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  1. Bush was a perfect 3rd stringer. Ace special teams player with enough big play ability and effort to not be a complete liability on defense. He should be remembered fondly by everyone.
  2. Yea what I didn't like is the whole equating the amount of people who do the job to how hard the job is. There is simply not that many opportunities for scouts and frankly if it was such an intelligent field you would think the draft order would be filled with hits in the first 3 rounds but its simply a crapshoot anyways so how actually smart are these guys? This isn't brain surgery or rocket scientist levels of intelligence here to scout. I guarantee anyone smart person could do what he does if they had a 2 year course on the field. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way.
  3. TBH though you can say the same about any "job" with a learning curve. Sage Rosenfels has a really really high opinion of himself.
  4. It is generic and it certainly doesn't have the budget of a Destiny but I think it fits more in the Borderlands style games then GOW. Your playing it wrong if your sitting behind cover like in GoW. The gunplay is generic and so far the loot hasn't been that interesting but the same can be said about most loot games outside of endgame legendries.
  5. Boyle was receiving rave reviews all offseason last year as well as having a great preseason the year before. TBH no one knows what Boyle would be like starting but he came in ahead of the curve and was praised the last two off-seasons. Its obvious you know very little about Packers outside of the ESPN headlines. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Boyle starts for the Lions sometime this year.
  6. Picked up Outriders to feed that looter shooter itch. Its pretty good. Doesn't play like Destiny or the Division as much as it reminds me of Diablo 3 or Borderlands. Will be interesting to see what the end game gear is like and if it creates certain playstyles like in Diablo.
  7. Why do GWD matter or comebacks when the Packers went 15-1? Its a stupid argument.
  8. I find the whole "This team is a draft and develop team" stupid. Every team is a draft and develop team now..... You don't turn into a super team without at least a couple outstanding to good drafts.
  9. This seems to be a little bit of an overreaction. Leader I think your having a case of the moondays.
  10. Jrue needs to facilitate more. Dudes passing is straight fire. Let Giannis play off the ball more.
  11. TBH I got so bored of that game... People love it but I could never get into it.
  12. I would just stick to a few reputable sites. Walmart, Target, maybe Gamestop or Bestbuy. Make sure you have an account and CC information on file and then wait for drops.
  13. Just keep trying when a release occurs. I was pretty irritated too and then bang ended up actually getting one.
  14. I think Cousins perception has completely to do with lack of playoff performances and no real stand out performances when he actually makes the playoffs. Not all his fault for sure but its the way it is.
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