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  1. teams rarely draft specialists, i really doubt the vikings would draft a specialist and stash him for a couple years. also, the vikings want to fix their kicking game asap, which Cutting would help with.
  2. NFL Could Push For 18-Game Season In Labor Talks

    sorry i should have clarified, the first and second seeded teams wouldn't get a bye during wildcard weekend. all teams would still get a bye during the regular season.
  3. surprised at the lack of laquon treadwell talk. dude has 500 yards through three seasons and 5.7 yards a target. it still guts me that we could've easily had michael thomas, who i wanted instead of fuller/doctson/treadwell. i can't even imagine having a trio of diggs, thielen and thomas.
  4. NFL Could Push For 18-Game Season In Labor Talks

    i know it would net the NFL less money than adding a 17th and potentially 18th regular season game but simply expanding playoffs would be good imo. 8 teams per conference, no teams get a bye, the schedule stays the same, etc. the NFL only gets four more games of revenue but it's pretty much the least intrusive way of adding games. teams can prepare the way they're used to, the top seeded teams still get an advantage (home field advantage plus facing a team that's like 8-8) and it adds more excitement (chances of upsets). i think this would be a good first step to adding more games, especially because i think the teams are already seeded well enough for the playoffs with 16 games. honestly, i think the only thing that might make the players open to adding more regular season games is that increased revenue = higher salary cap = higher salary for each player. adding two regular season games should equal out to about a 12.5% increase in revenue. if that was the case, even the bottom-feeders that make $500,000 a year would be getting an extra $60k.
  5. Discussion: RAS, cross post from the browns forum.

    i really like RAS, obviously the more information you have the better but i think it's pretty good for an all-encompassing score. stuff like RAS and sparq scores are good ways to quickly compare a player's athleticism to their peers. it's just an elegant tool to have when evaluating players. 3 cone is such a great test for a lot of positions. it tests short-area quickness, change of direction ability and balance (to an extent), all of which are very valuable qualities for players to have.
  6. and Wide Receiver Number Three shall be...?

    me too, i really wish we had the cap space to sign someone like michael crabtree.
  7. yeah it's definitely not a good situation imo. it's easy to say, "we're screwed if our starting QB goes down" but then you have to remember we went 13-3 with our third string QB, because he was a capable backup QB. none of our backup QB options have ever thrown an NFL touchdown...
  8. am i the only one mis-remembering cook's ability? he was very good before before he tore his acl, started this past season slowly still getting up to game speed, then got a minor injury. when he came back to finish the season he looked like he did pre-acl tear, very good. the slow start to last season (plus minor injury) where related to his acl tear but by all accounts he finished the season healthy and effective and now has a whole off season to further strengthen his legs. i expect cook to still be the lead back and handle most of the early-down work and receiving duty with mattison spelling him and being the short-yardage guy. not sure how much they'll be played at the same time but i'm envisioning a freeman-coleman dynamic with them.
  9. i haven't seen much of mitchell or his technique but he is a little similar to stefon diggs as a prospect. both aren't outstanding athletes from an explosion standpoint (though mitchell's jump scores are a little above average), they have almost identical speed times (diggs 4.46 40, 1.54 10-yard split, mitchell 4.46 40, 1.55 10-yard split) and are on the skinnier side for a receiver. they were also productive for smaller schools and like Krauser mentioned in the vikings draft class thread, mitchell scored well in football outsiders' playmaker score, which is actually pretty good for an "all-encompassing" score. he had the 7th highest score with 85.3%. the six players with better scores went in the top 2 rounds besides dionte johnson and hakeem butler, who went at the top of the 3rd and 4th rounds, respectively. for reference, diggs had the third highest score in his draft class with 89.5%. obviously diggs has great intangibles in terms of work ethic and has huge hands which helps him catch while mitchell doesn't have either but there are some similarities there. hopefully he can step up this season and fill in that WR3 role.
  10. How well did the NFC North draft?

    i agree with the article in that i really like TJ Hockenson and the schematic issues it causes for defenses but i am so glad that the lions didn't pick ed oliver. i feel like he could really be a nightmare for offensive lines and we already struggle with having mack in our division.
  11. The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    i'd agree about the value of drafting a running back at 102 except that we didn't just need a running back, we needed a back who excelled in short-yardage situations since murray left. i'm not sure what alternatives were available in later rounds to find a goal line back but obviously they graded mattison out higher to take him. given mattison's success at finding the end zone in his college career it looks like zimmer/spielman put additional emphasis on the goal line offense with this pick. this is my favourite run of his (1:26):
  12. like i said before the draft, i would've preferred taking a top rated tackle (dillard being available in hindsight) but bradbury was my top "secondary" choice. i hope bradbury is as cerebral as advertised because his athleticism mixed with a good ability to recognize pressure/call protections could be a bigger improvement to the line than a great pass-blocking OT like dillard.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft: Day 3 - Rounds 4, 5, 6, & 7

    see: stephen hill
  14. DE Brian Robison signs one-day contract to retire a Viking

    as good a player as he was and as great a teammate as he was.... i feel like losing 96 questions will be what the fans miss most about him. reference (he did this weekly):
  15. we're not desperate for a tackle specifically otherwise i'd trade up a bit to secure jonah williams or andre dillard, but since we have flexibility then i'd just sit tight and if the top tackles are gone just draft the best interior guy (garrett bradbury imo). maybe if someone like ed oliver falls to 15 or so i'd be down to trade up a few picks and grab him. for reference, if we packaged our 1st and 3rd round picks we'd only be able to move up to 13, possibly 12. our 1st and 2nd rounders gets us to about the 10th pick.