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  1. I love it. only thing I want another pick in 2022 from ATL. There’s a cost for moving to 2. Well done though Bobby.
  2. Very happy with this hire. That is all I got.
  3. He also throws to future 1st round picks behind an incredible offensive line. Wilson throws to future salesman. It is all relative.
  4. I hate that we like Arthur Smith. What a disappointing hire that would be after believing Saleh was the guy.
  5. Jets can’t close, never have, never will. Arthur Smith is a weak hire.
  6. He’s not going to be our HC then. You don’t let him leave the building without a deal if you want him.
  7. He apparently has very good coaching connections.
  8. If Saleh is the choice color me very excited. Love his energy and passion and the fact that he’s developed players on his unit. He even looks intimidating. I hope we offer him the job!
  9. He could be, just tell him to stop hiring his friends who suck at calling defenses.
  10. If Pederson was the real deal no way in hell would he be getting fired after a Super Bowl win. The fact that they are willing to cut him loose should scare any Jets fan that we are linked to him. That and the fact that players wanted to fight him.
  11. If we hire Pederson as HC I have no faith in Joe Douglas. Just another guy with no balls who hires friends. After Gase it’s such a horrible hire.
  12. He just won them a Super Bowl and they want to move on? How does that not scare the **** out of you?
  13. Pederson literally has lost his team and quit on them twice this year. SB aside, hes been terrible since. Would be an abysmal hire.
  14. Is fields actually better than Darnold and that is a legitimate question. I just dont think I can confidently say he is.
  15. Let me make this clear to people. Lawrence and Sewel are NOT generational talents...they are just excellent prospects. Generational means ONCE IN A GENERATION. Neither of these guys are that player. Neither is Devonta Smith.
  16. Realistic...we are not a destination nor should we be looking to overpay just to be one, that puts us right back into purgatory.
  17. I really dont get the Bienemy love what so ever. There is a reason why this is his 3rd time interviewing for a head coaching opportunity. He simply isn't impressing anyone. He probably gets a job this time around just because there is some much "buzz" about him, but I think its very telling that he gets passed over numerous times. Not everyone is meant to be a HC.
  18. Realistic mock till the trade down. Would it look genius absolutely, but it would make that 3 pick sky rocket for the dolphins and they could end up moving down and not taking Sewel there and coming away with even more than we got. If they like Wilson he’s the pick at two. Otherwise super realistic mock and I like that.
  19. Very true except Woody brought in idiots to conduct the search cuz he was that incompetent. Why can’t these *** sign the checks and just GTFO of the way.
  20. I’d much rather have Woody here than Chris. Chris should never have any say what so ever.
  21. Thank god its over. I cant wait to see a new looking team with HC and QB next year. These last 3 years have been so brutal.
  22. 3rd and 5th for a 24 QB whose been brutal? Who says no?
  23. Sam just has no internal clock there are so many plays to be made and he just sits and sits. He’s broken.
  24. I think our all whites are our best look.
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