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  1. Facts him and Schultz/Gisecki are the guys I’m calling day 1
  2. I’m for him at 4. Ojabo at 4, at 10 take the best of Lindy, Kenyon Green, Burks, Garrett, or Lloyd
  3. I’m warming up to the idea off taking Burks at 10
  4. We beat both of these teams so they’re irrelevant
  5. Jeffrey Simmons is what Q was supposed to be
  6. Im a Devin Lloyd Stan so I’m here for it. He’s built for this scheme and can easily help fix our Run defense woes and help our coverage over the middle
  7. I like Karlaftis a bunch so I’m cool with him at 4, I’m more of a Garrett Wilson/Chris Olave fan so I’d rather go with one of them over Burks but looking at the positions you addressed in FA I’d definitely be on board with a WR at 10
  8. I’d be surprised if we add a CB before the 5th round. Hall, Echols, and MC2 are a nice young core of DBs let them continue to develop
  9. This is the year I think we can finally fix our TE situation, Schultz, OJ Howard, Njoku, Uzomah, Mo Alie-Cox, Gieseki…
  10. Facts proud of you bro gotta but your long term heath over some short term gains. I agree on Ridley though just gotta do our due diligence, if we don’t trade for one I really like Olave in this offense
  11. Facts. I just want S that don’t get beat over the top but aren’t slouches against the Run
  12. We aren’t taking CB at 4 or 10 give us Ikem or Karlaftis
  13. Justin Reid I think could be a nice addition, Jaquiski Tartt makes sense too
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