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  1. Post Game/NFC Championship Talk

    Great game guys! Another Superbowl! We are so blessed to support an organization that is so well run. Also having Brady and Bill doesn't hurt at all. I've, probably, lost a couple of years of my life through out these end gaming comebacks.
  2. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    That is exactly how I feel. If the Patriots can't go all the way, I definitely don't mind any of the remaining teams. It would be different if one of those were some of the usual playoff teams, like the Steelers, Broncos, Packers, Seattle, etc, or teams that have a history with the Patriots like the Colts, Ravens, Jets, Miami or the Giants. I'm kind of softening up on the Colts, not enough to not be bugged if they win another superbowl, but I like Luck, Grigson is not there anymore and they kind of suck.
  3. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    Great! The screens and short passing are killing the Titans defense.
  4. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    Good position, lets get that lead, and put the pressure on the Titans offense.
  5. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    Good drive! Now let's get the ball back!
  6. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    ahhhh... it'll be returned...
  7. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

  8. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    They have been doing that a lot. I could understand it when KVN was out, but now? I just don't get it.
  9. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    That was a PI on Cooks...
  10. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    Branch is out...
  11. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    It's playoff football time, baby!
  12. Week 18: Titans vs. Chiefs

    Not a fumble...
  13. OT Nate Solder (age 30) - I would like to keep him for 2 more years. I'd offer a 3 year extension low guarantees on the later years. Something around 8-9 million p/y, but I'm not sure that would be enough. CB Malcolm Butler (age 28) - He is out... will be paid somewhere else, which is good for him, wish him the best of luck. WR Danny Amendola (age 33) - 1 year extension same amount as this year 1.5 million RB Dion Lewis (age 28) - 3 years, 12 million RB Rex Burkhead (age 28) - I think he is walking, and I'd rather keep Lewis, given we still have White. CB Johnson Bademosi (age 28) - 2 year extension around 1 to 1.5 million per year, he looks like an ok backup at CB, with value in ST. ST Matthew Slater (age 33) - He seems to be always hurt... would resign based on experience and leadership, would offer something similar to Danny. OT Cameron Fleming (age 26) - I would let him go and keep Waddle. If Waddle don't sign up I'd keep him... 2-3 years 3 million p/y ST Nate Ebner (age 29) - Resigns for ~2 years, 2 mill OT LaAdrian Waddle (age 27) - I'd try to keep him 3-4 million p/y, 3 to 4 years. DL Ricky Jean-Francois (age 32) - Walks RB/ST Brandon Bolden (age 28) - Don't care... walks DL/ST Geneo Grissom (age 26) - Walks LB Marquis Flowers (age 26) - Similar to Bademosi... keep him, ok backup with value in ST. UFA: ST Brandon King (age 25) - Walks ERFAs: OL Ted Karras (age 25) - 2 years, 1 mil/y.
  14. Week 16 GDT: Here come the Bills

    Not enough to overturn...