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  1. Bro Goff sucked his rookie year, Mahomes played 1 game his rookie year and Carson put up some yards but that was about it
  2. Beating the Gucci up if you would...respectfully
  3. I ask the questions no one else has the balls to ask.
  4. Is Killmonger coming back. And did Cap smash black widow
  5. .....I don’t think I should have to say who we should’ve drafted....
  6. JFM is more than likely going to start at DE in base, then scoot inside in sub passing situations
  7. He’s gotten progressively worse every year over the last 3 years I’d rather just let the guys we have fight it out for that spot. Would like to see Clarke win so we can figure out what we have in him. No too stressed though McGovern now only has to worry about helping 1 side instead of both now lol
  8. F-. I think we all know why.
  9. Because Trai was beyond awful last year
  10. That’s aight as long as I got some Henny
  11. Facts my man save a seat for me bruh
  12. I’m gonna be real. I see some AB in his game.
  13. No doubt. At this point I’m already researching GM candidates for next year. Smh how could JD let this happen
  14. Feels right to finish with a DT
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