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  1. Withholding full judgement on Lock until he’s had a few more games under his belt. It’s worth pointing out, he’s only had half a season worth of actual starts in his career and the game is still a tiny bit fast for him. 3 endzone drops today didn’t help any any either. Gotta catch those.
  2. Truthfully, I’ll be shocked if the NFL manages to finish the season. Valiant effort, but I just don’t think it’s feasible. Especially with a full 16 game schedule. The only reason the NBA was able to pull it off was because of the bubble.
  3. This has long term implications as well. All these injuries will give Fangio a free pass this year. A lot of people are rightfully concerned that he just isn't head coach material and now we're going to have to wait yet another season to find out.
  4. You guys may be correct; there might not be anything our staff could have done about it due to the NFLPA agreement. If so, they're really going to need to reexamine that part of it this offseason, or there aren't going to be any players left to suit up next year lol.
  5. Buoye - Shoulder Miller - Ankle Bolles - Sprained elbow (somehow playing through it) Lindsay - (toe) Sutton - Knee Lock - Shoulder With the exception of Miller, all 6 of these (significant) injuries took place within the first 7 quarters of the NFL season. I do my best to avoid knee-jerk reactions, so I'm saying this through a calm lens. I don't believe this is simply bad luck. 1 or 2? Sure. Six in 7 quarters? I just don't think so. To me this is a pretty loud indication that this team wasn't properly conditioned during the offseason. No pre-season combined with lighter practices in recent years has clearly left our guys physically unprepared for the demands of playing at full speed. Scoff if you wish, but there is definitely a hardening process that takes place in your body during high impact training. Without it, you're much more injury prone. There's no way our training staff aren't familiar with this concept and at some point, this kinda needs to be somebody's fault.
  6. Definitely. My biggest concern right now though is that Drew Lock has now suffered two (what appear to be) significant injuries in two years. Young QB’s need reps to work the kinks out, and thus far Lock hasn’t had the opportunity to do that because he can’t seem to stay on the field. At some point this is going to start really impacting his development if he can’t find a way to stay healthy.
  7. It would appear our entire team is made of glass this year. I’ve often wondered to myself if the reduced contact in practice during recent years wasn’t counter productive. On the surface, it seems like a no brainer, sure.. but the issue is that your body never really has a chance to harden up and get used to those impacts. It was the exact same way when I used to train/fight mma in college. Going easy in training may keep you from getting hurt, but it also makes you soft.
  8. Offense goes stagnant for 3/4 of the game -> defense finally runs out of gas just in time to lose by a last second field goal. Seems oddly familiar.
  9. Considering our losses, Fangio can coach a hell of a defense. But it’s pretty clear that missing Von and a healthy Chubb is gonna hurt this year. Also, Shurmur’s offense thus far doesn’t really look any more improved that Sgang’s did. Flashes of brilliance followed by long stretches of inadequacy. We can’t run consistently, which hamstrings the play action, which puts more pressure on a young qb who didn’t get a preseason to work the kinks out. I do see some growth there in Lock, however. Like AAA said, the game still seems a bit fast for him. But I’m betting by about week 5, he’s gonna be giving people problems.
  10. Father time is a cruel opponent. Sad thing about this injury is that it likely would have happened at some point in the season anyway. From the description I read, he was in the middle of a textbook pass rush and it popped. Wasn't a case of him tripping or getting stepped on; he hadn't even engaged a blocker yet when he pulled up. It's been my experience that those kinds of unassisted "freak" injuries are usually due to a slow, undetected breakdown of connective tissue. Much like an Achilles rupture, this was probably inevitable. 30's are a difficult age to transition into. I learned that the hard way when I tore my groin riding motocross. Jumped a 40 foot gap; done it a million times. Overshot the landing by a couple of feet. It was a hard landing, but nothing I hadn't rode out of dozens of times in my life. And for no real reason, this particular time my groin just snapped. I soooo hope I'm wrong, but the realist in me says that we've likely seen the last of Von as a perennial all pro.
  11. Is anyone else just a little bit concerned about Chubb’s knee? Totally realize that every injury is different, so I have to be careful with false equivalencies. But Adrian Peterson tore his ACL and MCL in DECEMBER and came back to rush for 2000 yards the very next season. Chubb has had nearly three more months of recovery time, yet he’s clearly not back to normal yet. Just hoping this doesn’t turn into another Shane Ray situation.
  12. Yeah it would appear that age finally caught up to him. Happened really quickly too.
  13. Oh yeah. Indy did him dirty and he’ll never completely reconcile that. They literally ripped his heart out. Elway/Colorado welcomed him with open arms, believed in him, and went out and got him all the pieces he needed to win. He’s our quarterback now, and always will be. It’s why Peyton still lives in Denver, it’s why he still refers to the Broncos as “we,” and it’s why he chose to retire as a Bronco. Just wait till his HOF speech.
  14. Is it me, or do the Nuggets look like they just completely lost interest in playing this season? On paper, they should have only gotten better since last year’s playoffs. But after watching a couple of their games this series, I’m sayin 10/10 last year’s Nuggets would have destroyed this squad.
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