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  1. I just finished an MCU marathon so I feel qualified to comment. Ragnarok is easily the most overrated film in the MCU, followed by Ultron. Upon second viewing when the humor falls a little flatter it really hits you how unimportant everything feels. Every moment of tension is undercut by something jokey. Trade Iron Man for it and move up Avengers and the list looks a lot better. Here is my overall list: 1. Avengers: Infinity War 2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3. Marvel's The Avengers 4. Guardians of the Galaxy 5. Iron Man 6. Captain America: Civil War 7. Spider-Man: Homecoming 8. Ant-Man 9. Captain America: The First Avenger 10. Ant-Man and the Wasp 11. Dr. Strange 12. Captain Marvel 13. The Incredible Hulk 14. Black Panther 15. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 16. Thor 17. Iron Man 3 18. Thor: Ragnarok 19. Avengers: Age of Ultron 20. Iron Man 2 21. Thor: The Dark World
  2. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Sure some people have problems with Luke but most people have problems with the garbage, nonsensical writing of the story.
  3. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Not that simple.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    We could use a slot but overall the talent is there on the outside. I'd like Isabella in round 3 or 4.
  5. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    That was a surprisingly solid movie.
  6. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Calling it now the Skywalker is Vader.
  7. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I'll be passing on this. They killed all the interesting stories and JJ is a starter not a finisher. I'll find a stream of it later.
  8. How Many More Years COULD DWade Play?

    Dwyane Wade was a net negative in every aspect this season. Offense, defense, on floor impact...all of it. If you are asking how long he could be a rotation player it's still a few more years. His years as a good player are over though. Offensive rating 102 (team is 107.6) Defensive rating 109 (team is 107.6) BPM -0.4 On/Off -3.6
  9. Who Is Better Right Now, Kyrie Or Dame?

    Lillard by a clear margin. Better scorer, better playmaker over the span of their careers (though this year they're probably even), worse defender (Irving isn't good either), a significantly better leader and more impactful player. He's straight up a better offensive player whose success is more important to his team.
  10. Calvin Johnson is a first ballot hofer; change my mind

    I came into this on the fence but the crowd arguing against it has down a great job of swaying me...to side with him going in 1st ballot.
  11. My dream since news on a potential merger came out has always been post credits scene of Avengers 4 to be Doom.
  12. Shazam

    Pretty sure in everything I've seen that they are not aware he's a kid at first. It's usually a storyline he's involved in where they find out.
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I'm really disappointed Becky didn't get the moment she deserved. Winning the titles in a bad match, with a dead/exhausted crowd after a 7 hour show with a horrible finish really hurt what should've been a special moment.
  14. Random Packer News & Notes

    0% chance we take a QB in the first round. That's nonsense to even think about.