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  1. I think this is a really, really good point. That 2015 defense was a top 5 all-time level D. When you look at historically great defenses in this league, it's extremely rare to see them maintain that level of dominance for more than a season or two. It's just too hard to keep the band together once all their contracts start renewing.
  2. Well after reading all the material you supplied, now I'm certain Watson is a spoiled cry baby. Lol, kidding. That's definitely enlightening. See, that's why we ask these questions! I'll say this much; after reading this, if Denver were to trade the entire farm for him, I wouldn't be as mad. I dunno tho bruh, that would be a LOT to give up for one guy. Guess we'll see what happenes.
  3. I don't know that I think he's spoiled per se. More that I'm questioning his fortitude. I mean, if we're talking about giving up that much for him, then leave no stone unturned ya know? I think we have to at least take a look at it. That's certainly possible, and fair point on the front office there. Keep in mind though, the Bucs were 7-9 last year and looked pretty miserable at times. And Brady just took them to the Superbowl. Yes, different teams and different circumstances. But at the end of the day, the proof is always in the pudding. The other concern I have is that our organization
  4. Lol when I say a bad year, I didn’t mean statistically. His stats were great last season; I was referring to their record. And that’s the entire point. While he has great stats, he doesn’t appear to be the kind of qb who can carry a bad team. And if one losing season is enough to make him want to cut and run then I think you have to at least ask the question out loud of what kind of leader he is. There may be a reason he’s barely above .500 at this point in his career in spite of putting up great numbers. Again, I’d love to see him in orange and blue. But would I mortgage our entire youn
  5. Obviously Watson would be an upgrade over Lock at this point in his career. However.. great stats don’t always make a winner. Watson has a career record of 28-25-0 and is 1-2 in the playoffs. Then, after having one bad year with the Texans he tries to force his way out of town. That raises my eyebrows a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have him. But I wouldn’t give up the farm for it.
  6. Maybe Watson promised to teach Jeudy how to catch.
  7. If Tom Brady wins this Super Bowl, then I’m sorry. But that cements him as the GOAT. Seven rings? Yeesh
  8. Unfortunately, in Colorado that's fairly accurate. CO is a "shall arrest" state. This means that if the police have reasonable suspicion (51%) that domestic violence took place, by statute they HAVE to arrest one of the parties. Give you two guesses which one of the two its going to be.
  9. You're innocent until proven guilty. But if this results in charges, Von's trade value will be the lowest its ever been in his entire career. 32 when the season starts. Down year in 2019. Season killing injury in 2020. I wondered out loud a couple of years ago if we shouldn't trade him while we had the chance and his value was still high. Would we have really missed him all that much these last two years? Not really; we would have sucked either way.
  10. Rabbit hole, but I’ve often wondered about how the RB position came to be that way since the glory days of the 90’s. Do you think the position was always overvalued and modern metrics finally just proved it, or is it more that offenses have evolved in a way that has made that position a lot more generic?
  11. I’m ok with this; we’ve put all the young pieces in place and we were injured this year. If they are or are not “the guys”, we’ll know it in year 3, and there’s no point in endlessly blowing up the coaching staff every 2 years. If we are still terrible next year, then clean house. Plus, Lock to me is continuing to improve. If Jeudy could catch, Drew would have actually had a pretty decent game yesterday. The Hail Mary pick likely disappears, and you can add another 50 yards and 10% completion percentage. Not to mention the TD drop. That’s a big swing all because of one wideout who can’t catch.
  12. Yeah its interesting. I preferred Jeudy as well, and still think he’s the more complete receiver. But after watching the two this season I can’t help but wonder the same thing. Stylistically, Lamb seems to be more up Lock’s alley.
  13. Imagine Jeudy in PFM’s 2013 offense. That footwork combined with Manning’s timing and accuracy? Yiiiikes
  14. Buffalo is a much healthier, more complete football team than us. And they are clearly the superior team today. Yet despite that, if we had McManus this week, this would be a 4 point game right now. We’re finally beginning to make some strides in the right direction.
  15. Does anybody know exactly what happened to Callahan’s foot? I know it’s a different injury than the one he had surgery for, but they don’t seem to be releasing a whole lot of details on it. Gonna get interesting if one of our db’s get hurt today. We only have 3.
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