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  1. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    13 Touch Downs in 3 games, still beating Peyton Manning at 12. including a Favre-esque TD to start the day
  2. Patrick "Uncle Rico" Mahomes II

    Made no sense to me why they didn't draft him and sit him behind Tyrod.
  3. Mahomes pretty easily for me. I wouldn't trade him for anybody. Elite arm talent, accurate, intelligent, leadership, professionalism, some athletic ability. He's a full package deal.
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick the next Rich Gannon?

    did Gannon ever start a playoff game before he went to Oakland? He was a journeyman backup for 11 years before he was an All-Pro and mvp. He should have started for the Chiefs in the postseason when he lead them to the playoffs, but that's old history i don't want to rehash
  5. Week 3 GDT: SF @ KC

    Houston needs to start playing up To his contract and Sutton needs to stop dropping him into a useless zone.
  6. Eric Berry Still Not Practicing

    https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2018/9/19/17879778/chiefs-wednesday-injury-report-vs-49ers it's been over a month since his last full practice, it's the same "heel"(achilles) that bothered him last year.(He tore the opposite achilles against the patriots) im wondering if hell ever play again
  7. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    Here's the exact quotes from Von and Aqib after the first professional and the coldest game of Mahomes entire life: He came out and made some great throws,” Miller said about Mahomes, via Pete Sweeney of Arrowhead Pride. “He’s a rookie, still, and got out there and played lights out. We had some ones out there and he still came through and played. Hats off to Mahomes. He's going to be the quarterback of the future. He’s going to be a great quarterback. He has great scramble ability. He can scramble and throw the ball. He’s going to be a great quarterback.” " I saw enough of Patrick Mahomes to think Alex Smith is going to be a free agent next year,” Talib said on the Vic Lombardi Show, via Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride. “That guy can play some ball, Vic. That guy can play some ball. He’s smart. I saw him checking protections, I saw him reading the defense. We know how strong his arm is. The guy is a competitor. I think Alex Smith, he definitely might be on the market this year. “The guy (Mahomes) got an AK-47 for an arm. He can throw it wherever he wants. It doesn’t matter if he’s running left or right. He’s got a gun for an arm and it shows on the field.”
  8. Mahomes vs Fitzmagic

    the Venn Diagram of MVP QBs
  9. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    Eh I'm just pointing out the present not the future. 10 TDS in the first two games is a record and should be pointed out in this forum imo. Surprised I'm the one to mention it first. I don't think he can keep up the pace but he's got the weapons, the coaching, the arm and a good head on his shoulders.
  10. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    People keep bringing up the cold, but he went into Denver week 17 in his first start and won. Von Miller even said he's one of the toughest QBs he's ever gone up against after just one game. Draftniks in the draft forum of course lol
  11. With Fitzpatricks amazing start to the season and the weapons he has at his disposal, is this another fluke or the real thing? If y'all don't know rich Gannon was another big armed later round journeyman QB from a (public)ivy league school. He bounced around the league for years, started for the Chiefs and lead them to the playoffs, then lost his job when the starter came back. Went to Oakland the next year and eventually got MVP honors and a SB trip. Tom Brady has said that he's been around so long that nothing surprises him, and throughout football history you see QBs who have stuck around and make an impact are in their careers. Could the Irish Rifle be another example of that? After a long career are things finally clicking for him?
  12. Can we give it up to the young gunslinger? 10 TDS in the first 2 games of the season a NFL record. With 0 interceptions Many were doubting him, he's interception prone(even though it was like a 3%rate in college), Air Raid doesn't translate, his footwork and mechanics are terrible, Josh Allen is better, etc. Meanwhile in the NFL he puts on a show. Perfect passes all over the field, in the textbook spots they need to be. 7 different receivers with touchdowns. It's like watching Tecmo Bowl every 5.5 passes is a TD. I know his defense is ****e, hopefully it gets better when playing Non-HOF QBs, but when you watch the film he looks elite. It's like combining the traits of all-time great QBs and adding Alex Smith safety with the football. The next four weeks are a big test, great defenses in Denver, jacksonville and the Rams. Can't wait to see what more he's got in store for the league.
  13. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    He's a total diva. Somebody else scored a TD against us and he was arguing with his OC about it afterward. I've lost a.lot of respect for him after that game. I'm glad Chiefs players aren't like that. Makes Sammy Watkins almost worth that contract. They're all happy to spread the wealth and see others score.
  14. Are the Rams the best team in the league?

    Your defense is so stacked its outrageous.
  15. Are the Rams the best team in the league?

    Another Mahomie! He's so good man, even better than id imagined. Marcus only caught a glimpse of Mahomes hell get to see him real soon.