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  1. Rivera reportedly on the hot-seat

    Agreed, it should have happened when the Steelers put up 52 against us. Clearly the play calling wasn't working. As far as Rivera goes, I want to see how these next 4 weeks plays out. He's essentially coaching for his job right now. If we win 2-3 games and the team shows that they are still willing to play for him, then I'd like to keep him. None of the coaching candidates really stand out to me. If we don't and it's clear that the team's given up on him, then it's time to move on.
  2. What the Mock! 3 Rounds plus HC/QB circus.

    There's no way the Panthers don't a DL prospect in the first three rounds when that has been the biggest weakness in our defense. Given how the board fell in round 1, it makes sense to take Little but definitely need a DL prospect in rounds 2/3
  3. A Crazy Round 1

    Panthers definitely need to get some younger pass rushers so I like this pick depending if Burns is projected to fit in a 4-3 defense.
  4. Worst Starting QB in the History of Your Franchise

    For the Panthers, this is easy - Jimmy Clausen. However, we can thank him for being so bad that we got the #1 pick to select Cam
  5. Eric Washington impressions?

    I think it's definitely a possibility and should be at the top of our list. This year's draft class is shaping up to be very strong in DEs. Guys like Ferrell (probably out of our range - top 15), Sweat, Allen, and Polite look to be strong candidates in the 1st round.
  6. Eric Washington impressions?

    I think Washington's playcalling is part of the problem but the other problem is we just simply can't get off the field on 3rd down. Which is caused by the lack of pressure that our front 4 gets. KK has been pretty nonexistent the past couple weeks. Poe doesn't put any pressure and has been underwhelming. Peppers is solid and Addison makes some plays but we don't have any one that scares the offense. As a result, Washington has to blitz. However, he is blitzing way too much. I don't know what will change but something has to. Giving up 52 points in the NFL let alone against the Panthers D should never happen
  7. IT'S GAME DAY and we don't even have a thread going... cmon guys!!!
  8. Antonio Brown gets a ticket

    Not a whole day, just until midnight tonight
  9. Week 9 GDT: Tampa Bay Bucs & Carolina Panthers

    oh yeah, all black uniforms this week too! let's get our win percentage up in that uni combo
  10. Week 9 GDT: Tampa Bay Bucs & Carolina Panthers

    Would rather be facing Winston than Fitzpatrick but I still feel pretty good about this one especially since we're at home. Hopefully Bradberry can contain Evans for the most part and Jackson takes away the deep threat from Desean. With their weaknesses in defense and our offense finally hitting strides, this should be a good game to continue our success Panthers 35 - Bucs 24
  11. We signed S Eric Reid!

    Great signing! Was pumped when I heard the news. Anyone is better than Colin Jones but especially him. It will be interesting to see how he fits with our safeties. If I remember correctly, he is more a SS than a FS which is where Adams has been playing.
  12. Completely agree, it's very evident he is overmatched at OT and is the weak link on our OL going forward. Really hoping that Robinson gets a chance to show what he has next week instead of him. Other takeaways - Happy with the play calling, you could see that we had designed plays to attack certain points in their defense. Still used the zone read which is one of Cam's biggest strengths. DL is a monster. Constantly was in Dak's face. Shaq had a very good game - making impact plays. Happy with Donte Jackson. Thought he had a good game and didn't make any noticeable mistakes.
  13. Hall cleared waivers and no one picked him up including the Panthers. Goes to show you how bad that pick was
  14. Also Samuel will be out with having a heart procedure this week... another freak injury but doesn't seem long term. Loving having actual WR depth with Moore, Wright and Byrd to replace him
  15. Looks like both Darryl and Aminu is back practicing this week which is pretty amazing. Idk if either one of them will start. I can see the team being cautious and holding them out an extra week and starting Robinson this week. Can't wait until Sunday!!!! LETSSS GOOO