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  1. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    @MrOaktown_56 it is the preseason overreaction thread. I think I'm entitled to be excited. No rookie QB has looked this good in KC since... I've got nothing.
  2. Chiefs breakout candidates

    Did not know that interesting, I still wouldn't like him back there with all the injuries he's had. But any added usefulness is a good thing
  3. Chiefs breakout candidates

    Spiller at KR? dont think I've heard him practicing there, and with his injury history I wouldn't want him back there anyways.
  4. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    So you're saying he's gonna have an easier time in the league then other rookies? What a relief!(even though the playbook is more complicated then other teams) I'm pretty sure Carr is a pretty good QB, I mean I don't watch him all the time.... personally I think he's got that Wilson/Rodgers ability out of the pocket. Mike Vick coached for us and he's saying Mahomes can do things he can only dream of as far as rolling out of the pocket and throwing on the run. He's obviously not better that Alex yet, but that's a good problem to have. He displays what you like though, understands the offense, coolness under pressure, riflelaser arm strength, manipulating defenses with his eyes(Alex still can't do this) and mostly accurate passes.(the kind only his receiver can catch) I do agree he needs to get those first couple passes under better control though. i think he's looking like the top rookie QB so far, although I've liked what I've seen of Kizer
  5. Why Your Team sucks 2017

    Not gonna lie it took me more than 30 seconds to figure it out
  6. Kyrie Irving Traded to Boston

    Those East championship series are gonna be fun
  7. Browns LB Tank Carder tears ACL

    Tank Tyler was also trash
  8. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Problem with that is he made a few throws that weren't QB friendly the type that breakdown, and instead of panicking and throwing an INT, he either made the accurate throw, scrambled or threw it away
  9. Preseason Overreaction Thread

    Then Patrick Mahomes said "Hold my Beer"
  10. Do we already have a forum mod here?

    You're good Bigs work is work man. I nominate KC_Guy and Jak but I got no problems doing it either.
  11. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    The only reason you don't do it is because you a) can't escape the rush and b) don't have the arm strength for it. Even Mike Vick said that Mahomes can throw passes on the run that even he couldn't do.
  12. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    But how many QBs can run away from a defender on a naked bootleg and throw a dart across there body with pinpoint accuracy?
  13. Chiefs breakout candidates

    Pretty sure Tyreek is gonna be tge Z receiver which is pretty much the number 1 spot. Advantage there because you line up a half yard behind the LOS. Helps to Avoid the press
  14. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    https://youtu.be/-n6yQD8zD8k every Mahomes pass
  15. Preseason Week 2 - Chiefs vs Bengals

    Mahomes why'd you throw that pass? Because I can😎