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  1. Our starting OL has barely played together so they should get better as the season goes on
  2. It’ll be interesting, I think our DL is gonna have a huge advantage aging their OL(Specifically their IOL) but our CBS are more than likely going to struggle with the WR core. Don’t know much about Carolinas defense but they have some interesting young guys in Burns, Brown, Chinn, and Horn. Prediction: 30-21 Carolina Zach has a nice day but the defense struggles to keep those WR’s contained
  3. Honest question, what motivates you guys when you’re in the gym?
  4. I liked a few off views and Dark Lane. I HATED Scorpion, thought the Side A/Side B thing could have been really innovative for an artist like him with his contrasting styles but it didn’t work for me at least.
  5. My friends….I have terrible news….the Demi-God known as Ben Mason….has signed on to the New England Patriots practice squad….all hope is lost
  6. Our DL should do some damage week 1… I feel it
  7. You should definitely give it another listen. Personally I can’t tell you how many times I e re-listened. Off the Grid, Hurricane, Praise God, Jonah, Believe What I say, 24, Moon, Heaven and Hell, Keep my Spirit Alive, New Again, Pure Souls, Come To Life, and Junya pt2 are all heavy on my playlist rn.
  8. What didn’t you like about Donda. Personally I thought it’s a top 4 or 5 ye album for me.
  9. I’ll be honest I haven’t been huge on drake post-Views. He makes a few bangers but as far as building an overall album hes fallen a bit short for me
  10. CLB was disappointing for me. The Ross track goes hard tho
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