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  1. I would do that in a heartbeat.
  2. I love the ideal of Tartt too @Rockice_8 and I also like the idea of Ahkello Witherspoon. They have a ton of free agents. Like it or not, a handful of ex 49ers will be in green in 2021. Rex did the same when he came here as did the two other idiots we hired after him. Tartt and Witherspoon could be very solid starters and had for modest salaries, especially Tartt.
  3. Hewitt and Cashman arent starting LBs. They are reserves but we may not have a choice with at least one of them playing a ton of snaps. We need athletic LBs to play with Mosely (who you can hardly count on) and like you said at least 2 corners. Hall should start, zone is what hes best at. We need a SS that can also cover as well as move into the box. Davis is a decent player but def more of a FS like Maye and didnt exactly look great in year one. We need 2 DEs. Again its going to be athletic DEs with some speed over size (something we've lacked for a decade or more). For years the best teams w
  4. Lol I wish we had the personnel for this but not even close. I am encouraged though.
  5. I think Wilson at 2 is the most realistic QB scenario right now. Hes a perfect match for the system that we are going to run and it resets the QB contract clock. We keep our assets and let a legit coaching staff develop a kid with arm talent in a very QB friendly system.
  6. Congratulations boys. Heck of a team you got. Good luck next week.
  7. Maybe a single really good player since we'd have significantly less money
  8. I would do it for that trade but anymore and its really not worth it for us. He has a massive salary, so you can forget making a big splash in FA, he would eat half of that cap room. We also have so many holes to fill so also giving up more picks than we are here just would be counter productive now that we've cut our cap space in half. Watson is likely a move for a team that can afford him that is really just a QB away from being a championship caliber team. Watson and a couple draft picks plus some tier 2-3 FAs still wont put us in the playoffs.
  9. I’m in the keep Darnold band wagon and trust me I think he’s stupid and plays with no energy but a new coaching staff and offense that better suits his skill set could bring out a good QB in him. I’m not expecting him to ever be a star, he won’t be he just doesn’t have that kind of talent or ability to process quick enough but he’s got enough to be above average or even a good game manager. Trade down and build the best team you can in the next two offseasons and drafts. This year we should see a spike in young talent on this roster.
  10. I love it. only thing I want another pick in 2022 from ATL. There’s a cost for moving to 2. Well done though Bobby.
  11. Very happy with this hire. That is all I got.
  12. He also throws to future 1st round picks behind an incredible offensive line. Wilson throws to future salesman. It is all relative.
  13. I hate that we like Arthur Smith. What a disappointing hire that would be after believing Saleh was the guy.
  14. Jets can’t close, never have, never will. Arthur Smith is a weak hire.
  15. He’s not going to be our HC then. You don’t let him leave the building without a deal if you want him.
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