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  1. I know its early but it concerns me how many games against good opponents this team is losing to.
  2. That's a big loss. Evans & Godwin are good but Brown has really been a security blanket for Brady the last weeks of the year.
  3. TBF since 2010 the Packers have been the underdogs in every NFC Championship game they have been in. This is the first time I can remember since 2010 that I feel like the Packers can win by just playing there game. Most years it takes uncharacteristic luck or play to get it done.
  4. I mean this is just silly. Who cares what some random guys say on a forum about the team? Its not like Aaron Rodgers is on here saying "O hey Incognito thinks we are going to win guess I don't have to prepare for the game this week". If Tampa wins it will be because they earned it not due to the overconfidence of some random people on a forum.
  5. I think that is putting it lightly. Not only that they really need to sell and get the refs attention when they are held. It seems part of the Bucs playing so aggressive is they hold WRs constantly and probably only get called for a fraction of them. When the Packers get held they need to bring attention to it.
  6. I agree but WFT are not the GBP. High 30s isn't that cold either. I don't think the cold will be a big factor but I think it is a small factor in the bigger story.
  7. 1. To start the 1st QTR the Packers jumped out to a 10 point lead and were driving a 3rd time when the back to back INT occurred. This just simply doesn't happen to Rodgers no matter who we are playing. Great plays by the Bucs but Rodgers does not turn the ball over like that and money is on that he won't turn the ball over like that in the next game. 2. We lost Bahk by the 2nd quarter. This threw off our entire line not really due to talent but the Bucs blitzed consistently and the Packers were consistently out of position picking it up. That line has since gelled considerably and I exp
  8. Eh even if you have played or lived it in the past it takes awhile to assimilate the body back to the cold. You don't just move away from cold weather to a play somewhere significantly warmer for a year and then go back to 20 degrees and are OK immediately. I don't think it will be a huge factor but even guys like Brady are not going to be used to the cold like they just popped out of there homes playing for the Patriots.
  9. I think a small point that could be the key to the Packers winning is Suh vs interior OL. If the Packers can execute a run game it keeps those great LBs from being able to sell out the pass. They really need to be at least somewhat effective.
  10. You do not run speed option with a franchise QB who doesn't need to rely on speed option.... got a little too cute there Reid.
  11. I think this line of thinking is also doing a disservice to just how good the Packers played. Aaron Donald certainly made a difference but that defense still has an extremely strong secondary and a pretty stout D line even without Donald 100% and the Packers just owned the LOS as well as making plays against a secondary thats better then just Ramsey. It was a truly impressive performance.
  12. I mean the other guys get paid to. LA only scored 18 points and really wasn't that close to scoring more. Packers scored 19 in the first half alone.... It wasn't that close. On top of that this wasn't one of those fluke defensive performances where LA made a bunch of errors or drops the Packers simply owned the LOS at times during the game.
  13. This is the NFL. How often do you think teams actually blow the doors off of playoff teams?
  14. As someone with a fair share of screw Pettine posts this year I agree with you.
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