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  1. Revis retires!!!

    Greatest player in franchise history. Cheers to a career Revis.
  2. Free Agency Thread

    Like re-signing Joe Harris and adding FC depth with Davis, wonder what stretch Big we go after. Davis Bertrans I suppose?
  3. Free Agency Thread

    Which RFA you guys think the Nets throw money at this year. Think it’s gonna be either Randle or Parker.
  4. I mean the only thing AZ has better than us is David Johnson and Larry, OL and WR 2-6 aren’t better than ours
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    What y’all think of Musa? Loved the Rodions pick personally but have no clue about Musa.
  6. Hacks gone and likely won’t get another shot with a team except on the practice squad. Can we just move on.
  7. NY Sports thread

    Don’t know anything about Musa but I loved the Rodions pick up in the 2nd...irked though we didn’t move up but it is what it is and I trust Marks decisions
  8. NY Sports thread

    Hasn’t been the same since he had the hernia surgery
  9. NY Sports thread

    6 years late but we got Dwight...nice
  10. The Official Brooklyn Nets Thread

    Love the Dwight trade, opens the door for 2019 and helps with the defense a bit
  11. NY Sports thread

    Snooped around a couple other forums and seen a lot of thrr guys have threads to talk about the other teams in the area. Figure we could talk about the Yankees, Nets, Mets, Knicks and whatever Hockey team y’all route for.
  12. Just see so many similarities to Farve and Romo tbh
  13. Offseason news/rumours

    No thanks on KWhite hasn’t shown anything in his limited playing time and he’s made of glass, if we went the FA WR route(which I don’t think we do) I’d go after Tyrell Williams, Big target, good deep threat and if we decided to move on from Robby he could be the perfect replacement
  14. Offseason news/rumours

    Lol we need and Edge rusher bad to say we don’t need one because of our DBs isn’t true coverage can only last so long and we saw it for years under Rex and to a similar degree under Bowles
  15. 4(107). Chris Herndon IV, TE, Miami

    I’m gonna view this as a one time poor decision from him for now, hopefully he doesn’t have the same type of problems Donahue has.