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  1. Moses signing makes this Oline very solid to the point it is an absolute strength in the running game and at the very least above average pass protecting.
  2. Love that we are challenging Mims to earn his reps. We penciled him in as a starter last year, he was hurt and when he was healthy he showed flashes but not enough to really be given anything in year two. He needs to have a good camp because there is a full room with very capable receivers and a rookie who has looked very very impressive so far.
  3. I would love to make a friendly bet that neither out touch him
  4. Joe Douglas gets it’s. We are in good hands with this GM.
  5. I’m talking about Mims. He’s got to be available or he’s going to simply be forgotten.
  6. Agreed. Right now I just want him to stay healthy and have a full camp and preseason. If he can’t make it through camp and starts missing time again, he’ll get buried on the depth chart as well continue to draft better WRs than him.
  7. I really hope we sign Morgan Moses. If Becton is good to go he’s still much better than Fant (I have nothing against Fant Moses is just better) and it gives us more insurance in case Becton has injury issues which until he stops being a fat slob, is going to be a problem. Fant should absolutely still be on this team and I don’t care about the cap hit. This is about keeping your rookie QB as protected as you possibly can. Fant will find snaps it’s just inevitable.
  8. Yep him and Mims already feel like walking injuries waiting to happen.
  9. Apparently we brought in Morgan Moses. Wish we signed him.
  10. Agreed. Idgaf about whose not getting snaps. Earn them.
  11. After both Williamson and Mosely got hurt weve literally been horrible at the LB spot the past two years. Safe to say we should be much better and athletic there in 2021.
  12. Safety should never be a first round selection honestly. It’s the defense’s running back. Joe Douglas knows this. I’m going OT and pass rusher with our picks next year.
  13. 6-11. I like our direction but we still are far from good. Next year we should really make a jump.
  14. God some fans are going to be insufferable after week 1 if we lose. Cue the “wah this is why we shoulda kept Sam wahhhh” after one week. Just take care of business so we don’t have to hear it.
  15. New QB, new HC, new weapons, and Sam #$%&ing Darnold is what were are talking about on here? Carry on...I am just disappointed we got nothing else going on here lol.
  16. That and #2 looks much better in the stupid font we have on our jerseys. #1 legit looks like a stick of butter. I really hope they make some changes to the logo and jerseys when they can. They got the colors right at least lol.
  17. Those weren't decent numbers those were top 10 numbers. Those numbers would set Jet records. Rookie QBs dont do what Herbert did. It is unrealistic.
  18. That should not be the bar for any rookie QB lol.
  19. Agreed. Imagine he’s able to get a mid rounder for Crowder too at the deadline.
  20. I think Moore is actually a significant part of this offense way more than you guys are giving credit. It’s not even about beating out crowder. He’s going to be on the field. Jet motions, decoys, he’s already our best route runner. Jets didn’t draft him to sit him a year. He’s playing significant snaps
  21. We should be looking to see if we can one of our DTs that is going to lose snaps. See if can add a corner. Would love to keep this guy around if he truly is that athletic. You can teach everything else, you cant teach athleticism.
  22. I don’t do the whole letter grade thing I think it’s beyond silly but I really love what we did. Even the 25 DBs we took on day 3. There is a plan. They know what they are looking for and for once I trust it.
  23. Agreed. Saleh has gotten more with less with his corners. Hall may have been a 5th rounder but that was purely because of injury. He’s a 2nd round talent. He also played and competed very well last year. Bless is a guy who I think we overrate. He just isn’t good nor a willing tackler. Could see him cut this summer unless he improves drastically.
  24. If he can play on the right I think that’s a solid upgrade over the very average at best George Fant
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