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  1. And again id love to see the Chargers record without Rivers, heck a Rivers hobbled with back injuries. Something tells me they dont sniff the playoffs.
  2. The Eagles were missing their starting QB though Id love to see the Chargers record with a hobbled Rivers.
  3. Free Agency

    Nobody will know the answer to that until the season starts.
  4. The 2019-2020 Season

    Tyreek really is a key to this machine. mahomes can live without him but the quick strike ability of this offense won't be as good Why is the home opener pushed back to week 3 again? I call BS on that one I like that most of our "toughest" opponents are at home. except the Patriots
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The Chiefs GM 86d basketball for Mahomes. This seems incredibly stupid though.
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    A guy who actually knows what hes talking about. Its awful i know. Bring Phill Simms back!
  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Shes not married to him so she cant get too much out of him. Just that Antonio Cromartie child support plan
  8. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Well not completely. But he and the offense did carry that defense. Im actually pretty excited at the defensive pieces they added as well. Time will tell what that materializes come fall
  9. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Not been disappointed by mahomes so far
  10. Well if they put in the work then there will be nothing to complain about.
  11. The 2014 Draft - How Did You Do?

    Dee Ford ended up being solid but flipped for a 2nd rounder.
  12. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    Chiefs will ride or die with Mahomes. Guy is just great at football. You throw different looks at him but he still comes right back at you with amazing throws again and again. That 2nd half against New England in the AFCC game he put on a show.
  13. Kareem Hunt Involved in Bar Fight

    Its like his 4th or 5th incident. Might just be a problem brewing there
  14. Worst Off-Season Ever?

    Post Super Bowl Ravens. The last one. Half thar SB winning defense left and either got paid elsewhere or retired. Ray Lewis especially, and Flaaco got that Big Mac money. They really werent the same identity after that. Just another AFC team watching the Patriots got to SB after SB.