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  1. James Daniels OG/C is 24 an much better. Would be my first call.
  2. Watch out for a Danielle Hunter trade or even cap casualty. Still only 28 and easily the most productive pass rusher that will be available.
  3. He did. Was penalized a few times and to be honest he didn’t stand out much otherwise. I think we finished 2nd OA in ST DVOA so our unit was very good. I just didn’t notice him much personally.
  4. I would do that trade in a heartbeat.
  5. Yeah I think he’s going to fly up the boards more. Either way I like him day two over both day 1 LBs. Dean is a good player but he’s tiny and he’s TRex arms and Lloyd is a super senior. Muma all day.
  6. We did an we didn’t. Sanchez single handedly lost us like 5 games that season. We were better than 9-7. The only gift we got was the Colts and we gifted 5 other teams wins.
  7. His uncle founded and was CEO and now has nothing to do with the company. He paid for them.
  8. Give me Chad Muma with our third and I’d be satisfied. I still think we move down from 4 though. JD will take less if he has to just to not over draft a guy like Karlaftis. Feels like the 2019 draft where we took Q. Even though it goes against everything I believe in, if Neal is taken at 3 we should just take Hamilton whose really by far the best prospect still on the board. If we stay at 4 I’d rather get an elite talent that is guaranteed to start and play at a high level for a long time over a DE who has a high motor but doesn’t finish even though I know DE is way more important.
  9. How in the hell did Trevon Diggs get first team all pro that boy sucks. Yeah I know INTs but aside from that he’s a terrible DB
  10. Absolutely. Give me a guy who can run routes and get open any day of the week over the “I ran super fast on turf without pads on” guy.
  11. I like Reid. Call me crazy but maybe it’s because I am old school and want to make sure we can play with pride against the run, but depending on price I would look at Jabril Peppers as well.
  12. Please for the love of god go after any other S than Jesse Bates. He’s not good at all. He’s maybe a slightly better Ashtyn Davis. No thank you.
  13. 100%. Was screaming for Wirfs to be the pick. Now we are coming to the realization that Fant is a much better LT than RT and Becton might be best suited switching or having to draft another OT. With all the time off he’s had, if Becton comes into camp over 360 pounds we know he’s not putting in the work. I’d still take an OT with one of our top picks. There a few really solid centers we can take later if taking OT first means going D or WR second.
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