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  1. I never said the NFL, I was talking about SD and it’s fans. I grew up down in that area I know a lot of salty fans(whom are no longer fans) he’s a spoiled brat who grew up on Daddy’s money and hasn’t really faced to many consequences. It’s a classic story, would be a great ending if he lost the team over the relocation
  2. He’s got great hands/rip move. He’s constantly active you never really see him get locked up despite his size.
  3. Floyd was a top 10 pick so that makes sense.
  4. San Diego and it’s citizens were really hoping he’d ruin himself on this relocation.
  5. He had literal years on the bench to work on it
  6. Thing I don’t like about Leatherwood is he’s one of those “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” types. He checks off almost every measurable you want out of a tackle, H-W-S, arm length, etc. What good is insane arm length though if those arms get swiped so easily?(Ojulari was doing this to him quite often) For a Bama player he doesn’t bull doze guys like you’d think strength-wise. He looked bad in the Senior Bowl as well, there’s a reason people are thinking about moving him to guard.
  7. Makes sense actually, we might be able to get him in the 3rd(ala Orlando Brown jr.) But I think the Chiefs prefer some discipline through this pandemic, if you’re not disciplined enough to keep yourself in shape will you be disciplined enough for a SB run?
  8. Makes me think we’ll try to trade back, or trade up to get a guy we want. or we just draft Forsythe first and piss off a lot of fans who don’t have him “ranked” that high lol
  9. With that arm length he might slip to early day 2
  10. Not bad, he cut some weight in the off-season, supposedly played at around 320 per the guys in the draft forum
  11. Zierlein has him rated over Eichenberg, wonder if we go Stone in the first? know nothing about him but he’s got crazy measurables, and started two years at LT.
  12. Any Opinions on Stone Forsythe out of Florida? Zierlein has him ranked as his 6th ranked OT ahead of Eichenberg, and Chiefs sent their OL coach to personally work him out at the at the Florida Pro Day.
  13. Mitchell Schwartz a good comp for Eichenberg?
  14. 1) Fields 2) Yes, but I don’t expect AS-type mentorship 3) a 3rd or 4th, same return as Smith 4) depends on how good the opposing QB is, I don’t think he wins in a duel between Mahomes or Brady. 5) same answer as above 6) 3 more years at least to see the young QB through till the end 7) I like aggressive, it’s how the Chiefs got Mahomes. Really early, though. Might’ve waited till draft day
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