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  1. He loves to Blitz so I’m sure Spags will find room for him somewhere.
  2. I think you get 150000 for opting out which isn’t bad scratch
  3. I think he’s rated about right. He’s Elite, just not in the traditional way. He’a not bigger and taller, but he still regularly embarrasses corners and safeties. You have to revolve your whole defense and put two people on him most of the time. He straight gives defenders nightmares, the WASP play only works because a safety has to turn around to keep up with him, even if he starts out 20 yards out,
  4. We’re going for broke though, #runitback Is the Osemele signing that two mill you were talking about? Or is Osemeles cap hit minimal?
  5. Well I live in AZ and we were the worst in the world at one point not too long ago.🤷‍♂️ with the Osemele addition I wonder if we see more Wylie back at RG.
  6. I’m thinking one year rental help win a SB kinda thing, nothing long term.
  7. So with LDT opting out does that open up cap space? Say enough for a guy like Jadeveon Clooney?
  8. Thanks Doc Moose was an awesome ride. Not many Canadians can say they got a Doctorate and a SB Ring.
  9. Sad to see him go, his play regardless, but understandable. He’s on the frontline of a pandemic and America statistically is a turrible place to be. We’ve got some options though hopefully
  10. He was a liability all year last year honestly. was surprising because I like the guy but he was repeatedly getting beat all the way to the super bowl. What I assumed was a center problem was mostly a guard one, partially solved when they got the Wiz in there to stabilize things. i mean a corkscrew break of the ankle/leg sounds brutal so I’d like to see where he’s at next season.
  11. Ldt is a 6 until he proves he’s past the injury honestly
  12. Well Hunt forced his hand on that I don’t think he really wanted to re-sign Berry. Just had too because cancer.
  13. Too bad he’s a horse’s *** or he’d have a job
  14. I think they’re hoping on vets coming in on the cheap to play with Mahomes at some point
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