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  1. QB Nick Fitzerald, Mississippi State

    I like the guys backstory: http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/20760255/mississippi-state-bulldogs-nick-fitzgerald-follows-line-dak-prescott-dan-mullen-coached-quarterbacks Wildcat QB in peewee, 1 year starter in HS in the triple-option. Worked really hard on mechanics, film study, basically just being a somewhat normal QB to lead the team. Has the natural talent and knows there is more work ahead.
  2. Kareem Hunt Comp

    What's a good comparison to Kareem Hunt? An Eagles player said he looks like Terrell Davis. Now I'm no Bronco fan but I can see the similarities.
  3. Which 0-2 team will make the playoffs?

    Chargers had the momentum and probably win, odds are closer than 50-50 for them
  4. http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article173882931.html Reid saying its a Foot Sprain
  5. Well our fellow Walrus Brothers in the Iggles forum already made a thread so I felt like making one. Key Matchups: Chiefs OL vs Eagles Front 7 can they slow down Graham and Cox? Chiefs QB/WRs vs Eagles secondary Darby is out for a month at least how will they rebound? Reid vs Pederson Master vs the Student
  6. Week 2 Heroes

    Justin Houston Kareem Hunt Daniel Sorensen Chris Jones Alex Smith
  7. Kareem Hunt 1st player since 1923 to have 5 TDs in first two games 3rd player in history to have two 50+ Yard TDs in first two games. Pretty sure he's the first rookie to have 3 Rushing TDs and two receiving TDs in their first 2 games. "I started my career with a fumble the rest is history...."
  8. http://www.kansascity.com/sports/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/article173882931.html He was spotted on crutches after the game Luckily enough we've got a decent backup in Zach Fulton who has been on the team since 2014
  9. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3 9/16/2017)

    Peoples-Jones looking solid for Michigan
  10. Does sitting a QB his first season help or hurt his career?

    I think it all depends on the player and the situation he's going too. A guy like Mahomes I let sit a year to work on footwork and understanding the NFL game. Likewise a guy like Aaron Rodgers I'd have sit as long as possible too fix his throwing mechanics. But if I'm drafting Peyton Manning I start him immediately.
  11. Bengals fire OC Ken Zampese

  12. That one shot was a throwaway IIRC, and Peters still tried to intercept it lol
  13. Terrance Mitchell

    I thought he played just fine against the Patriots. We don't win without him making some great plays. Broke up that TD to Gronk, Broke up that pass on 3rd down in the 4th quarter to Cooks. He makes a WRs life miserable.
  14. We all know the narrative: Smith is conservative a Game Manager Doesnt throw it deep Hes been working on the Deep Ball all offseason, etc. Then during the season he's got the lowest air yards per attempt. The offense moves at a crawl and it's like we go into a shell, with the occasional deep ball to Tyreek. However, now he's got a rookie pushing him. The Rookie throws it deep, in amazing ways. He's got an OL that looks competent, and a RB that can seemingly pound the rock. SPEED for receiving options. 9er fans say the Patriot game is just a unicorn. That he'll go back to normal, dink and dunk, throw it in 2.5 seconds Alex, next week. I'm hoping that we see the Alex that was in his last year in San Fran. Looked great with Kapernick at his back competing. Then gets hurt and put on the shelf.
  15. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    I just think it's funny to hear complaining about refs. Broncos seem to always get away with a lot over the years.
  16. TNF (Week 2): Texans @ Bengals

    Sweep the leg!!!
  17. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    Still within 5 yards of the LOS, and the throw went behind the LOS anyways. Very ticky tacky tbh, it's not like the Chargers got away with spearing the QB like Miller did against the Chiefs. And they didn't cover the OL in Vaseline like the Broncos OL back in the day.
  18. Monday Night Football - LA Chargers @ Denver

    Because its within 5 yards of the LOS?
  19. Week 1 Overreaction Thread

    What if I'm on mobile? i copied the URL and it just gives a link...
  20. Many thoughts on Reid: Gotta love him On another note how has Pederson been for you guys?
  21. Ronald Darby Dislocates Ankle

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000841591/article/eagles-cb-ronald-darby-dislocates-right-ankle-in-win at least a 6 week recovery time. They're gonna check for ligament damage in the morning.
  22. Week 1 Overreaction Thread

    Fastest player in the NFL...Kareem Hunt https://mobile.twitter.com/Eric_Edholm/status/907595370523451393 Also how do i embed tweets? (So, when you paste the link a black bar pops up and say "pasted as rich text". Next to that is a hyperlink that will offer to remove rich text formatting. Click the link and the embed feature will take over. Let me know if that works). - ET
  23. Will Alex Throw it Deep More this Year?

    They still pressured him, I think PFF said he did the best under pressure. And yes their front 7 is pretty beastly. Fletcher and Brandon Graham are good rushers.
  24. Week 1 Overreaction Thread

    I think you guys win the Thursday Game coming up. Cant really avoid the weather though bro