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  1. 2019 Draft Talk

    that's what i've read too, but like this past draft class that still means we'd need a top-10ish pick to get one of the quality ones. i know the ravens took lamar jackson at 32 but he had a poor year as a passer and is still very far away from showing that he can be a franchise QB. trading up from what *hopefully* is a pick from 25-32 next year would take much more than simply spending a first rounder this draft. if murray gets out of the top ten picks then miami is really the only team likely to take him before our pick (at 13).
  2. 2019 Draft Talk

    for me it's more a question of if we'd be able to find a better replacement in 2020 or 2021 with limited assets. i'm pretty sure the team doesn't plan on having a top 20 pick in the next two drafts and finding a starting-level QB in free agency is... unlikely. if you don't like the mahomes comparison then how about jimmy garoppolo? i know the patriots spent significantly less draft capital than what we would at 18th overall but spending the 62nd pick on garoppolo when he *literally* backed up brady for three years is still crazy. pretty sure belichick's response to them drafting jimmy was "you don't need insurance... until you do". in that case jimmy was never going to start over brady while brady was healthy (or he retired) so it was literally for insurance purposes. in our case there could be a lot more upside as he could take over for cousins after he leaves (or even before). ironically, jimmy turned out to be the best QB in the draft class (barring teddy reviving his career) when he started two games in three years with the team that drafted him. we also need to find a backup QB and have very little funds to allocate to the position. kyle sloter is still on the roster but he is 100% unproven which is the last thing you want potentially starting for a team with super bowl aspirations. the cap hit for the 18th pick will be about $2.4 million in 2019. tyrod taylor, josh mccown, teddy bridgewater and ryan fitzpatrick are the best/most experienced QBs on the market this season and each will likely get $3 million or more. that's at least $3 million of cap space for a player that *hopefully* doesn't play a snap for a team that's already in a cap crunch. i'm not saying it's the obvious, must-make move and it's likely moot since a team like the dolphins will take him anyways, i just think it's a possibility worth discussing. EDIT: and yeah, taking murray in our situation is obviously dependent on the team believing in him as a prospect.
  3. 2019 Draft Talk

    the chiefs traded from the 27th pick of the first round and added a 3rd and future 1st to go up to #10 to draft patrick mahomes, despite having alex smith. the move obviously carried risk but i think it has more than paid off for the chiefs. i might just be thinking this way because i really question kirk's ability to move the ball when things go wrong (he has very little improvisational ability) and i don't believe he has the kind of leadership ability a franchise QB needs. when you have a reasonable chance to get that kind of QB i think you have to take it, because they make a huge difference.
  4. this statement actually hurt my head. how can all teams lose more (as a percentage) when the average outcome of a game is .500? you understand that for every team that wins a corresponding team loses. right? example: the chiefs are playing a non-rival in the seahawks. are BOTH teams more likely to win the game because they aren't division rivals? conversely, if the cowboys played the eagles are both team less likely to win the game since they're rivals? good teams tend to win more and bad teams tend to win less, it's pretty much as simple as that.
  5. 2019 Playoffs

    Yep. The goal line INT was a killer.
  6. 2019 Draft Talk

    if you believe in his talent, you gotta take kyler murray if he falls to 18.
  7. 2019 Playoffs

    maybe people don't know what the topic is because there's no incredibly forced pun in the title?
  8. offensive analyst at michigan in 2017 then QB coach this past year for the panthers. so in short, yes. all of scott turner's NFL coaching gigs have been on his father's staffs. Ironically, though, except for when norv was head coach for the chargers. scott was with the panthers then.
  9. Thy should probably just draft ed Oliver to be honest
  10. Maybe some insight as to why DeGuglielmo was fired? https://twitter.com/RajPC1/status/1085216174466568197
  11. You have to think zimmer loves the idea of Mularkey implementing something similar to the “exotic smashmouth” scheme he did in Tennessee.
  12. 2018-2019 Offseason Thread (Season Concludes)

    this is exactly what i mean by selective memory. in 2015 we had to go to lambeau and won that game to win the division. the next game, we reasonably did everything you could expect a team to do to win but walsh missed the chip shot. we lost that game but i think it's hard to argue that zimmer didn't have the team ready or that the players didn't show up. depends on what you mean by big games but we had wins against good teams last season. it's only natural that the losses stand out more than the wins.
  13. 2018-2019 Offseason Thread (Season Concludes)

    first of all, people saying zimmer or spielman will get fired tomorrow are insane. spielman has constructed one of the more complete rosters in the league and gotten the team over the hump of paying their young talent. and people talking about zimmer being fired are just using selective memory. this team HAS won big games under him but they've also lost big games; it's not like we've lost every critical game. we've also had a top 10 defense the past three seasons, top 5 the last two years. with even an average offense that's good enough to make the playoffs. for whatever game-day weaknesses you think zimmer might have, it's being overlooked that he's built a culture that has made minnesota a free agent destination (richardson, iloka, tom johnson, newman, etc.) and has allowed us to keep our young studs (namely diggs and hunter) on discounted contracts. honestly cousins really worries me if we plan to contend the next two years. his body language today was brutal. he seemed tense at the best of times and had multiple freakouts (at cook, diggs and thielen) whenever something went wrong. that coupled with the reports of him being super meticulous and trying to be perfect all the time really paints a picture of an individual who can't handle stress well and won;t be able to handle the pressure of big games.
  14. 2019 Draft Talk

    pretty sure we end up with the 18th pick in the draft. also a weird thing: we're the only team in the league that ended up with 8 wins.
  15. Vikings Fire DeFilippo, Stefanski Promoted to OC

    yeah david morgan missing time definitely had an underrated effect on the run blocking, and there isn't much use putting a fullback out there with a subpar blocking TE in the run game and in the pass game you definitely want another receiver out there instead of a FB.