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  1. Stealth is still pretty weak. Most are ignoring it almost entirely. Personally almost all the tools for stealth can be used in active combat more so as "Dirty Tricks" then stealth so luckily they didn't rely on it too much. I'm near the end and have done the majority of the side quests from start to finish and honestly they are OK. They always seem a lot more complex then what actually ends up happening in the end. It seems they had ideas for the main side quests to make them more interesting and add some twists but they never really develop into anything like they should. They stay relatively safe throughout and don't really answer or ask any hard questions that they seem to be setting up.
  2. Lets hope it stays that way. CDPR has much bigger expectations and most likely money involved this time around then they did with the Witcher.
  3. TBH all game play of Valhalla I have seen does not make me think that its going to be a true contender this year. It just looks clunky to me and too similar to the two newest AC games. I think Cyberpunk if it scores decent will take the cake. Totally new IPs generally get favored if they are great.
  4. Not to mention the episodic nature of it rubbed people the wrong way. I still don't like the way they named it considering that it is not the full FF7. Strikes me of a little false advertising.
  5. Pretty much standard open world quests (Go here, kill Mongols) over and over again without much variety. The setting and graphics are beautiful and the combat is super fun but if you don't like the monotony of a game like Far Cry (Clear 100 of the same but slightly different fortresses or kill this group of bad guys) you may not enjoy it.
  6. I've heard the exact opposite from some friends. The game is apparently super easy from what I heard. One of the reasons I'm not picking it up.
  7. Eh it is beautiful and does have decent enough combat but GoT I highly doubt it. There really hasn't been any great ones outside of maybe The Last of Us Part 2 but that is highly debatable as well. I wills say there is not much more then go here, kill mongols, repeat but its that sort of brainless fun that I like sometimes. I think its getting artificially inflated due to the love nerds have for all things Japanese.
  8. Finally got to play for a few hours. combat reminds me of a Sekiro light. Its easier and more forgiving but it is fun. The environment is probably the most beautiful i have ever seen. So if you like open world games like Farcry but with a Sekiro style combat mixed in with some Assassins Creed you will probably enjoy it.
  9. I played through it on my phone. Its an in store game now. I'm surprised no one has made a spiritual successor to that or another fan favorite with similar style Dragon Age Origins.
  10. I'm with you. I played it post major patches and its solid. Not great but not nearly as bad as it was given credit for.
  11. Same boat. Outside of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory I have always been too bored with stealth games.
  12. I think if any position is the RB of defense its the "Elite Run Defender Poor Pass Rusher" position. Whether that be DE or DT I think there are similarities in how they tend to be underdrafted and sign for less than there talent seems to show.
  13. Yea they can usually fix some of the AI stuff with patches. I think one of the problems is stealth is extremely hard to make feel natural unless you make the whole game about stealth. I mean in the last of us 2 which I think has been praised more for stealth I would run out in the middle of a group stealth kill one guy. Run 6 feet away and then stealth kill another guy who lost track of me in under 5 seconds. I think games that don't have dedicated stealth never do stealth that well. I plan on focusing on the sword fighting aspect over the stealth out side of maybe taking out a few guards or something anyway.
  14. Well finally finished the game. I don't think its near as bad as the reddit boys make it out to be but I also don't think it was near as good as the last of us 1. I despised playing as Abby through the 2nd act but honestly didn't mind the ending. I just wish they found a way to include Joel & Ellie's relationship into the main story more even if they planned on removing him by the end. I think coming up with a story where Joel & Ellie are doing there thing while Abby is hunting them leading up to Joel's death would have been much more interesting then what we got. The whole final act after the big boss battle seemed tacked on and didn't really fit the rest of the story. I feel like we could have accomplished the same scenario at the theater that we got on the beach. I don't know if they just had this extra faction that they couldn't find a place for in Seattle or what but it just seemed off to me. Also none of the side characters were near as interesting as Bill, Tess, Henry, Sam, David, or Sarah. Frankly Tommy, Dina, Jesse, the two scars were just boring. Owen was a little interesting but the rest of the side characters especially of Abby's group were lame. Issac could have been great as an interesting villain but you barely see him. I suppose i'll stop my rambling now. Pretty good game but did not reach the greatness of the first one which honestly is an extremely high bar to set.
  15. All over the board as far as I have seen. They all seem to point out that there is some basic filler in the open world but I have heard that the side missions are really good and then other reviewers saying they are generic but overall if you like open world games it looks like a good one. Personally my favorite review (ACG) seemed to love it and I am usually in lockstep with his views. I suggest checking him out if you haven't.
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