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  1. Yeah man…you absolutely blew it lmao but it’s been good to have you here at least.
  2. We haven’t gotten anywhere to have even set back lol. People who think that next year we will be in the hunt are completely fooling themselves. We’ll be drafting top 2 again this spring. This team absolutely blows and the coaching staff has been pretty bad too.
  3. One of the worst games I have ever seen a QB play. He got rattled and couldn’t recover. Some awful red flags. That being said, it’s a long season, but today he was the sole culprit. He was atrocious.
  4. Welp we are nowhere close to being a decent football.
  5. Some of the worst QBing I have ever seen
  6. Denver is going to make Zach Wilson look even more horrendous next week
  7. Winnable game but not with this QB play. No excuses he’s flat out horrible
  8. We can’t win with this kid. He’s killing us
  9. No passes on that first and goal lol. LaFleur already is frustrating
  10. Both his picks have been very very concerning
  11. Come on man. That’s a pathetic throw.
  12. Omg I can’t watch football anymore. This isn’t a real sport anymore.
  13. Man he’s going to dink and dunk us all game
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