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  1. Highsmith & Wolf are OUT

    Highsmith can take Thomas, Redwine and his philosophy somewhere else. We wasted one draft pick a year because of him and his love of Miami U.
  2. Stefanski’s staff

    Not play zone with the type of CBs we have? Schobert and Wilson played most of the season, what team doesnt suffer injuries? The Eagles were much more depleted than us and they managed to compete.
  3. Stefanski’s staff

    Just by this answer, he is a guy I dont want as my DC. If you dont have the players to run your scheme, adapt it to your players' strengths. If you are unable to do that, then I cannot call you a good coach.
  4. (Polls) Finalists Set: Choose Your Preferred GM/HC Pairing

    If anyone refuses to work with DePodesta, to me it raises a huge red flag with their analytics view and would not hire that coach. Its like turning down to work with Belichick in your coaching staff. To me its not wanting a guy smarter than you in the room that is not in your pocket.
  5. Dorsey officially fired

    Reports say that Dorsey wanted to keep Freddie... He did A LOT of bad, but no point to discuss it now. He is gone, hopefully next one will be better.
  6. Dorsey officially fired

    He had two drafts with an immense capital inherited from Sashi, he still could not achieve a winning season. He wasted draft picks and money like if there was no tomorrow and failed miserably. I guess this team still doesnt have "real football players"... Such great news to start the year. Lets hire someone that puts the team before his ego now please.
  7. Not all for the same reasons. Or how do you explain keeping Hue for a 3rd year after going 0-16? Do you think any other team in the league would have kept Freddie for a second year after his ineptitude?
  8. Freddie wasnt fired because of his 6-10, he was fired because of things that no team would put up with going into a second year. No team would have held onto Hue for so long after 1-31. We are as patient as most NFL teams, thats not the issue a candidate like Rhule would decline an interview or many more would.
  9. F***. Smart guy, but that sucks.
  10. 9 of the 12 playoffs teams have coaches without previous HC experience. Thats quite a high number.
  11. I think McDaniels I want Rhule
  12. Then he was already demoted. He is speaking with the press tomorrow, so this is all very weird. He is either the GM or isnt. I dont see Dorsey as a guy that would accept demotions like that, his ego is too big.
  13. So Dorsey is supposed to interview coaches that will keep him or have him fired? Makes so much sense...
  14. Where do I sign? Bring Berry and Sashi back. Admit your mistake Jimmy.
  15. Put your name to the one coach you want.

    If thats what you think I did...