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  1. Your Draft Hot Takes

    Browns will take Baker Mayfield or Josh Allen as they know Rosen and Darnold won't want to play for them. Lamar Jackson will destroy the combine.
  2. 2018 Draft Eligible CB Thread

    Jaire Alexander Josh Jackson Isaiah Oliver Holton Hill Denzel Ward Then the rest
  3. 2018 Draft Eligible CB Thread

    Donte Jackson sucks. Everytime LSU puts him outside on a WR it results in a 20+ yard catch
  4. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Why do some people solely use QB numbers as justification? Check out college numbers from Favre, Marino, Montana, Stafford, Ryan, Vick, Jim Kelly, Moon, etc etc.
  5. Staying or Going - The 2018 Early Entry or Not Thread

    Surprised he declared. On the field, he's uber talented. My preseason WR1. It's too bad he can't stay out of trouble. His route running and ability remind me of Antonio Brown.
  6. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Jets and Jags are the best fits for Jackson. I sincerely hope one of them takes him. I'd love him for my Cardinals but he doesn't really fit our scheme as it stands.
  7. Duck's Mock Draft 1.0

    I'd love for the Cardinals to trade up since Lamar and Baker don't really fit our scheme.
  8. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Ya both Jackson and Watson are 6'2/6'3 and 210-215 but Watson looks considerably bigger. Or maybe it's just my eyes playing games on me.
  9. Lamar Jackson [QB, Louisville]

    Would he be more viewed more favorably if he got up to 220-225? He's my QB2 tied with Darnold.
  10. Duck's Big Board + Rankings

    Not a fan of OT Brian O'Neill from Pitt? He's easily a top 5 OT for me.
  11. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Who does Michael Gallup compare/remind you guys of?
  12. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    Top 3 prospect. Could even argue him for top prospect. Quenton Nelson and Will Hernandez are the best guard prospects I've ever scouted. Would not be surprised if they both go top 15, even with how that is for guards. I personally have the 49ers taking Nelson at 2, which I think is wise being in the same division with Aaron Donald.
  13. 2018 Draft Eligible CB Thread

    Ya I'm going to drop Carlton. But with regards to Jaire, go watch his film vs Clemson 2016. Picked off Watson twice. Ever since that game I've loved him. Best man corner in this draft at least.
  14. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Anthony Miller is a top 5 WR in this class.
  15. 2018 Draft Eligible CB Thread

    1. Jaire Alexander 2. Josh Jackson 3. Isaiah Oliver 4. Calrton Davis 5. Tarvarus McFadden 6. Kevin Toliver 7. Denzel Ward