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  1. You need to watch Zach Wilson lol. That is it.
  2. He’s better than Fields and I would be happy with him.
  3. We shall see how it plays out. I think we all saw it coming...just not against the Rams on the road. Do we get lucky and the Jags win a game? We will see.
  4. Yeah for real. I'll give him credit when its due and he did a terrific job staying upright all game, but its going to cost us the best QB prospect we ever could of had.
  5. But PFF gave him a nice gold star sticker on his assignment so it looks like he was a hero.
  6. but sacks are overrated blah blah blah....perfect example of why they are NOT.
  7. Man this is getting worse than the Geno Smith defenders or the Sanchez defenders lol. It isnt there yet...but its on its way.
  8. If we take fields grab a RB and as many OL as you can because we will need to run the ball to win. Same identity as the 2019 Ravens...run...run with QB...throw when absolutely necessary. I think Fields needs a ton of work as a passer. Having an arm is great...everyone has one though. Being able to know where to go with the ball is another thing. He is nowhere close yet. Jets will need to run the ball very very well with him like we did with Sanchez. I know you're going to hate this because you want like 3 WRs, I just cant see him coming in the league and being a good passer in year one.
  9. Yeah I get it. I feel you trust me. I absolutely would bring in someone with upside to compete. I just dont know if I would waste a high pick on any of these QBs either. That win really made things extremely complicated.
  10. I wanted that retro logo so bad its still my favorite. I hate the stupid "stripe" across the chest its stupid and tacky. Id rather the jersey be plain and simple honestly.
  11. Would love to bring in Mariota in to compete and trade down from 2. Been watching Fields tape. I dont think hes special but the right coach and scheme he could be solid. Hes not wortht the 2nd pick in my honest opinion but the new coach might want to make that move. Jets need to be prepared to have a MUCH better running attack in 2021 because whoever the QB is, they are going to need to run heavy.
  12. They should of went Green numbers outlined with white. They would pop so much more.
  13. Yeah I am starting to hate them. I like the "Gotham Green" as a color. Go back to old style but with gotham green instead of the **** green they had. Lose the black. Keep green helmet. Roll out with 90s Jets logo. Never wear green pants. Recipe for excellent classic jerseys.
  14. So watching Fields and a good offensive mind could really get a lot out of him. You could sell me on either. Trade down or taken Fields. I’m over Lawrence wasn’t meant to be.
  15. Id rather roll with Sam and I am far from a big Sam guy at this point. It is a disaster.
  16. don't mind me im just disgusted
  17. Yeah no chance. Its over. This franchise deserves all the misery it gets. Its a mickey mouse team. THis was pathetic.
  18. You cant, because hes nowhere close. He should stay in school hes nowhere near ready.
  19. I dont even know what to say. This team is dog $#!t. There is no end in sight. We wont win more than 4 games next year.
  20. ugh hahahah #$%@ you bro lol! TOOOOO SOOON!
  21. Can we fire Gase at least now?
  22. I’m done boys. Love you all but I can’t do it anymore. There is no end in sight. I pray for the people trying to talk themselves into Justin Fields. He’s bad. It’s over. We are the new Lions/Browns.
  23. We need a Sammy pick 6...come on!!!
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