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  1. Cam Newton whose been painful to watch is still outplaying Sam Darnold.
  2. That part of his game isn’t going away no matter where he plays.
  3. Those are losing teams type of defensive series. Get two sacks and give up big 3rd downs. That trick play was so obvious too.
  4. I don’t think that’s accurate without still being on the hook for a decent amount of money but I’m not 100% sure. Someone who knows hopefully can answer this.
  5. It’s so true. What sucks is we’ve gotten ZERO from Mosley and now 2 years older we are still on the hook for 2 years. That contract is terrible but he’s what we are missing. A legit athletic ILB that can play every down is crucial. One that can to that and also generate pressure would change it all!
  6. Then he’s just fragile lol. Hopefully he’s fine and nothing serious to kill his offseason program. We need this guy in much better shape next year. Still too heavy.
  7. I think he’s just super out of shape and has no endurance. Has to be his priority this offseason.
  8. It’s that throw there that makes you say...where is that all the time. Had time threw a strike off his back foot.
  9. Yeah I dont know. I think we overrate the crap out of him. Hes far from being our answer of a number 1 receiver thus far but hopefully he makes a big jump next year. He has to stay healthy. Oddly in the games weve won hes been a ghost.
  10. Mims in concussion protocol after just one catch? Yikes.
  11. I feel like our OL really cant stop stunts.
  12. Darnold hasnt scored a TD against them in any start.
  13. because even when he has time he looks nervous and unsure and I started typing this on the 2nd down throw. Looks like we still got a believer here!
  14. also cant wait to never see sam darnold behind center again.
  15. god what a screen concept from gase there. i am so glad this is the final game of this terrible season.
  16. We are pathetic. We need just as much on defense as we do on offense. Horrible team. We just got bullied down the field. Maye might be worth resigning and is great in coverage but he seriously is so terrible in pursuit of ball carriers and tackling. That was embarrassing.
  17. Marvin Lewis is going to get a HC gig somewhere not play wet nurse to some kid whose had only mild success in his ONE year as an OC. Asking Brady to take a HC job here and also try to build a team from the ground up is a recipe for disaster.
  18. Its not just PFF which i dont even love, its ever advanced pressure stat too. He has a flash play in the run game here and there but hes been atrocious pass blocking. I was a huge fan of him of draft day and happy we got him, but hes a backup and we have to do better than that.
  19. Except hes not a starting quality OG and you are being fooled. Its like us signing Perriman and not bringing in another WR and thinking we are all set with starters, you would flip.
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