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  1. Yeah we cut them off about three years ago. Which was a bummer because I dug the stuffed crust. Definitely agree that local spots are the way to go now.
  2. Yikes. We've never really had quality issues. They are just slow as hell. I can remember five orders from there in the last 5 years, one never arrived, three took two hours plus, and then one time I said F it I'll do carryout instead. I ended up waiting for about an hour after I arrived.
  3. Every Pizza Hut around here is run terribly to the point most of my friends refuse to order there anymore. So wherever you are, you're lucky.
  4. Just throw him on ignore like everyone else does. Dude simps hard for Oregon alumni. You should've seen the nonsense posted about Mariota.
  5. 1. Burger: Five Guys/Culvers. Gun to my head I think Five guys is better but I go to Culvers more often because it's more affordable. Easily the two best tasting fast food burgers. Although there is a place near me called Freddy's that has incredible cheese curds, and I can settle for a decent burger to get those. Shake Shack is really good too. 2. Chicken: Chick-fil-A. I don't get chicken that often from fast food though tbh. 3. Mexican: Chipotle. I only get this and taco bell, and this is clearly better. 4. Sub: Subway I guess. I'm actually incredibly anti-sandwich for fast fo
  6. It would be if your QB was Teddy Bridgewater or Drew Lock.
  7. This. Also, who is playing WR? These change my answers.
  8. Yeah, throw in a few day 3 picks on top, and I'd take it.
  9. The 2021 NL MVP: 1.044 OPS, 35 homers, 5.9 WAR Barry Bonds' AVERAGE season for 22 years: 1.051 OPS, 35 homers, 7.4 WAR Insane. I HATED Bonds and Clemens. Both of them, Schilling, Sosa, A-Rod, McGwire, and obviously Rose are all undeniably HoF players and should get in. Holding grudges like this is insane.
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