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  1. Will Shield and Brian Waters
  2. Dolphins expected to cut Suh

    And don't forget picking up chicks
  3. Chiefs planning to sign Watkins

    Could it be better? Sure, but its pretty solid when healthy I'd Like to replace the center and left guard but they're workable
  4. Chiefs planning to sign Watkins

    Sig bets? Sig bets? You gotta admit you were wrong in your sig if they do better
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Tooth pain is the worst. Trying to make it till my dentist appt on friday is gonna be a challenge
  6. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    Thing is Watkins film showed a better WR then the box score says. And we've got the perfect QB to maximize Watkins potential and vice-versa. Nothing we as fans can do about the money so I don't worry about it to much. Every FA signing is potential based anyways
  7. Sammy Watkins is a Chief

    Kelce in the slot me thinks. Watkins gets open down field at a similar rate to Hill. Mahomes is gonna have a field day with these offensive weapons. He's got a much better arm than Goff, hell be able to take advantage when other QBs couldn't.
  8. Chiefs planning to sign Watkins

    Could happen idk I'm not Nostradamus. But if it does happen were going down in flames and explosions.
  9. Chiefs planning to sign Watkins

    Mahomes throwing it to Watkins and Hill? Bombs away. Kelce with the intermediate and Hunt on dumpoffs, this offense gonna be deadly.
  10. Alcohol Thread!

    Had some 12 year old Buchanans Like drinking a pack of cigarettes
  11. FanSpeak Mock Drafts

    I feel like great QBs don't really come from the SEC though. Cam Newton & Matt Stafford Being the exceptions, and we didn't have the first pick those years.
  12. Why are QB's less athletic than other positions?

    I'd say qbs need to be nimble athletes. They've gotta maneuver in a short area well to avoid NFL caliber players Besides that though some of the best ever were terrible traditional athletes. Its just not necessary
  13. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    Eh I'm expecting more than that. Especially with a great player like Marcus.
  14. Vegas

    Haha when I went to the Luxor the employees there told me to do that. Only instead of a 20 they said put a dollar in. Then when you hit your 3 free beer limit, go to another part of the casino and do it all over again. For a few bucks you can get a buncha beer on a good deal not a bad scheme.
  15. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    And yet Dorsey didn't want Peters We sold him low, a horrible strategy for doing business. Rams got a steal, what a waste of a first round pick
  16. Rebuild for the sorta short term future

    With this defense I doubt it. Hopefully we can find some pieces for the D with the extra cap room, otherwise it'll be Texas tech 2.0 for mahomes in the pros.
  17. Relationship Advice Thread

    Well she's 19 and I'm 26. But she doesnt drink or smoke, and is going to school. If anything she's a positive influence on me since I want to slow down on both things, and go back to college. I mean yeah I can't take her to the bar, but whatever you only ever find trouble there anyways. We can still go get food, go hiking, etc. There's always work we can talk about. Im not to worried about that.
  18. Relationship Advice Thread

    So this girl at work started messaging me. Weve hung out a few times and she had a crush on me. Ive liked her for a while too, shes cute and we had a good back and forth going. Thing is I'm 7 years older than her. So ive been letting her make all the "first" moves lol. Dont wanna be a weirdo older guy creepin..
  19. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    A first next year doesn't seem heavy at all for an all pro.
  20. Marcus Peters traded to Rams

    I've heard he asked for a trade That the owner was embarrassed by his onfield antics That the locker room is upset That former chiefs personnel in Indy and Cleveland didn't want him It seems like were not getting a 1st for him, which upsets me since we spent a first on him. He's gonna ball the EFF out with that defense in LA.
  21. Relationship Advice Thread

    He should know were all dogs. Doesn't mean I want to catch my girl in bed with another man in my house either. I'd probably kill him then, there's always exceptions. I will say this, if a chick is married, got some kids, I don't go anywhere near that. Im not out there trying to break up families. That's a specific line I don't cross.
  22. RB Kareem Hunt Accused of... Pushing & Shoving

    Should change the thread title
  23. Relationship Advice Thread

    This is the first and probably last time I'm gonna do it. There's always another chick out there so I'm not to worried about feelings. If I'm with a girl i honestly don't expect others to respect our relationship. Like at all. I'm no honorable Knight, but I expect every other man to be one when I'm with a chick? Yeah right. Its up to yourself and yoursignificant other to be loyal, to resist those primal animal urges that compel us to breed and procreate. I'm not out there expecting other men to not be dogs.
  24. Alcohol Thread!

    I definitely want to learn the art of brewing. So i sho2ukd look up all grain kits? Im thinking just buying everything individually instead of just a kit. Problem would be storing it at a certain temperature for extended periods
  25. Relationship Advice Thread

    If you go back to what i originally said the girl told me she was saving up money to move out because her bf cheated on her. Felt it was fair game, if shes actively trying to leave then she might as well be single. turns out shes a Sloot and is gonna stay with him because theyre in love lol. Lesson learned i dont usually do that sort of thing anyways If i got a girl and she cheats on me then im not gonna be mad at the guy. That doesnt make any sense. Im in a relationship with her not the dude. She needs to be the one with faith and morals for the relationship. A sancho is a sancho is a sancho. But they dont get anywhere unless she opens her legs willingly.