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  1. 6(179). Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane

    Burris needs to move to FS. His length and ball skills would play better. He tackles decent enough too.
  2. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Ugh this argument absolutely infuriates me. I feel like a lot of you forge the sanchez era. He had the best offensive line and running game and defense for his first 2 years and was the only crutch on the team otherwise that team could have won a super bowl. Sanchez was had almost nothing to do with why we made it to those AFCCGs, in fact average QB play probably wins us a title. Sanchez failed because of Sanchez, plain and simple. Then our awful GM gave the kid a raise and we couldnt resign other players who were more important. Sanchez never really earned a starting job, never had to compete for it and never got benched. Rex, though he brought a bravado and was a brilliant defensive mind, tore down the foundation mangini built and it was a recipe for disaster. Rex was never meant to be a HC, and Sanchez was never meant to be a starting QB (has officially failed in 5 locations) That being said, Mac has a much better idea of how to build the team and take advantage of his young QBs salary to build the pieces around. Thats the main difference here. Sanchez made a huge salary from day one and then got a crazy guaranteed extension which made very little sense. It required us to rob peter to pay paul and the team wasnt as deep and the QB progressively got worse. Had Sanchez stayed in school and graduated, he may have developed into a much better QB, but based on his mental makeup, he just didn't have to toughness or instincts to be a good starting QB. 09 and 10 were a blast as a fan, but I was still so disappointed when we drafted him. Felt completely the opposite when we drafted Darnold, USC and turnover prone or not. The kid is just resilient. Sanchez was 100% the contrary. This is as optimistic as I have felt in a very long time. I pray we simply stay the course and surround Darnold with talent, but more importantly an offensive line. Receivers and TEs are found on day 2, but LTs and premier C's go on day one. I hope Mac continues to not only get lucky with players falling, but drafts smart and continues to stick to the board. WOuld love to see Stewart and Hansson show something this year so we can potentially deal a Pryor or Kearse at the deadline and get back into round 2 somehow.
  3. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Even though he made more starts and started the 91 AFCCG, Jim Harbaugh was not a very good starting QB, and the guy is a terrific coach and mentor. Josh McCown is a solid QB who is always hurt. He is a great mentor and the team adores him and his leadership. Mocking McCown for being Yoda for the fact that his numbers don't translate to elite is just ridiculous. The two dont correlate. McCown is exactly the guy you want mentoring Darnold, he will teach him the Xs and Os and how to continue to conduct himself as a gentlemen. Brett Farve was and awful mentor to Rodgers, but was a terrific QB, and Farve was often regardless as borderline stupid.
  4. Offseason news/rumours

    It was worth trying to get a guy with some talent. He is going to need a while to get some size back on his frame. Graded poorly as a run blocker throughout his college career so he has a ton of work to do. Still a good move and low risk high reward. We need to seriously rebuild that line next offseason and during the draft.
  5. Offseason news/rumours

    Yeah it doesn’t even matter to me where he plays, it’s just a solid pickup. He has time to get healthy and bulk up. He needs to put on some serious mass. 6’6 280 is very very lean. Would like to see him in the 315-325 range which is very good for ZBS LT
  6. Offseason news/rumours

    We just claimed Antonio Garcia OT from the Pats. Hopefully he adds some weight and pushes either tackle we have.
  7. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Brian Winters better look like a new man the way he gets talked about on here.
  8. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    PFF has us as 30th overall offensive line last year and yet we were injury free, and Spencer Long was our only addition...talk about putting all the eggs in one basket. Wesley Johnson horrific but we need to start developing more lineman, especially with a young QB.
  9. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    We have to pray that spencer long is the glue that gets winters and carpenter back to avg form which will be much better than last year.
  10. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Brian winters is one of the worst guards in football consistently. Crowell, I think is fat more talented than winters as their respected positions but even he needs to prove it too. I am positive winters will be cut after another bad season.
  11. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Dude no way did he ever have a good season. Winters was not and never had been good. That contract he received was an absolute joke. We want to quote PFF, well PFF has NEVER even rated him as good as below average, and that’s not due to the center that’s just cuz he sucks. He sucked next to mangold and he really sucked next to Johnson. Also since we debate about PFF, watch the tape, it’s not good. Jets need to invest heavily in the line next year.
  12. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    When was winters good before? He’s terrible. He has never been good and we keep saying “bounce back year” what is he bouncing back from? Being one of the worst guards in football? This is not a middle of the pack offensive line. Long will help but he’s nothing special either he’s just a lot better than Wesley Johnson who was the worst center I have ever seen. Jets still need to add ZBS interior lineman. Carpenter was a fish out of water last year.
  13. 6(179). Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane

    Ball skills, insane make up speed, good breaks on the ball well too. Yeah some throws clearly sucked but that is the see in the NFL too. Combo of a poor throw and decent play. Would be nice just to have a guy that can make the play in the secondary.
  14. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    He has trying to have fun. You can tell he is excited, but it was obviously sarcasm after a single day of ROOKIE MINI CAMP. I like seeing that side of Bowles. Maybe if he doens't feel like hes coaching for his job he'll do a better job, I really dont know. The guy knows his defense, hes by no means stupid, but his in game management has been pretty terrible. He has to show it this year, that he really can be a good football coach or we are searching for a brand new staff in 2019. Mac just made everyone a believer with the Darnold pick and setting us up for another big FA period which he just talked about on Mike Francesa.
  15. Offseason news/rumours

    I would absolutely settle for these, and just make the opposite in white. Also wouldnt mind seeing green helmets and old jets lol but baby steps i guess.