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  1. That’s wild. Weren’t you guys leading the division at one point that year like 10 or so games in? I remember that year at one point like everyone in the division was 6-4 or something lol pretty sure Ravens/Steelers/Bengals all made the playoffs that year too
  2. I was surprised when they opted to bring him back this year over Domato Peko...from what I saw last year Peko seemed a bit more effective. Ellis is younger, but I was still surprised.
  3. Gonna be awesome man! And hopefully just the first of two matchups this year!
  4. Lmao far cry from what he was saying a few short weeks ago in training camp 🥴
  5. Right now a $20 moneyline parlay of Rams/Packers/Chiefs gets you $254....i mean i feel like you gotta take that?
  6. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly helps that there’s another 1st Team All-Pro CB playing across from him in Marlon Humphrey, and some other talented players on that defense to boot...but yeah, he’s been an absolute godsend for us and our defense immediately did a 180 literally the week he got here, haha, and so far it seems like that’s the new normal.
  7. Yeah they're really into this whole tHe cHIeFs hAvE tHE rAvENs NumBEr LoL narrative lately which is interesting, considering..... It's literally been 2 games (imagine us prancing all over FF spewing "LOL LAMAR OWNS DESHAUN WATSON, HE'S HIS DADDY" like those fans do with Pat and Lamar) The first game was a 23-20 OT win against a rookie Lamar at Arrowhead and the 2nd was a 33-28 win at Arrowhead when we were one 3rd down stop away from getting the ball back with a minute left down 5 It's been 2 games at KC, and considering there will be no fans Monday night, this one will essentially be a neutral site game, but still prepare to hear "Pat beat Lamar at his place AND Lamar's!!!!" out of Chiefs fans if they win, lol.
  8. Cmon man, you already know we play at Heinz in primetime and they play here for 1pm games EVERY YEAR! 😂 legit every single year
  9. True, but I would’ve thought we’d run the all-blacks for SNF last year against an undefeated Patriots team, honoring Ed Reed at half...but they wore the white bottoms for that one seemingly because it was only week 7ish IIRC. Then later in the season they wear the all blacks for.....The New York Jets. 🥴
  10. I prefer the all black as well, but they typically don't go to that until mid-later year recently unfortunately. Here's to hoping though. And I doubt Pittsburgh will be wearing their away jerseys at Heinz on Thanksgiving so in all likelihood we wont be able to wear the blacks then : (
  11. We're going with the black jerseys Monday night. Seeing as though we typically save the all blacks until later in the season I'm expecting to see the white or purple pants.
  12. The Sting (1973) puts every other caper/heist movie in a bodybag.
  13. Na, been on this site since 2005. VanS just has a lot of unorthodox takes when it comes to certain things/players and people seem to not like that so they all pile on when it’s convenient and available and kinda refuse to acknowledge when he’s actually right. Unfortunate part of forum culture in general on the internet, but again, iz what it izz i don’t really have a dog in this fight one way or the other...can just see some things for what they are
  14. As an unbiased observer of this whole VanS/Josh Allen saga all summer I’ll say this, and it won’t be popular but w/e VanS argued all summer that Josh Allen was better than he’s been given credit for so far in his career. A lot of people spent a lot of time arguing against that notion. Josh Allen comes out on fire, and VanS lets people know about it. Just like many people on this site would if they got as much backlash as he got over the summer. But a lot of people on this site don’t like that VanS guy, for whatever reason, so they’ll continue to fight tooth and nail against Allen’s successes early and often. And they’ll keep arguing semantics and pick and choose certain phrases to argue but the fact of the matter is that Josh Allen looks great, VanS feels vindicated and will do a victory lap so long as Allen keeps playing well, the people that spent their summer arguing him will never want to concede a shred of ground to him because of how dismissive they were of his entire football world view, and no one’s going to budge on any of that. It iz what it izzzz
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