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  1. You cant, because hes nowhere close. He should stay in school hes nowhere near ready.
  2. I dont even know what to say. This team is dog $#!t. There is no end in sight. We wont win more than 4 games next year.
  3. ugh hahahah #$%@ you bro lol! TOOOOO SOOON!
  4. Can we fire Gase at least now?
  5. I’m done boys. Love you all but I can’t do it anymore. There is no end in sight. I pray for the people trying to talk themselves into Justin Fields. He’s bad. It’s over. We are the new Lions/Browns.
  6. We need a Sammy pick 6...come on!!!
  7. He’s so overrated it’s sickening
  8. I am with you, this is terrible. It’s just not worth it anymore. This team is going to be dog **** forever. Anybody who thinks Fields is the answer is kidding themselves.
  9. We ate screwed. This franchise sucks.
  10. This franchise is cursed. We don’t have a shot
  11. Well boys...what are we doing with the #2 pick cuz Fields sucks and we are definitely going to win a game.
  12. I hate the Jets, so ******* bad.
  13. He always does on the first drive lol. Just wait.
  14. Joe Douglas needs to mandate that Morgan starts vs the Pats otherwise we are screwed.
  15. The Pats are bad. I am officially scared.
  16. They have a chance to make the playoffs. Jacksonville is terrible. Only hope we have is that Pats don’t throw the game. If we win week 17 to screw ourselves it be disastrous.
  17. We better lose out because there is no way JAX is winning against the Bears.
  18. Going to be hard to fix his brain.
  19. If we bench the kid today please let that be the end of it. He cant read and react at an NFL level. He is a good athlete that could throw a good ball every now and then but people just seem to think a new HC will fix everything...these people are in for a rude awakening wherever he ends up.
  20. Feel like we’ve said that already this year.
  21. Same here he’s not ready for the NFL. He should stay in school.
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