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  1. Don't see anything apart from a comfortable Bucs win. From all reports at training camp Brady is still looking like Brady and there's nothing to suggest he isn't going to be as good as he always is. The Cowboys defense just doesn't have the personnel to be able to stop all of the weapons on the Tampa offence. I think Dak will be able to move the ball and score points, just not at the same rate or level that Brady and the Bucs offense will. It's celebration night in Tampa. The banner gets revealed and the Bucs go 1-0.
  2. True but the protocols for vaccinated players are much more lenient. Vaccinated players don't have to isolate for the same length of time unvaccinated players do, so if a Covid outbreak does take place within a team, those with more vaccinations among the players and staff will be able to get them back quicker if able to do so. And let's not forget the rule the NFL put in about if a team has an outbreak amongst unvaccinated players that causes a game cancellation, that team takes the loss, that will affect their record and seeding and the financial implications on the other players and th
  3. It is, but there's not much that can be done about it. Sure it's going to be frustrating when players aren't going to be available due to Covid protocols but unless you're the Atlanta Falcons or the Tampa Bay Bucs with a 100% vaccination rate, its going to affect the majority of teams throughout the year. Some players for one reason or another will choose not to get vaccinated. And if a player doesn't want to get vaccinated, at least be honest about it and say you don't want to be vaccinated. If a player hasn't been vaccinated this close to the start of the season it's pretty clear you p
  4. Favorite Team: @Woz How about the Omaha Nags 🙂? Week 1 pick: Baltimore Ravens. I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  5. Depends if we have any QB's left at that point. Might just be handing off to Taylor, Hines and Mack.
  6. With Tevi cut and Eric Fisher still out injured, most likely Will Holden.
  7. Favourite Team: Indianver Broncolts (Am I breaking the rules already 🙂?) Week 1: Baltimore Ravens I have read all the rules and agree to them.
  8. Attempt the kick. Even with a punter who isn't experienced at kicking FG's, there's more chance of him making that than a 20 plus yard shot at the endzone against a defence that knows you've got to get a TD or it's over.
  9. The fact that people already talk about Mahomes/Reid, how good that partnership is, could be and where could they stack up in terms of their position among the great HC/QB tandems of NFL history means Andy Reid will be more remembered as a Chiefs HC. When people discuss Andy Reid nowadays, his Eagles run barely gets mentioned. This will continue to be the case after he's retired from the game.
  10. I agree that the NFL will certainly act once something serious as that happens in the case, but if the NFL is so clouded on what the situation is with Watson, then surely putting him on the exempt list whilst more clarity is retrieved would be an ideal solution. Isn't that what the exempt list is for? It just feels like the NFL doesn't want to confront it or address it until they really have to.
  11. Getting around isn't he? He's been at Bears camp too.
  12. You would think that if that did happen, that the league would consider that Watson has in fact, brought the game into disrepute, or "tarnished the shield" as the saying goes, that they would enforce some form of punishment on Watson to show that they are doing something as a reaction to it. I've said this previously. I'm amazed that the NFL hasn't done anything already such as putting him on the exempt list. Sure Watson has not been found guilty of anything at the moment but it seems logical to take Watson out of the spotlight for the time being until the cases are settled. It wouldn't b
  13. I didn't 🙂. In a weird way, maybe we should be thanking Josh McDaniels for not taking the job, meaning Reich did and we're better off for it, but he doesn't deserve any credit for Reich has been a brilliant HC and hopefully here's to many more years for both him and Ballard.
  14. Definitely worth it. Top player and key to the defence. Glad he's sticking around.
  15. Paton won't be fired. It's his first year in the job and he didn't draft Lock. If you have the opportunity to draft a considered sure fire QB prospect, then yeah, you go for it. No way were you guys going to draft anybody but Trevor Lawrence, just like no way were the Colts not going to draft Andrew Luck. No brainer picks. But Fields wasn't seen that way. He kept moving around draft boards. Some people considered him the 2nd best prospect behind Trevor. Others had as the 4th behind Wilson and Lance. There wasn't a general consensus of how good Fields is or could be. Unless you are a
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