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  1. Fant out and Edoga Doubtful. Edoga couldn’t be any more useless. Hated that pick, hopefully we cut him after this year and add much better depth.
  2. Sam not playing for weeks isnt going to magically make him good. Miami needs this game to stay in the hunt. I do think it will be closer till the end. NYJ - 16 MIA - 27
  3. While I do completely disagree with you, we shall see how Sam plays with a better cast or characters. I’d happy admit being wrong.
  4. Says the guy who made this thread...thanks again for your presence captain!
  5. I’d bring back Perriman, sign some solid in FA, draft one earlier and one later with different skill sets. Have some depth so once. Also hope we do some wheeling and dealing and trade back with that Seattle pick and stock 2s like crazy. Big value in that round
  6. I would take Bilal in a heartbeat...haven’t even seen that yet from Perine. Hopefully that’s who he becomes but Perine has really been underwhelming so far.
  7. Big money in those Toyota commercials
  8. Flores already said Tua is playing. I do agree that Flacco is better than Darnold at this point. Darnolds mechanics and ability to read defenses are so piss poor there’s no chance he’s beating Miami. He also typically plays terrible against them too. Flacco will start and I predict a 23-16 Loss. Darnolds starts have not even been watchable this year.
  9. At home where you get +3 automatically. I do agree it’ll be a closer game, especially since Tua isn’t throwing for big yards but their D will likely shut us down. Im with you on the fact that I wouldn’t touch this game as a gambler...we’ve looked better on offense recently, albeit vs some awful defenses but this will be too close for comfort. Our only saving grace is Miami is going to really need this game if they have a shot at the playoffs
  10. Nope this was just an unnecessary thread here for a fan base that is suffering through this season to begin with. We are well aware of the possibilities without you creating a new thread to enlighten us all.
  11. He’s not special to begin with. I’d sign a guy whose complementary and draft a guy before day 3. Perine is a good #3.
  12. If we had the same group of WRs heading into the draft I am 100000% taking Wyatt Davis and addressing WR with the 2nd pick or “Darnold pick”. You could have absolute studs at WR and if our interior OL is a sieve, which it is now, it won’t matter how good those receivers are. We also should be looking to draft a developmental RT and make Chuma earn his spot. Literally every time Chuma gets playing time he either sucks or gets hurt. He’s soft AF and just isn’t a good OT. The line has to been much better going into 2021 so we don’t put the new QB IMin an impossible spot.
  13. Dude...we have no chance in that game. Aaron Donald is going to toss McGovern around like a rag doll. You are completely underrating them. We lose that game by a minimum of two possessions lol. While youre right about Goff he is still significantly better than any QB on our roster.
  14. lol prepare for it...ok thanks bud. what a post...
  15. I would be happy with this except we should keep Periman and not Jeff Smith otherwise I would be very very pleased. Still think the OL could use a little more work but its hard to believe that this team wouldnt at least be very competitive.
  16. That was absolutely PI but whatever we are better off losing lol
  17. agreed man. i was unsure of his ability to play in man coverage because hes def a zone guy but he looked like he belonged today and competes well. hopefully he keep progressing unlike bless austin who looked great at first and now doesnt look like he belongs in the NFL.
  18. want a stop a TD and dont convert the 2pter and thats a victory!
  19. should absolutely bring him back for the right price.
  20. Sure, but he better be in better shape next year for camp. Drop 20 pounds and have more endurance. Hes got the talent for sure. He has to do a lot more work though. Same goes for Mims. Mims shouldnt be coming out hurt before hes even targeted. These guys need to be in better shape because they both look like cornerstones.
  21. i hate this team. zero to root for because we dont even have our rookies getting the touches or making most of the big plays. flacco wont be here, gore wont be here, perriman? (hes worth keeping for another year for similar money). We are going to suck next year too.
  22. Great catch from Mims. Bectons inability to stay on the field is a legit concern now. Happens almost every game.
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