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  1. Haha. Can easily see Ballard going O-Line in the draft. That or defense.
  2. We did lose Castonzo this year though after he retired. That could hurt the line certainly.
  3. I think if anyone can turn around Wentz, it's Frank Reich. If he does turn him around, we have our franchise QB for the next few years. Worth a shot IMO.
  4. Well. Frank Reich has his guy. Let's see if he's able to get Wentz back on track. Ballard has done well here. We aren't hamstrung by this deal at all.
  5. Whilst I would definitely take that, I'm almost certain Houston are holding out for at least 3 1st rounders and additional but without the 3 1st's no dice. The problem is Houston knows Miami with 3 1st's in the next two years and the Jets with 4 are more than capable of offering this king's ransom type deal so are hoping either of them decides to stump up and make the deal. At the moment they're playing the long game with Watson and think they'll hold their ground for a while longer yet.
  6. Sounds like all the Eagles are hearing in terms of trade offers now are crickets. Perfectly fine offer for Wentz and if the Eagles didn't want it, fine. No way we should be offering a 1st. Ballard knows what he's doing. If someone overpays for Wentz, so be it. I trust our FO to have something in place.
  7. And that's the key. Brady went to Tampa, got what he wanted which led to another Superbowl. Other QB's are looking at what Brady did and saying "I want input into how the team does things to achieve the same success" or they'll make noises about moving to another team to either force the current team to acquiesce to their demands or actually move on. Franchise QB's, especially top tier talent, are realising how much they are worth in terms of achieving success, and thus will start to make more noise in order to achieve it.
  8. I think if the Raiders have another tough season, Mayock would be the one to go with Gruden getting the opportunity to work with another GM before Mark Davis would decide it ain't working with Gruden. Every other reason or excuse would be used before deciding its the guy with the most money committed to him's fault.
  9. I don't disagree. I suppose the real question is how hot the frying pan is in Deshaun's mind that any chance he gets to leap out of it, he takes. I'm just going off what Deshaun/the media are putting out there, that he's lost complete trust in the Texans organisation, has no intent to play for them ever again and is willing to sit out to force a trade. I agree that the Jets are in a bad situation at the moment. It's not the team to go to right now if you're thinking of winning and championships, but its also a team that doesn't have your current untrustworthy front office that you do
  10. The main reason (or the reason the media is projecting) that seems to have forced Watson's hand is his relationship with the FO, mainly McNair and Easterby and the situation with Caserio's hiring that Watson was promised he would be involved with but ultimately wasn't. Trading away D Hop of course made him unhappy but it seems the GM business was the one that tipped it over the edge. So what Watson is saying is he wants out as he can't trust the FO anymore. So if a team, let's say the Jets as they don't seem to be on Deshaun's preferred list so to speak, come to the Texans and offer their
  11. Fair but he's assuming one of the teams he does want to play for will come in with an offer. Sure if you're the Broncos or 49ers right now, you might be sat there thinking "Great. Deshaun Watson wants to come here" and busily trying to create a value trade to get him but it's going to take a lot and not every team will be able to and be willing to put it together to Houston's satisfaction. So in a scenario where say the Jets were the only team able to match Houston's value, I can't imagine him saying no as that would be his only way out of a situation he has said he wants no part of
  12. I'm wary about this list/no trade clause. I know Deshaun has leverage here, in that he gets to approve or reject any potential trades that Houston may actually accept if they feel the value is fair, but surely if Deshaun Watson is that unhappy being in Houston, and is that desperate to get away, then he'll be happy to go to any team that actually manages to build enough of a package to get Houston to say yes. For example the Jets and Dolphins may not be on his "list", but in reality they're the teams in the best position to create a value offer for the Texans, and if they did so, would h
  13. Right now I would say Tom Brady is as far away from retiring as he's ever been. Just won the SB again, played as well as he ever has at the age of 43 and still just loves playing the game. I honestly think if he wanted to play BEYOND the age of 45 he could. He hasn't missed a step. Of course drop off can happen quickly but he puts so much effort in to being able to play I believe he has multiple years left. Just think how much more dangerous he could be next season with more experience with his team mates!
  14. I wouldn't say it was exclusive to the US at all. Just have a look at some of the owners in British football to see some absolute messes they've made of clubs. There's supposedly a "fit and proper persons test" to ensure the prospective owner is suitable to be in that position. It's been labeled a joke on many occasions.
  15. Good to see that the Texans allowed him to go, and that he can now make his own decision in to where he's gonna take his talents 😉. He more than earned that from them.
  16. Just out of interest @Broncofan, do you see Paton picking up the phone seriously for any of these? I know we have 1.9 and could get a QB at that point, but Paton must be thinking if one of the above is available for cheaper draft capital, he'll pursue.
  17. That's fair. It was mostly about offloading the contract. Howie could easily be trying to initiate a bidding war and drive the price up. Stafford's already gone. Carr is apparently available so why not have the news released that they're taking calls on Wentz. Probably get a few more now.
  18. Here's Rapoport's take on it.
  19. Sounds like this isn't over yet. Imagine they'll be looking at Goff's value and consider that a baseline.
  20. I felt sorry for him. Public speaking can be difficult and it just got to him. Hopefully he'll grow in confidence and be fine.
  21. Sad news. All the best to Marty and his family during this difficult time. A true NFL great.
  22. HOU may not feel like they're in full rebuild but it sure looks to be the case. Watson isn't the only player being talked about. Most seem to think Watt will be gone too. Over the last couple of seasons especially under BOB's watch, talented players have been moving on from Houston and if Watt and Deshaun do go, who realistically do they have on the roster? Carr being moved on seems to be an annual story. Whether Gruden just doesn't have the belief in him to be his guy who knows but it's never seemed to be a close relationship, as in if he could have the opportunity to get "the guy"
  23. it is, but to have any real shot at persuading the Texans to trade Watson, I feel they'll need it. Both Miami and the Jets are sitting there with 2 1st rounders incl. one at 1.3 and the other at 1.2. They're the teams in the catbird seat to land him and for good reason.
  24. Latest news is the LV Raiders are looking to move Derek Carr to build up some trade value for Deshaun Watson. I imagine Ballard will be looking at this one. Another chance to get a starting level QB after missing out on Stafford. Our draft position ain't great so he's got to consider all these options.
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