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  1. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    So in new jersey is what youre saying
  2. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    Yall mean New Jersey
  3. Skip Bayless Right?

    I heard there was a lot less blitzing
  4. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Ill be there😎
  5. Skip Bayless Right?

    I laughed a little when this was said. But is their truth to it? Seemed like they gave up in the 4th again. Thinking Mahomes would sustain the lead by himself. Like hes Lebron James and will just will them to victory. Havent seen the lay down like that in a while.
  6. KC vs Titans

    Reid about to run empty back sets the rest of the year if we get one more fumble lol. I didnt watch it but saw tge score while it was happening
  7. How are those rookies doing?

    Mecole Hardman has been up and down. Great game one week then you dont hear from him. Fumbling kickoffs wont help his case for playing time. Juan Thornhill is solid. Makes rookie mistake but his range has really helped against big plays. Khalen Saunders was in the doghouse but was thrust into playing time due to CJ95s injury. Has acquitted himself well and been solid up front. Rashad Fenton has been starting at nickel corner and has been doing very well. Real sticky on coverage a big reason Stefon Diggs got shut down. Darwin Thompson still hasnt gotten many real chances to play due to a crowded RB room Nick Allegreti has been inactive every game.
  8. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - No Kawhi, No Problem

    Im tryin to get to that Lakers Suns game on Tuesday. Since im in AZ, Price has skyrocketed though compared to last year.
  9. Did they bench the Canadian? Or is he hurt again? I saw Wylie in at RG. Rankins at LG. I liked the lineup against the Vikings. Did a decent job. Those blitzes are killer though. Was wondering where the screen passes were. No RPO with Mahomes out.
  10. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    Pushing Elflein into Cousins for his lone sack was awesome.
  11. Week 9: Vikings at Arrowhead GDT

    Where do i get those sick camo jackets chiefs are rocking?
  12. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Yeah Kawhi the best. LeFlame not bad though for 34
  13. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - No Kawhi, No Problem

    I like that end of game lineup Bradley-Green-James-Davis-Howard
  14. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    More then one game can feel like a playoff game
  15. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Felt like a playoff game honestly.