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  1. The Bills could move on from McCoy but they may want to see the draft pick first.
  2. I think the Chargers could just let him sit out. Does he have to report at some point to become a free agent next year?
  3. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Kawhi on the Lakers would suck. We're finally getting a season where injuries aren't needed to create enough doubt.
  4. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    The Pats lost to the Broncos in the playoffs because they couldn't run the ball and then made sure they can do it. I think the same kind of happened with the Saints. I look at those two teams and see how important running the ball can be.
  5. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    They would have probably taken a few others teams sixth before the Chiefs so he wasn't in high demand at all
  6. The Official 2019 NBA Draft Lottery Thread!!!

    That one hurt. At least the Knicks have a better pick than the Lakers if they want to trade.
  7. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    At 4Pm today the comp pick formula no longer applies for free agents
  8. Hypothetical : Jones vs. Haskins

    They can run the RPO with Barkley
  9. NFL Draft Day 3 GDT: steals and fodder

    The punter could have waited
  10. NFL Draft Day 3 GDT: steals and fodder

    We have to wait for this crap the whole day?