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  1. Adam Gase hired to be the HC of the NYJ

    Woah a HC actually COACHING! Really hope Gase works out, def a smart football guy. Good to see the positive energy too.

    Who cares that was actually one of Macs better selection especially in the round we took him.
  3. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Maybe the worst draft day trader in the history of the draft. My god was he an atrocious GM.
  4. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Those circus Jets man....its more apparent that the writers for this team might be the biggest amateur show in professional sports writing. There are adults here now, back to the kids table Manish and Cimini can go and honestly there are a few more that made ***** of themselves throughout this whole process and including the Gregg Williams presser.
  5. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Not sure where to put this but Gregg Williams was absolutely great in his presser today. Also stuck it to Cimini. Glad we got this guy.
  6. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    Impressed with Douglas today. This guy is here to work. I love it.
  7. 2019 Mini Camp

    I honestly don’t mind this at all. Let a team with a brand new staff and some big time new additions as starters, gel together off the field. I’ve honestly liked how Gase has conducted his mini camp. I like the additions of the big screens and instant replays. Change is good.
  8. Jets Hire GM Joe Douglas

    If we hire anyone other than Joe Douglas at this point it will look dysfunctional and cheap as always. I try not to read into the garbage being written but this is why I hated the reports of a done deal. As stupid as our owners are, we really have the absolute worst writers in professional sports.
  9. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Worth a shot in camp for sure, but man has he busted badly in Pitt. Jets really need Tru to not be useless this year.
  10. 2019 Mini Camp

    Great to have the guys on the field. Seemed like a up and down day for Sam, multiple picks but also some big time throws. Practicing against this attacking style defense will only make him better.
  11. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    For the love of god please sign a GM so we can stop talking about Mac. This thread is getting brutal.
  12. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Mike Macagnan was afraid to make effing decisions! He was the GM! If the Jets land Douglas and we actually operate like a real NFL franchise, we will absolutely be in a better situation moving forward.
  13. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Until Douglas is at the microphone during his press conference saying he is the new GM and has absolute power, I won’t believe anything. Media has been way too much of a clown show to believe anything that gets reported. As much as I like hearing this...I need to see it.
  14. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    He’s such a loser. Lacks credibility, zero football knowledge. Daily news probably is sick of him too. His days are numbered.
  15. Jets fire Mike Maccagnan.

    Lmfao...seriously bud? I’m sorry it is that all you took from that post? Did I spell everything correctly?