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  1. This is not easy to say as it has quite a lot of competition, but this is the worst refs job I have ever seen. Clearly obvious calls missed against the same team. What a load of crap.
  2. And gain what? With the FG you would be up two possessions anyways. Very unnecessary risk that gave life back to the Jags.
  3. Can anybody explain why you dont kick an easy FG to go up 11 points? No chance Jags can come from that.
  4. Against their backup QB and a bunch of rookies.
  5. We are the worst 7-3 in history probably. I will take it, feels good to see that number... But damn we are struggling against a ****ty team.
  6. They put Hunt twice and couldnt get it done, would be nice to try with Chubb at least once.
  7. Mayfield missed it twice, but we had one yard to go four times and the running game also couldnt get it done. Easier to blame Mayfield (rightly so), but with Hunt and Chubb you should be able to finish this when they get the ball.
  8. Up Myles, Baker, Chubb, Hunt, Teller back Down Stefanski (playcalling), Sendejo still getting so many snaps
  9. Ugly win, but will take it. Stefanski needs to put his **** together with the playcalling. Welcome back Chubb!!!
  10. I really really dislike the playcalling today.
  11. Did we pass on first down at lease once all game?
  12. It takes a 3rd & long to throw a screen, wonderful.
  13. They are stacking the box like the Raiders did, and we are doing exactly what we did (and failed) against the Raiders. Shotgun - pass Under center- run 1st down - run We are becoming very very predictable.
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