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  1. robby anderson was definitely our MVP today. 11 targets for 11 receiving yards. he had to have had at least five drops. DJ moore did his best with like three.
  2. a touchdown and a two point conversion just tied it, that doesn't happen if we went for two earlier and a chance at a nine point lead
  3. what a catch by thielen. but how on earth do you now go for 2 to make it a two possession game? worst case scenario you don't get it and you're still up 7. not sure how big a difference it is to be up 8 points.
  4. good to see the defense stepping into form. we're great on third downs again (4th in the league right now) but the one thing that is uncharacteristic is that we have been bad in the red zone, where we're pretty much always good/great. and yeah griffen has been a revelation. we definitely wouldn't be getting the same consistent pass rush out of wonnum, jones or weatherly.
  5. big test for our struggling offense vs. carolina's defense, who has been one of the best in the league so far. interesting tidbit: they allow the least yards per drive, least plays and TOP per drive, force the 4th most 3-and-outs. it's even more impressive since their defense has one of the worst average starting field positions. their one glaring weakness? red zone defense, where they are near the bottom of the league in terms of TDs and overall points allowed per red zone trip. could be an ugly game to watch overall since both teams are in the top 5 for third down defense and hav
  6. i don't usually pay attention to the OP in a game day thread but i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed this one, so kudos @Kiwibrown. i think this will be a good game, the vikings had a really rough first game against the bengals but outplayed two quality opponents in the cardinals and seahawks, only losing to the cards because they missed a 37 yard kick to win the game. the browns run game is definitely a concern for the vikes, getting barr back for this game would be huge as the current linebackers besides kendricks are very inconsistent. their pass defense hasn't been
  7. pretty worried about our secondary vs. their receivers. we'll obviously devote a ton of attention to metcalf but lockett is more than good enough to take advantage of single coverage, especially since him and wilson have such good chemistry on scramble plays. and if he clears concussion protocol then eskridge is definitely going to be a problem. with all the attention we put on metcalf and lockett, eskridge will have so many opportunities to make the explosive plays he's capable of. sustaining drives and not giving the ball to wilson and co. often will play a huge part (obvio
  8. which all bit guarantees barr is out, as i doubt he plays after getting in one limited practice in like a month. also positive to see darrisaw ramping up his activity but i doubt he's active sunday as he's missed the vast majority of training camp.
  9. they're definitely banking on his continued development. his overall PFF grade was like 63 as a rookie, 70 in his second year and 78 last season. of course most (all) of that improvement was in the run game so if he doesn't improve his pass pro then he's maxed out as an elite run blocker and below average pass protector.
  10. PFF ranked him the 30th best tackle going into the 2021 season, here's what they had to say about him: link: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-offensive-tackle-rankings-2021-nfl-season so yeah, his pass protection does need work if he's going to live up to his contract.
  11. he's shown steady improvement which is probably why the vikings were willing to pay him top dollar. overall PFF grade: 2018 - 63.0 2019 - 70.7 2020 - 78.0
  12. still have to see the contract details, a lot of that could be unguaranteed.
  13. i was excited for hunter to have his coming out party against what *should* be a weak offensive line unit and then i realized that he's going to be going up against an old friend - riley reiff! it'll be like the old days at practice. hopefully hunter hits him with a few new moves.
  14. he's the best lineman we got, glad to see him locked up.
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