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  1. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    Or it could be a sign that the guy has a high ceiling despite his "mid-tier" status. Really depends on your scouting department. Can we figure out if this kid has that work ethic needed to reach his potential.
  2. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    At the same time, you want to see growth from year to year i think it's a great way of sniffing out fools gold. When the chips are on the line will you stand strong or wilt under the pressure in your last collegiate game?
  3. How's the class of 2017 looking so far midway through the season? Anybody standing out? Here's the Chiefs class so far. 1)Mahomes is behind Alex for the foreseeable future, but is getting people excited behind the scenes. Grade: Hope 2)Tanoh Kpassgnon finally got some snaps, at EDGE rusher against the Broncos. Grade: N/A 3)Kareem Hunt has been a MVP candidate, was averaging 100 yards from scrimmage a game untill the Broncos defense. Grade:A+ 4)Jehu Chesson is a special teamer Grade: C- 5)Ukeme Eligwe haven't seen him Grade: D 6)Leon McQuay is on the practice squad.
  4. Prospects sitting out bowl games

    Yep, Bowl Ganes are completely for profit. That's why they have corporate sponsors. The Game is useful to see how a player does outside of the regular season. But they ain't paid yet so no need to go. All they can really do is hurt their stock more
  5. How are those Rookies Doing? Mid-Season Edition

    I feel like he's going down easier.
  6. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

    Plummer just didn't love the game He even admits it later on, and wasn't putting the work like he should have. but I wonder if he would have enjoyed it more if he wasn't benched
  7. Yeah but he can't play in bad weather, he reverts to Cassel-levels of ineptitude Compare his day to Eli...wasn't that much better but Eli could at least throw some lasers. How are you supposed to win in January with throws like this?
  8. Bills Bench Tyrod Taylor

  9. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Whoops forgot to make a thread Tale of two teams on the opposite end of the spectrum. Giants are fighting for the first pick, and the the Chiefs are fighting for 1st in the division.
  10. Rookie watch thread.

    Lonzo with his 2nd triple double of his career. Same exact age as Lebrons 2nd TD
  11. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Big Gaines strikes again. Has Alex lost his arm? Will the OL ever be able to block properly?
  12. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Inactive today
  13. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Benched Witzmann maybe
  14. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Who's he playing for? I thought the line was healthy
  15. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    The wind is killing Alex's throws. Cowherd was right once the weather gets bad Alex just can't get it there
  16. Chiefs vs Giants GDT

    Oh no we suck again
  17. Jacoby Brissett

  18. Jacoby Brissett

  19. Looking Ahead to Week 11

    Ive seen a severe lack of tackling in the defense the last few years, besides Berry. I don't think we practice tackling under Reid.
  20. Rookie watch thread.

    I'm just hoping Lonzo can start making some baskets
  21. Looking Ahead to Week 11

    Chris JoNes is already at 3-tech anyways.!might as well be an UT
  22. Aaron Rodgers's situation and the Franchise Tag

    It's not like taking a pay cut is helping them build a better team
  23. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Celtics win 15 straight

    I thought Big Ballers didn't need to steal
  24. I like that he said Period, and ended it with a . No Pit of Despair for you sir Dilly Dilly!