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    Considering he took significantly longer to come back than expected...maybe no limp?
  2. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | All Hail King Zion !!!

    And acted like he was going to be a star

    Zion had an outstanding debut. Thing is he didn't alleviate any of my injury concerns. He looked hobbled and overweight last night. The fact that he produced they way he did is remarkable but I see this issue lingering.
  4. Arrest warrant issued for Antonio Brown; turns himself in (page 7)

    This has to be the most insane year ever for a players rep that wasn't involved in a murder. His career is done. His HoF odds have taken a massive hit. What a waste.
  5. Joker

  6. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | All Hail King Zion !!!

    I'd go Jokic Embiid Gobert Towns Adebayo Sabonis Gasol Horford Drummond Aldridge
  7. Consensus Scouting Report - Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    I absolutely read this wrong. I ranked his best traits in order.
  8. Movies you want sequels to

    Big Hero 6 Cloverfield Dodgeball Edge of Tomorrow (I believe this is happening though) Happy Death Day 2U Power Rangers 2017 The Accountant
  9. Anime and Manga Thread.

    You're a monster.
  10. Antonio Gates vs Jason Witten

    Antonio Gates, despite the one Cowboy fans desperate insistence that it's not. Witten has a good argument for better career though.
  11. 2020 Off-season Discussion Thread

    Move on from Allison and Graham Retain Veldheer Bring back Bulaga contingent on price Bring back Martinez contingent on price Draft WR, IDL and ILB
  12. Best NBA players under 25?

    Zach's ORTG at the time of my posting was 105.7. The Bulls as a team was 104.7. I'll need proof to buy that claim.
  13. Diamondback killed it for me. One of my least favorite characters in all of fiction.
  14. Anime and Manga Thread.

    My Hero has officially cemented itself at my top ranked anime. Season 4 has been amazing.
  15. If Blake earned a big contract last week he's lost one this week
  16. Worst tackling and angles taken I've ever seen. Rodgers is going to get way too much **** for something that hasn't really been on him.
  17. Starting 5 A-Team and B-Team

    It's easier to do best players at each position PG1-Magic Johnson SG1-Michael Jordan SF1-LeBron James PF1-Tim Duncan C1-Kareem Abdul Jabbar PG2-Oscar Robertson SG2-Kobe Bryant SF2-Larry Bird PF2-Karl Malone C2-Shaquille O'Neal
  18. Best NBA players under 25?

    The difference between the Hawks offense with Trae Young (108.2 ORTG) vs. without (94.2 ORTG) is larger than the gap between the best team (115.9) in the NBA vs the worst (102.7). He's clearly making a huge difference. The same can't be said for Zach. Towns isn't LeBron, Kareem or Wilt though. The Suns last year with Ayton 17-54 (23.9%).The Suns last year without Ayton 2-9 (18.2%). The Suns this year with Ayton 6-5 (54.6%). The Suns this year without Ayton 11-19 (36.7%). Yes, he was but that's not saying much because LaVine isn't that good. OWS are related to total amount of wins. The Hawks have by far the worst NBA roster this season. As evidenced by the numbers I provided above. It's hard to get wins with the worst roster in basketball thus far (due to injuries). By ORPM (an actual measure of offensive impact), Trae Young is the #1 PG in the NBA. You don't want to get started on Zach vs Trae. Zach has literally no argument for being in the same stratosphere.
  19. Starting 5 A-Team and B-Team

    Based on talent or based on fit?
  20. Best NBA players under 25?

    I don't agree. Great players make a difference. Trae Young is on the worst team in the NBA and his offensive impact is massive as evidenced by their ORTG with vs. without him. Same with Karl Anthony Towns. The Wizards went 5-28 without John Wall and 24-25 with him in his third year. DeAndre Ayton has a noticeable impact on the Suns. Those are/were all young guys whose impact was felt early on. With Zach there is multiple years of evidence that there is no difference or a better outcome whenever he sits. This may be his best season but he's still largely the same player. He's an iso scorer who doesn't make a team any better. His On/Off numbers are middle of the road on his own team. As far as I'm concerned there is no difference between the Cavs, Celtics and Nets being as good or better without Kyrie than the Wolves and Bulls being as good or better without LaVine.
  21. Ja Morant vs Trae Young

    Now I see. That's where we differ. I think with the right roster construction you can hide Young/Nash to an extent defensively while allowing their offensive genius to flourish. Nash led some very good Suns teams (my favorite teams ever) deep in the postseason and he did it without an elite rim protector (which they desperately needed to overcome his deficiencies). Still as long as he remained they were good. Joe Johnson and Amare being out didn't make much of a difference. When Nash was out the team fell off a cliff, something 60%+ win percentage with him and 30% without him over a 5 year stretch. I think Collins can be Trae's Amare but with better defense. I also think Ja is going to be exceptional. There was a reason I always said this draft was a 2 man class. Barrett was nowhere near him. I see Ja as someone who will end up being around peak John Wall. An exceptional athlete who is great on both ends. Personally I'd take Nash over Wall 10/10 times though.
  22. Best NBA players under 25?

    Chicago still doesn't see any drop off without him though. Zach's playstyle isn't that similar to Kyrie. That's not what I was trying to suggest. I mean they are similar because they are both talented scorers who tend to make little to no difference in team performance because they don't make their teammates better.