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  1. A lot of this kind of goes along with the point I'm trying to make, though. The game has changed. No argument there. But take a look around the league and see what the big time, bonafide WR1s are doing when it comes to getting their teams over the hump...it's really not that significant when it comes to that final added playoff boost that you're mentioning. Mike Thomas and the Saints blow it in the playoffs every year. Davante Adams and the Packers do too. Julio doesn't make the playoffs more often than not and they've made one run with him and lost. That story will li
  2. This is where the disconnect is between our opinions, I think. I just fundamentally disagree with this notion that the Ravens' history suggests when we have legit WR1s producing like legit league-wide WR1s we're at our best. We won playoff game after playoff game with Derrick Mason as our go-to, #1 WR. The most yards he ever put up in a season in which we won a playoff game was 1,037. The most yards Anquan Boldin ever put up for us in a season was 921. But then he went god-mode in the playoffs. We won 10 games and a playoff game with Steve Smith "playing like a bonafide WR1" i
  3. I agree with the "upgrading the passing game =/= getting a bonafide stud #1 WR" take that some people are making. Yeah, we have an example of Diggs helping Allen take off this year. How many other examples are there throughout the league of legit, bonafide #1 WRs putting up monster numbers on teams year in year out and those teams still not winning many games/many more than before they had that guy? Moving the ball is moving the ball. It's been relatively conventional thinking for a while now that WRs are like RBs in that they're the most "replaceable" piece of a functioning offense.
  4. Yeah someone on twitter brought up that example and the guy's response was "Bears ended 8-8 after that game...they were .500, so not a winning team" which imo is pretty weak and cherry-picky... ...but on the other hand there's still 41 other examples in his career of that being true if he's 0-42 haha...so if that 1 score game against the 8-7 Bears in 2013 is the game that has to be pointed out as busting the stat...idk still pretty crazy to me all things considered...would never have thought that about a Rodgers led team
  5. Imagine if this tweet said Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, or Kirk Cousins instead of Aaron Rodgers lmao dang that’s pretty crazy
  6. For me I guess my only annoyance with the Chiefs/their fans so far is that you literally can't talk about or mention another QB without Chiefs fans being like "Mahomes is better" or something along those lines. Like, yeah, everyone agrees, we don't need to preface every single conversation about every single QB in the league with "Ok so just so everyone knows Mahomes is better than this guy...anyway..." haha
  7. And i’m “seeking” a night with Brie Larson but that’s not looking likely now is it
  8. This legitimately isn’t meant to be a dig but aren’t you a Browns fan? I’m sure you can remember some that were worse just from your own team lol...owners texting coaches during games, homeless guys picking first round picks, hue jackson, 0-16, analytics guys vs “football guys” in the front office clashing on every single decision a few years back, etc. Its been a rough patch for the Texans for sure but i’m not sure you go 4-44 over a 3 year period like the Browns did a few years back and not have some insane organizational breakdowns
  9. Jarrett Johnson being THE blue collar, non-glory seeking edge setter for us from 2004-2011 and barely missing out on that 2012 ring hurt me bad.
  10. Like both those hires at face value, we'll see how it works out. I trust Wink with whatever he wants to do at this point.
  11. Yeah Pees wasn’t terrible for the Ravens by any means, but in the 3 years since he’s left the Ravens are literally #1 in PPG and YPG on defense in that span lol He can get your unit to “respectable/good” level but he’s not a guy to get you consistently in that top 5 range. Just depends what you’re looking for I guess.
  12. Magnificent is really the only adjective to describe it
  13. Yep no shame in that. End of the day we both want our offense to get better next year haha
  14. Yeah you're certainly entitled to that opinion. I just disagree in that I think anyone expecting him to have gotten into detailed breakdowns as to what we're going to do to remedy the passing offense was never going to be placated. End of season announcements are always like this. It's been like 3 days since our season ended - I'm not expecting them to have an analytical, master-plan answer outside of "we need the passing game to be better". Again - I think people knew going in that they wouldn't get that sort of answer because that's never how Harbaugh's pressers have been but they want
  15. Yeah it's pretty clear people are going to see what they want to see in his comments because the playoff loss is still fresh and emotions may still be riding high but he literally word for word said the coaching staff and scheme needs to be better and they need to improve upon it.
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