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  1. Honestly, at this point I don’t care if we trade the entire god damn draft if that’s what it takes to get Rodgers or Wilson in a Broncos uniform next year. We’ve got some very talented pieces on both sides of the ball. But until we get a quarterback, we’re not going anywhere.
  2. Same with Fant. You can tell those guys hate playing in this offense.
  3. What a waste of a great defensive effort tonight. Teddy and Shurmer can’t be gone fast enough.
  4. Man.. If this team had a QB and a competent O-coord, we’d be winning this game right now.
  5. It's crazy. I started posting on this forum way back when I was in college; my first post was either in 2006 or 2007. I think from a talent perspective, this team is closer to being good than it seems. Occasionally when they put it all together you see what they're capable of. A new, stable owner and an upgraded coaching staff should help a lot. Plus, unless I miss my guess, either Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson will be rocking orange and blue by next summer.
  6. Yeah I forgot about him. He’s certainly starting to look the part. I suppose that’s one of the benefits of being drafted by a team with coaches who can actually develop quarterbacks.
  7. Chase *was* killing it. He’s been pretty pedestrian his last 4 games. If Williams finishes the season strong, that would be fresher on people’s minds. I still think Chase takes it, but that race may finish a little closer than people are thinking right now. Unless, of course, Shurmur learns nothing from today’s game and goes right back to abandoning the run at the first sign of trouble. Which, if we’re gonna be real, is likely.
  8. Even the great Terrell Davis fell victim to this. Injured his hamstring in week 13 or 14 of his rookie season if I remember correctly. I know he missed the last 2 or 3 games of the season that year. Gonna be even worse now that we’ve gone to an 18 week schedule.
  9. No issues with this. Big, reliable receiver with good hands and has been a playmaker for us.
  10. Correct me if my memory is wrong here, but back when we first hired Fangio, wasn’t there pretty serious discussion of brining Kubiak back to run the offensive half of the team? Almost like an assistant head coach role? But they decided not to because they were worried that it might create a power struggle with their rookie head coach. I swear that was a thing. Maybe Kubs would be willing to come back as OC with a different HC in place? I don’t think he’d have any interest in the head coaching job, for health reasons if nothing else. But if he was willing to run the offense 2-3 seasons ago, I d
  11. The formula for beating this team appears to be an easy one: rely on piss poor tackling in the flats to kill us with your RB’s and tight ends until you manage a 10 point lead. From there we will abandon the run game entirely, and you can sell the farm to stop our passing game. You can also count on our special teams handing you another score at some point. From there, your offense really only has to manage another field goal or two, and it’s an easy win.
  12. There’s a big difference between a player who is prone to making mistakes, and a player who’s prone to making mistakes when it absolutely matter the most. That’s called being a choke artist, and you can never count on those kinds of guys when the game is on the line.
  13. Lmao I love the pancake at the end. Like an angry Rhino looking for somebody to take it out on. Come here!!! Smash!
  14. Not sure if anyone posted this yet: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32615249/denver-broncos-oc-pat-shurmur-miss-game-vs-philadelphia-eagles-due-covid-19-protocols Might not be a bad thing lol. Watch us drop 45 without him
  15. Well the last time I predicted us to get destroyed, we beat Dallas 30-16. So I’m gonna go with: Philly: 28 Denver: 10 A little bit of reverse psychology with the universe never hurt anyone.
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