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  1. I dont typically care if a guy can call plays, doesnt call plays, comes from offense or defense...the Jets need the absolute best LEADER they can possibly find.
  2. Absolutely. Would even take Gallup and a day 2. CeeDee would be suhhhweet though
  3. Maybe one day but Sam has shown nearly half of what Tannenhill did in his first 3 years. The fact is that Sam has a pretty low football IQ, bad mechanics and someone whose best plays are spectacular but extremely few and far between.
  4. After todays display...if you are offered a 1 from any team for Darnold, you take and say thank you.
  5. 1:56 1 TO....Can Sam even complete a pass for a first down?!
  6. I hate the way we play football
  7. Jets wont get the ball back. 5 mins in the second half. Disgusting. Sam is unwatchable right now.
  8. Sam's value is plummeting. He looks worse every snap.
  9. Trading Q would be downright stupid at this point.
  10. Lets see a drive. Show some balls Sam for once.
  11. 2 Drives...less than 3 min. If you dont think we should take Trevor Lawrence...lord help you. Sam is worse than he was his rookie season.
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