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  1. 2019 Defense Thread

    it should be noted that Myles Garrett is currently on pace to break hunter's record, though there is a lot of time before that happens (he could slump. miss games, etc.). he's played 33 games and has 29.5 sacks (0.89 sacks per game). at that pace he'll get nine more sacks this year to put him at 38.5. he would then have ~15 games next season (his birthday is December 29th) to get at 8+ sacks (depending how many hunter gets in the next two games), which he should without much trouble based on his career output. For reference, hunter has averaged 0.68 sacks a game and 0.74 if you exclude his rookie season where he was a situational rusher.
  2. Week 7 non-Viking games

    it sucks for the chiefs and for the entire league whenever a player like mahomes misses a game (let alone 4-6) but the timing of it is favourable for the vikings. they're guaranteed to play vs. matt moore and they also will have 1.5 games of film on a matt moore-led offense. the packers next week still could get some surprises. funny (and awful) how such an innocent play (when do you ever see a QB get injured on a QB sneak?) turns a game that was almost a definite loss for us into one where we should be favoured.
  3. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    if Griffen qualifies then Dalvin Cook would as well, and if he keeps up his OPOY-calibre season he'll definitely get consideration.
  4. MNF: Lions at Packers

    based on this angle it looks like both players could have had their hands in each other's faces. why didn't the ref either a)flag both or b) let it go
  5. Week 7: VIKINGS (4-2) at Lions (2-2-1)

    and the players themselves will probably be super motivated as well.
  6. 2019 Defense Thread

    just for fun i looked up hunter's contract and forgot that while he's making ~$15 million the next few years in 2023 he's set to make $12 million at 29 years old (and presumably still very much in his prime). players like khalil mack, demarcus lawrence and frank clark are all set to make about $26 million. now, if he's still producing like he is now then i'm sure he'll be making more via extension but it still shows how much of a steal his contract is.
  7. Week 6: Eagles (3-2) at VIKINGS (3-2)

    i was so surprised when he kept left, i don't know if over-thought it and tried to sell the cut inside to move the defender but yeah if he just followed his blocks he had a ton of green space with blockers ahead of him. he usually has better vision in those situations.
  8. How are those rookies doing?

    after having a BRUTAL start to the season, garrett bradbury has put together a nice couple weeks vs. good competition: if he can keep this up then the vikings will have hit on OL picks in back to back drafts. in just three more years we could have a solid offensive line....
  9. I believe carson wentz will have a meltdown @ the vikings...

    i think the vikings hadn't had a QB throw more than 250 yards against them in like ten games or something like that and wentz got over 300 yards on them in their own house. he's having a hell of a year so far.
  10. Week 6 Non Vikings Games

    i was so confused watching that. that's a clear DPI and i don't even see how it is debatable. he has a hold of tate's arm before tate even jumps and keeps holding on so tight that it spins tate's body around. tate never even had a chance to get a hand on the ball (it just hits him in the shoulder) despite the defender making no play on the ball. how much more obvious does it have to be to warrant getting overturned? does the receiver have to get clotheslined in the air? would that even warrant it getting overturned? and what irks me even more is that we had a TD taken back because the review booth GAVE us an OPI call when it wasn't called on the field, even though that call was waaaaay less obvious than the video above. like if the standard is that they stick with what was called on the field (or not) 95% of the time then why would they call OPI in hindsight, especially when it was such a wishy-washy call. in the packers-eagles game, philly got a touchdown but ertz was flagged for OPI - blocking downfield. while the flag should have taken the TD away, it was still a TD so they reviewed the play and decided to pick up the flag, giving the eagles a TD. ertz starting his block near the LOS but clearly blocked like five yards downfield.
  11. Week 6: Eagles (3-2) at VIKINGS (3-2)

    ^ this. from PFF: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-quarterbacks-playing-better-worse-than-box-score-stats
  12. Perfect Offense For Just $15.00

    QB - Brett Favre $5 RB - Dalvin Cook $3 WR Adam Thielen $4 WR Sidney Rice $2 TE Visanthe Schiancoe $1
  13. Week 5: VIKINGS (2-2) at Giants (2-2)

    to put some numbers to his point: in 2016 the vikings started 4-0 and ranked 3rd in DVOA at the time. they finished the year 8-8. in 2017 the vikings started 2-2 and ranked 10th in DVOA at the time. they finished 13-3.
  14. Week 5: VIKINGS (2-2) at Giants (2-2)

    it definitely is, though it is a little concerning to see alexander go from limited to DNP this week. hopefully he at least gets in a limited session tomorrow.
  15. Something brewing with Diggs?

    honestly, if i'm diggs i'm within my rights to wonder why a team paid me to be a top-12 receiver and then gives me the 58th most targets on the year. there are 22 tight ends and running backs in the league that have more targets than diggs so far in the season.