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  1. I am officially on the none of the above.
  2. I know everyone wants to say the future is bright lol...it’s not. Free agents aren’t coming here and overpaying is just as stupid. We will suck again in 2021 and badly lol.
  3. Yeah he’s nowhere close to Lawrence from a cerebral aspect or physical.
  4. I would totally be up for moving up. #2 and both SEA 1s.
  5. Jets fans overrate him though too. He’s got a long way to go.
  6. Bring in a vet and Sewell guarantees you go to war with two beast OTs every week
  7. I have a feeling Sam is a Jet in 2021 and we go with Sewell.
  8. Saying I’m over it? Lmao okay...cheer up man. I know you’re just sad.
  9. Sam just holds the ball too long when he does have time then doesn’t know how to throw it away when flushed. He’s literally got no football IQ
  10. Lol I feel bad for you guys. It’s not happening. I’ve moved on. At least week 17 won’t even matter. I wouldn’t torture yourself with Jax game.
  11. I’ve moved on. It’s not happening. Jets will be in football hell indefinitely
  12. Yeah we are going to be the new browns except we can’t even be gifted the first overall pick.
  13. Eh I’ll take classic jerseys but with green helmets and 90s logo
  14. Could get on board with this...I mean I love the last three picks so much but I want to dig deeper into Fields. Not sure about him yet.
  15. Hes simply speculating because there is no way those conversations are happening before we hire a new coach. Whatever they do decide, Joe Douglas and the selection for Head Coach need to be 1000% on the same page with the decision at QB no matter who it is.
  16. I disagree completely. Agree to disagree.
  17. Based on what? He’s only played on more year and you talk about competition but look at the cast of characters Fields plays with too, it’s all relative. I think Wilson is a much better passer and also a solid athlete.
  18. Totally sucks that we won on Sunday and probably missed out on Wilson and now just have to take Lawrence. Lucky Jags.
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