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  1. Trade Deadline Thread

    Are you talking about drafting Davis? Or him rejecting us in FA?
  2. Trade Deadline Thread

    Maybe not. I was just interested to see where that info came from. I know theres lots of talk of Haha not looking too happy on draft day, but I havent actually seen any evidence in recent years of GB being a place players would like to avoid.
  3. Trade Deadline Thread

    I also wouldnt say he is an elite player. But I think in the locker room he is a relative vet, alongside being a pro bowler who was a veteran in our DB room. He had also been leading Safetys in ints this season, as well as scoring well in PFF, though im not saying I believe in their scoring. I think a 4th was probably the right value, though I had hoped for a 3rd in all honesty
  4. Trade Deadline Thread

    Ah ok. Has it happened in recent history? I feel it may be more of a legacy thing as I havent seen any actual recent mention of it.
  5. Trade Deadline Thread

    Sorry maybe I am a bit behind but which players have said so on draft day?
  6. Trade Deadline Thread

    Good call
  7. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    Fackrell is a beast. Dont let any other game tell you otherwise.
  8. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    Fackrell with a tackle and half a sack. What a day
  9. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    How is that not roughing?!
  10. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    With this quick hitting office, if we could catch, we could win the Superbowl.
  11. Training Camp 2018

    Ive looked a little online and not seen any official info or dates for TC2018. What are the next steps for the rookies in terms of rookie induction, TC etc? When do these happen?
  12. Week 9 GDT: Packers vs. Lions

    Anyone elses NFL network gone dead?
  13. Week 9 GDT: Packers vs. Lions

    Great punt from Vogel. Been a big plus this year
  14. Week 9 GDT: Packers vs. Lions

    Ok so Crosby and Prater are even (Crosby was unlcuky) Lets go!!