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  1. A+ signing. We fixed a position with the best FA available, who is a top 5 in his position. Could not be happier with day 1.
  2. With Baker, the future is bright. Today he showed again that he is the guy.
  3. Didnt call, and also didnt coach a good game. He had a good season, but him and Woods were a big reason for today's loss. Terrible challenges (and non challenges), questionable playcalling, questionable punt at the end.
  4. It took the refs and a terrible game from Stefanski to be out of playoffs against the Chiefs. I would call that a good season. It leaves a bad taste to be eliminated by Chad Henne in a 3rd and long though...
  5. Worst thing is that Baker played an excellent half and yet we still have only 3 points to show for it. Refs, drops and bad decisions have costed us BIG time.
  6. That was the game. Should have been a penalty, now they have the ball with 2 minutes left to score again. The Chiefs dont need this kind of help, or shouldnt need it.
  7. I know its a bonus to be playing this game, but man... What can go wrong, is going wrong. Nothing is going our way, this is not fair for this offense to end the season like this.
  8. 2nd and 23 and not even that. ******* hell, this is tough to watch.
  9. When Chubb is dropping two in a row, you know its not your night. Need a miracle here to even keep the game close.
  10. They dont need their 3rd downs almost. I dont recall more than a couple of 3rd downs in their two drives. I am happy with this season, but I hope having made it this far doesnt stop the team from firing Woods. Its impossible to compete like this.
  11. Words cant express how happy I am. I was a zombie all day at work today, boss got a little pissed about it, but its worth every second of sleep I missed for having to stay up until 5am for this game to finish. We didnt just win, we humiliated the Steelers and they will have a massive offseason with big decisions to make. There is a new boss in town and its their turn to catch up.
  12. Look at his face, he must be angry at the world. A Grossi wannabe. He is one of the journalists that must be suffering that the Browns are turning the page and cant sell drama/"same ole Browns" kind of thing to low IQ readers/listeners.
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