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  1. Favorite team: Giants Week 2 pick: Browns
  2. Another absolute brutal loss I have to swallow. Just incredible
  3. Favorite Team: Giants Week 1 pick: Rams I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  4. Favorite Team : New York Giants Week 1 Pick : LA Rams I have read all the rules and agree to them.
  5. I'm not trading Shepard now with Golladay, they can go well together. Jones needs both of them
  6. Here is some possible inside info from BBI 1-Don't have much regarding Jackson, other than what many have said he is still going to be around this morning/early afternoon, Giants want him signed & not make trip to Philly. 2-There have been trade discussions with the following players - Engram & Hernandez. Surprisingly, a few teams have called about Peppers & Shepard/Slayton. Peppers at the moment is not available, however would not be shocked if they pick a WR at 11, if one of them is dealt. Again, teams called the Giants, not other way around. 3-Regarding free agency, t
  7. This is a big relief. Now sign one of those corners
  8. How about the broadcast completely missing the punt decision
  9. How could they not review that right away
  10. The only guy that quit today in the league was Doug Pederson
  11. This is what they do in Schwatz's last game
  12. I hope the whole team hates Pederson for this
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