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  1. Todd Bowles

    Us and 20 other teams. We need a program builder. We have zero identity on any side of the ball.
  2. Todd Bowles

    I just pray we dont go the hot coordinator route AGAIN because I promise you we might as well start a thread of who we are going hire after him in three years.
  3. Todd Bowles

    I think he was a terrific defensive scheming coach but his players walked all over him. Also had very discipline. Rex was just a more successful Todd Bowles with a better personality. Mangini got fired too soon in my opinion. Whats done is done. We need a program builder. I am really starting to like this Matt Campbell.
  4. Todd Bowles

    Oh how quick how you all forget how terrible of a HC Rex was. Im sorry but he was just as clueless of an in game coach as Bowles. Never knew what to do. We had awful performances under him, he refused to bench sanchez too. GUy was a clown. Mangini was a better HC who got fired way too early because he basically told Woody to go $&%! himself. Mangini built the entire foundation that REx took to the title games, good for him he was great those years, and once he had more of his players he selected he ruined it all and now hows the balls to talk about the Jets. Get lost you fat $&#! you'll never get another HC job ever again. I would take Mangini back over Rex in the blink of an eye and wed be much better off.
  5. Todd Bowles

    Going to stink not having that 2nd this year. We are going to be bad in 2019. 100 million to spend or not. The 2019 Jets will still not be a winning team. Trading Leonard Williams for offensive help might be inevitable.
  6. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    I think we need to.
  7. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Is Leonard Williams even playing?
  8. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    YEah but not a good look, like at all.
  9. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Why is Jamal celebrating down by 30. Come one dude. Plus you suck today. Unless youre happy Bowles is getting fired. In that case...celebrate mal.
  10. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    no lol im just breakin your balls. this is brutal.
  11. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    DOnt wanna get beat deep now lmao... We should just send 8 every play and make it interesting. Either win big or lose big. It will be awesome.
  12. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Hey dont get #$%ty with me Mr. "I dont like John Harbaugh and would rather have some 1 year OC doesn't call the plays"!
  13. Week #10: Bills @ Jets on CBS

    Ownership trying to get involved is honestly the biggest reason our executives and HC hires are all losers. We have terrible owners.
  14. Around The League

    Dont bother he just doesnt like Harbaugh and doesnt even know why. That explanation just showing he doesnt know much about that team
  15. Around The League

    Im just going assume you know very little about the Ravens situation. John Harbaugh is an excellent coach.