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  1. 2019 Cornerback Coffee Talk, no big whoop...

    this obviously changes if we trade waynes away, but really don't see us taking a corner until round 6 or so. rhodes is an all-pro/pro bowl talent alexander developed into a very good nickel corner last season we have hughes and hill who both showed flashes last season as rookies. so even without any additions we are comfortably four deep at corner, and that's if we trade away our second best corner.
  2. Chiefs trade for Seahawks Frank Clark

    dear lord clark's deal is $21.1 million AAV. how the vikings extended danielle hunter for $14.5 million AAV last offseason is a huge mystery. seahawks cleaned up on this trade.
  3. 2019 Draft Talk

    i'm hoping one of the top tackles falls to us (jonah williams, andre dillard), otherwise i would be happy with either garrett bradbury or chris lidstrom. not sure cody ford fits the bill for us but any of the first four i mentioned would be good.
  4. Regrading 2018 Draft:

    Hilton hill graded out as our best boundary corner (PFF’s #41 corner overall, though Alexander graded better) and Brian O’Neill has a solid season despite being raw. mike Hughes showed flashes of his talent but had an up and down season. He pretty much gets an incomplete grade since he got injured so early in the year. Not expecting much from anyone else in the draft class but if hill, Hughes and O’Neill can be starting-caliber then I’d say that’s a B+, but right now with hughes’ incomplete mark I’d have to give the draft class a B- or C+.
  5. with the increasing salary cap, veteran contracts are getting more and more expensive. for example, the cardinals entire rookie class this year will have a cap hit of ~$12,500,00, which includes the first overall pick which should be a pro-bowl level player plus other high picks (2nd, 3rd rounders) which could be starting-level within a year or two. or with that money they could sign two mid-level starters. for comparison, sheldon richardson signed a deal this offseason with an AAV of ~$12,000,000. he's a good player but not elite or game-changing, and i think it's likely there's a handful of first round picks this year that will have more impact than him in 2019. i absolutely love what the patriots do. they trade away their good players on rookie contracts (jamie collins, chandler jones) right before they are due to be paid veteran salaries and get picks in return. if they let them go, they get compensatory picks in return. it makes so much more sense to have an average starter on a rookie salary at ~$1-2 million as opposed to an average starter on a veteran salary at ~$5 million. with the leftover money they sign veteran players to short, one-year deals. there's more turnover with this philosophy so coaching is very important but it maximizes the salaries on the roster.
  6. Thoughts on Cousins

    why was his body language so much worse in that game than normal?
  7. Thoughts on Cousins

    I still so vividly remember during our week 17 matchup vs. the bears, which was pretty much a playoff game (win and you’re in). He was constantly yelling at teammates, lost his cool at thielen, diggs and cook and has professed himself that he gets extra stressed before big games. as a Vikings fan, it really worries me that our QB struggles dealing with pressure so much. Dealing with those situations with a clear head is pretty important if you ask me.
  8. Browns trade for OBJ

    am i crazy for liking this trade for the giants? i think it's a win-win trade for both sides. the giants are clearly in rebuild mode and the first/third round picks will go to adding more talent across the board for them, given they have so many holes to fill. they take a lot of dead money on this season but they have the room, and it frees up money going forward hopefully to put talent around barkley, whatever QB they draft, etc. also, could you imagine a rookie QB coming onto the giants and having to deal with OBJ's ego/hotheadedness? at least in cleveland the team is clearly baker's.
  9. forgot about that game. yes, it was big for him but not necessarily for his value around the league - he threw for 112 yards, a 73.7 QB rating in a loss.
  10. i'm not surprised, no team has seen teddy play meaningful snaps in how many seasons? to give him guaranteed starter money is a huge risk. meanwhile, teddy can continue to back up brees and the saints still see every day in practice what he's capable of. brees has been incredibly durable so his injury risk until brees retires is pretty low.
  11. Raising the Barr even higher!

    nope, and since we re-sign barr we likely won't be able to spend enough on an outside free agent to lose the 3rd/4th round comp pick from losing richardson. the only way we would lose out on richardson's comp pick is if we sign as many or more qualifying free agents than the ones we lost (even if they are valued lower).
  12. Raising the Barr even higher!

    yeah i was hoping it would be more in the ~$12.5 mil/year range but it's definitely a lot better than matching the jets "edge rusher money" offer to play off-LOS LB. i had mentally let go of barr already and actually didn't have much of a problem with it. seeing the impact first and second round linebackers have had in recent years made me feel alright with it.
  13. considering how long it took zimmer to get a head coaching gig i'm not surprised he wants to keep it going as long as he can.
  14. during the last cba negotiations the cap explosion had already been forecast and the owners submitted a "cap smoothing" proposal. the player's association obviously declined. the nature of basketball is the reason there is little to no parity. you have five players on the court at once, and you can have the ball in your best player's hands as much as you want. they also play both sides of the ball which gives them even more chances to impact a game then say a star quarterback. there are also a lot more possessions in a game so outliers like turnovers, mistakes, etc. are mitigated (things that "underdogs" need to go in their favour to win). that said, the warriors had so many timely things work in their favour for them to build the team they have: - the warriors drafted curry 7th overall. minnesota had the two picks before them, drafted two point guards (ricky rubio and johnny flynn). rubio turned out to be serviceable and flynn was an utter bust. curry had chronic ankle issues early in his career which allowed the warriors to extend him for super cheap. he then almost immediately fixed his ankle issues and developed into an MVP-calibre player. - they got klay thompson 11th overall two years after they drafted curry. he turned out to be the second best shooter in nba history (behind curry). - draymond green was just a great pick but even then the warriors had never planned for him to be a huge part of their team. they had gone through some injuries so they threw him into the lineup as a "let's see what happens" type of situation and the team just took off. - because they had extended curry for so cheap and thompson and green were still on their rookie deals they had enough space to sign kevin durant, who happened to want to leave his team. silver has done a great job since he has taken over but the nba and nfl isn't exactly comparing apples to apples. EDIT: also the rule changes in the nba are similar to the nfl. less physicality and more "skill-based", combined with teams using analytics to find advantages. while teams have trended towards passing more in the nfl, nba teams are shooting more three pointers.
  15. 2019 Sign, Draft or Promote: Starting RG

    both had much better talents than where they were selected, they both fell due to character/drug concerns.