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  1. I think it has more to do with the NFLs severe lack of creativity, cronyism, and sprinkle in a fair share of good old fashion nepotism.
  2. Name a defense this bad with at least an elite edge and shutdown corner.... Its not like Kevin King, or Chandon Sullivan are slouches either. Something just isn't right with this scheme IMO.
  3. I'm officially on the fire Pettine bandwagon. He has a blue chip talent at D line, LB, & corner. Pair that with solid safeties & ILB who honestly haven't been bad at all this year it begs the question why the hell are we struggling so much?
  4. I think we will be fine but I see a couple of things that need to be cleaned up immediately. 1. Rodgers needs to go back to running the offense through the open person instead of keying in on Adams. Our RBs in the pass game are our best weapon and went totally under utilized against the Bucs. 2. The O line and RBs need to figure out what the heck went wrong with those middle blitzes. They really screwed the pooch on pressure up the middle. 3. Find the pass rush again. Whatever they are doing isn't working.
  5. Can this line block a blitz? Every one is getting home and AR just throwing trash.....
  6. You can't throw 2 terrible interceptions and expect to lead. Rodgers needs to stop staring down Davante...... same crap as last year....
  7. I honestly think that it might come down to record. If one of Rodgers, Wilson, or Allen's teams are say 14-2 or better while the others falter a bit I could see that being enough. Assuming that production from each remains relatively steady.
  8. Even if McCarthy was overrated by Packers fans as a head coach the dude did win us a superbowl. This thread seems a little vindictive for a guy who literally did nothing wrong while coach of the Packers.
  9. Be big with Lazard and Kirksey out. Can Kamal call the defense and play next to Barnes? I don't want to risk playing Martin and removing Barnes who has actually shown in real NFL games to be pretty decent.
  10. I don't think that checks out. Minnesota's defense is spotty at best. There offense has been rolling especially on the ground. Seattle's offense is potent and not exactly a team you want to give the ball back to. I think if this was MN teams of a couple years ago I would have kicked the FG but from where they were that day I agree with the call.
  11. Brady this year and its been mixed results early for him as well.
  12. Thats the crap part. Dude threw a horrible interception that was 1/4 yard of being the game ending decision just for MN to screw it up.
  13. Nah still agree with the decision. Just don't really like the call to run up the gut on that.
  14. Vikings getting no pressure.
  15. What the hell was Dantzler doing there?
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