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  1. Ive heard this argument before, problem is the guy in charge was a Browns legend and a HOF executive He stays in Cleveland and i dont doubt his success, despite it being a “different team” by 2000
  2. What an idiot, i like that he blamed somebody else immediately for it too. Pretty sure we can get out from under his contract if he is suspended. Just sucks we didnt target DE at all till late in the draft. Really bare at that position now.
  3. It was in Phoenix? Sounds about right, everybody drives like Mad Max down there
  4. As a Raider fan youd think hed get the idea of a top free agent ending up being terrible on your team.
  5. This and in shotgun snaps he drops back another 6-15 feet behind the LOS. All DEs had to do was run straight for him without having to turn any sort of corner. If he cant get that figured out then no amount of OL upgrades will matter. Even OB jr wont be able to get a hand on the DEs.
  6. I still remember this game pretty well, particularly this horrible drive. It Definitely got Haley canned, got Crennel a one year job interview, and paved the way for Reid to take over in 2013 Jets havent been good since. Time sure does fly, pretty interesting to look at.
  7. Isnt half the league filled with Andy Reid disciples? Probably not a good idea to trash your previous boss when youre not working currently.
  8. Reid tailors his offense to his players strengths, this is nothing new. Its kinda one of the reasons hes considered an offensive genius. I mean OBJs reworking his game to fit with Mahomes style and playing more shotgun, but I dont doubt if we see a lot of RPOs, and power football with OBJ leading the charge either. if theyre really committed to helping out Mahomes, that means some of things we’re accustomed too need to change. He cant just be in shotgun 50+ passes a game, just because he can.
  9. I really didn't expect much out of him, this is actually about what I expected would happen. Timeline puts him back for the season, but hes really not reliable enough to start.
  10. Eh, Reid is anything but traditional. I imagine a good amount of RPOs per usual. i mean thats why i said potentially.
  11. I mean the potential is definitely there.
  12. So would it be the Washington Footballirs?
  13. Yeah, a few years back he did an interview and talked about his struggles...was really tough to hear.
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