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  1. Week 1 Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 2 Pick: New England Patriots
  2. Favorite Team: Patriots Week 1 pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  3. Favorite team Patriots Week 1 pick the Tampa Bay Buccaneers I have read the rules and agree to them all
  4. Man really hope he can be consistent. It's a pain to keep on fearing every kick.
  5. Let's see if offense can get it going. I know most expectations for Cam are low, but I'm really rooting for the guy. I just think he's a really good personality.
  6. Bad look indeed, but at least fought until the end.
  7. My favorite locker room moment is Andrews alone after the win against the Chiefs in AFC's Championship game.
  8. Or just to have enough cap to sign their rookie class... one of the two, I'm certain!
  9. I hope they use the remaining cap to strike a front loaded, long term deal with Cam so we can have cap relieve in future years. Thuney would be my second desire, mostly because of the sheer flexibility that he brings to the OL. Would not mind shipping Gilmore if the pay back is good, as we have a good DB group.
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