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  1. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    It really doesn't at this point. Rodgers punched his ticket to 1st ballot pretty much. He doesn't have the bulk stats yet but: 1. Superbowl Win. 2. Superbowl MVP. 3. 2 time NFL MVP . 4. #1 in passing rating. 5. Currently #10 in passing TDs. Will improve. 6. Currently #20 in passing yards. Will improve. 7. Considered the best QB in football at points in his career if not the most talented ever. I think even if he didn't play another down it would have to be a really really good class to keep him off 1st ballot. To the topic at hand i'm not a fan putting anyone in the hall that was never really the best or top 3 to 5 at their position at some point in their career. Same reason I don't want Eli in.
  2. If he was a 2nd year player on a team friendly deal or just signed an extension that was team friendly I would agree with you. In his current situation? He isn't worth near that. This isn't Madden.
  3. What video game are you playing?

    Yea I stick mostly to NES SNES games. Some people really love the older games but NES/SNES games aged pretty decently. Commodore/Atari not so much besides the classics.
  4. What video game are you playing?

    Armalyte was my jam.
  5. 2008. Aaron Rodgers first year after Favre's exit. You could see he was special that year. The team just was stuck in a transition year. You saw some special potential but at the same time they screwed the pooch on so many 4th quarter leads especially the defense. Also they drafted Nelson, Sitton, and Finley that year. They go 6-10 and next year draft Matthews and Raji.
  6. Preseason Week 2 - GDT vs. Pittsburgh

    I doubt Brown plays much if at all.
  7. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    In all honesty besides his 4th quarter drop all of those were tough tough balls to catch. Although an NFL WR needs to haul some of those in.
  8. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    Only gripe I had with Kizer. He left the pocket way too early and he hadn't even gotten sacked yet. Got to site in there,step up, and make the throw. Make things really hard on the O line when you bail on every play. That said the O line especially in the first half was awful.
  9. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    I'm thinking the same thing. He looks the part.
  10. Preseason WEEK 1, GDT vs Tennessee

    The refs are making the game unwatchable. Way too involved in it right now. Let them play a little...

    Favorite line? No sh** I got a lozenge Bi###.
  12. I feel like we should get a overreaction bingo game boards.
  13. Yea damnit! I want to be overreacting to every little negative thing that happens! Trade Aaron Rodgers! Alexander is a bust! Graham was a terrible signing! I'm getting them all ready for the game threads.
  14. Totally understand why he is holding out. He tears an achilles his value just dropped considerably. The only bargaining power these players get is a holdout and he has well played past his contract. Its one thing if you get a Julio Jones where he signs his big deal and then realizes half way in that other receivers are getting more but this is not the situation Mack is in he really didn't have a choice in the matter. I'm usually anti holdout but in the last year of contracts that a player has well outplayed I am fine with them.