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  1. I don’t see what i said was any different than what you said
  2. His blocking style is more “get in the way as much as possible” instead of Gronk brute force. He's not mowing guys down out there, but he's still doing his job. Which is fine, blocking is definitely more of an effort thing and at around 240 thats about all i ask for.
  3. Looks like a player, that route-running is so slick. And he does just enough as a blocker. He honestly reminds me of a mini-Kelce. I think i saw a comment that said “Great Value Kelce” 😂he was at FB a lot so he likely crosstrains there behind Burton. Just Gotta hope Reid will utilize a “move TE” besides Kelce. Everytime weve got one it seems like they rode the bench the whole season for the “better blocker” (Keizer cough)
  4. This is the biggest x-factor right here. I have full confidence in Mini-Shannys ability to get the best out of his QB. I think any of the top guys would have found success with him.
  5. Nick Bolton LB - Has some nice physicality, blitzing ability and has played as a Mike. I think hes a solid Hitchens replacement. Ive heard he’s underrated in the pass game which is good. B Creed Humphrey C/G - hes got everything you want out of a center prospect(besides being left handed). Very well known as a technician, but also cerebral, good strength and a great athlete. I think i finally got my great center to pair with Mahomes for years to come. A Joshua Kaindoh DE - great athlete who lacks experience because of injuries. Could be worth a flier here. C Noah Gray TE - He lo
  6. Mahomes is for sure a winner Potentially the OL looks like a great unit now, cant say they havent tried to fix it.
  7. Im being really optimistic, but potentially thats a great OL. Still need to gel together, and that will take a few games. Once it starts happening though, Reid will be able to implement anything he wants on offense. power blocking will be great with this ‘lineup’, im expecting a lot more holes to be opened up in the running game up front.
  8. Brown-Thuney-Humphrey-LDT/Long/Smith-Remmers/Niang talk about a new look OL! could very well be the best in the league, Mahomes and Clyde should feel pretty secure back there
  9. I actually think were going to a more power blocking type scheme. All the new guys we've got fit very well for it.
  10. Liking the late round additions so far, all seem like good depth finds. Kaindoh has athletic traits, nice developmental prospect at DE. Gray has future FB/no.2/3 TE /ST written all over him. Gives good effort blocking which is what youre looking for. Powell was a guy i regularly picked late for mock drafts. Good Special teams upside and he is a technician with his routes.
  11. Just got two long term starters, i think thats a win. Bolton is gonna be solid in the middle or at Sam. Creed will be a rock at center for the next 10 years. These are both guys who Ive seen mocked to us in the first throughout the process so good value late in the 2nd
  12. But i mean, look at his QB/GM combo
  13. Well i mean look at the QB situation, im surprised they were 21st
  14. I dont want anything to do with Landon. Way to injury-prone
  15. Yeah but i dont think the Chiefs would’ve been satisfied. They wanted to get a “real tackle” out of this draft. And the pickings are slim to say the least going into the late second. might have to reach on DE next round, but in the grand scheme of things keeping Patrick upright is more important.
  16. Well... don’t underestimate Elways ability to lure old All-Star QBs to Mile High.
  17. Exactly! I knew that by the time we got to our pick thered be slim pickings
  18. I was just answering the question on legit first rounders, i doubt we draft him or he lasts till our pick
  19. I think Barmore has Jones type potential
  20. I mean i agree their is a plan, this team doesnt just free float through the offseason anymore. Hoping to land the guy, no, we attack the perceived weaknesses with vigor. you just got some wild ideas on what that plan is, doesnt really matter though i mean you do you im not gonna stop you
  21. You got some wild theories man.
  22. Ofc those are the reports, bargaining tool. Trent wasnt gonna leave one of his favorite coaches, doesnt mean he cant squeeze out a few more pennies going into retirement
  23. Chiefs do be leaving DEs unblocked, although thats because they were playing guards at tackle
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