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  1. Week 15: VIKINGS (9-4) at Chargers (5-8)

    mike williams has had a 40+ yard reception in each of the last six games and has 9 receptions of 38+ yards in his 12 games this season. he also has the highest average depth of target in the league (that has 25 or more targets). the question is: who does he burn this sunday? rhodes, waynes or hughes?
  2. Week 15: VIKINGS (9-4) at Chargers (5-8)

    the chargers have a really good offense and it'll be a good test for our defense. statistically they are top 3-5 in many categories (yards/drive, plays/drive, TOP/drive, 3-and-outs/drive) but their downfall comes in two areas: turnovers (rivers has thrown the third most picks this season) and red zone execution where they have the 7th lowest touchdown percentage. the good news? our defense has the fourth best touchdown percentage and eighth most interceptions per drive. so while they will likely not have much trouble doing what they do best in moving the ball, keeping drives alive, etc. they should have extra trouble scoring in the red zone and taking care of the football given that's what our defense does best.
  3. 2019 Defense Thread

    the seahawks have used the most (iirc) 6 OL formations in the league, and a graphic in the early fourth (maybe late third Q) said they played the most snaps with 6 OL in any game league-wide. add another quarter to that graphic and i wouldn't be surprised if they used 6 OL about 75% of their snaps which is way more than the next highest in a game this season. EDIT: just saw that george fant played 41 snaps as a 6th OL, not sure how many snaps seattle's offense had total though. it's smart really, we had 2 safeties high the majority of the game to protect against their deep ball, which they do really well. but that means we had 7 men in the box the majority of the night and their 6 OL lineups just ate.
  4. 49ers V Ravens! Who ya got?

    i've seen a ton of people reference the weather... it's way too early for the forecast to have any weight imo. the forecast on saturday will give us a better idea and even then it could still be off a bit. i think the ravens are a better team on a neutral field, and at home i like them even more.
  5. Monday Night Ravens @ Rams

    keeping contain obviously.
  6. Why do teams hire unproven Head Coaches?

    unproven head coaches are usually proven assistant coaches so it's not a complete gamble, and first year head coaches are signed to cheaper contracts than experienced ones.
  7. Week 12 games

    so the two games i decided to watch today (SEA @ PHI, DAL @ NE) turned out to be two very sloppy games. at least the two remaining games this week *should* be great games. it was actually nice to have a bye, didn't spend any time this week reading football stuff, was more productive, actually got stuff done today while i watched games in the background. can't wait for next monday vs. the seahawks though!
  8. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    my worry is that cousins has very much been a product of his environment. in favourable situations like this year with a well-schemed offense and talented players that fit that scheme, cousins can produce like the elite quarterbacks. in sub-optimal environments he really struggles. if stefanski leaves soon to become a head coach and kubiak leaves or retires, then what will the offense look like? i think it's moot since we're almost guaranteed to extend cousins this offseason. the alternative would be to go into the following offseason with no heir apparent and no real means of acquiring one, leaving us in QB purgatory again.
  9. Packers @ 49ers SNF GDT

    i don't want either team to win but i want the packers to lose more so... go niners!
  10. Early returns for the 2019 Raiders Rookie Class

    the vikings found trae waynes (1st, 11th), eric kendricks (2nd, 45th), danielle hunter(3rd, 88th) and stefon diggs (5th, 146) in the same draft in 2015. they found three elite talents and a solid corner with half the draft capital the raiders had and nobody talks about their draft class. hyping up the raiders draft class as one for the ages is not only premature but also disrespectful. edit: that said i don't have anything against the raiders draft class, just trying to nip the hyperbole in the bud.
  11. Quarterback Rankings (through week 13)

    people can point to the 2-3 bad games cousins has had, but his play otherwise has been consistently VERY good (if not elite). Kirk Cousins games with a passer rating less than 100 - 3 games with a passer rating greater than 110 - 8 (the rest of his games) games with a passer rating greater than 130 - 5 Patrick Mahomes games with a passer rating less than 100 - 4 games with a passer rating greater than 110 - 5 (the rest of his games) games with a passer rating greater than 130 - 3 Dak Prescott games with a passer rating less than 100 - 4 games with a passer rating greater than 110 - 3 games with a passer rating greater than 130 - 1 (week one perfect rating vs. the giants) Russell Wilson games with a passer rating less than 100 - 2 games with a passer rating greater than 110 - 7 games with a passer rating greater than 130 - 5 Lamar Jackson (obviously only a fraction of his impact) games with a passer rating less than 100 - 5 games with a passer rating greater than 110 - 3 games with a passer rating greater than 130 - 3 to me it's clearly a three-man race between wilson, jackson and cousins and even if you consider cousins third in that list he definitely deserves to be in that tier of MVP candidate.
  12. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    glad they went harsher than not as harsh with garrett's penalty. the last thing a league wants is to downplay potential todd bertuzzi* situations. * for those that don't know, bertuzzi was a hockey player who sucker punched steve moore from behind (moore had a helmet on) and landed on him as he fell. moore ended up breaking his neck and it ended his career. bertuzzi was suspended for over a year and charged with assault and would've gone to prison if he didn't settle for a plea deal. luckily he hit rudolph in the "right" spot so rudolph is okay but he could easily be charged with assault given that he used a weapon (in the eyes of the law). good on the league to nip that sort of behaviour in the bud.
  13. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    so... i'm going to be extremely selfish and hope that we run all over the broncos. my fantasy team is stacked but if it has one flaw, it is running back depth. chris carson is on a bye and i got outbid for any possible streamers so i'm forced to start both cook and mattison lol. here's to hoping we have 300 rushing yards and three TDs tomorrow!
  14. Who is the best WR in the NFL today?

    i think he's underrated because i think he deserves to be in the conversation with the likes of the other guys mentioned here (thomas, hopkins, hill, etc.) but what about mike evans? has had 1,000 every season and conservatively assuming he'll get 1,400/10 this season (he's on pace for 1,643/12), he'll have averaged 1,250 yards and 8 touchdowns a season. i know some of his technical skills aren't on par with some of the other top receivers but he has a rare big play ability and is a mismatch every week with his huge frame. he's also extremely durable, having only missed three games in his six game career.