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  1. Todd Bowles

    Smh if we keep Bowles to “minimize change” for Darnold it’s just stupid lol we all know Bowles will somehow pull 2 or 3 wins out his *** and save his job to do it all over again.
  2. 2019 prospects and outlook

    I like the RB free agent class this year so I would rather use the Gaskin Pick on Winters’ future replacement instead but other wise I like this a lot
  3. Todd Bowles

    I’d be down for President if F.O.: Scot McGloughn GM: Brian Himerdinger HC: Matt LaFluer or John Harbaugh
  4. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    I don’t think we would be this bad IF we hit on all those defensive players which unfortunately turned it into a never ending cycle of drafting to correct recent mistakes
  5. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Think it’s really telling how Morton had this offense look competent all last year with McCown and Bowles ran him outta town for this lmao
  6. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Jamal seems like the only player making plays out there at this point
  7. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Feel like to only routes Bates sends Q on is Screens and Flare routes smh need to get everyone outta here ASAP
  8. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Honestly I hope so but I doubt it, Chris Johnson has talked a lot about continuity and honestly think he keeps him till the end.
  9. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Still not against moving Leo btw
  10. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    No one should be safe after today
  11. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Why do we still line our CBs 10-12 yards off the line?
  12. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Tbh if Bowles ain’t fired tomorrow I’m not gonna watch a game the rest of the year
  13. Around The League

    Is that his fault or the Fact that Flacco isn’t good
  14. Around The League

    What’s with the Pete Carmichael love? Has a loaded roster offensively and Payton calls the plays over there too.
  15. Around The League

    I’m gonna be real with you chief...this ain’t it