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  1. Me either. Just doesn’t make sense.
  2. I honestly like them both. I favor Wilson because his trigger and ability to process quick are what sets him apart for me but Fields athleticism, character and toughness are off the charts. I think Fields will be very good. I think Wilson may have the highest ceiling in this draft, but he def has one of the lower floors too, especially with our roster and track record.
  3. Was at that game in Nashville, hammered with my boys for a bachelor party. We were winning most of the game and we kept telling the Titans fans not to worry...we were right. Classiest fans I’ve ever been around. We got cheered on our way out. Either that or the dudes that sit in the Endzone are chill AF.
  4. I absolutely hope he trades down at least twice on the first 2 days if he can. Day two is the value day especially for what we need and how we want to build.
  5. Lol I know but I wanted to bust your balls about it anyway.
  6. I really could care less about taking a CB high this year. Stack the offense as much as you can. Worry about defense next year. I want OL (x2), RB, WR, TE all taken care of. Wilson needs to be in as good of a situation as we can with the resources we have.
  7. good. the last QB we had that ****ed like a champ ended up being one. Sanchez took out a girl who was studying for her SATs and Sam got mono from a JR High School girl
  8. wait wait wait...his uncle is a billionaire so he "might" be a spoiled brat but the is no evidence at this time...will circle back.
  9. yeah but we make good moves to accumulate draft equity and its all the same "but we suck at drafting". It is always negative. At least this regime is trying to operate the way successful organizations do, when have we had that this decade lol?
  10. This thread is so depressing. Some of you will never be happy even if this team is winning again.
  11. Love this trade. Keep doubting Douglas...
  12. sign me up for this draft today.
  13. I think if we were able to sign Thuney (so much for that being a lock lol) he would have been cut. I really hope we do a major job of adding more talent on that line this draft. Whoever the QB is going to be will still be on their *** with this current cast of characters.
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