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  1. Bengals/Bears?

    Well I'm glad I had my hope killed last week or this would have been awful
  2. MNF- Bengals/Steelers

    I wish I'd done that, instead I stayed up until 5 knowing we would blow a 17 point lead. I wasn't even upset when Boswell kicked the winner, just numb. Horrible officiating and some horrible play from both teams. Juju an Iloka should have got instant ejections for their hits and they need to have similar system to a red card in rugby. If you do something malicious or even reckless and dangerous without intent you can get sent off. Similar things should happen in football and it might cut down on the horrible head to head collisions we see every game that the NFL seems okay with and just tries to make it look like they care. Despite the officiating discipline cost us. It seemed so uncharacteristic of Geno to push Ben over late and I don't know what he was thinking. Tez seemed to be one of the only playerswho kept his cool weirdly. Him getting in Bell's face early on was just on the edge but controlled and he knew what he was doing, a lot of the other stuff was just dumb.
  3. Week 10- 7 more weeks till he gone

  4. 1st Qrt PFF Grades

    Someone talked about how the Browns have a good line on paper but they're all new to the scheme and each other. I guess Whitworth only has one guy next to him so only one person to gel with as being on the interior where you have 2 people to get assignments right with.
  5. Week 3 Bengals @ Packers

    So Jake Elliot just kicked a 61 yard game winner. I think that's a bad omen
  6. Favourite Team: Bengals week 3 pick: Miami Dolphins
  7. TNF Week 3: Rams @ 49ers

    Goff's play actions have been really nice. Not sure I've seen a play action toss before either.
  8. The Bengals Offense Under Bill Lazor

    I heard he had the 3rd highest pass to run ratio with the Dolphins and Tannehill's only 4000 yard seasons came with Lazor so I think we'll pass the ball an awful lot which I like.
  9. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Hekker better be in the Hall of Fame one day. He's flipping amazing.
  10. Favourite Team: Cincinnati Bengals Week 2: Oakland Raiders
  11. ? up, ∞ down - game 2

    I agree, Fisher held his own and Watt didn't dominate but Ogbuehi is bad. The pre-season got me mildly optimistic the line could be okay but it's just putrid, unless you have a Russel Wilson or a Rodgers you can't cover up the frailties in the line. I honestly don't think any QB would succeed with this line and Zampese's playcalling. Dalton has been awful but he's still leagues ahead of McCarron in my mind. He needs to step up though and I'd rather we just pass 70% of the time than run, run, pass, 4th down. With Ross, Eifert, Green, Mixon, Gio we can play a quick passing game and create mismatches. Aside from one play the defence was good. Geno is great, Vigil and Rey put themselves about a bit and there was pretty decent coverage. Offence should score enough points to win that game. And yay for Huber. He's good, if we'd won he probably would have been our MVP of that game. But yeah we suck. I don't think we make it to 4 wins unless we sort it out.
  12. Week 1 Ravens @ Bengals

    We might suck
  13. Favourite Team: Bengals Week 1 pick: LA Rams
  14. Bengals Practice Squad Announced

    I do like the fact we haven't prioritised keeping draft picks just because we drafted them. Seems we've gone with the best players we think we have and it meant we waived two fifth rounders.
  15. Preseason Week 3 Bengals @ Redskins

    Only watched the 40 min condensed version, so didn't pick up all the players dong well but the O-Line looks better than I thought it might and that D-Line looks much improved. Lawson might be an amazing draft pick. I think we could have a very good season if we keep it all together.