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  1. Charting/Analytics?

    What do you define as an effort sack?
  2. Top 10 RB

    DeMarco Murray. Probably Anderson
  3. Top 10 RB

    I don't think there are 32 backs better than Kenyan Drake
  4. Charting/Analytics?

    We should create OL metrics
  5. Would love to see the results if you have links
  6. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    What about Jim Leonhard?
  7. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    He has a really impressive background.. but you think he's ready to make the leap?
  8. Top 10 NFL GM

    1. Bill Belichick 2. Howie Roseman 3. Kevin Colbert 4. Rick Spielman 5. John Schneider 6. Thomas Dmitroff 7. Dave Caldwell 8. John Robinson 9. John Dorsey 10. Les Snead
  9. Top 10 RB

    I have a hard time with Kamara not top 5 on any list. I think he's top 3
  10. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    Do you think if he wanted one, that Peyton Manning could be hired for a HC job similar to John Lynch to GM?
  11. Matt LaFleur

    I'm really excited about the addition of OC Matt LaFleuer considering the offenses and coaches he's been involved in. What does the forum think of LaFleur?
  12. James Bettcher

    What is the forums thoughts on new DC James Bettcher?
  13. Brian Flores

    I know he interviewed and was a finalist for the Cardinals job, but what do you guys think of Brian Flores? Is he a good HC Candidate? Is he ready to replace MP?
  14. He did interview for the Bears job
  15. Hackett or Wash?

    You don't think either is ready to make the leap?