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  1. Are the Cards really keeping Kingsbury? His second half coaching record all time is atrocious
  2. Jerrick is more comfortable in the offense and has fresh legs. Not gonna say they planned it but, its working out well so far. He provides more for the offense then pretty much any other RB on the team with his speed and toughness
  3. I mean i complain during the game and after, not the week before we play them. At least let the refs mess up first😂😂 Sounds like Bills Mafia is more insecure about it than i am. But you do you bro
  4. I mean im just replying because that response made no sense both teams are very different from when they last played each other, will be a good game i hope
  5. That thread of Buffalo fans under that tweet tho lol i mean at least the Chiefs fans wait till during the game to complain about the refs😂
  6. Already preparing to blame the refs later smdh
  7. Its all i heard for a majority of his first year, and going into his second. Then the three playoff/SB comebacks happened and i havent heard much since
  8. Manning/Brady all over again, hopefully our games are more fun to watch though
  9. Its even more sad to actually lose to the Jags
  10. I do it on Madden when im losing by a lot🤷‍♂️
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