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  1. Phillip Rivers Overrated?

    Agreed. No one really calls him one of the best of the best, just one of the best below the very best. People will always compare him to Ben and Eli, and most would say he's as good if not better despite the no ring situation. Even as a Broncos fan would be great to see Rivers get a ring, just to close any HOF debates and such when he decides to stop playing the game.
  2. Well sure. Gotta get in shot for at least some of the next episode of Hard Knocks.
  3. Every week HBO HQ just get more and more giddy.
  4. "All in or All out". Can't be much clearer than that. Time for AB to decide what's more important, his helmet or his team.
  5. Former bears RB Cedric benson passes away

    Very sad to hear. Was an enjoyable player to watch for the Bears. Thoughts with his family and friends.
  6. Training Camp 2019

    @Blackstar12 posted a good clip of Andrew Luck warming up before the Browns game in the general forum. Looks pretty good and hopefully means he'll start Week 1. That being said Brissett looked nice last night. If Luck really can't play at the start of the regular season then Brissett certainly isn't the worst backup to have to put in for cover.
  7. WR Reece Fountain done for the year (ankle)

    Always sad to hear. Hope he returns to full fitness soon and gets back to playing.
  8. How likely...?

  9. Definitely good to see. Suppose it's hard not to worry about any injury Andrew picks up after the shoulder stuff. But yeah, let's hope Week 1 he does play.
  10. Indianapolis Colts won't make the playoffs

    I feel we have a team that is capable of making the playoffs, but as has already been said Luck is the key to ensuring we could and would go far. Brissett is decent, and I believe if we had to ride with him we could still win games as we have talent elsewhere, but Luck's ability takes us to the next level. If he needs a couple of weeks at the start of the season, then we give it to him and hand Brissett the reigns. Better that than rushing him back and making things worse. The South is a tough division. Literally any team could win it.
  11. In short, the Giants don't make the playoffs this year. However I do like how they're building their team. They have arguably the best RB in the league. A QB who amongst all the criticism and ridicule about where he was drafted, has looked capable in preseason, and a defense with a young nucleus who should get better as they gel. So no they won't be challenging the Eagles and Cowboys this season unless they both have peculiar poor years, but do think in 2 or 3 years they will be back challenging for playoff contention. Short term pain, long term gain.
  12. Absolutely. Just feel that with Ben at QB and Tomlin having already won a SB running the show, they always have a chance. Sure they've lost Bell, but that didn't seem to bother them last season, and Brown, but Juju can definitely be a #1 receiver. A good team who can certainly win the North. Might struggle should they get to the playoffs but feel they can beat any team in the AFC.
  13. Jets LB Avery Williamson tears ACL

    Always sad to see a player will miss the entire season due to injury. Just hope he's able to come back from it and play to a high level.
  14. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for Josh and provides him with the motivation to conquer his issues and show his talent on the field. Josh Gordon like many people in this world has had personal issues to deal with. Hopefully people are supporting him to get back to a good place. I agree that the NFL needs to provide some sort of consistency with these issues though. You can't say that you're allowing some players to return after so long and leave others out in the cold.
  15. Just when you'd had your fill of "Andrew Luck Shoulder Injury saga", here comes another one. Of course it would be a massive blow to lose Andrew Luck for a significant amount of time. Anyone can just look to two seasons ago when we struggled badly and ended up with the 3rd pick of the draft. But losing him for a couple of weeks would certainly be less damaging than losing him for most of the season, if not longer, so if the issue would be helped by giving him that bit longer time to recover, then do it. What I don't like is how mysterious the Colts hierarchy is being about this. I understand they probably don't want to give too much away but all these mixed messages just frustrate Colts fans and leave them wondering where the teams stands with its franchise quarterback. All we can hope is that Luck's issue isn't serious and he will be back and playing as soon as possible. I know the team likes Brissett but the fact is Andrew Luck is an absolute talent at the position and not many play at his level.