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  1. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    The worst part is that Gettleman traded up to do it when all of the DBs were basically still on the board. You could argue it was for the 5th year option (so it wasn't the worst trade) but yeah its a big oof there.
  2. Justin Fields Will Be Better Than Trevor Lawrence

    Yup. Its the classic move of comparing his projected level of play (I think he's a Manning level player) vs. play style and skill set. I'm on the "are we giving Lawrence too much credit" bandwagon but so much on the Fields>Lawrence point. Fortunately we (should) have another year to evaluate how they play before we have to make any solid judgments.
  3. Goodell forgoes entire 40 million salary

    Exactly this. Its sad (though not surprising in our culture) that people have a very black/white view of other people. I don't like Goodell therefore I must interpret everything he does has evil/bad/incompetent/foolish, as if he were a caricature of a person.
  4. Draft: Things We Learned

    NFL teams still hate safeties, or at least value them among the least important positions in football, which is absolutely bonkers to me. The one taken round 1 was Simmons and even he was listed as a LB (and arguably fell a bit due to the safety boogeyman). I'd like to think that I have a passing knowledge of how football works and to borrow a basketball metric, it always seems that safeties have some of the highest +/- numbers for defenses but its an annual collective shrug by the league.
  5. 2020 Draft Winners and losers

    Haha. To be fair, most of the teams drafts were pretty good overall if you discount your personal feelings about given prospects (outside of their relative ranges/scheme fits). Defiantly a bit generous but most teams have improved their drafting accumen more over the past few years (and/or I less certain about how certain prospects will or will not translate).
  6. 2020 Draft Winners and losers

    I agree that I have Dallas number 1, with plenty of strong performances by the Vikings, Ravens, Jets, Broncos, etc... Not sure why people are that surprised. The Cowboys have been the best drafting team in the league under the Stephen Jones/Will McClay era.
  7. 2020 Draft Winners and losers

    Most of the drafts were pretty good by the teams. Need/value/opportunity costs were pretty with general rankings. That said, a few thought on teams flew under the radar a bit. Not a fan of the Chargers draft. I thought all of their picks were reaches (especially the trade up for Murray, whom I am not a huge believer). Had to go to round 5 before I saw a pick that was a good "value" for the slot (I like their 7th rounder too). That said, the hit rate on end round picks is so low that I can't bump their grade up. The Saints didn't have a bad draft by any means but I am less enthused about it than others. Ruiz is a fine pick, but a "Safe one" which helps with depth and future cap flexibility but I'm not sure how much he plays this year. I am lower on Baun than most so I didn't love trading up for him. Trautman makes more sense but again, lots of picks traded. Miami's draft is kind of underwhelming given they landed Tua without trading and had so many high picks. A tinge of Seattle/Al Davis here with a lot of athletes drafted more so than polished players. I like their coaching staff but they are a young team wtihout a ton of vets. Not sure I like that much "developmental" talent all together without the backbone of a strong lockeroom to teach them the ropes (ie the 49ers drafting Kinlaw/Aiyuk). Green Bay was the only team I can say had a uniquely terrible draft, one of the worst in recent memory. Its not just drafting Love, its trading up to do it. Reaching on a RB. Drafting a non + athlete undersized TE, both of whom probably lack really high end upside. Their day 3 was pretty standard but non of their picks there seems particularly notable either.
  8. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    Not a bad spot for Fromm. I doubt anything comes of it but a QB lottery ticket is never the worst idea.
  9. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    If thats the case, you are basically getting Goodwin for free.
  10. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    This AGG profile has the facts I want to know, not his family's death toll.
  11. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    Reed might be the first Chargers pick that made sense to me from a position/value/prospect level.
  12. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    Just want to note that despite the concert and Fromm talk, that ESPN actually has been doing a solid job actually covering the players. ESPN has always been my go too for day 3, where as NFL Network goes full nonsense (not an option this year of course). Days 1-2 are better on NFL Network though.
  13. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    Exactly this. Look I get the game of sports networks catering to casual fans, the hardcore will always be there. But absolutely no one who was on the fence is now in on the draft because of this. A lot of Goodell's/the NFL's imagine problems is that they do a poor job really maximizing the product for the core audience just in case they can get just a insignificant bump on the fringes. Day 3 of the NFL draft should 100% be dedicated to football nerds, even if thats boring to the hosts/PR/marketing teams.
  14. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    As bad as ESPN is, the NFL Network has been somehow even worse on day 3 over the past few seasons. Absolutely no one who is actually watching day 3 draft coverage wants to see it.
  15. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    Repeat after me "Generic college hype /= actual projection." Much like Matt Barkley and a million others, their stock was always going to fall when it came time to seriously evaluate things. Fromm was never more than a day 3 pick (only freshman year hype might have put him there).