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  1. Slightly disappointing news on Rodgers, but not surprising. In a way this can still be beneficial to us. It’s Lock’s third season and he will have an actual offseason under his belt this time. Under those conditions, if he can’t manage to beat out Teddy Bridgwater, then clearly he isn’t the guy and we will have our answer on him. Then next year, we can go after Rodgers with everything we’ve got. Just in time for all of our major skill players on offense to be hitting their primes.
  2. How do the legalities work in terms of retirement? Say Rodgers decides to retire this off-season, and then comes out of retirement. Green Bay would still own rights to him for the duration of his current contract, correct?
  3. So here's the story with him: He partially tore the labrum in his hip during the 2015 season. Instead of getting it fixed, he opted to play through it which caused it to worsen over the 2016 and 2017 seasons (where you can see a notable drop off in his stats). After the 2017 season he switched over to an anti inflammatory diet in an attempt to keep playing. But for some reason his new diet appeared to cost him a LOT of muscle mass. No longer his usual hulking self, he was never the same player. What I never understood is why they didn't just shut him down and have it repaired. Yeah, he would h
  4. Even with his average hands, he’s still one of the top 3 best Broncos receivers of all time. It’s a shame he had to fight through a torn labrum in his hip for several years. I feel like that robbed him of at least a couple more years.
  5. Yeah, I knew losing Murray was going to hurt us eventually. But if we get swept by the suns, Malone deserves to be fired. Injuries or not, when you have the league MVP on your team, there’s really no excuse for getting blown out of the playoffs by an average margin of nearly 19 points per game. Especially by a team that finished all of 4 games better than you. It’s not like we barely backed our way in and the Suns are a 65 win team or something. There’s just no excuse for this.
  6. Which wrestler? That’s always kinda cool when someone you know ends up doing something like that
  7. It’s so odd picking a record for a 17 game season. Feels weird to say 13-4
  8. Good point, but to me that almost makes him worse. Bridgewater understands the game and yet he still has terrible stats. To me, that implies a low and very established ceiling. With Lock, you could tell that the game was still just a bit too fast for him. If we don’t trade for Rodgers, I’m betting we see a significant jump from Lock this season.
  9. Haha that might end up being the worst signing I’ve ever seen from a return investment standpoint.
  10. Has anyone calculated how much we’ve ended up paying him per snap? It has to be a hilarious amount.
  11. A 1st, and either Surtain or Von Miller. Not a dime more.
  12. This draft feels so ‘meh’ to me. Boring. Which is probably why half of them will end up in the pro bowl 😆
  13. Bolles - Meinerz - Cush - Muti - Risner I’m betting this is our O-line config before the season is finished.
  14. Good to know he's bulked up some. Of course, I knew another RB once upon a time that was only about 215. And for his first 4 seasons, it sure didn't seem to hinder him any lol.
  15. Gonna take a wait and see approach before I crucify Patton. Both of our picks are extremely talented, highly intelligent players. I feel like they could have both been picked later down the board, but if those are the players you really want, then don't get cute. Just grab them. My only real concern with Williams is that he's only 212 lbs. His style of smash mouthed running won't do his health any favors once he's doing that in the big boy league.
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