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  1. They played scared the first game, their safeties were all the way in Canada last time. You cannot played scared or timid against the Chiefs or they will kill you.
  2. It’ll be interesting to see how McDermott/Frazier play the Chiefs this time around. I doubt they’ll play everybody 10 yards deep every down again. I think Darrel Williams showed we can and will get yards on the ground. Poyer seems optimistic that they’ll be more aggressive. Maybe even see some single high coverages!
  3. Almost like there’s another reason
  4. Ah okay just vet injury, he hasn’t looked slowed down that for sure. beasely looked beat up against the Ravens, can’t be good if he reaggravtaed it. Gabriel was a guy I was particularly worried about so I wonder if Stills will come in and produce.
  5. What’s up with the Buffalo WR Corp, Cole Beasley, Gabriel Davis and Diggs all dealing with something it looks like?
  6. Yeah I think whatever SB matchup it ends up being will be a good one. These Championship games are gonna great too I hope
  7. I feel like the two NFC teams are major contenders too. Ones got an MVP, the other has an old warhorse with plenty of weapons at his disposal
  8. That first Patriots SB after 9/11. I remember everyone saying the fix was in because of the Tuck Rule and 9/11 just happened
  9. Like I was saying they usually only call it for a defenseless receiver. Like even when it’s incidental or their wasn’t even a real helmet hit on replay, if it’s a big enough “hit” they’ll call it. There has been a point of emphasis at least when I watch games that once somebody has become a runner, be it a RB, WR or QB, then leading with a helmet doesn’t usually get called. Unless it’s especially egregious or malicious. Sorensens was more incidental and in real time didn’t look like a helmet to helmet. A ref would have had to of been standing in the back of the end zone to see it.
  10. Actually from what I’ve read since the Receiver is not defenseless and is a runner at that point, then that doesn’t get flagged. It’s not a great look but, to a certain point what is a defender supposed to do? He tried leading from the shoulder, I don’t think it was malicious.
  11. One of the Best signings of the Reid era. So glad he’s on the Chiefs😂
  12. It seemed like the toe was doing better to start that 2nd half before his second injury. Forcing him to sit may have been better long term for it. He’s gonna have to work the pocket a bit more then he usually does
  13. Mahomes is practicing tomorrow fwiw. People are pretty optimistic he’s playing barring any setbacks. He’s been positive since they started testing him for this week
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