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  1. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    I'm not mad about this loss. We were never going to win this game, and at least now we know what we truly have to work with when comparing ourselves to actual contenders. Our Defense is going to be a pretty good unit by season's end. Our absolute most glaring weakness is that O-line, which doesn't come as a surprise. I've said it before; Scangarello is a good coordinator. But the horrific play by that line is disrupting EVERYTHING he's trying to do from a scheme standpoint. Fix the line in the offseason and we'll see a vast improvement. Also, I think we play Lock as soon as he's healed up. Let him learn and take his bumps now while no one is expecting us to compete this year anyway.
  2. Week 6 GDT: Titans @ Broncos

    I know Tennessee doesn't have the best offense, but they've got 87 yards.. It's amazing what happened after we fixed our ILB issue. Imagine if we still had Chubb on this D
  3. Broncos extend FB Andy Janovich (3 years, $5.7M)

    Jano is the kind of no nonsense player you make room for on your team. You can tell the coaches are ape sh*t about him, and there's a reason. Good move.
  4. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Ya man. I thought we overpaid him when he came in. But he was worth every dime.
  5. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    It looked like it on the replay. Easy touchdown.
  6. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Lol Bolles. Of course he would give up that sack.
  7. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    Absolutely. If we nail next year's draft, we'll be ok. If we blow it, it will cost us for another several years.
  8. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    A necessary evil I'm afraid. Those guys thus far have not been enough to keep us from sucking, and they're all nearing the end of their primes. Might as well use them to help us build the future.
  9. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    That's the big thing. If we are out of contention by the bye week, which is essentially a guarantee at this point, then we have to play Lock. You (hopefully) only get so many chances to draft a top 5 pick, and we really need to see of Lock is worth keeping before then. There are some legit qb's in next year's class and I REALLY don't want to miss out on one of them.
  10. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    But on the plus side, we FINALLY got to the qb. 5 sacks and 12 hits. It's a start.
  11. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    Fangio isn't the one who bankrupted our depth with horrible drafting. It wasn't a coincidence that Fournette went hog wild on us up the middle 15 seconds after Jewell left the game. He's doing the best he can with what he inherited, which thanks to Elway and co isn't much. And also, thanks to Elway and Ellis, Fangio inherited a locker room full of paper tissue soft players who hadn't been held accountable for their performances in nearly 2 years. This was always going to take time to fix. But I do agree that he def does not seem like a coach who can adjust his scheme to fit his players. Which is going to kill us as the season wears on.
  12. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    Man. Amazing how quickly things can spiral. In just over 3 years, we've gone from "kicking and screaming" to a team that refuses to win. I put that on Elway and Ellis. They're the ones who built this team.
  13. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    I mean if Denver hadn't fallen asleep for 2.5 quarters, that call wouldn't have been so crucial. Still pisses me off though. That call was a killer.
  14. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    Aaaand another bullsh*t roughing penalty costs us yet another game.
  15. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    Too much time left tho..