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  1. Bills sign Vernon Butler

    There won't be much quality time for the rookies to acclimatize to this football year, hence the Diggs trade. I would not be surprised to see Beane trading the remaining picks to get back into the first round. Going all in this year.
  2. Bills sign Vernon Butler

    Once a Panther, always a Bill.....
  3. Bills to sign DE Quinton Jefferson (Two years)

    McDermott likes to rotate his DL, one of the reasons why this defense is very efficient and dangerous. He likes to keep the big guys fresh.
  4. Bills extend S Jordan Poyer (Two years, $20.5 M)

    Good, now Beane will need to take care of our own. White & Dawkins, next
  5. Panthers give permission for QB Cam Newton to seek trade

    Miami should be all over him, they have the ammo to do it.
  6. Cardinals sign DT Jordan Phillips (3 years, $30 M)

    Leaving Miami was a wake up call for him, played great for us and got paid. He interacted a lot with the fans, the guy is very energetic on gamedays. Solid player. Good luck to him.
  7. Dolphins sign DE Shaq Lawson (3 years, $30 M)

    Good run defender, could get better as a pass rusher? time will tell if he can develop furher as a pass rusher. I guess I hate the guy already....
  8. Bengals to cut LT Cordy Glenn

    The Bills. Good player but unreliable, given his attitude or injuries.
  9. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    I don't post much on this site, which I really like. I like to inform myself and I like reading some of the reactions from other teams' fans. I know that week afte week some people like to go for the hyperbole, but let's pump the brakes. Yes, Allen is super talented. Yes, Allen entered the league as a long term procject. Yes Allen, was super green as a pocket QB. And what eventually will turn into an elite career is his drive and work ethic to be better every day. He keeps finding road blocks in his path and he keeps sorting them out. Last night he had another test and he aced it. The kid gets it and his teammates loves playing for him. As of today he's not elite, but he is damn fine football player with a lot of room to grow, which is amazing. Go Bills!!
  10. Week 3 GDT

    apparently, I just got the memo.....
  11. Week 3 GDT

    you cant' miss that FG, you just can't....
  12. Week 2 GDT

    me thinks, "right Josh" isn't very good to begin with.