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  1. Training Camp Thread

    McGovern maybe?
  2. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Manish regurgitating info from 4-6 months ago
  3. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I really hope we get petty and trade him to a bottom feeder
  4. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I’m sick of his schtick
  5. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Aight I’m over him.
  6. 2020 Off-Season Workouts Thread

    All about his foot work. Every time I watch him throw deep he ends up throwing it off his back foot. Once he corrects this his deep ball accuracy will get much better
  7. 2021 Draft Thread

    Just give me the best Pass Rusher, WR, or CB available
  8. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    This just brings a great sadness to my heart over this whole situation. I hope that we can all come together over this and find a solution to this problem in this country but I fear that’s not what ultimately will happen. Stay safe and keep an open mind.
  9. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Anyone know any good pizza spots out here in Suffolk? Kinda tired of the spot near my house
  10. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    I don’t care anymore either sign him or trade him for a haul at this point don’t care what really happens
  11. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Based off what we saw last year Sam seems more comfortable in up-tempo and Hurry up. Also seems to like attacking the middle of the defense more so than the sidelines
  12. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    So I was watching a lot of 2018 tape and came to conclusions on some things(*the Pino has been flowing rn) -Gase needs to play more 2-TE sets, Sam looked so much more comfortable out of those looks in 2018 and feel like we used less of those last years under Gase. -The loss of. This Herndon was HUGE. Him and Sam had a big connection and with him coming back things should get much easier for him. -Losing Robby was bigger than some want to admit. Robby, other than Herndon, was Sams go to WR on a lot of stuff. When Sam freelanced Robby seemed to be on the same page as him often. -Need to incorporate more RBs in the passing game, whether split out or just out of the back field. It seemed like Powell out of the backfield in 2018 was a big safety valve for him which now that we have Bell should be much more of an emphasis. -Sam needs to improve his footwork.
  13. Jets to sign CB Logan Ryan (Per "Source")

    We’ve been bamboozled...again
  14. Jets to sign CB Logan Ryan (Per "Source")

    Honestly think there’s a shot we move him to S, let Davis learn for a year and then he takes o er next year