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  1. Positive news. Getting there slowly but in the right direction.
  2. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    Small steps, but ones in the right direction at least.
  3. Draft Talk 2018

    Great 1st pick by Ballard. We need Andrew back and we need to protect him. Ballard just drafted possibly the best player in the draft and will certainly shore up our O-line.
  4. Official Broncos Forum Draft Thread

    Really happy with the pick. He and Miller can be a force. Not gonna say we're winning now, but our D should certainly cause trouble to other offences.
  5. Minkah taking his talents to South Beach.
  6. He's happy now, and he should be.
  7. Smith to the Bears. Like the pick for them.
  8. Nelson it is. Another good pick. Happy with both Broncos and Colts picks.
  9. Wow. Colts pick is in. Ballard knows who he wants.
  10. Yep! Bradley Chubb! Love this pick.