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  1. That would have been such a great comeback for Jones, he did a nice job. Another brutal Sunday., good luck everybody
  2. Giants fought hard, almost pulled it off. The two injuries really hurt
  3. No Shepard really hurts right now, I doubt they can do this. Jones has to run
  4. I still can't believe that happened
  5. I've never lost on an offensive lineman catching the ball on fourth down. I can't take this one
  6. Embarrassing run defense from the Giants on this drive.
  7. They let Trubisky run and beat them, give me a break
  8. I can't see the Giants defense getting another stop.
  9. Eddie Jackson pick 6 called back
  10. Jones had a chance to make up for the turnovers
  11. Bears have move it pretty easily today, big test for the Giants defense .
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