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  1. We’re bad at every part of the game rn. We need a clean slate
  2. Personnel is bad, Gase is Bad, it really doesn’t matter what side you’re on. We need new everything
  3. T-Law/Fields and an OL or WR please
  4. I’m just gonna play my sadbois playlist on Spotify now
  5. I think it comes down to a little of both, his biggest knocks coming out were his footwork and his gunslinger tendency’s, he made progress at the end of his rookie year but hasn’t matched it since
  6. Joe looked better at everything last night, not because he has better WRs but he’s better coached. Yes the WRs will help but Joe looked fundamentally better than Darnold has, from his footwork to his poise
  7. 28-17 9ers, I have little confidence in our offense against their Front 7, defensively we should do a better job but I think it won’t matter much
  8. Rich with the Swanton Bomb off the top rope
  9. Unfortunately Sam has yet to recapture that magic from the Bulls-Texans-GB stretch
  10. I have a hard time seeing ya winning this one, definitely think our defense will rebound a bit vs them being that Jimmy isn’t super mobile but that front 7 of theirs is gonna be too much to handle.
  11. I think it’s all dependent on the Coach tbh
  12. Auden Tate is a guy I’d be interested in if he’s available, showed some talent in Cincy when given a shot and they’re stacked at WR
  13. I think Hubbard sneaks into the 1st personally but I’d be cool with this
  14. We need to find a coach that gives us a definitive identity on both sides of the ball
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