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  1. Chiefs vs Chargers GDT

    Yup a RB he is not
  2. Is Mayfield a first round QB???

    One thing Mayfield has got going for him is Moxie. He's a fighter who has started from the bottom and worked his way to the top. Something a QB needs to survive. Its a mental game at that position, not just in the film room. He's a gamer. Ive liked him for a couple years now and it will be interesting seeing him develop into a Pro.
  3. Top 10 CBs?

    Hes much better than Asante 19 interceptions in his first 3 seasons puts him 3rd behibd Sherman(20) and Ed Reed(21) with two games left in the season With Revis playing well on the other side its forcing Qbs to target him again.
  4. Saturday Night Football - Chargers vs Chiefs

    1. Ed Reed 21 ints 2. Richard Sherman 20 ints 3. Marcus Peters 19 ints going against Jay Cutler next week...
  5. Hardest RB's to Bring Down?

    Chiefs need to keep feeding Hunt I think
  6. Chiefs vs Chargers GDT

    Caught glimpses at work from the kitchen. This is looking more like the 5-0 chiefs. Saw a stat saying Peters only allowed 5 or fewer yards. 4th time hes done that all season. 4 targets 2 intereceptions and 74 yards and thats what i expect from him Feed Kareem for the rest of the year please.
  7. Is Mayfield a first round QB???

    Wasn't Bree's starting over Rivers until he hurt his shoulder? They even franchised him to start over Rivers amd offered him a 50 mill contract despite dedicating a ton of money to Rivers already. The reason he went to NO over Miami iirc was that Miami didn't think his shoulder would recover
  8. Chiefs vs Chargers GDT

    Playing for our playoff lives, Chargers have a mean defense and an offense that's clicking with Rivers and co. Also in honor of the new Star Wars
  9. Raiders v Chiefs

  10. Raiders v Chiefs

    For a while there the secondary actually showed some toughness with Peter's benched.
  11. NFL Play-Off Machine

    We control our own destiny. A fire sseemed to be lit for 3 quarters there. Well need 4 against the Chargers. Rivers will take advantage of 4th quarter ineptness Did anybody else hate the shotgun draws at the end? Awful playcalling Nagy/Reid. Jusy inviting a comeback luckily we werre playing the Raiders.
  12. Raiders v Chiefs

    Nice win. That 4th quarter was brutal. My dad and i were getting all pissed. That Smith interception after the forced fumble was stupid. Chargers arent a pushover this is gonna be a tough game next week.
  13. CLE hires John Dorsey as GM

    Not trying to be rude. In fact Dorsey was a godsend when all I wanted was to win a game.
  14. CLE hires John Dorsey as GM

    I'm thinking like a GM here, as a fan I've been rooting for Berry since his college days. But a guy who's had an ACL, cancer, and Achilles issues before a big contract raises red flags. My heart wants him a Chief for life. But the mind tells me it was a risky proposal.
  15. JuJu Smith-Schuster, George Illoka Suspended 1 game

    He definitely hits Burficts facemask