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  1. Not if you're going heavy. The problem is that if you don't pay really close attention, you'll start flexing your lower back muscles when it's arched up off the bench. Over time, this will begin to strain your lower back, and you'll develop that soreness that you were talking about. Try keeping it flat on the bench for a while and really focus on keeping those muscle groups relaxed. I had the same issue in college; hopefully this will help you out 👍
  2. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    The qb position is going to create an interesting NFL dynamic over the next few years. I agree with broncos67 that it's the most important position on the field. But the problem is that stud quarterbacks in their prime are starting to eat up SO much cap space that's it's going to be hard for teams to build around them. Look what just happened in Seattle with Wilson. How the hell are they going to build a good team around him when he's eating up $35 million per year in cap space by himself? And I don't even want to guess what Mahomes' next contract is going to cost. Good lord.. I bet he'll be the first player to hit $40 million per season. And it will nuke them just like Rogers' contract did in Green Bay.
  3. I know this is prob gonna sound overly obvious, but you don't arch your back off of the bench when you press do you? A lot of guys do that when pressing heavy weight and don't even realize it's happening.
  4. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Which, oddly enough, also tastes kinda like chicken. Lol
  5. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Dinosaurs were a lot cooler back when they were giant warm-blooded reptiles that moved like birds instead of just being.. Well.. Birds.
  6. Random Thoughts

    It's pretty hard to win a basketball game when you insist on shooting 28 three pointers despite only hitting at 20%. Sometimes you gotta know when to quit and move on to something else. Like wide open shots from 15 feet. That Denver passed on all game long. Stupid.
  7. 1234567 Mock. The road to glory

    You're probably correct on Isabella. NE always steals my mid round wish lists
  8. 1234567 Mock. The road to glory

    Hard and fast. Just like I like it
  9. Disclaimer: This is prob not what will happen, but it's what I would like to see. 1st Round Pick #15 - Whether I like it or not, Tampa is going to select White at number five. With Lock still available, a desperate Washington will overpay (as only they can ) and trade up with us for their second round pick. Christian Wilkins - DL Clemson- Best Nose Tackle in the draft. Can generate a lot of pressure from the interior which is something we've been missing for a couple years now. 2nd Round Pick #41 Dalton Risner - OL Kansas St- To me, this is a no-brainer here. Can play every position, and do it quite well. 2nd Round Pick #46 (From Wash) Mack Wilson - ILB Bama - He's been nicked up a lot, so injuries are a bit of a concern. But if he can stay healthy, Fangio will turn him into a top 10 linebacker. He's big, he can run, and he can cover. Instant upgrade over our current ILB's. 3rd Round Pick #71 Juan Thornhill - S Virginia - He gets overlooked because he played at Virginia. But he will be a top 10 safety in the NFL in two years. You don't pass that up in the 3rd round. 4th Round Pick #107 (From Tampa)- Denver trades its late round picks up move up and grab someone who will actually make a difference. Josh Oliver - TE San Jose State - Fast, pass catching TE that we've been trying to find for years now. With Butt coming off his 17th ACL tear, it makes sense to trade up and grab him. 4th Round Pick #125 Andy Isabella - WR UMass - Uncover-able out of the slot. I doubt NE lets him escape the 3rd round, but if he slipped to us and we didn't pick him I'd have a stroke. That's six picks. All with either starting or pro-bowl potential within the next two years. I'll take that any day over depth.
  10. GERM-X 2019 Broncos Mock Draft V.1

    I'm with you in that it's not what I'm hoping for either. But if Lock is there at 10 and White isn't, Lock's going to be a Bronco. I actually really like Risner in the second round; I'd consider that a hell of a good deal to pick him up there. I like Hollins in the 5th too.
  11. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Business Insider did a study a few months back about him. They conservatively estimated that Tom Brady has sacrificed over $60 million in potential earnings throughout his career (upper estimates put him closer to a hundred). His yearly salary has never broken $20 million, and he has never once been the highest paid QB in the league in any season in HIS ENTIRE CAREER... Let that soak in for a second. 6 Superbowl rings later though, the proof is kind of in the pudding.
  12. I come in peace...

    This. When Marshall was healthy he was phenomenal vs the run. But coverage was aways a weak point of his, and while Bruton did replace Trevathan on 3rd downs occasionally, Danny was still the one primarily responsible for covering RB's out of the backfield on 1st and 2nd down. After Trevathan left, this proved to be a glaring weak point in Marshalls game; look no further than what Atlanta did to us in 2016. This proved to be a major Achilles heel for us that followed for years as other teams began to copy that game plan. Marshall did improve his coverage ability with the weight loss, but unfortunately that also effected his ability to stay healthy. So I guess I would say this: if you can pair him with another LB who excels in coverage, and Marshall can focus on what he does best then you just got a hell of a player. If not, then expect to be disappointed.
  13. Random Thoughts

    I've noticed this too. I often wonder if that (at least partially) has to do with the disproportionate amount of cap space those kinds of receivers eat up. OBJ for example is worth nearly 11% of his team's entire salary cap next year and that's after they bumped it up to $188 million for 2019. That's an awful lot of cap space to dedicate to a guy who only accounts for 1300-1500 total yards from scrimmage (especially when you consider a "good" receiver will get you 1000-1200 for half the price).
  14. Random Thoughts

    Yeah man. Could you imagine those two playing together with today's rules? Lmao
  15. Random Thoughts

    If Jerry Rice had played with today's rules, he would have put up numbers that aren't even comprehensible.