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  1. Warrants issued for DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar

    Baker’s lawyer insisted early Saturday on Instagram that there is substantial evidence that will exonerate his client. “We will be presenting the trove of evidence we have obtained over the past 3 days to the judge at the right time,” Bradford Cohen wrote. “ Seven affidavits exonerating my client and video evidence.”
  2. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Manish is still saying the Jets owners didn't want to spend much money this offseason A few weeks after the Daily News reported that the Jets were having internal discussions about increasing their available cash pool to sign Ryan, there’s a strong belief inside the organization that they’re about to add the versatile defensive back. Although the Jets have ample salary cap space (about $14 million after June 1), the pertinent issue has always centered on ownership’s willingness to dole out enough cash this year. The News reported last month that team decision makers told people during free agency that the organization had cash-flow restrictions this offseason.
  3. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    The Jets think that they’re on the precipice of adding a valuable defensive piece. Gang Green believes that it will land former Patriots and Titans defensive back Logan Ryan on a one-year deal, according to sources.
  4. NFL Releases Sept Schedule

    NFL is playing a Christmas game on a Friday. NBA can't be happy with that
  5. NFL Releases Sept Schedule

    Looks like a bunch of division games week 1
  6. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Clowney still holding everything up, just make a decision already
  7. In a way that draft format was refreshing

    You didn't have to deal with the pageantry or special presenters you would have to wait for that could get annoying. Sometimes a former player could say something funny, you missed that stuff.
  8. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    A team that signs Golden now could lose a comp pick
  9. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I'll be taking the over on the Giants
  10. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Seahawks will probably get Griffen now.
  11. 2020 Draft Winners and losers

    The thread needed this
  12. 2020 Draft Winners and losers

    The Dolphins and Chargers not trading up took some balls. Hard to believe there wasn't a preference
  13. 2020 NFL draft thread

    This is he said when he was asked about Golden, it was a standard answer. I still think it's possible It’s one of those deals where, as I’ve said before, sometimes people think that all of the sacks have got to come from one to two guys. It’s a group effort. As Joe said, we’re going to constantly evaluate. Roster building is a 12-month season. It’s 365 and it’s 24/7. At the end of the day, we feel good about where we’re at, but we’ll continue to try to improve it. We’re going to take a look at what we’ve got and you know part of it’s going to be scheme. I’ve got a lot of confidence in (Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator) Pat Graham and Joe and the defensive guys. We’re going to be fine. It’ll get better. No, we didn’t draft what you guys would call a blue-goose pass rusher, but a lot of the time it’s a group effort. It’s not about who gets the sacks, it’s about the number of sacks and the number of pressures.
  14. Day 3 Draft Discussion

    Giants will draft a stud WR for Mr Irrelevant