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  1. Every single game I watch him miss use timeouts or not know the correct way to play a situation is insanely frustrating. I am done defending him. I just do think he will definitely be back. This is going to be a big off season for mac as well. Get it done Mac...
  2. Excellent post. Jets fans tend to get trigger happy. The GM position needs more time. Idzik was a rare case. The head coach on the other hand needs to change. I think Mac retains Bowles though. Would be difficult to compete with the Giants search at the same time.
  3. We aren't winning another game this year, so let's see where we end up drafting and how FA works out. Even though it seems like we are in QB limbo, it may not be nearly as bad as it seems.
  4. For Broncos that is the equivalent of taking Paxton Lynch again.
  5. I am mainly just being a jerk I just watch his interviews and wonder if he can even read. He would be very difficult to market here, but above all else we need to win. If Lamar Jackson elevates us I am not against anyone. INCREDIBLE athlete, but he looks like he could break in half. He has to get bigger because he needs to use his legs and thats not even debatable.
  6. Its really hard to argue against that. Mac would really really really rolling the dice here.
  7. Jackson can't even count to 1000. I expect this kid to free fall during the combine and interviews. He is going to struggle with pro concepts and might set a record low for the wonderlic.
  8. Whether we give him credit or not for his changing of the culture is one thing, but his game management and being clueless in situation football has been a problem from day one. I wasn't disappointed with the Bowles hire, but I wanted Quinn or Marrone over him. Quinn obviously walked into a wonderful situation, but Marrone literally took like a 3-13 team and has made them a good team with Blake Bortles. Not too bad.
  9. which is why PFF is useless sometimes. Guy cant hit on a wide open 5 and out on third down. Same story with Petty.
  10. Agree. I have nothing but the utmost respect for that man, the way he left it all out there for a team that was supposed to win 1 game. I hope he sticks around as a mentor or coach but we need different options at QB next year.
  11. Hue Jackson is an excellent OC. Judging him off his record coaching the Browns is complete BS, that organization has literally failed with EVERYONE.
  12. Hue Jackson is def getting another HC job, guy is very well respected around the league. Coaching for the Browns is a death sentence.
  13. We have to see Hackenberg just so we can say we've seen him in game action and basically confirm the narrative that he just is in over his head. Petty still looked erratic. I dont care about reps, if you can hit a wide open target on a 5 yard out on 3rd down you have no business even being a backup. I was happy selecting Petty a few years ago because if you watched his film the kid could flat out throw the ball. Has definitely not translated. That's a Mark Sanchez throw.
  14. The culture has definitely improved from last year but we clearly still have quite a ways to go.
  15. Even though I think Bowles has done a much better job this year, these are the games that absolutely drive you crazy. On the road, come out flat, ultra conservative with the season on the line, and absolutely no idea how to use timeouts or clock management. I'm just not going to waste my time talking about firing him because I know he'll absolutely be back but its getting harder and harder to defend his in game coaching. @GangGreen420 were debating this recently. We were both pretty much done with him after last year and I came to his defense of recently, more-so because i just feel he'll be b
  16. Well its an absolutel GUARANTEE that the New York Jets will finish 5-11. Still probably wont land a QB though lol.
  17. WHich is why it would be completely ridiculous to bring him back as a starter or even in general. he has never played a full year. You sold us on a bad year as fans, we deserve a QB we can be excited about next year. If we can draft one than FA. McCown has to be absolute last resort. Thanks for an exciting year, guy played his tail off but he'll be 39, I would rather add him to the coaching staff.
  18. I really thought Petty was going to be better. He has no accuracy consistency to ever be good in this league. Can't miss wide open targets on short routes on third down. Hes just always all over the place. Keep drafting QBs.
  19. we are so bad on the road. if not for the fact that the browns gave us a game we wouldnt win a road game all year. we cant get fooled by McCown like we were with Fitz. McCown can not be the starter in 2018.
  20. Morton clearly a solid OC, but his play calling against TB and Denver on the road a big factor in the offense going to sleep. Not the whole story but certainly a contributing factor. Our running game is subpar, as is the run blocking, and we have a top 12 QB (crazy) and 2 very good WRs...throw the ball.
  21. I know I'm just breaking balls lol. I don't want McCown back as the starter so anything but that. Love the guy nothing but respect but if mac makes same mistake twice we instantly need a new gm
  22. Real inspiring game-day thread. F the draft position, its erroneous at this point. Go to Denver and win.
  23. Noooo. We've seen this movie before with Fitzpatrick. You have to bring in a new starter. McCown is 38 and even though I love his leadership Mac was able to sell us on this year, NOT next year that would be a HUGE mistake. Thanks for a competitive year but my god do we need to move forward elsewhere.
  24. Which makes a FA QB the most likely scenario. Warming up to Cousins, but im not giving them a 1st rounder and then having to sign him long term especially at that tag price. They can take one of our 2nds at best. This isn't Peyton Manning, its still effing Kirk Cousins were talking about. Still like the idea of a cheaper younger option if hes going to cost a ton and still require giving up a pick. We probably wont be drafting a QB though.
  25. Would be funny and I have absolutely defended Sheldon's character in comparison to Mo, but lets be honest, that line COMPLETELY underachieved. Never lived up to the hype and still isnt. We need to get pass rushers and stop investing in these 5-tech DEs that dont make nearly enough of an impact in the pass rushing game.
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