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  1. Is Dalvin still worth a top 3 pick in fantasy this year? Also it’s odd that most of the “they’re a private company, they can do what they want. Good for them” crowd on here/twitter were the same ones complaining about that “private companies can employee who they want” argument when Colin Kaepernick wasn’t getting signed but...
  2. As a Maryland fan/alum i hope WVU goes to B1G so that can become a big rivalry again. They’ll prolly go ACC though
  3. Was talking about Wilson. But strongly disagree that he was never highly regarded. He was seen as a reach in the first but was pretty unanimously talked about as an early 2nd rounder. So pretty much exactly regarded as Radunz is, and that’s my entire point.
  4. Wasn’t Isaiah Wilson a “highly rated rookie at RT” this time last year? edit: Wilson not Wynn
  5. Unfortunately that’s really the only good episode. It goes from a creepy whodunnit to like a commentary on modern prison culture and the justice system lol, it’s bizarre. Prepare for a complete plot/tone shift.
  6. He came in and worked out Has to be a big discrepancy on $
  7. No one will miss at 12-4. What can/does happen though is a really good team that goes 12-4 plays as a wild card like the 2010 Ravens because the Steelers were also 12-4 and had the AFC record tie-breaker that year. Thats the only thing I can imagine a 12-4 team being too salty about and even then if you’re as good as your record you’ll be fine in that next game (the Ravens beat the division-winning Chiefs in KC 30-7 IIRC)
  8. Suggs came back crazzzzy quick too. Tore it in the offseason then came back something like week 10 or 11 if i remember correctly? Different positions obviously, but still.
  9. Id have to look back at the game logs, but it feels like we could never get Dalton off the field with all the short passes, designed runs, etc. that he executed very well to stay ahead of the chains. Palmer always felt like more of a “go for the big one” type player, and it always felt like that did him in against us. It’s been a while though for Palmer so like I said I’d have to go back to their splits and W/Ls against the Ravens
  10. I mean, as someone whose team played them both twice a year for many years, Andy Dalton played games much more conducive to winning than Palmer did. Dalton never made that huge mistake that Palmer often would against the Ravens, and that’s why Dalton had more success in the W/L column. Yeah, Palmer was “physically” more gifted. He’d also make a handful of “prayer” throws every game against a team with Ed Reed. I’d argue Dalton’s play style (calculated, mixed in some timely runs) gave his team a better shot at winning every game. Tbh I think this is a point for the opposite side.
  11. I think they got some space when they cut Decastro
  12. Apparently he came into OTAs significantly slimmed down this year, which is odd because I agree I think he needs to be a hand in the dirt guy. Not expecting much from him at this point but maybe he’ll find a better situation for himself once he’s a FA in 2022
  13. He definitely oversold it with that “desperately bad” comment. McPhee is getting up there in age but played fantastic football for us last year. Bowser is a solid versatile piece. Oweh is an unknown. Jaylon Ferguson looks to be a bust. Daelin Hayes is a 5th round rookie. Its probably the weakest position on the team rn in all honesty, but I think desperately bad is a bit hyperbolic. Baltimore has had Houston and Ingram in for visits this offseason, so they seem to still be looking for help; must not have liked either’s price point.
  14. They'll beat Jacksonville in one of those matchups, so no
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