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  1. You forgot the one Wentz and Pittman are eventually gonna have over 11.
  2. Was gonna say. JUST ABOUT successfully played a whole season last year. - With no fans. - Covid tests for all players and staff daily. - The league managing to squeeze in reschedule games wherever possible..
  3. Sad news. May he find rest and condolences to his family and friends.
  4. Seriously what must HHH be thinking? His champion who's been made to look dominant just got pinned in two minutes on his first appearance on the main roster? How bad does that make NXT look? Well we put 5 guys against Karrion Kross who still dominated and retained the belt. He put Samoa Joe down but man, put him on Raw against Jeff Hardy..........
  5. It's always bad to see serious injuries to players, especially in the run up to the season. All the best to him.
  6. Which is baffling really because its not like Rodgers was playing at a bad, or even average level before last season. Rodgers is considered one of the elite QB's in the league, even before last season when as mentioned he won the MVP. Of course Green Bay has to plan and draft their QB of the future but why so willing to move on from a guy who's clearly still playing at a high level and puts your team in contention for the title every season? Brady's 43 and just won the Superbowl. Obviously Brady puts the absolute effort in to ensure he can still play and to an elite level but what h
  7. My bad. Was thinking of 16 game seasons. Still it's a rare occurrence considering how many teams have played how many seasons. @ET80 Don't forget you get to play the Colts twice, and who was the one team the Jags beat last season? We're very good at not playing well against the teams you're expected to beat.
  8. Well..........Thunder needs a job so Broncos it is ๐Ÿ™‚.
  9. Just remember to take those ends of the banana ๐Ÿ™‚. (I've always done that BTW. Never gave it a second thought until people went crazy that TB12 did it ๐Ÿ˜…)
  10. Won't happen. The fact that only two teams have managed it in over 100 years of football tells you that throughout history most of the bad teams out there manage to win one game in a season.
  11. See that doesn't really feel like a major punishment to a billion dollar NFL franchise. Sure its a lot of money and would add up over time but the Broncos probably make more than enough to consider that a drop in the ocean. Hopefully Ellis is trying to have that sorted by that time, but again it doesn't totally feel that its something he can control or decide.
  12. I'd be interested to know how the league is viewing this situation? I imagine they're not particularly fond of what's happening and would like to see a resolution but if they didn't see one coming, could they actually do anything about it? Sure they have their rules about ownership but this seems like a situation that they have to just bide their time on. It's not really their place to intervene I suppose. Personally I'd just like it to be resolved. That an agreement is made, someone takes ownership and takes the team forward. It isn't helping the Broncos at all that it's dragging on
  13. Absolute brilliant player for us. At his peak he really was one of the best WR's in the league. Always entertaining to watch too. Thanks for the memories DT and all the best whatever he decides to do in future.
  14. Not that I'd accuse any team of being petty, but if Harry was (or is) on the edge of being cut, would the fact that his agent asked for a trade lead the Pats to think "Well we were just gonna cut him, but since he's asked for a trade, we'll just hang on to him and see if someone bites?" Like I say I wouldn't imagine they would, and if they don't feel he's worth a roster spot, they'll move on, but it's an interesting theory. (Especially in the offseason with no football to watch ๐Ÿ™‚)
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