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  1. 1v1 outside and just stack the box. If there going to lose at least don't let them run it into fg range.
  2. This will ruin any chance of Rodgers being considered a goat type QB. You cannot have this in the playoffs. ******* embarrasing.
  3. MVS may lack catches but you need that take the top off potential. Without it there just sitting on the short passing game.
  4. Yep noone ever shows the pocket. Got pressure immediately.
  5. Those 49er LB are playing aggressive at the hand off. I expect at least one PA down the middle next drive or two.
  6. As someone who spent my whole life in the north and then spent a year in Afghanistan it takes awhile to get back to tolerating those conditions.
  7. Exactly what I was hoping for from this offense. 49ers pass rush is scary good but there secondary can be had especially with one of the smartest and fastest throwing QBs in the league.
  8. Not even close on offense to 2019. I would also argue that although your pass rush is a little better then that 2019 team the secondary is worse.
  9. Says BucsDraftGeek47 who also has a buccaneers photo in his profile. No homer at all folks you heard it from the source!
  10. I believe the Packers get rid of the ball faster then any team in the NFL. In the previous match up the Packers nullified the pass rush without Bahk by utilizing the quick passing game. I'm much more curious how the 49ers match up with Davante. In Week 3 he had his way with the 49ers and I expect if they play him single coverage he will again. The 49ers pass rush is extremely scary but IMO the secondary can still be exploited at times.
  11. The only way they lose IMO is if they absolutely cave stopping the run. Which frankly if that occurs they don't deserve to win anyways. You absolutely have to make Jimmy G beat you. The Packers have a secondary good enough to mostly hold up in light coverages so there is no excuse....
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