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  1. My brother watched all of DBZ on Funimation. I found out after the fact that it wasn't Falconer music. I played him one scene. He was shocked at how much more intense that was than anything he watched.
  2. Funimation not having the Falconer version of DBZ is why I can't watch it on there at all. It's 1000% worse without his incredible music. Yeah, Attack on Titan has the best anime soundtrack in my opinion. One you didn't mention is Re: Zero which has some excellent music as well.
  3. You'd get along with my friend group so well. Anime (specifically the ones we love), crypto, and sports.
  4. I mean Vegeta's character arc not his saga. He has an amazing story. From essentially militant slave who couldn't rely on anything but his own strength to becoming a family man. The Buu saga isn't great but has some of the best character development in the show because of him.
  5. JuJu's opening you're talking about is amazing. I love it. My Hero hits me on every level. Demon Slayer dragged from 7ish to 13ish for me. Everything before and after was awesome. Incredibly underwhelming. Swapping studios, unnecessary censorship, rushed schedule and squeezing too much content into one season ruined it. They last four episodes cover FIFTY chapters of the manga. That's insane. I have high hopes that the final season returns to form because the first two (or technically three I guess on Netflix) are incredible. Meliodas is my favorite anime character.
  6. I've gotten to the point where I call regular TV "live action" because I watch so much more anime than normal shows 😅 Yeah, I agree. Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia are a tier above anything else for me though so I'm not sure if it's that way for you. I don't think Demon Slayer is in my top 10 but it's definitely top 20 and the movie certainly gives it a shot to enter that group. That and Jujutsu Kaizen are the ones that could jump a ton with multiple seasons. I'm 100% with you on DBZ. It'd be tough to rewatch in full but the best moments and the Vegeta character arc will always
  7. This is what my friend sent me.
  8. Get cozy! I'll ask and get back to you.
  9. Yeah, S2 is at the bottom. I wasn't big on the first half of season 3. The first half of S1, second half of S3, and S4 thus far would all be near the top of any anime arcs for me.
  10. No commercials on Funimation and dubbed episodes come out pop up a day after they come out. Funimation is loaded with awesome content. It has most of the best anime except for the newer stuff on Crunchyroll. The beginning of the season kind of has to be slow to set things up. Once it gets going, like you said, it gets absolutely amazing. It's up there among my favorite seasons of anime ever. The nuance and storytelling gets better every time you rewatch.
  11. Sam Howell Derek Stingley Kayvon Thibodeaux Those are the three guys I see sticking at or near the top of the draft next season. I'd very much like to see Slovis or Daniels up there too.
  12. Part 1 dub finished last week. I LOVED it and am so hyped for part 2 which feels so far away. If I had to choose between A) watching part 2 as normal, and B) getting $50,000 and never being able to finish (weird hypothetical is weird) I'm choosing A without hesitation.
  13. I don't know anything about it but one of those friends was really big on something called casino coin which has made him well over $100,000 so he seems good with this stuff.
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