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  1. Hollywood Brown said he’s switching from 15 to 5 like he wore at oklahoma
  2. I liked The Third Day with Jude Law and Naomi Harris. Culty/psychological thriller vibe with like a throwback 70s folk horror type premise. Only 6 episodes
  3. It'll be fine. There's only 9 single digit numbers any given team can have...it's not like some sad sack 3rd string OLB is gonna be able to get to wear #2. The single digits will be claimed by the coolest/best players on each team and they'll make those numbers cool when you're watching them. Think about a guy like Derwin James running around smoking people with a visor and wearing #3...not a 400 yard a year TE wearing #1 lol
  4. Let me clarify: Rondale Moore. I like Elijah ahead of Tylan but I still hope its spicy enough of a take 😄
  5. Potential hot take but I like Tylan Wallace better than Marshall, Batemon, Moore, and Toney.
  6. I absolutely love Tylan Wallace if we don't take a WR round 1. That kid is a contested catch guru.
  7. Agreed. Any team in the top 26 would be crazy to take him IMO 😁
  8. Please sign Jake Funk as an UDFA is he goes undrafted 🙏
  9. Peyton Manning Jamaal Charles Walter Payton Torry Holt Antonio Brown Tony González Wanted to make a list with mostly different names
  10. As a division rival, I'm not screaming and cursing right now. I'm not like over the moon happy but the Steelers have pretty consistently under-achieved with him at the helm the last decade IMO so this doesn't exactly strike fear into my heart as a Ravens fan. Take that for what it's worth I guess. Not trying to get into a flame-war about Tomlin's rank in the league either so anyone who's thinking about going back and forth with my opinion of Tomlin...I'm not doing it lol. Definitely a polarizing guy
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