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  1. Week 3: Jets vs Pats

    Gonna say 35-9 Pats, our offense is non existent with Sam being out and our OL somehow looks worse than last year
  2. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    All for moving Leo for assets, don’t see him as part of our long term plan and to be quite frank he hasn’t been as good as we had hoped, granted he’s not a bad player by and stretch of the imagination but he just is t having the type of impact we’d hope.
  3. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    The Bills are an example of how we should have rebuilt, invest in OL in Free agency/Draft and sign Vet WR’s who fit your scheme.
  4. 2020 Draft Prospects

    We need to draft all the OL, All the Pass Rushers, and All the WRs.
  5. Week 2: MNF Browns vs Jets

    Have a feeling Douglas is gonna clean house after the season, just a hunch
  6. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    And Quinnen Williams over Ed Oliver
  7. Week 1: Buffalo Bills vs NY Jets

    I’m gonna call it right now, we’re gonna regret passing on Ed Oliver
  8. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    If I could guess we add one of Treadwell, Doctson, or Demaryus Thomas, Josh Adams, and a CB or 2
  9. 2020 Draft Prospects

    Rasul Douglas or Sidney Jones would be an interesting pick-up. Side Note: My friend from HS actual played ball with Dougles when he was at Nassau. Says he’s a real quiet dude, hard worker.
  10. LB Avery Williamson out with torn ACL

    Cash money time
  11. Training Camp

    I have a feeling that Cashman and Bronson Kaufusi are gonna play major roles on this defense this year, Kaufusi kind of reminds me a bit of Anderson with his ability to play 5T, 3T, and Big Edge which is where I think he’ll spend a majority of time.
  12. Training Camp

    Cam Meredith was released, he might be worth a look
  13. 2020 Draft Prospects

    In no order, Chiefs, Chargers, Pats, Steelers, Browns, colts, Bears, Packers, Rams, Saints, Falcons, Eagles
  14. Futures Thread

    Espn has become a shell of its former self but I don’t think they’re too far off, we have some young talent but they need to prove it on the field.
  15. Herndon Suspended 1st 4 games

    Was expected probably gets bumped down to 2 hopefully