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  1. Anime and Manga Thread.

    I love it. One of my favorite anime. Some of the best protagonists out there.
  2. What movie are you watching?

    The Count of Monte Cristo. Very happy it met my expectations.
  3. 1980s Horror - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    The Thing Nightmare on Elm Street The Shining Whatever the first Friday the 13th with Jason was The Fly My Bloody Valentine
  4. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    Never thought I'd be rooting for Richard Sherman to keep complaining.
  5. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    I hate every change the NFL has made in the last decade
  6. 1990s Horror - Official FF BMET (Nominations OPEN)

    Tremors absolutely. It's amazing that it has at least four sequels. Google defines Scream and Silence of the Lambs as horror so I'll throw those in.
  7. 2000s Horror - Official FF BMET (Polling Thread)

    I've only seen one of those movies so I don't think my vote would carry much value here.
  8. One year grading scale

    Packers 1.12 Rashan Gary, EDGE - C, wasn't sure if he fit C or F better but he played every game 1.21 Darnell Savage, S - B 2.44 Elgton Jenkins, OL - A 3.75 Jace Sternberger, TE - C, primarily due to injury 5.150 Kingsley Keke, DT - C, potentially a B 6.185 Ka'Dar Hollman, CB - B 7.226 Ty Summers, ILB - B

    He's a remarkable coach but he's a massive whiner.
  10. All star weekend

    Another gem that you when confronted you won't back up.
  11. If your takeaway from my post is "Julio needs to be fed more" I don't have a response for you dude.
  12. 2000s Horror - Official FF BMET (Nominations Open!)

    It's like the only horror I can remember for the 2000's that made an impact on me
  13. Julio Jones is one of the most physically gifted WR's to ever play the sport. This is backed up by his 6'3 220 lb frame where he posted an elite 40, broad jump and shuttle at the NFL combine. Since his third year in the NFL he's averaged over 100 YPG every year but two and has led the NFL in yards twice and catches once. He's had one of the greatest nine year stretches in NFL history. There is no debating this. However, his resume isn't perfect. First, he's been banged up a bit. Thankfully, he's only missed one game the past three seasons. Still he's missed 18 games and played banged up for many others. He's a stressful player to have in fantasy that's for sure. His QB, Matt Ryan, has missed one game since Julio arrived in the league. Ryan is currently 10th all time in passing yards and 11th in TDs. This is the easiest era in history to accumulate receiving stats. 15/30 leaders in all time catches have retired in the last ten years. Five of the top nine receiving yard seasons ever have come in the last eight years. Five of the top six reception seasons ever have come in the last five years. So objectively, Julio has been blessed to walk into as stable a passing situation as any ever. Yet despite that in nine years he has scored 10 TDs one time. Since he's been in the NFL there have been seventy-six 10 TD catch seasons. Julio Jones has one of them. Compared to his peers this is confusing. We know he's an athletic freak. According to you in another thread you have never seen him run a route that wasn't perfect. We know his QB situation is strong and stable. Why doesn't he score at the rates of his peers? AJ Green has played in fifteen less games and scored more TDs with a worse QB and multiple seasons of tremendous offensive balance. Why? He's only been a top 20 red zone target guy twice in his career (10th, 15th) so it's not force feeding in the red zone. Is ten TDs a subjective number? That's a valid argument. How about this: Julio Jones has finished in the top 10 for TDs once in nine years. That year finished exactly 10th. His peers like Green, Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham Jr., Calvin Johnson, Mike Evans and Davante Adams didn't/don't have that issue. Only Michael Thomas is in the same boat as far as totals but he has three top 10 finishes in four years. So why doesn't Julio score? Is he ignored in the red zone? That doesn't appear to be the case. He's first on the Falcons in red zone targets each of the past three seasons. In those three seasons he's led the team in TDs...0 times. In 2019 he was the 17th most targeted player in the red zone, and 17th in red zone TDs. He was 26th overall in TDs. In 2018 those numbers are 23rd, 22nd and 14th. In 2017: 18th, somewhere in the 100's, 71st. In 2016: 85th, 90th, 27th. In 2015: 9th, 27th, 20th. 2014: 55th, 80th, 29th. So 2014/2016 he wasn't targeted in the redzone as often (while missing a few games). The more consistent trend that appears is he doesn't perform all that well in the red zone. Well why is that? Is he doubled a lot? I looked everywhere I could to see if there are any double team stats to see if he's doubled more consistently than other top WR's. I looked at the first few games of the season and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. It also seems unlikely he's receiving routine doubles and still getting top 20 red zone targets the last few years. What I did find is average separation. In 2019 he ranked 8/125 in the NFL for least amount of separation per average catch (2.2 yards). Maybe, just maybe, the lack of TD totals is on Julio. Does his lack of TDs hurt his overall impact to an extent? I believe it does. It's why I would take all the players over him career wise I said I would in my original post. 1/3 of his total playoff TDs came against one of the worst pass defenses of all time while he was single covered by an UDFA who was cut shortly after. Color me unimpressed. I'm sure it may be hard to believe that the guy you claim to have only seen run perfect routes and the guy you claim to view as some sort of god isn't perfect...but he's not.
  14. 2010s Horror - Official FF BMET (Polling Open!)

    It's a fun movie. No way would you consider it a horror but it's a good time.