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  1. Darnold hasnt scored a TD against them in any start.
  2. because even when he has time he looks nervous and unsure and I started typing this on the 2nd down throw. Looks like we still got a believer here!
  3. also cant wait to never see sam darnold behind center again.
  4. god what a screen concept from gase there. i am so glad this is the final game of this terrible season.
  5. We are pathetic. We need just as much on defense as we do on offense. Horrible team. We just got bullied down the field. Maye might be worth resigning and is great in coverage but he seriously is so terrible in pursuit of ball carriers and tackling. That was embarrassing.
  6. Marvin Lewis is going to get a HC gig somewhere not play wet nurse to some kid whose had only mild success in his ONE year as an OC. Asking Brady to take a HC job here and also try to build a team from the ground up is a recipe for disaster.
  7. Its not just PFF which i dont even love, its ever advanced pressure stat too. He has a flash play in the run game here and there but hes been atrocious pass blocking. I was a huge fan of him of draft day and happy we got him, but hes a backup and we have to do better than that.
  8. Except hes not a starting quality OG and you are being fooled. Its like us signing Perriman and not bringing in another WR and thinking we are all set with starters, you would flip.
  9. This game is over with a Buckeye score here.
  10. He’s going to explode up boards. He’s running behind a fantastic line which is why I’ve been screaming for Wyatt Davis for weeks.
  11. Fields is having a heck of a game. It’s going to be a dog fight between him and Wilson up until draft night. Both guys with impressive arms and athleticism.
  12. I’m most impressed with Trey Sermon than anything in this game! That dude runs angry and I love it.
  13. Dude Elfein is the worst pass blocking OG in football. OG is a tremendous need. He grades out abysmal ever week minus a flash block here and there. He is not a starting OG not even close.
  14. Not at age 31 and after one season of pro experience, with very marginal success I might add. Now add in building a program from scratch. He needs way more seasoning, and maybe even some success.
  15. But then we are doing exactly what led us hear in the beginning.
  16. Lol seriously there isn’t a chance in hell. Jets fans really are delusional. We could have all the cap in the world it’s not happening. We don’t have a QB and we are in no position to start overpaying for free agents. See Lev Bell. Got cut before two years lol. We’d have to pay Robinson an obscene amount of money to come here not knowing whose throwing him the ball to the point where it’s really not worth it.
  17. Not happening. We have to be realistic and we aren’t. Hes not coming here and if we have to overpay drastically that’s not helping either.
  18. Maybe even better and maybe has a better coaching staff.
  19. Not for this team. Too young too inexperienced. This program needs to be built from scratch. That is a ton to ask for 31 year old kid with very little NFL experience.
  20. I think it is the safest and smartest move. We arent going to improve this team all the significantly in FA. We dont have the structure yet. Trading down and collect more earlier round picks will allow us to fill holes with higher ceiling players to make this team competitive. That is when it will become a free agent destination. I still don't understand how everyone thinks Thuney to the Jets is a lock. The Pats have an estimated $72 million in cap space heading into the season. They will have plenty of money to resignt heir own and are a much better destination than we are and its not even cl
  21. Hes not impressive what so ever and thats why he hasnt been hired. Everyone has to make it a race thing, fact is, he interviews like **** and nobody believes he should be a HC. He would be a terrible hire here. I think if JD has the final say, its going to be either Martindale or Saleh and I lean towards Martindale. Proficiency on either side of the ball should not even be a consideration. It is irrelevant. Find the guy who is a great leader, willing to build from the ground up and who has ties to real NFL coordinators with a history of success. We don't need a Gase, a Bowles or honestly
  22. 100%. I would also rather bring in a free agent to start rather than take a chance with our 2 pick on another rookie. Would much rather build the team first.
  23. These are all absolutely necessary except the ALL PRO WR. We dont need all pros at WR to be successful we just need better WRs and to not severely overpay a free agent to come here. Aside from that I am with you.
  24. Agreed. Plus he operated from the slot. We need another outside receiver.
  25. Yeah I don’t love it but I’m just glad it’s not 14 again.
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