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  1. I understand that the mathematical formula values currents picks higher. I'm using my head and context though. The Pelicans literally cannot get a less valuable 1st than the 30th pick in this years draft. So let's take out one pick from Milwaukee and call that even. So now you're counting on 14 and 26 in a garbage draft to be better than 4 shots in 4 different drafts of varying strengths. If I'm the Pelicans, I look at this and say I don't need three guys in a bad draft. There isn't anyone I want to move up and get. My window hasn't opened yet. I'll kick the tires down the road and either hit the jackpot if Giannis leaves or have some extra value when we are in our competitive window with prime Zion/Ingram. The Hayward addition is an automatic no from any reasonable GM. It would be a non-starter from the get-go. Under the best circumstances which I'm still pretty sure can't happen, you are paying more money for a substantially worse player. Why even trade Jrue at that point? He's better, cheaper and also expiring. In the worst case scenario it's a move that gets DG fired because you are locked into a terrible contract for 3-4 years. There is literally no upside.
  2. Pretty sure he couldn't be traded unless he opted in, which he obviously didn't. Therefore he's either out or a negative asset in the deal. I'd also easily prefer 5 shots at a good pick spread out over time than one lottery and two late 1st's in a terrible draft. That's just me.
  3. You don't get Hayward as an expiring though. So he's either not part of the deal or a massive negative. 14/26/30 in this trash draft could pretty easily be less valuable than 3 firsts and 2 swaps spread over x amount of years.
  4. If I'm NO there is nothing I want less than a not top 50 player making 30 mil a year for the next 3/4 years. That's a franchise crippling move. I would want absolutely no part of that Boston deal.
  5. I can't imagine they put a ton of value in taking on and then paying Hayward. The Atlanta offer is better.
  6. Is that Vegas or your personal opinions?
  7. Yeah, I'd be down for a badass chick being the leader in Predator. As long as they show us she's a badass instead of constantly telling us she is.
  8. Manning is a lock. I feel like Woodson, Megatron and Faneca should be too. Personally I'd like to see Holt, Butler or Thomas get in as well.
  9. Yeah Vogel & LeBron are great at keeping guys in check. That shouldn't be an issue. Dwight was a cancer for years, comes to LA and is a model teammate, then it took all of 5 seconds for him to have a controversy in his post Laker career.
  10. Gave it up around this time last year. It's a cesspool.
  11. I don't check Twitter for that very reason.
  12. Those people were stupid though. That was never going to happen.
  13. KOC also thought GS were contenders pre-Klay injury so who cares what he thinks. Even though, yes, the Lakers did get better and clearly the favorites right now.
  14. I'll bet you anything the Lakers lose more than two postseason games in 2021.
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