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  1. Nobody sits on the bench for a year anymore if you are drafted you are starting especially if you are a first round pick, unless you know we can get a LT, LG, I suggest build the oline you can get a qb in any draft you pick every single year
  2. If you have no oline blocking for him do you really think he will make a difference we had a up and comer with a qb by the name of Heath Shuler who had all the talent turned out to be a bum, RG3 bum, I can go on and on until we get a decent oline it don't matter who the qb is again even if it was Mahomes no line no time dead qb point blank
  3. Don't want an injury for nobody but wow, this is major blow big time sad to see this happen to anybody
  4. I am a Dak fan because he from Miss. State damn this is a big loss big time for them boys
  5. We talk about we need a qb I am going to shut that down, if you don't have a oline does it matter, we let Trent and Flowers leave and people are saying let Brandon leave not saying no names but there is no way. If we don't fix this offensive line it don't matter who is back there you could have Mahomes back there and it would not matter. So in my opinion the draft with the first 3 rounds needs to be oline no matter what.
  6. I would look at films of his OH state games just to see exactly what his strong points are
  7. So watching the Raven vs KC game and I see 2 different qb's you see Mahomes who is pinpoint accurate and I see the MVP from 2019 who is over throwing people and throwing behind people. Mind you he had his up's and downs but they changed there offense to fit him. So in short either you fit what your qb can do or try to fit a square peg into your system. That's one of the reasons I like the Raven's coaching staff. I wish we could have kept the other coordinator from last season because it looked like Haskins was getting it. We will see of course, we are only in the beginning of the season folks let's see how he does and take it from there remember Peyton Manning was putrid in his rookie season. Then again you had time back then to learn instead of trying to win as soon as you got put in to be the starter.
  8. I agree with you e16bball Haskins has only played a total of 9 games, I mean the oline is garbarge mainly the left side and we don't have enough weapons. I don't care who you qb is that's a disaster waiting to happen. Let him get his lumps in my opinion he shouldn't have to look over his shoulder. Just imagine if Peyton Manning had to look over his shoulder in his rookie year. Not saying that Haskins is going to be a HOF but still we have to let him learn. Just my opinion
  9. Mr. Green Mr. NFL's fastest man atleast twice, a true Washington Redskin through and through the only DB to play 2 decades and not lose a step. Ok maybe he lost a few steps but he was still even top 5 fastest when he retired. The dude will always be a legend in my book.
  10. Wow let me find out the dude was a hot head, I am glad we let him go so much talent so little brains. Never knew he was like this but hey he isn't our problem. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8321997/NFL-cornerbacks-Deandre-Baker-Quinton-Dunbar-wanted-armed-robbery.html
  11. I don't see another QB from Ohio State, not in anyone wildest dreams on this one buddy
  12. I am a little blown but can't knock him from what I understand we offered him 8 million they offered him 10 million I wish him the best but this could be a big lost depending on how Martin turns out> https://www.thephinsider.com/2020/3/16/21181928/miami-dolphins-sign-washington-redskins-guard-ereck-flowers-to-multi-year-deal
  13. Bro he done had over 7 concussions maybe even more than that bro, I don't see it seriously
  14. Jordan has cleared the concussion protocol as of today, the question is will he retire or will we let him go.
  15. I want to see all the TE's but I can't lie I do want to see Thadeus Moss perform and see what he can do from the bench press, to the vertical, his 20 yard splits, and last but not least his 40
  16. In my opinion looking at this list I would put Trent at top 3 maybe just maybe even top 2 but definitely top 3 in LT's in the league
  17. I don't know what his agent or he is thinking but I am not feeling this already https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/redskins-quinton-dunbar-reportedly-wont-attend-otas-due-to-contract-and-injury-concerns/
  18. Turtle I respect your opinion but we don't need a wr as desperately as we need a LT, for the matter we might as well keep Penn or just put Christian out there and cross your fingers. Naw give me the young LT that could be around for 10 years or longer.
  19. Ummm it's worth a try but you have to know that if Washington does not pick in the top 2 and we some how pick at the top 5 wr is not who and what the team needs. If you look at the news on what use to be our starting LT doesn't want to play here no more. So ideally our pick won't be a wr it will more than likely be Thomas the LT to replace the one that no longer is on the team.
  20. I understand Williams but not Brandon, and the salary cap goes up every year so lets not make this a Kirk thing please we are watching how this goes. It's not the players it's the coaches he goes from being a pro bowl guard to not having a good season give him the money because if he goes some where else and become outstanding then more egg on our face I am tired of giving up on good players. You don't see people giving up on good players just because they are having not what you consider and all pro year.
  21. Glad to be back fam I see that we are still rocking and rolling so I will be jumping in and replying per my usual lol
  22. I only have 2 people I am dead eye on and that's Chase and Thomas if not these 2 at pick 2 or 3 then no I don't want it
  23. I kind of took a leave of absence for a nice long time, and I have went through the posts and also just watched football along with watching my favorite team just look like the local JV football team. So I am going to ask this question besides the obvious what can we do to get our team back to the glory years of the past that I and quite a few of us fondly remember. I have seen the Caps win the cup and the Nats win the World Series by making calculated moves and getting rid of people who doesn't fit the team and culture. As a member of this group and a fan of this team we need to higher a competent gm such as Ossie Newsom or someone who just goes about doing their job without people meddling in what he is doing. Now there are a few players I would get rid of with Josh Norman being the first, I love Kerrigan but his time has come and gone. Monte I like this dude but he is an enigma he has the talent but just seems to be an major problem that is waiting to happen. The rest of the defense I can deal with. We need to resign Dunny no if and or buts just don't break the bank on another no Sweat is no a bust if I am right Khalil Macks first season he had 4 sack and as of right now Sweat has 3. No he is not Bosa by any means. Look how long it took former Skins Lorenzo to breakout and Tampa's Shaquil Barrett to break out. Better yet just look at Preston Smith yes that guy that some people were saying was not worth keeping and see what he is doing in with the Packers need I say more. Offense that's another story we need a LT because just not sure about Christian and Penn is getting up in age and Morgan I mean we can do better for sure. Now with Brandon I want him back just don't want to break the bank he is good just not sure if he can stay injury free. We need to draft a TE that can block and can be a good receiver in the worst way and for the matter we need 2 of them. AP hmmmm I luv the guy but I am up in the air with him I want him to stay for sure but at the same time I want Guice to prove he can stay healthy. We have young wr's which I am cool with for sure let them learn as they go. For the people that is saying draft a qb please stop it and let this guy work his way through and learn. I have more thoughts but not going to shoot everything is one shot but glad to be back and will be answering and posting for the foreseeable future folks HTTR forever
  24. He was playing well when Josh got hurt to be honest with you, but I understand where you are coming from. Lets see what happens if he starts against Philly and we will come back to this
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