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  1. I hope they use the remaining cap to strike a front loaded, long term deal with Cam so we can have cap relieve in future years. Thuney would be my second desire, mostly because of the sheer flexibility that he brings to the OL. Would not mind shipping Gilmore if the pay back is good, as we have a good DB group.
  2. Man, I'd love to see Stid take this team to a win, this defense deserves it.
  3. Wow, have just arrived at home, turn the tv on, just in time to see the pick six! Good way to start!
  4. I'd give a 2nd and a 4th for OBJ and a compensatory 3rd for AR, mostly beacuse of his contract situation.
  5. It was 20 years guys, it must be tiresome. I just think he wanted something different, possibily lost some of his motivation, but just didn't want to retire. Under this perspective it was a good idea to change teams. I have no hurt feelings for him nor Gronk, on the opposite I hope they succeed. They gave me a lot of enjoyment and now I'm just excited by the change, on both fronts.
  6. Good game guys! Positives: CAM! OLine Secondary Negatives: Pass rush Receiving corp Kickers Had a lot a fun, hope Cam and Oline can stay healthy and we are guaranteed a entertaining year.
  7. Very happy with the Oline, hope they can stay healthy through out the year
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