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  1. Unfortunately i think this is one - espeically after the Texans on a bye - we drop. We've won 2 games I don't think many expected us to going into the year (@Sea, NE), so I just think the ebbs and flows of an NFL season will kind of see to it that we put out a clunker. Hope i'm wrong lol but I'd say Texans 31-23
  2. Will Cincinnati go 0-16?

    I was born before 1994. A few heartbreaking losses 30+ years ago does not override your franchise's clear pattern of ineptitude for the past 20 when it comes to what dictates peoples' notions of "The Most Browns Thing Ever". You're known as a franchise who never gets close, not as one who always comes up just a few plays short. Maybe you were in the 80s. We've had 20 years of Browns football since then to change that narrative. Get over it.
  3. Will Cincinnati go 0-16?

    lol whatever you say man, enjoy living in that made up reality you've just created. as for the OP - no, i think they get a win somewhere. Probably the Dolphins, Jets, or Browns. If not 2 of those.
  4. Will Cincinnati go 0-16?

    That iteration of the Browns is gone. Clearly the "new" Browns (99 and onward) have done nothing whatsoever as a franchise to get close enough to break your hearts like those old 80s teams on any conceivable consistent basis. You can call me a troll if you want, but the facts are the facts. Don't care if they hurt your feelings - especially after all the crap you and your fellow fans talked this offseason. Wins by season since this inception of the Browns have been in existence: 2, 3, 7, 9, 5, 4, 6, 4, 10, 4, 5, 5, 4, 5, 4, 7, 3, 1, 0, 7, 3 So, no, getting close to the playoffs with 9 wins and losing out on that chance in the last game of the season would not be "The Most Browns Thing Ever". Sorry bub, truth hurts.
  5. Will Cincinnati go 0-16?

    Yeah those 2 things have absolutely no connection whatsoever lol the Browns thing to do would be to continue losing...not go out with a winning record...the Browns don't break their fans' heart because they're close every year, they break their heart because they're consistently out of it by mid-season every year Winning 7 in a row would be insanely and uncharacteristically un-Brownsian
  6. NFL Week 10 GDT

    Welcome to playing in Pittsburgh lol
  7. NFL Week 10 GDT

    bruh Jared Goff legitimately stinks lol
  8. NFL Week 10 GDT

  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    P.S. - Crazy how quickly Peanut looked like his old self Sunday Night now that he's back at WLB. He's JAG as the MIKE but as the WLB he's a true disrupter and impact player for our defense. Also another reason why I'm pumped Fort and Bynes have stepped in and played well - allows Peanut to do his thing.
  10. Browns resign JC Tretter

    Yeahhh something tells me you'd gladly trade that win to be 6-2 right now and see your team in the playoffs instead of 2-6 and trending towards another bottom feeder season but...if not...to each their own i guess lol wild stuff man, but do you
  11. The Bengals' Historically Bad Defense

    Yeah, Geno is still a very capable player from what I've seen this year. Honestly kinda feel bad for the guy...how many years does he have left on his contract? I'd have to imagine without a tag he'd be leaving when that's up.
  12. Browns resign JC Tretter

    Na, you guys are fine, you're just suffering from the offseason super bowl hangover! Keep your chin up
  13. The Bengals' Historically Bad Defense

    Way to jinx this week
  14. lol definitely a post filled with outrage, that last one i made. pure unadulterated outrage.
  15. Lol right? People were literally talking about this as an all-time defense in this forum literally a week ago. For some reason there are people that will only want to diminish what he does...i expect it to continue throughout his career. Not sure why they do it but it is what it is. That being said, as a Ravens fan, Deshaun is better.