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  1. yeah i've seen different studies cite different incubation periods but an asymptomatic person is more likely to test positive days 2-4, let's say, then the day after contact. that's why a lot of policies require multiple negative tests before clearing a person.
  2. what, that transmission rates are significantly lower when wearing a mask and social distancing?
  3. i get how players could get infected - they obviously don't have to wear masks while playing so they're more vulnerable. but the fact that five staff from from a team tested positive just shows to me that they must not be wearing masks in meetings/indoors/etc. transmission rates are close to zero when everyone wears a mask and tries to social distance. it seems so careless to risk so much for the slight inconvenience of wearing a mask at work.
  4. so it sounds like the vikings are in the clear for now but will probably have everyone get tested daily today and tomorrow and if everything comes back negative (three tests per person following the titans game) then they'll practice friday and play sunday? obviously so much is up in the air but it's going to be interesting to see how the league handles their first breakout.
  5. what are people's first impressions with the offense under kubiak vs. stefanski? one thing i've noticed is less screens, which is a little disappointing given how deadly they were for us last season. i also don't have the numbers in front of me but i feel like we're running play action less (though that could be skewed by the game week one). and i don't know if this is play calling or kirk (plus small sample size) but only 15% of targets this year have gone to tight ends - last season was 24%.
  6. we were able to get decent pressure against tennessee which bodes well vs. houston. they have a baad offensive line thankfully otherwise watson would definitely carve up our defense. on the other hand, i'm shuddering at the thought of jj watt going against our guards.
  7. i like bisi but it's safe to say he has lost his starting job.
  8. "tanking" in professional sports almost never happens in the way some think. players never intentionally lose, coaches never tell players to make mistakes, etc. tanking is essentially "preparing for the future - now". that means personnel moves (like going with an entire corner group of guys under 24) and especially later in the season giving more snaps to guys like james lynch than jaleel johnson. another way which the vikings haven't done is to trade vets for draft picks. the vikings trading rudolph or reiff before the trade deadline would be examples of tanking, even though the coaches would still gameplan and coach to win, and the remaining players would still play to win. the team would just not be as likely to win, even when trying.
  9. vikings fan here, just popping in to say good luck this sunday. i wouldn't be feeling too anxious about this matchup if i were you guys. our offense showed some life week 1 vs. the packers when making our comeback but otherwise our run game has been mediocre at best and our pass offense has been bad - besides thielen being the only target cousins seems to trust cousins has also been uncharacteristically inaccurate. our offensive line is weird, as our LT, C and RT have been solid but our LG and RG have been horrible: that's made worse by the defense. typically zimmer relies on a stud nose tackle to plug gaps which lets him play a light box on early downs and still hold up against the run. when michael pierce opted out of the season we were essentially screwed as we had nobody to remotely fill that role to that extent. you guys are obviously familiar with yannick ngakoue and he came on as a pass rusher last week after being eased into things week 1, but he is literally the only person on the d-line making an impact so far (danielle hunter is on IR). combine weak DL play with barr going on IR and our remaining linebackers being undersized "coverage backers", i wouldn't be surprised if henry rushed for 200+ yards at 6+ ypc. in the first two weeks the packers and colts have run at will against us and eaten up SO much clock. the vikings are last in the league at TOP and surprise surprise, both the packers and colts are #1 and #2 in the league for TOP/drive. oh yeah, and on top of all of our issues we might be down to three "rotation" corners this sunday. it's a shame AJ brown might not play because he would feast but corey davis is probably going to have a career day. ALSO: excited to see blasingame in action! he was on our practice squad last year and had a ton of fans (how can you not cheer for an uber-athletic fullback?) and a lot of people were bummed when you guys scooped him up. hope he gets a touchdown.
  10. while i would prefer the vikings turn the ship around and make the playoffs this year, it would be the perfect year to inadvertently tank given there is a legit franchise QB prospect and our recent youth wave. i know cousins had a no-trade clause in his original contract but does he still have one with the extension he signed?
  11. not that i disagree, but holy cow it's hard to imagine games much uglier than weeks 1 or 2.
  12. what do you think the vikings should do for the national anthem at today's game?
  13. i like watching dalvin so it's good that he'll be a viking for the next few years. from a team-building perspective though, about the only positive i can get from this signing is that the vikings take care of their own - even running backs - and that makes them an attractive franchise to players.
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