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  1. LOL Vikings kickers....
  2. I don't think King is gone but he might be riding the bench by the middle of the season.
  3. I don't know why but a big issue with the Packers is they don't keep to the run game if its not immediately successful. Sometimes you just need to deal with the 1 to 2 yard runs to setup the larger runs as the game progresses. When the run game isn't working the Packers always seem to move away from it.
  4. I feel crazy but I didn't think the o line was bad......
  5. I mean MVS is a big lengthy target. Throw it up over a smaller corner and let him win that fight but none of the balls were even particularly close.... way overthrown for the most part.
  6. He seemed to really want to show off MVS and Adams. Problem is every ball he through to MVS wasn't catchable and Adams looked like he gave up by the 2nd quarter.
  7. 1. The defense was bad. 2. The offense was bad. Having 1 made 2 worse. Having 2 made 1 worse. Does that pretty much sum it up for you?
  8. Dude it's both. You are so close to getting there but I'll just give you the answer.....
  9. TBH this defense looks alot worse then last year....
  10. Some good? I've seen a few really good plays from Slayton including the last one.
  11. I honestly don't think the o line has been that bad... there is no rhythm at all to the offense.
  12. Looked like zone.... if you don't get to the QB that's what happens.... hopefully this lights a fire under everyone's ***
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