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  1. Movie News/Buzz Thread

    The Godzilla trailer wasn't as good as I thought. The plot seems really dumb.
  2. DC Movie Universe

    Shazam looks awesome.
  3. Best Action Movies

    Fury Road is a really good movie but nowhere near the top of my favorite action movies.
  4. Completely with you on this. Then I read somewhere (and this is not confirmed at all) that he had like over 10,000 of them. If that's true I've changed my mind.
  5. Best Action Movies

    I was gonna say...
  6. Just the other day he criticized someone for making a joke about a teen. Super ironic in hindsight.
  7. Under no circumstance should jokes from a decade ago have any bearing on someone's current job. That said, he's a total hypocrite so karma hit him hard.
  8. NFL’s New Anthem Protest Policy On Hold

    If I never have to hear about this topic again I'll be a much happier person.
  9. DC Movie Universe

    New stuff starts like 3 minutes in.
  10. Best Action Movies

    I really need to sit down one day and just watch the first 2 Terminators back to back and knock out some Rambo after.
  11. Free Agency Thread

    Except for Melo, sure.
  12. Best Action Movies

    So after seeing an excellent continuation to one of my favorite action franchises (The Equalizer) I thought it'd be good to see what else is out there that I've been missing. What are some of the best action movies you guys have ever seen and what are some under the radar ones that I (and others) should take the time to see? Some of my favorites (off the top of my head): John Wick 1&2 The Equalizer 1&2 Die Hard Predator Taken Bourne movies Independence Day The Rock MI 4&5 V for Vendetta The Raid 1&2 Indiana Jones movies The Fugitive The Taking of Pelham 123 Not counting Superheroes, Bond movies or Star Wars
  13. What movie are you watching v1

    I'm kind of in the same boat. I think thematically it's pretty incredible and I understand where the love is coming from, but on a personal enjoyment level it's not in my top 10 movies this year.
  14. What movie are you watching v1

    Just saw The Equalizer 2 and Unfriended The Dark Web. Would highly recommend The Equalizer 2, it's really good. Reviews have been totally off. Unfriended 2 is definitely more of a niche thing.