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  1. Have to look into Fitzgerald more but I like what I hear about him. Still though Harbaugh, Campbell, Bienemy, Martindale, Brady are my top 5 right now
  2. I’d love to add Jamal Williams this offseason, think he could be a bug time contributor if given the opportunity
  3. Yeah for me I think we need more of a Yards after catch type of guy more than anything
  4. Waddle, Bateman, Moore, Olave, Marshall, Tooney, Wallace are the guys I’d look at
  5. Understandable still would like to get someone with more size down there who could slide in and play small ball 5 and still stretch the floor.
  6. I think we hit WR in the 2nd tbh, OG or Edge would be my guess with that Seattle pick. Wallace, Tooney, and Marshall are guys I’m looking at atm
  7. Kwity Paye is a guy I’d like with the Seattle pick. I’m not against taking an edge depending on how FA goes
  8. What do you think the nets could get for Dinwiddie? We need a PF badly at the moment
  9. Honest question if Doug Pederson or Anthony Lynn got fired would you guys hire one of them right away? Tbh I would for either of them
  10. No I agree we should keep him we just need to upgrade our OG spots
  11. I have a feeling he’s trying to freelance too much and it’s not working out, he’s been abysmal in coverage this year
  12. Thoughts on Tony Elliot? Clemson OC/RB coach
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