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  1. Nagy Gone to Chicago

    He's a center only in a power blocking type scheme Very smart, technical. Big, powerful with long arms. He's got cement buckets for feet though. Asking him to go to the 2nd level or go across the line is asking for the play to be killed. You get him blocking the guy in front of him and he's fine
  2. How good would Antonio Brown be with...

    Its like a Jeff Bezos rich Wes Welker
  3. How good would Antonio Brown be with...

    Its like Julian Edelman on steroids
  4. So weighted pullups, should i rock steel toes and a weighted backpack? Also really appreciate the feedback guys, been 7 years since i seriously worked out and im rusty lol
  5. I mean what exercises work that part of the body? Don't even know what that muscle is called, that whole outer armpit region.
  6. How do i get wings like Bruce Lee?
  7. Oh that's definitely wrapped up in what I'm doing. Bought a book on bodyweight exercises by a special forces guy. He's got a whole program that I'm gonna follow A friend of mine has a 24 hour free gym at the apartment complex he just moved into, invited me to it and it looks pretty legit. Might start hitting him up some days if we got the time. Anybody know some snacks I can eat throughout the day to increase caloric intake? Something healthy and simple I can make at home?
  8. Relationship Advice Thread

    Haha dude Waiting is legendary in the restaraunt business we've all seen it. My GM been at chili's since the 90s he said the game was real then. But he bs’ a lot so who knows. I never mess with anybody's food and I haven't seen it from anybody else. We all hate when people come in 5 minutes before close, like seriously I wanna gtfo. Chicks up front all talk crap eventually. Everybody smokes and the parties definitely get lit. The movie does a pretty good job displaying life working at a restaurant
  9. Wild Card Playoff vs Titans

    Hopefully we can find a #2 corner worth a damn this offseason.
  10. Theres a reason the ref retired after this game
  11. So long Sutton?

    Were losing our OC, likely Toub and Childress' is retiring. I don't think Sutton is gone just yet
  12. NFL Official Jeff Triplett Retires

    How can a QB get sack fumbled, innthe pocket and its blown dead for forward progress? I swear i might kill the guy if i see him
  13. Relationship Advice Thread

    No way bro im a cook haha. Definitely know a couple dudes like that though lmao
  14. Relationship Advice Thread

    Usually I'd feel bad but if he's cheating on her then i got no qualms.
  15. Relationship Advice Thread

    I work at Chili's bro, hot servers everywhere I can't help it. And this ones got that southern hospitality going strong. And if it gets bad, well its chili's I'll just find a different job lol.
  16. Relationship Advice Thread

    So at the Xmas party ended up hooking up with a coworker. Wed been going back and forth for a while, and before the party shed complained her BF cheated on her and was trying to save money to move out. Anyways we've been messaging each other pretty steadily since, I'm not to sure where it's leading but I'm having fun so whatever.
  17. Grandma died last April. Ulcers...I'm glad she's not suffering anymore.
  18. ESPN Story on Patriots

  19. With the regular season wrapped up the rookies have a year under their belts. How did they look as the year went on? 1st Round: Patrick Mahomes QB Texas Tech Chiefs clinched the playoffs a game early and started Mahomes the final game. DAT Arm Strength. Oh you think you've got a sack? how about an off balance throw on a rope where only a Chiefs receiver can catch it for the 1st down. He threw an interception but made up for it with a game winning drive. A good start to his career and I hope many more wins to come. 2nd Round: Tanoh Kpassgnon EDGE Villanova Guy looks like a Greek God at 6'7 292 and like 5 percent body fat. Been a slow start to the year, coming from Villanova will do that. He's had limited snaps until we rested starters against the Broncos. Did a good job and even got his first sack. Hopefully he's the future across from Houston. 3rd Round: Kareem Hunt RB Toledo NFL rushing leader. He's had a great year, what a steal in the 3rd round. Good vision, tough to tackle, and one fumble. 4th Round: Jehu Chesson WR Michigan Good special teamer, got a few catches this last game. 5th Round: Ukeme Eligwe LB Georgia Southern Backup/special teamed 6th Round: Leon McQuay III DB USC Not much
  20. Started body weight exercises about a week ago. I'm trying to commit myself to it, I'm skinny so I'm trying to actively eat more and gain weight. At about 130 now(im5'7) so i set a goal at about 165-170 for the end of the year. Me and the ex used to talk about it but now that were broken up I feel even more motivated now lol.
  21. Yup I think it was 32 years iirc since the last Chiefs rookie won us a game. He had a good game overall. Even Von Miller gave him props said he's gonna be a great QB
  22. Patrick Mahomes Reviews from Denver

    I think he overthrew DAT who's like 5'7. Harris probably would've caught that, or got a hand on it lol.
  23. How's the class of 2017 looking so far midway through the season? Anybody standing out? Here's the Chiefs class so far. 1)Mahomes is behind Alex for the foreseeable future, but is getting people excited behind the scenes. Grade: Hope 2)Tanoh Kpassgnon finally got some snaps, at EDGE rusher against the Broncos. Grade: N/A 3)Kareem Hunt has been a MVP candidate, was averaging 100 yards from scrimmage a game untill the Broncos defense. Grade:A+ 4)Jehu Chesson is a special teamer Grade: C- 5)Ukeme Eligwe haven't seen him Grade: D 6)Leon McQuay is on the practice squad.
  24. JuJu Smith-Schuster: Offensive ROY?

    Yeah when you get more carries it tends to bring the ypc stat down. In fact that's pretty normal throughout history. 4.9 isn't exactly bad either by yourself.
  25. JuJu Smith-Schuster: Offensive ROY?

    Hunt doesn't have a Mark Ingram to share carries with either.