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  1. Around the League: 2019 Edition

    We need draft picks to round out this roster for cheap not retreads that need renewing contracts. Ammo up for the draft and plug as many holes as you can with young athletes that want to come in and compete. I honestly hope we clear cap space and don’t even go crazy with expensive deals. Second tier free agents to make the roster as deep as you can.
  2. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    He’s so brave.

    I still want Jim Harbaugh but that’s likely won’t happen. I would like to see Joe Douglas make a hire. I really don’t feel confident we are going to fire Gase. It’s truly sad.
  4. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    I agree we legit couldn’t stop them u less they dropped the ball. Jets need two new corners that can play man. We signed tru to play press...I haven’t seen tru press a single time since being here. He clearly can’t cover anymore but why not at least let him jam and see if we can at least throw the oppositions timing off.
  5. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    While this is true, the are totally wasting the advantage of his rookie deal. Have to do what the Colts did and collect draft picks when we resign him after 5 years. Couple high contracts with a ton of young players on small deals. Step one to this ever being a winning team again is going to start and end with drafting. Darnold can be great, but he’s got to absolutely learn from this game and never talk about ghosts again. They’ll haunt him so long as he struggles. Best way to stop the talk is to get better and win. Unfortunately until that happens the Jets and Darnold with be a ghostly pun for the next two years at least.
  6. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    What makes us in good shape? Serious question. And way too many shoulda could as or ifs. If he takes a sack...if he throws it away...if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. He should still be in college...sounds way to similar to Mark Sanchez and last night was worse than anything I ever saw from Sanchez and I promise you, nobody hated Sanchez more on here from day one than me. I’m not giving up on Sam yet but another game like this and we have to start questioning the direction and DEF should fire the HC.
  7. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    We aren’t much better than this game that is for sure. We are poorly coached, our top picks aren’t developing, we lack real talent at the LOS on either side of the ball, we can’t cover and our “franchise QB” might never recover from this that’s how bad he looked. This has been the darkest of time for Jets football in a long time and last night was the apex of this pathetic era in our teams history. There is no reason for genuine optimism in the not so distant future. Miami will be better than us in a year or so. Be glad you have a competent owner and the absolute best HC/QB this game will ever see. We might have the worst of all three. The jets really are the most embarrassing team in all of football. Joe Douglas needs to start over. There is no coming back from this.
  8. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    I’ll tell you one thing...if a player could decline the 5th year team option...Jamal Adams would do it. Also, Robby Anderson really is just a one trick pony. Yeah he can sometimes beat people deep but his big plays are way too few and far between. We need upgrades literally everywhere.
  9. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    this team has no future as its constructed. we have to ride this out and try to develop Darnold but it really can’t be under this offensive staff. We need him to be who we thought he was or we are truly screwed. He showed an abundance of weaknesses tonight and it’s alarming but we have to get him back on track and maybe even change our game plan on offense. We need to figure out a way to run the football with the expensive RB we have. If we can’t what the point of having him. Go heavier on the line and pound the ball. Sam isn’t ready to carry this team. my god though is that ghost comment so effing bad. Don’t ever mic him up again. I have to admit I’m scared that’s going to haunt him for however long his career lasts. No pun intended.
  10. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    Ahh I actually like them. I prefer we wear clown suits next week though. It’s more appropriate or maybe white on white on white so we look like ghosts and Sam f**king throws to the right team. Just a thought.
  11. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    This game was effing bad it make you think that last week was a complete fluke. Sam Darnold showed no signs of looking like an NFL QB tonight. Last week he looked very good. Tonight was one of the worst QBed games in MNF history. Sanchez was actually better in the butt fumble game. How sad is that
  12. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    It may never come back this year. This was supposed to be his first career defining game and it looks like it was in the absolute worst way possible. Everything we saw from him tonight is extremely concerning. Scared of pressure, back foot throws, turnovers, playing petrified.
  13. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    Lmao Sam was atrocious against the Dolphins D last year. We aren’t beating them twice that’s for sure. Jags will also spook him next week.
  14. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    Lmao Darnold has a 5.9 passer rating. If the ghost were playing QB one of them by default would have to be better than that. My god. Can we for the love of god never ever draft another USC QB ever again.
  15. Week 7: NE Pats vs NY Jets MNF

    I hope Douglas has a fire sale. Leveon deserves better. If we can get picks for him how do we say no?