are open, taking the shots and are missing those shots. I think it's weird that you would want to make a trade for that single season, especially at that point when Irving was still playing. Makes no sense when we have players better than Evans on the team. I understand the ball handling argument but I don't think that Tyreke Evans would be the fix to that lol. You think he would have really made the difference to get over the Cavs? In hindsight, maybe? Still don't think he would have. Again Irving was still playing. Would rather not trade a first round pick for Tyreke Evans. Don't care what pick it is. Baynes started the other night. He was taken out soon after. I don't think Baynes or Robert Williams starting will fix the Celtics issues. They're going through growing pains. They need to figure out who each of them are in this offense. They added two all stars to a very young team. I'm honestly not worried about games in November. It's frustrating to watch, I just think that they will figure it out.
  4. Denver Nuggets Thread

    Love this team. Not a fan but I am a big fan of their guys. I don't agree with @MakeDenverGreatAgain saying they would be contenders if it wasn't for the Warriors but they have a nice team to build on. Murray could not miss vs the Celtics
  5. Agree on playing Darnold instead of McCown. McCown dominated last year. Patriots always seem to make subpar QBs look great tho. I think this game is going to be close. Jets D is actually pretty good, last game was an aberration. Ultimately, I think the Pats pull away.
  6. Boston Celtics Thread

    Talk to me in February. This team is not shooting with the same percentages as last year. It's really not even close from the likes of Tatum and especially Brown. A few more shots fall for them then they would be in a lot more of these games. And a lot of them are open shots. There are obviously more problems than just missing shots but I'm not going to go overboard and say that they need to make a trade. You also said during the trade deadline last year that Ainge "tanked the playoffs" because he didn't make a move. Let's not overreact.
  7. What movie are you watching?

    Saw A Star Is Born on Saturday. Easily my favorite movie of the year. Soundtrack is awesome
  8. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    “For years the recipe to break down a dynasty is to steal from its personnel — not add to it,” Scott said. “That’s exactly what the Cleveland Browns did this week when they traded Josh Gordon for a fifth-round draft pick. Now last year when Cleveland needed a quarterback and they were trying to find the quarterback of their future, they reportedly offered the Patriots the highest draft-pick compensation for Jimmy G. What did Bill Belichick say? No thanks. “Fast forward to this week, you’re going to give them arguably the top-five receiver in the league and help them out after they looked like the dynasty was beginning to crumble after the Jacksonville Jaguars destroyed them. Now, I’ll give them some credit only if Gordon becomes a Trojan Horse and wrecks the entire franchise. Hopefully, he’s a double agent.”
  9. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    Doug Kyed asked whether you would have a first in this upcoming draft or sign Gordon to a long term deal. What do you y'all think I think this is a no brainer. Gordon stays on the field and it's him no question.
  10. Boston Celtics Thread

    Yeah Brown is having the toughest time adjusting to this offense. Would love to see him focus on defense and let the offense come to him but that obviously is tough for a 22yo who knows he can be more
  11. Boston Celtics Thread

    Another thing I heard that would happen last year, the cap going up. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you on anything here, It's just that we hear these things and a lot of the time it doesn't happen. This team is so frustrating to watch right now.
  12. Boston Celtics Thread

    My problem with Jackson is that he doesn't provide any offense, in my opinion. We don't need to add another athletic wing to this roster. To me he's a poor mans Brown and that's saying something. Maybe it's just me not liking Jackson and I'm overseeing something because of it but I believe theres a reason why there's a rookie playing over him. Isn't Terry a RFA? Wasn't everyone saying that Smart was going to get offered a lot of money and walk this past offseason? How did that turn out for him? I think we need to pump the breaks on this. Obviously Rozier is different than Smart but everyone was having the same exact conversation as we are now. Unless the trade involves Anthony Davis why would the Celtics consider it? Especially with the draft picks they have and what those can turn out to be. I understand getting value for Rozier while they can and that's fine, but I kind of agree with Deadpulse. We could let him walk and not blink an eye on the future. Not ideal but Ainge has put this team in a great position. Look at the picks that the Celtics could possibly get in this upcoming draft. It's insane I really want to see how this team does in the playoffs.
  13. Boston Celtics Thread

    Would not do that in a heartbeat. What kind of cookies are you eating? There were need to be some more pieces in this trade. I was not high on Jackson coming out of Kansas and still not. He's very athletic though. I just think Rozier is so valuable if Irving goes down, god forbid. Jackson wouldn't be able to fill that role.
  14. Boston Celtics Thread

    I agree that too many guys are trying to play iso ball especially when they have a string of good offensive possessions. It’s a long season though and they’ll figure it out. These are the growing pains I expected last year but we didn’t get because Hayward went down and Tatum ended up being a great complement to their offense with what he was asked to do. Now we have 2 stars coming back into the mix & Tatum who is trying to evolve his game more than just as a spot up 3 pt shooter. I also feel like Rozier is a culprit of trying to do a lot himself. People are just clinging to what he did last playoffs. Similar to Tatum trying to do more than last year, Rozier is in the same boat. And you don’t think Morris wants more minutes? Or Smart? Everyone wants more minutes. I think Rozier gets brought up because he’s going to be a restricted free agent. But I’m not totally disagreeing that this is “GM talk”. Suns up tonight. Celtics are 9.5 point favorites according yo Bovada.
  15. Boston Celtics Thread

    Ainge shot down the reports of Rozier getting upset with how many minutes he’s getting & that the he hasn’t been contacted about a trade from any team. Take that information as you will