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  1. Favourite Team: indiandenver Brolts Week 3 Pick: Seattle Seahawks
  2. Favourite Team - Indiandenver Brolts Week 2 Pick - Houston Texans
  3. Bills faith in Allen pays off. They can take the lead.
  4. Scott Hanson just said there's no power in Jax leading to networks not able to show it.
  5. Wow. Tennessee running away too.
  6. Is Foles gonna be a backup in Jax too?
  7. You know it's bad when Redzone has decided to officially give up on a game.
  8. Lol. Sproles slipped and still got in for the 2pts.
  9. Eagles doing the business now.
  10. Henry obv knows @ET80 has him in his fantasy team.
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