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  1. Zombieland 2

    Really enjoyed it.
  2. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Disagree but at that point you're splitting hairs.
  3. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Or fix both because they are both issues.
  4. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    That doesn't change the fact that dropping 15-20 lbs would still help dramatically.
  5. NBA GDT | '19-'20 |

    Zion absolutely needs to lose weight if he doesn't change his play style. Knees aren't meant to take that level of force. Side note: I cannot wait to see the train-wreck that is Westbrook in Houston.
  6. I'm glad Tegan is back. Her injury at the MYC was one of the hardest things I've had to watch in wrestling. As far as War Games: I think you get the 3 BFF's, Horsewomen and Ripley with stable she had been doing house shows with (Bianca and someone else I'm forgetting).
  7. First Time All-Star Predictions

    Zion needs to make it to midseason first. He's already having knee issues. I think your other 3 picks are right on.
  8. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Did Suicide Squad ever announce their villain? They showed us Enchantress but I don't think they ever said she was the villain.
  9. First Time All-Star Predictions

    I sure hope so. That top 3 in MVP sig bet we made is going to be in trouble otherwise.
  10. DC Movie Universe

    Individual villain stories leading up to the Batman would be cool but you'd need to be careful with it. You could do Penguin as suggested, you could probably do a Scarecrow movie too. Mr. Freeze has a great story to tell. Two-Face as well.
  11. Mariota benched

    So one could say that it is a Marcus Mariota FACT that he is a backup.
  12. Creative and social media have done him no favors certainly. Hes probably underrated in-ring now. I don't think that makes up for his lack of mic skills/character though. Kenny and especially Cody far exceed him on that front.
  13. 2019-2020 Hot Takes Thread

    They'd have to be in a position to come close first. Not happening this year.
  14. Aaron Rodgers Appreciation Thread 4.20

    I love how much action the RB's are getting in the pass game. It's refreshing.