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  1. If it’s bad enough temporary IR him and let him heal up
  2. Also what’s up with Hardman? He looks so slow, like he’s got cement on his feet or something. He try to bulk up this offseason?
  3. Reid said that Reiter had a “tender knee” and held him out for that reason.
  4. Some of the holes that CEH ran through last night you could drive a Mack truck through. so I’d say yes lol but CEH made a statement last night, you’re not the only RB on the roster Bell you gotta earn your keep like everybody else Rainy game lots of sloppy play outside of the run game(and the run game tapered off at the end) Buffalo hung around late when we dominated on the ground.
  5. Yeah I agree, Remmers and Kilgore are one year rentals, and are likely gone after this year ala Wisniewski. I’m gonna temper my expectations, just because I was impressed week one and they let me down after that.
  6. Yeah Allegreti and Kilgore we’re taking care of business up front. Remmers too, although he struggled a bit at RT. just huge lanes for CEH and we know he can make guys miss if you can clear some room for him up front
  7. Also builds my confidence for the future at the OL maybe I got worried for no reason. The backups really looked good and were blowing things up, up front. what really impressed me about this team is they win in a myriad of ways. Not just relying on Mahomes to win the game for them at the last minute. Just a few key plays out of him and we win easily.
  8. Chiefer


    I think it lit a fire that and the OL changeup
  9. Chiefer


    Some bizarro Superman stuff going on right now
  10. Chiefer


    Bills are playing everybody so far back Bell would average 8 ypc too lol
  11. Heard they might add another game at the end before the playoffs
  12. I’m just talking as a guy who is a great pass catcher, and as a runner has great vision. He’s also bigger and maybe even faster with better pass blocking skills Of course our OL can’t run block so it really doesn’t matter.
  13. Should fit the offense like a glove, better version of Clyde potentially.
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