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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Looks like the Raiders stadium in Oakland on a rainy day
  2. Are the Redskins criminally underrated?

    Yup he held us back but it lead to wins so yeah it works. The team rallies around him. With Mahomes now i can see how an entire team can take on a QBs personality.
  3. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    I don't remember Sexy Rexy as much but Jay Cutler was more Eddie George than Favre. He didn't create out of the pocket like Favre and had no where near the same arm talent or athletic ability. Just a big arm that liked to pout on the sidelines
  4. Looking ahead - 2020 roster preview

    Dynasty in the making. we gotta get a deal done with Tyreek soon.
  5. How to make TNF better?

    Suggestions? It's not going away and the product is inferior to say the least, it pretty much guarantees the home team a win. I think the bye week has to come before the game for both teams. That's gotta be doable schedule-wise
  6. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    That's actually great for players too, giving them practically two bye weeks worth of rest in a row.
  7. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    Brett Favre is an all-time great Quarterback so im not seeing the issue. I'm fact we traded up for him because Reid saw Favre in him.
  8. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    He looked good last year with minimal weapons(Albert Wilson, Demarcus Robinson, Demetrius Harris) With Nagy calling plays. Granted it was one start but you could see how amazing he could be with his throws. Even had a two minute drill to win the game after the 3rd string QB fumbled away a big lead.
  9. Carson Wentz vs Patrick Mahomes

    Yeah Shanahan and the Redskins organization ruined him. I think if he gets drafted by Reid things turn out differently.
  10. Carson Wentz vs Patrick Mahomes

    Rg3 was a running QB though. I didn't see him sustaining that at the NFL level.
  11. Pat Mahomes' Season in Perspective

    You were hating so hard in the preseason after that 70 yard bomb against the Falcons😂
  12. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Chiefs have won the coin toss 13 times since preseason
  13. Pat Mahomes' Season in Perspective

    We are on 3rd string OL. But theyve been playing pretty well. I'm worried about Suh and Donald.
  14. Pat Mahomes' Season in Perspective

    I will say that kareem is catching up slowly but surely as Mahomes becomes more comfortable back there
  15. Pat Mahomes' Season in Perspective

    Hopefully he has more success lol