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  1. Totally wanted to make that joke but it’s funnier you did it anyways... well done lol.
  2. Lmao oh my god I hope he’s a starter there. Bills fans are going to want to rip their hair out with this guy. I can see it now. Allen connects for a massive gainer only to see the usual Brian Winters holding penalty.
  3. Every every move Douglas makes has me more confident we have the right guy at GM. I’m so glad we are moving on from him. He was a penalty machine and just wasn’t very good at all.
  4. Mosley opted out of the season. Wants to protect his family. That is completely fine, but the guy just got a 10 million dollar roster bonus and now wants to opt out? If you dont show up to work you should not be getting paid.
  5. I hope he doesn’t. This is a job. You don’t wanna work? You don’t get paid. You really are afraid of getting your family sick, that’s fine and respectable, forfeit that roster bonus. This is cop out. If he didn’t get that bonus would he still be opting out? Absolutely not. This isn’t about his family, this is about already getting paid and he doesn’t have to play. I hope we look to move him next year for even a day 3 pick just to relieve us of the disaster of a contract it is a bf a player who simply came here for the money who doesn’t care about playing for us. Imagine being an essential working putting your life on the line everyday and saying you don’t want to work? Your employer would say fine, we respect it, but we’re blocking your unemployment and you aren’t getting paid. It’s really a slap in the face of people who have been working non stopped during this whole pandemic. I wish him and his family well and good health, but to be paid to not show up to work does not sit well with me whatsoever.
  6. He still gets his roster bonus of 10 mil so we save 6.
  7. Darnold should opt out this year. Save a year on the rookie deal.
  8. Im pretty sure that was already agreed upon. No preseason this year.
  9. Hate to say it but he usually does lol. Not going to lie though, this was a nice win as was the Joe Douglas move. Just praying for a step forward this year for Darnold and the offense.
  10. Would much rather give Clowney a contract whose a much better overall defender than Yannick whose got his own issues and is maybe a marginally better pass rusher and would require giving up a draft pick. Clowney is just a better player.
  11. Lot of people completely overrating Trevor Lawrence. We have a QB. Just get this kid some help. If we waste this draft capital on another QB this franchise will never go anywhere. We will actually be looked at worse than the lions and browns.
  12. Id rather just be good lol.
  13. I agree. We need to rid ourselves of both. Great points too. Good luck this season.
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