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  1. Tattoos

    Tattoo convention in town finaly got my second tattoo. Its healing really well. As far as tattoo aftercare anybody got tips?. Was using aquaphor but heard thats not good so ive switched to tea tree oil
  2. What direction are we headed? With Watkins in the fold it looks like an explosive offense, but will Mahomes live up to the hype? I've never heard of a 2nd year QB having all these weapons on offense. Should be lots of fun, especially if Mahomes is the real deal. The defense though holds us back. I like the Hitchens signing he seems like a great fit. Fuller is an ascending player on a cheap deal. Sucks to lose Marcus but we've got talent in spots. I want to find a safety, DL and pass rush. Hopefully we find something in the draft
  3. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Dont look down on the Kuz hes got the work ethic to be an All-Star i think.
  4. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Maybe around the traded deadline if they cant salvage the relationship Very true but does Lonzo got that dedication? Or is he too busy making Season 8 of Ball in the Family
  5. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    I just dont see him getting better with that goofy shot of his. I hope it does though for the Lakers sake. Yeah thats a lot for Luke to deal with. Do you think well trade for Kawhi?
  6. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Weird that we turned C-Boogie at cheap price
  7. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    I always call Rajon Ball anyway, why not have the original show him the ropes.
  8. Well this isnt good
  9. Dead Body found at Janoris Jenkins house

    He had family living there from what ive heard
  10. Chiefs OL Becomes a Doctor

    Starting RG and Quebeckian(?) Laurent Duvernay-Tardif for Chiefs completes one of his lifes dream. Slow offseason but i thought this was pretty cool. This never happens. He wanted to put MD on his jersey but Reid nixed that idea.
  11. Dogs

    I want another dog. Another queensland Heeler would be awesome. Or maybe a german shepherd this time around.
  12. Chiefs OL Becomes a Doctor

    Heck yeah it does
  13. Chiefs OL Becomes a Doctor

    Thatd be a good conpromise instead of on the back of the jersey
  14. Chiefs OL Becomes a Doctor

    He was asked that and said thats what the teams doctors get paid for not him Goes for fellow teammates asking for medical advice
  15. Eagles cut Kendricks (officially signs with Cleveland)

    Im from California and call it Cali all the time
  16. Thats one way to get out of your contract
  17. https://twitter.com/FieldYates/status/991747949058289669?s=20 interesting was hoping Dadi would help with pass rush this year. No idea about telfer. I barely temember him at USC
  18. Wondering what you all think? Who has the better year? Statistically or otherwise? Takes their team to the playoffs?
  19. CLE picked for Hard Knocks 2018

    Baker vs tyrod Wonder how mayfield gonna handle that complicated haley offense
  20. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    tremon Smith could be a steal
  21. The NFC east has a different division winner every year, so id say hes got equal chances there basing it off past performances. And again youre talking past performance, when im talking future. Just because the Eagles won the SB doesnt mean theyll repeat. Infact they got a great chance to miss the playoffs entirely. As an example
  22. The year hasnt started yet so who knows what next year holds imo. The past is the past. Two years ago the AFC west was the best division, last year it was bad/ok.
  23. The BBQ/Smoker Thread

    Just quartered sone venison earlier this week. Gonna buy some briquettes and grill a roast thats been marinatibg in worcestershire and liquid smoke Any other good marinades for venison i should try?
  24. Whos gonna be the best QB of the bunch?
  25. Overall I'd say the 2010-2011-2012 draft classes are some of the best ever. of course the Chiefs have the 1st pick in 2013 one of the worst classes ever.