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  1. 2018 Scheudle Released

    Being pessimistic I can certainly see a 5-11 season. Being optimistic I can see over .500 at about 9-7. There's certainly games in there I feel are too close to call. I suppose a lot of my feelings are dependent on how good Case Keenum is at QB. At this moment in time I don't believe he's our long term QB and am not convinced he'll be much better than the carousel we had last season. That being said I'll still support him every week and hope he proves me wrong. Hopefully an exciting season at the least.
  2. Dwight Freeney will retire a Colt

    Totally awesome! Teaching Colts defenders of the future the art of spin. Thanks for everything Dwight, you Colts Legend!
  3. Colts 2018 schedule

    Looking at the schedule I feel a .500 season is achievable which is certainly progress. That of course depends on whether Andrew Luck will be back, ready, and able to play football. If not, we're looking at a similar season to last, and we will have to consider QB's in the draft.
  4. 2018 NFL Schedule released - Opening game ATL @ PHI

    Some awesome looking games to look forward to next season. Will only be four months to go soon! Not that far away.
  5. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    Always been a fan of B-Marsh. Had some great games for the Broncos not forgetting his record for catches in a single game. Also think he deserves a ton of credit for the way he's overcome his mental health issues and his campaign of mental health awareness. Hope he finds another team if he wants to continue playing. Feel he can still offer something to the game.
  6. 2018 NFL Schedule released - Opening game ATL @ PHI

    NFL has confirmed full season schedule to be released Thursday. Not long to wait to see each team's road to glory/.500 season/first pick in the draft.
  7. DEN signs P Marquette King

    Definitely. Just makes it even better. Really happy with this.
  8. DEN signs P Marquette King to 3-year deal

    Like the deal. Should certainly improve our field position in games anyway.
  9. DEN signs P Marquette King

    Happy with the deal. As @Broncofan stated hope we got him on a team friendly deal. But yeah, hoping King's ability combined with the Mile High Altitude sees a high yards average.
  10. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    Even he can get it wrong. (very rarely though)
  11. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    Whenever there's a trade involving Bill Belichick it always feels like he'll win it at some point. Don't know where, don't know when, but he'll win it.
  12. If you could have one player from any of your Divisional Rivals, theoretically weakening their team and strengthening yours, who would it be? Indianapolis Colts JJ Watt - Houston Texans Not much needs to be said about this one. Watt is an absolute beast and one of the best defensive players in the league. Being an elite pass rusher he would instantly improve the Colts Defense. Injuries are a concern but when he's on the field he's an absolute game changer. Denver Broncos Phillip Rivers - Los Angeles Chargers So why have I gone for Rivers who's nearing the end of his career whereas Oakland have Derek Carr who's pretty highly rated and KC have their potential franchise QB of the future in Pat Mahomes? Rivers though older is still a top QB and proven in this league. Whilst Carr is highly rated he hasn't done it as consistently as Rivers (yet) and Mahomes has no real NFL sample yet so it's not clear how good he can or will be. Elway for some reason feels the Broncos are in win now mode, Rivers hasn't won a Superbowl yet so this match could work. Our D isn't the elite one we had when Peyton came but motivation would be there, he'd certainly boost the offence and also would significantly weaken the Chargers, who I feel are the current favourites for the AFC West division.
  13. QB Wonderlic Scores

    Ah sorry about that. Just sounded like suitable wording to use.
  14. Raiders Release P Marquette King

    If he's taking it so far that he's having a negative impact on the team, then of course that's wrong, but he's not the first and won't be the last player in the league to cause controversy. The usual argument is how talented the player is as opposed to what distraction he's causing. I suppose although he is talented he is a punter which a lot of coaches will see as an easily replaceable position and maybe why he was cut rather than disciplined. I still feel it's a surprising decision and that it'll only be a matter of time before he's on another team due to his talent.
  15. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    I don't know. If I'm the Bills I don't go to 6 unless I'm confident who I want is still there. If you're going to move up the Giants pick makes the most sense and as you said the Browns would likely be interested to deal the 4th. It's not what I think will happen but seems to be cropping up in a lot of analysts recent mocks. But I do feel the Bills are the only team willing to move up to 2. I'm prepared to be proved wrong though as someone totally unexpected makes the trade instead.