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  1. Rams/Donald expected to announce agreement

    Big contract, but hey if the Rams didn't offer it him, you can bet one of the other NFL front offices would be. Donald has been an absolute beast, for multiple seasons, and has had no off field issues. The majority of the teams in the league would love to have that chance to throw that money at Aaron Donald to be on their D-Line. Just that the Rams were smart enough to draft him and be their disruptor. The money might be eye opening now but just wait till he's back on the field. As for Khalil Mack and the Raiders. I said previously that I thought that they should be trying to get the contract done before Donald's, so that they weren't set a price by Donald's contract. Can only see Mack asking for more than this now and a deal with the Raiders seems further away than ever at the moment.
  2. This may be a very simple or very difficult question to answer depending on who you follow. Basically if you were only allowed to keep either your Head Coach or your starting Quarterback at your team, which one would it be and why? Indy So here we have a rookie head coach in Frank Reich and a QB in Andrew Luck who's been injured long term and nobody knows if he'll ever be back to his best. Despite that I'd go with Luck. We know what he can do in the NFL and there is the chance he will return to form. We've seen what Indy is like without him under centre and whilst Brissett showed flashes of potential last season we need Andrew back to be competitive again. Frank Reich may turn out to be an awesome HC but at this point we just don't know so going with the QB. Denver Here the choice is between Vance Joseph who did such a good job Elway almost decided to get rid of him before changing his mind or Case Keenum who had his best season ever with Minnesota last year but overall is considered an average QB who can't hold a starting job in the league. I'm not convinced that Keenum will be a success with the Broncos but take him away and you're left with a choice between Paxton Lynch who really hasn't shown anything at all so far in the league and Chad Kelly, who Broncos fans do have a lot of high hopes for but you don't know what you're getting with him. Keenum is our best option at the moment so again going with the QB.
  3. The Donald Situation.

    Donald will be staying with the Rams. It's pretty clear Les Snead and the Front Office are wanting to and confident of getting a deal done this season, and have the cap to do so. It certainly seems like there's more optimism with Donald getting a deal than Mack is at the Raiders. The thing is it's probably in each team's best interest to get their deal done first as when one of them gets done, the other will almost certainly want a higher deal. Both will be paid more than Von Miller (current highest paid defensive player in the league) that's for sure. But back to the question at hand, the LA Rams know what they have in Donald and will eventually tie up the right deal for him. Maybe not in the immediate future but it will be a long term gain for the Rams.
  4. Saints sign OL Don Barclay and WR Michael Floyd

    Brees is one of the best at getting the most out of WR's. Could become a good piece of business for the Saints.
  5. Jack Mewhort retires after 4 seasons

    All the best Jack. Good part of our O-Line. All the best in the future whatever he decides to do.
  6. Titans sign Taylor Lewan 5 year, 80 mil

    As a Colts fan, Lewan certainly should be considered one of the top tackles in the league and it's no surprise he's received this contract. (Not that our defense has been doing much successful pass rushing recently anyway) but you certainly see how good he is and it was absolutely the right decision for the Titans to lock him down. If not them someone else does.
  7. Atlanta Falcons extend GM and HC Dimitroff and Quinn

    Main thing is they've got Julio in camp and playing this season. They've given themselves a year to work out a new deal with him and to be honest the Falcons seem to be one of the more stable franchises in the league at the moment so would think there's a lot of confidence they'll sort it. The fact they locked down Dimitroff and Quinn is evidence of that.
  8. No it won't continue. Too many questions about the other teams in the division. I believe they'll be better and maybe get closer to the Eagles but Philly has an extremely talented team right now and they'll be the team in the NFC East again this season.
  9. CB Darrelle Revis announces retirement

    At one time, the best cover corner in the game. Revis Island wasn't just a gimmick, it was an actual situation where wide receivers could literally not get in the game due to Revis. Such a great defender to watch in his prime. All the best to him in his retirement and what he decides to do in the future.
  10. Yes. IF A) He can come back, play and play to the standard we all know he can. and B) Chris Ballard continues to show he can rectify the mistakes made in the Grigson era and builds a competitive team. I'm not expecting miracles. Just to see Andrew Luck back on the field this season will be awesome and a big win but there's still a long way to go before Indy is challenging at the top of the AFC again. It'll be a heck of a journey and it may take a while but that's all the fun of being a fan of any team.
  11. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    For me personally it's Super Bowl LI. Mainly as when the Broncos won Superbowl XXXI and XXXII I wasn't watching American Football. Didn't start getting into it until a few years later so LI was the only Broncos victory I saw live and as an actual Broncos Fan. (Have seen the 97 and 98 ones since though) It was also the last game of my favourite player and a great moment for him to end his career and into retirement, becoming the first player to QB two different teams to the championship. Sure it wasn't his best season and the team had to bring Brock Osweiler in for part of the season but he'll always be a GOAT and he did some awesome things whilst in Denver. (Breaking the TD regular season record, showing he still had it) It also meant I got to see both my teams win a Superbowl, so definitely my personal favourite Bronco SB win.
  12. Andrew Luck seen throwing a regulation football

    Latest update: Still not feeling any pain from the shoulder and still able to throw light passes. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000938845/article/andrew-luck-still-has-no-pain-in-throwing-shoulder We Colts fans may go mad over every little snippet of info we get this offseason but he's our franchise QB and it makes a big difference if he plays or not. Keep going Andrew!
  13. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    Really not sure. It will be a full season battle between Atlanta, New Orleans and Carolina for the division. They're all that good and can certainly all beat each other. Tampa Bay will be closer but not quite with these three yet. The NFC South has been a really exciting division to watch the last couple of seasons. Will be the same this time around.
  14. It must be true. The all-seeing Tony Romo has called it. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000938573/article/tony-romo-green-bay-packers-are-team-to-beat-in-18 He throws a few caveats in there but to be honest any team with a healthy A-Rod always has a chance to win it all.