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  1. I actually have a buddy that switched from a Packer fan to a Jaguars fan about 3 years ago. I don't know what it is about the Jaguars but for some reason he loves the pain.
  2. He ran out of the frying pan right into the fire switching to the Jags if that is the case.
  3. I've always wanted to watch Packers hard knocks. This would be the perfect season for it.
  4. It doesn't even make sense... Outside of a great #2 WR this is the most talented Packers team that Rodgers has gotten to play on since 2010.....
  5. That and I think if the Packers trade they will do there best to keep him out of conference.
  6. Maybe that has something to do about his treatment here? He could squash rumors, he could come up with a response to why he is demanding a trade, he could do pretty much anything that would let people know but then when this doesn't go his exact way he wouldn't have plausible deniability. The fact is the longer he doesn't speak the more opinion will sway away from him.
  7. Favre is just a younger version of Terry Bradshaw. His opinions are about as stupid and poorly thought out (Still love the guy but a football genius he isn't)
  8. This the one point that is wrong. Rodgers has little leverage outside of Packers not being good and feeling that pressure during the season. Trading Rodgers as others have said in this forum comes at a fairly large cap hit for the Packers (Larger then him just sitting at home). He decides to retire the Packers free up a ton of cap space and still own his rights. If he sits the Packers have him under a 3 year contract and can always explore trading him next year when the cap penalty isn't nearly as high. Would probably get less in return but frankly then you may be able to get a top 10 1st roun
  9. That is the real kicker. Trading him isn't just opening up the cap space for the next few years. Its a detriment to our cap so the trade has to account for that or no dice. Let him sit his butt at home and waste this year. I really don't care. Waiting till the day of the draft to air all his dirty laundry has really rubbed me the wrong way.
  10. Really depends on what happens next. This will be quickly forgotten if he comes, plays well, and is traded next offseason or if Love steps in and looks like he has got it and we trade Rodgers for a butt load of talent. If Rodgers leaves and the team ends up in the trash for years it is going to hurt his legacy. I think one of the main reasons fans were so quick to reembrace Favre is that Rodgers was shown to be great so no harm no foul.
  11. I'm with you. I want a high 1st round pick in a trade and the only way that's happening is if he is traded after this year. He can sit his butt at home if he wants. Unless some team offers a decent haul of FRP and good players on rookie deals I ain't trading him for just future FRPs that will most likely be extremely low draft picks.
  12. Points scored by the Packers offense in playoff losses: 2011 - 20 Points 2012 - 31 Points (Pretty decent showing let down by the defense) 2013 - 20 Points 2014 - 22 Points (Wilson threw 4 INT this game) 2015 - 20 Points 2016 - 21 Points 2019 - 20 Points 2020 - 26 Points (Pretty decent showing IMO but considering the 3 INT in the 2nd half 26 is pretty meh) I mean I hate to say it but most of the Packers recent playoff losses have been due to pretty talented offenses with pretty talented supporting casts really underperforming. The defenses have no
  13. TBH I would rather sit Rodgers then trade him now. I want a guaranteed high first round pick and your not getting that if you trade him now. Wait for next off-season and trade him to a bottom 3-10 team to get that high first round pick. If you trade him now you probably end up with at most like pick 15 or later.
  14. I'm just ignoring the noise. Till the Packers hit training camp it frankly doesn't matter what's going on. Call his bluff and live with the consequences. Trade him in season or let him sit, see what you have in love, trade him next season to hopefully get a new qb if needed. He isn't going to sit out one of his last years in the NFL.
  15. Depends on if the pitching stays consistently good. If Woodruff & Burnes keep being what they have been with Hader, Williams, & Feyereisen manning the 7, 8, and 9th they can be a NL contender with average or a little above average offense. If the pitching stays consistent they are for sure the best in the central.
  16. Same with me but now I got my popcorn ready.
  17. Bush was a perfect 3rd stringer. Ace special teams player with enough big play ability and effort to not be a complete liability on defense. He should be remembered fondly by everyone.
  18. Yea what I didn't like is the whole equating the amount of people who do the job to how hard the job is. There is simply not that many opportunities for scouts and frankly if it was such an intelligent field you would think the draft order would be filled with hits in the first 3 rounds but its simply a crapshoot anyways so how actually smart are these guys? This isn't brain surgery or rocket scientist levels of intelligence here to scout. I guarantee anyone smart person could do what he does if they had a 2 year course on the field. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way.
  19. TBH though you can say the same about any "job" with a learning curve. Sage Rosenfels has a really really high opinion of himself.
  20. It is generic and it certainly doesn't have the budget of a Destiny but I think it fits more in the Borderlands style games then GOW. Your playing it wrong if your sitting behind cover like in GoW. The gunplay is generic and so far the loot hasn't been that interesting but the same can be said about most loot games outside of endgame legendries.
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