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  1. Chiefs sign Mahomes to 10 year extension

    Shake shack is amazing. There’s one right when you walk into M&T bank stadium too, it’s clutch
  2. Official FF BMET - Horror Bracket Round 2

    ^ Ditto. The Shining is infinitely rewatchable for me, and I still can’t re-watch The Exorcist. Both of those things speak volumes to how good those movies are.
  3. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Finished the 3rd and final season of Dark on netflix. What an unbelievable show, from pilot to series finale. Holy hell
  4. Teams whose Super Bowl window is open and closing/closed

    I think retooling that defense in the next 2 offseasons is crucial in keeping that window open IMO. Watson is always going to have that offense at above a league-average level, he’s just that kind of QB. He’ll find ways to put up points even if it’s him and 10 MAC players around him...I think getting a blue-chip defensive player or two or at least some proven pro-bowl level guys to take the mantle from JJ could go a long way...problem is with the latter they often don’t hit the market too frequently...do you guys have a 1st next year? Can’t remember if next year’s pick was in the Tunsil trade or not
  5. Teams whose Super Bowl window is open and closing/closed

    Oh I don’t disagree that you still have a good squad...but did you just say “our window is open until we have to pay all of these guys and for most of them that’s after 2020”? Wouldn't that quite literally agree the “closing” tag is correct? Closing in this context means that it’s open now but will be coming to an end sooner rather than later (in the next couple of seasons)
  6. Unpopular culinary opinions

    Hey buddy that’s my hometown - we’re not that small 😤 Are you talking about Papa Joe’s?
  7. Teams whose Super Bowl window is open and closing/closed

    Arizona Cardinals - Closed/Opening Atlanta Falcons - Closed Baltimore Ravens - Open Buffalo Bills - Opening Carolina Panthers - Closed Chicago Bears - Closed Cincinnati Bengals - Closed/Opening Cleveland Browns - Closed/Opening Dallas Cowboys - Open Denver Broncos - Opening Detroit Lions - Closed Green Bay Packers - Closing Houston Texans - Closing (w/ BoB) Indianapolis Colts -Closing/Opening (weird case because of Rivers’ window vs the rest of the young talent around him) Jacksonville Jaguars - Closed Kansas City Chiefs - Open Los Angeles Chargers - Opening Los Angeles Rams - Closing Miami Dolphins - Opening Minnesota Vikings - Open New England Patriots - Closing New Orleans Saints - Closing New York Giants - Closed/Opening New York Jets - Closed/Opening Oakland Raiders - Closed Philadelphia Eagles - Open Pittsburgh Steelers - Closing San Francisco 49ers - Open Seattle Seahawks - Open/Closing Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Opening and Closing simultaneously lol Tennessee Titans - Open Washington Redskins - Closed All imo and there are some that you maybe could flip based on how you look at it
  8. Who has the best roster?

    ? Dont think so, lol, was just giving my 2c as to why the Steelers may not be “massively slept on” and a part of the thread 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Who has the best roster?

    Yeah idk what to tell you because I didn’t make the poll but the Steelers - along with some of the teams you listed - clearly aren’t the most talented roster in the league imo so 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. Who has the best roster?

    Had to stop the poll options at some point, obviously, but like the Steelers, I don’t really think anyone would consider any of those rosters the answer to this question imo
  11. Who has the best roster?

    I think it’s a clearly inferior roster than they had 3-4 years ago tbh Oline is weaker, Ben is older coming off an injury, and they went from AB+Bell to James Conner+Juju as the main skill players. Defense is better than it was 3-4 years ago, but I think - at absolute best - you can look at that team right now and say they’re slightly worse off from a talent perspective than a few years back to MAYBE...maybe, even. You may think they’re being slept on, but they don’t belong in contention for the answer to this thread IMO. Pretty comfortably so.
  12. Crucial but underrated players

    Our run defense has fared very poorly the past few years when Brandon Williams has been out.
  13. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Logan Thomas, wow. Haven’t heard that name in what seems like forever. What’s been the deal with him? Feels like he made that QB->TE transition years ago and typically those players either wash out or produce very quickly...he been just a depth guy for you all?
  14. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Would be a real shame if he went the Darren Waller route and put together all that potential on his new team 🥴