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  1. Mahomes hasnt really fixed any of his bad tendencies. Hes impatient and knows the defense is historically trashy. Hes Pressing and making stupid mistakes. The defense is historically bad though, and needs the offense to sustain drives. The offense isnt, compounding an already bad situation. Doesnt help that every team goes for it on 4th down against the D now. Any Chiefs fan who says it isnt a little bit of both is just lying to yall.
  2. Great test for the young OL, hopefully they perform well. Im expecting Heinikie(?) to have a good game, hopefully Sorensen is benched and that actually means something. Knowing Spagz/Reid though itll just be more of the same.
  3. Thornhill has never been a starter for a full season and cant get the trust from coaching staff, Ward has had up and down play his entire career, and Nnadi is closer to JAG status then he is a quality starter. Sneed is good, but even the moon shines on a dogs a$$ every once in a while. Danna, the guy who gets coverage sacks every once in while is a good player for us? Srs Jak? I get you love the team, but its okay to take things with a grain of salt every once in a while. Danna is solid, but i wouldnt say hes good. Good to me means top half of the league talent bare minimum, that makes a
  4. While its reassuring that theyre not all on him doing no look passes into traffic, it doesnt sit well with me that our half a billion dollar man cant adjust. This “Buccaneers blueprint” has been going on since the 9ers SB. Its not like this is anything new, double safety, double Hill and Kelce, keep everything in front of you. Been going on for over a year now, still cant play well against it. Reid needs to adjust his scheme, he just expect Pat to take over each week. Wonder if hes getting bored in his old age.
  5. guess what? You were right, drastically so. This team is gonna keep going down until Reid can find a quality defensive coordinator. Preferably a guy who is new, and not an old outdated buddy from Philly.
  6. I wasn’t a big fan of the Spagz hiring either, i only liked that it wasnt Sutton anymore. Spagz in his coaching past has lead several all-time terrible defenses. Is it that surprising that the Chiefs defense is playing historically bad in his 3rd year? Was almost inevitable that this would happen eventually, especially with all the “talent” thats been brought in the past 4 years
  7. What is up with Mahomes interceptions? Our Golden Boy looking a lot more silver and copper underneath that gold paint lately
  8. And knowing Reid, itll take a few more embarrassing losses before that change happens
  9. I asked for good starters, and all i see on your list is a bunch of average at best. Sneed is the only star, and hes sophomore slumping on this turrible defense Like I said, his talent acquisition hasnt been great for a while now. He hasnt expanded the core of this team. Hes made terrible high priced FA moves(Mathieu being the only good one, and Veach wanted Earl Thomas), and his trades have been okay at best, At Best! and no this isn't a Dorsey vs Veach debate, im looking at it squarely on Veach. Hes been here 4 years and we havent really moved the needle at all from those
  10. Can anybody name a good defensive starter that Veach has drafted? Besides Parker(who has seemingly regressed) and a partial year of Thornhil? How about Offense? I know he had a hand in Mahomes, but besides Smith/Humphrey I dont think hes drafted any good offensive starters either
  11. Seems like the Chiefs are Mahomes/Hill/Kelce show and thats about it.
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