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  1. Josh Allen is an ELITE QB

    I don't post much on this site, which I really like. I like to inform myself and I like reading some of the reactions from other teams' fans. I know that week afte week some people like to go for the hyperbole, but let's pump the brakes. Yes, Allen is super talented. Yes, Allen entered the league as a long term procject. Yes Allen, was super green as a pocket QB. And what eventually will turn into an elite career is his drive and work ethic to be better every day. He keeps finding road blocks in his path and he keeps sorting them out. Last night he had another test and he aced it. The kid gets it and his teammates loves playing for him. As of today he's not elite, but he is damn fine football player with a lot of room to grow, which is amazing. Go Bills!!
  2. Week 3 GDT

    apparently, I just got the memo.....
  3. Week 3 GDT

    you cant' miss that FG, you just can't....
  4. Week 2 GDT

    me thinks, "right Josh" isn't very good to begin with.
  5. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    no, it wasn't called on the field, he will probably be fined.
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    what say you? Dirty or stupid?
  7. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    big mistake by the HOF committee then.
  8. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    you have to love the game to be a HOFer. Luck is worn out.
  9. Rookie Jersey Numbers

    Cody Ford #70 that's it so far.
  10. Former Chief Mitch Morse C signs with bills

    It was between him and Paradis, glad we got one.
  11. Former Bengal TE Tyler kroft signs with bills

    hope he can stay healthy. We still need to bring another TE.
  12. Thoughts on Josh Allen

  13. Benjamin, should have been cut 5 weeks ago, lazy guy, but he served as a decoy while Zay Jones progressed some this year. Holmes was a good ST player but offered very little as WR. Hopefully we elevate Cam Phillips to the regular roster and Ray Ray Mcloud gets more involved in the offense. We need them to build some chemistry with Josh Allen.