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  1. Having a great pass rush with only 3-4 has literally been the best defense against any QB since the beginning of football. Its hilarious how consistently pundits make it out to be some revelatory tactical revelation. Todd Bowles is great at his job no doubt but all the people hyping him up after the game confuse me since any competent defensive mind would have run the same defense with the same success tonight. If anything they need to be questioning Reid and offensive genius head coach in training Bienemy for how they ever though that never having any extra blockers was a good idea at all ton
  2. Agreed. Its also crazy to see how much people's literal opinion on dozens of players/coaches/teams does a literally 180 based on one game. You see this in the NBA too where people are literally rewriting entire legacies game to game. Its ludicrous.
  3. Not to throw shade on Bowles, who is a good DC, but having arguably the best front 7 in football and being able to get an amazing rush from 3-4 doesn't exactly require a defensive genius to pull off. Still well earned but I don't think more of him after this specific game.
  4. The hell is Mahomes doing out there? Don't risk his health to stat pad.
  5. Yeah I never saw that coming. Nantz either went rogue or NFL PR has a pistol to his head.
  6. Thats the end of Mahomes (and the Chiefs night). Well deserved win by Tampa Bay. Refs were still trash for the first half of the game but obviously didn't swing the outcome of this game.
  7. Yup. I think Reid is a good coach no doubt but last years win didn't suddenly fix all of his decades long flaws (like undisciplined teams).
  8. Its hard to win when covered by 2-4 people at all times. This game is a classic " dominate front four forces hard passes against 7 in coverage." Brady lost twice to that. Rodgers lost last week to that. It happens.
  9. Serious question, is this the worst offensive line performance we've ever seen in a Super Bowl?
  10. As one of the bigger non-Rams/non-Cal Goff supporters, its pretty clear that Goff regressed/has developed in the ways he needed to to live up to the contract. I defended Goff early with the McVay calling the plays because he was a young QB from an air-raid system who was still learning. The Rams gave him the extension early expecting he'd continue to develop and the game would continue to slow down for him. The opposite has happened. The game is just too fast for him without knowing exactly where to look ahead of time. Doesn't matter if you are McVay, Reid, Shanahan, Payton, Belicheck etc... t
  11. More accurately, they are employing a strategy that is counter to a lot of dogma in terms of team building (particularly on a site devoted to the draft) so lots of people have a more visceral aversion to it. Personally their strategy makes a lot of sense to me, so I defend it (even if I don't agree with every move and am not Rams fan per se).
  12. My guess is that he loathed Matt Patricia's approach to things and wanted no part of "The Patriot Way," especially given their lack of offensive talent.
  13. That's fair and I didn't mean to come off condescending but I will also note that plenty of people are being equally 'condescending' to the notion that the Rams trading away first round picks is actually smart/well thought out and not a naive short sighted win now move only done by 'dumb' franchises.
  14. That's the big takeaway I've had from this trade. Across the board I've been stunned at how much football fans thought the Rams got "fleeced." The Rams have talked at Sloan about how draft picks (particularly high ones) are overvalued. No one is saying the draft is useless and its not like the Rams are trading all of their picks for middle linebacker depth or something nonsensical. You can disagree with the value somewhat but people always mentally fill in "X pick" with "Y All-pro superstud" at "Z position" with that Z position being whatever position the person wants it to be at any given tim
  15. The worst part is that Gettleman traded up to do it when all of the DBs were basically still on the board. You could argue it was for the 5th year option (so it wasn't the worst trade) but yeah its a big oof there.
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