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  1. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    There's my token overthrows.
  2. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    Once again offense went to crap for a full half of football. Still can't convert 3rd down still holding the ball too long. I'm just waiting for the token overthrows low throws from Rodgers
  3. Week 15 Packers @ Bears "I Believe That"

    With how injured this defense is I actually think they are doing pretty well..
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Game is great and is probably one of the best games of 2018. That said its definitely slower paced then GTA or really most 3rd person games. with that though I would say it totally engrosses you in this world like no game other than BOTW or the Last of Us have done for me.
  5. Black Ops 4

    Lets be real the Paladin wasn't that great unless you were getting headshots or the squad you were facing were complete dunces anyway. I don't think I was ever killed by a paladin once before and although i'm our squads sniper guy I rarely get "Cheap" kills with even the paladin. Mostly just use it to have the squad running scared while the rest push or headshot people stupid enough to stop moving. I don't mind the new mechanic with the metal plates that much. Unless you are lucky with your drops your never going to have more than 5 or so plus and i'm noticing a lot more people alive at the top 5 range which is really really fun.
  6. I think if your smart you choose Green Bay but that's because I don't trust Cleveland to hold onto a coach for very long if things get rough. Since 2000 they have had 10 different coaches. The Packers have had 3 and that's including Philbin. Haslam is coach cancer but I don't think either one of these teams are bad enough to not get the coach they want.
  7. MKE Bucks Thread (19-9) | Raptors who?

    Pretty decent game without Giannis. Cleveland may suck but any team in the NBA can beat you if you play poorly.
  8. Packers fire Associate Head Coach for tweet (allegedly)

    Tony Dungy and Colin Cowherd said it so it must be true.
  9. MKE Bucks Thread (19-9) | Raptors who?

    Does Griffin play defense? He looks lost out there.
  10. Favorite NES/SNES Games

    This list is great but I would add Mega Man 2.
  11. Fallout 76

    That is the gaming communities fault for the most part though. Businesses don't sell what people won't buy. The same ten million idiots buy the half baked iterations of Madden, new COD, broken game sequel every year. Star Wars Battlefront 2 should have bombed the way it was released alas it sold 12 million copies in the first 2 months because gamers/nerds in general can't help but buy the newest thing immediately. Don't blame companies blame all the idiots who spend money on crap when there are plenty of resources that give information regarding quality of games.
  12. Packers fire Associate Head Coach for tweet (allegedly)

    McCarthy's right hand man and a LB coach tweeting about the current team/Aaron Rodgers right after McCarthy getting fired? Yea that would have gotten him fired on all 32 NFL teams. Being a fan of a rival team sure does throw common sense out the window some times.. I will have to watch myself in the future when Vikings/Bears news hits...
  13. Packers fire Winston Moss

    His net worth is 2.5 million. I'm sure the poor guy will be fine.
  14. Donnorson to active roster

    I'm excited to see Donnerson. He certainly looks the part.
  15. Black Ops 4

    Best COD I've played in awhile. I'm not a fan of Fortnite or battle royale in general but I really really like this iteration. Super fun, squad talk is generally on par, and you can survive more than 5 seconds if your smart.