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  1. Random Thoughts

    PFM, Shannon Sharpe, Terrell Davis, John Lynch (up until San Fran hired him), .. Funny how many former Broncos do this. Once you put that orange uniform on, you never take it off, regardless of how many seasons you spent somewhere else. Denver has to be one of the only organizations where this is commonplace.
  2. Because the coaching staff is all brand new. OTA's are literally the first chance new coaches have to begin selling their message to the players. And whether or not anyone would ever say it out loud, the CHJ situation has been a cloud hanging over this entire off season. You can't tell me that the players on that defense aren't distracted by it. Or that the coaches didn't miss out by not having Harris there when they began laying down the groundwork for next year. That kind of stuff matters when you're attempting to undo the kind of culture that was eating this locker room alive last year.
  3. Love CHJ. And maybe I'm just being a negative Nancy here, but to me this whole thing feels like an untimely and slightly irritating distraction. Is Harris underpaid? Yes. Has been his entire career. Was he stuck with that salary this year anyway? Unfortunately yes, because he agreed to that contract. Should we have traded him? As much as I hate to say it, probably. Because instead, we're now "negotiating" the last year of a contract that he's already on the hook for (he literally had zero leverage here other than to become a major distraction if he had chosen that route, which I doubt he would have done), all during a time where the organization/coaching staff have more important things to be focusing on. But I will be glad to see him in orange and blue for at least one more year. I think we can all agree on that part.
  4. Let the Offseason Begin

    Not sure where our cap is currently at, but I doubt we can afford him. I'd love to have him though.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Murray was def up and down, but two things killed Denver in this game: 11 missed free throws and 10% shooting from 3. Denver had been below their season averages in both those categories all post season long and it was bound to cost them eventually. Especially the free throws. 3 of Denver's losses in this series were by 7 points or fewer. They missed a combined 27 free throws in those 3 games, good for 68%. If they even shoot 75% from the line in those games, this series would likely have been over in 5. There's really no excuse for that. On the positive side though, the future is definitely bright in Denver. These guys were a couple of points away from the western conference finals. And most of them are like 22-24 years old. With Golden State's pending breakup, I could see the Nuggets being the team to beat in the west next year.
  6. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Aldridge couldn't hear Pop because of the crowd noise. The rest of the team could't run up and tell him or they would have left someone wide open for a layup due to the spacing the Nuggets had them in. Aldridge should have had enough situational awareness to make that foul on his own, but yeah.. There's a reason it's really hard to win in Denver and it's not just the altitude.
  7. Thursday morning if you had told me that Denver would end up with Fant, Risner and Lock without mortgaging a single future draft pick I would have laughed you outta the building. I would have loved to have taken Bush at 10, and I still think Elway got really lucky with Fant. In fact there was a stretch there where I really hated that man lol. But the fact is, in terms of value and potential, days 1 and 2 went fantastic. Risner, I have zero doubts about. But if we hit on Fant and Lock this will go down as one of the most brilliant drafts in Broncos history regardless of the "meh" day we had today.
  8. Haven't watched a ton of film on Fant; particularly his drops. Are they concentration drops (looking up-field too soon) or are they a hand-eye coordination problem?
  9. Eh, maybe him and the rest of the coaching staff have something specific in mind for him. For now, I'll withhold judgement; Fangio knows his linebackers. Seems odd though. I had to look him up cause I'd never heard of him, was surprised to find that he actually played for us in 2016 lol.
  10. Still pissed that KC took Thornhill at 2(31). I was hoping he'd fall, but I kinda knew better
  11. I was thinking the same thing! You know him and McDaniels both had a aneurysm when that pick came out lol
  12. Man.. I hope I don't make it that far lol. I was into motocross and mma all through my late teens and twenties. Concussions galore, multiple separated ac joints, multiple boxer's fractures, bone bruises, about a half dozen high ankle sprains.. I'm 34 now and some days I feel good. Some days I wake up and feel like I got hit by a semi. I wouldn't change anything I've done cause it was a blast lmao. But yea.. I'm really going to pay for it down the road. The concussion thing is actually what frightens me the most. Back then, they weren't as aware of that stuff or I would have been waaaaay more careful with my noodle.
  13. Oh there's no way I'm gonna make it to 70 so I ain't worried about it.
  14. If there's a team out there that's willing to pay him $15 mil a year, then I'm legit happy for the dude; couldn't happen to a nicer guy. But it's crazy to me that someone would actually entertain that idea knowing he's getting ready to be thirty and has suffered a torn ACL and a broken leg over the last 4 seasons. Those kinds of injuries sustained in your twenties (I know from experience) have a tendency to come back and haunt you once you hit your early thirties. Chronic soreness, arthritis, cartilage deterioration.. All I'm sayin is if someone hands him that contract, it would be low in guarantees if they were smart.
  15. If we can somehow grab Risner and or Ford tomorrow I'd be pretty alright with that. Keep in mind, we have Munchak. Imagine what he could do with our O-line with that kind of talent infused into it. Aaaaand imagine what kind of horror would await our enemies if Freeman and Linsday actually had holes to run through..