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  1. Hes got bad hands and is a penalty magnet. Good riddance That and "Stone Hands" Harris
  2. Demetrius Harris Thanks Browns!
  3. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Chiefs all of a sudden need EDGE help. Particularly at LEO. Who are some late first round types i should take a look at. Or guys who could potentially fall and be trade up candidates Any help would be appreciated
  4. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

  5. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

    3 possibly 4
  6. We have no talent and a suspect coordinator. And now we have even less talent.
  7. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

    Just so people know its been reported he has a Haglunds Deformity. A bone spur is growing into his Achilles Tendon(opposite from the one he ruptured) it can be shaved off but youd have to detach the tendon and its basically an achilles tear. Or he can leave it and hes "day-to-day" with pain management. Which was his entire season last year.
  8. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

    Id heard it was one Regardless he makes too much to ride the bench by his own choice. Whats to stop a repeat of last year? Weve got a new defensive leader in Honey Badger now
  9. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

    He wouldn't get surgery on his heel. He signed his own pink slip
  10. Cut Houston, traded Ford, cut Berry. Signed Mathieu Too much talent leaving i think we may see a step back from defense next year(and we didnt think itd be possible) Pass Rush just became a huge concern, and corner still is
  11. Chiefs cut Eric Berry

    No it still sucks, not going to. Thank you Berry but after last years fiasco its about time to go separate ways.
  12. 49ers are working on a trade for Dee Ford.

    A 2nd is much better than a 3rd round comp pick. Ammo for a trade down this year me thinks
  13. 49ers are working on a trade for Dee Ford.

    Good job by Veach getting a 2nd rounder for an injury prone player. Struck while the iron is hot. Wish theyd kept Houston though dont really know what the plan is...
  14. Browns will have the best offense in 2019!

    The Super Team Firepower everywhere offense and defense