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  1. normally i'd agree but we had been getting absolutely wrecked inside pretty much any time we tried going up in the middle in short yardage situations. i still get so nervous seeing those plays though, i'm always bracing for a defender to shoot a gap before the runner gets to the edge.
  2. final stats: 125 targets, 88 catches, 1,400 yards, 7 touchdowns. obviously a fantastic season for him. it's nitpicking but if he works on his route running in the red zone then he will truly be an all-around stud. really glad he's on our team. EDIT: what makes his historic rookie year even more impressive is that it was in a season with next to no training camp, and he didn't even start the first two games.
  3. i never knew it until today but FB toss is my favourite play.
  4. do players get fined automatically for personal fouls? or does the league review the fouls after and then fine the egregious ones? because i'd be pissed enough for a huge penalty on a clean play but if i got fined like $15K afterwards i'd be livid.
  5. holy cow back to back penalties on special teams........
  6. he didn't play the opening drive but he's played this drive. he's wearing the yellow arm sleeves.
  7. lmao i like how with thielen hurt they said screw it and refused to put any other receiver on the field in the red zone.
  8. REVENGE GAME ALERT!! george edwards is the senior defensive assistant for the cowboys so he might take this game personally and has some ideas to stop cousins/cook. or, we might roast their D anyways. Lawrence is a beast and will likely get chipped all day but the rest of the line has played subpar this season.
  9. definitely, especially since we still have to play the saints (#1 run defense), bucs (#2) and bears (#5). we play those teams all in a row so that will be a very interesting stretch for the offense. i don't expect the team to abandon the run but they'll definitely have to throw the ball more in those games.
  10. after seeing just how good jefferson is, i'm actually a little mad at rick spielman. how could he not trade up for this guy and just give philly a free chance to draft him?
  11. i know we just got a big boost because we played the bear's awful offense but we now have the 10th best defense by DVOA. i'm absolutely speechless to be honest. if we end the season with a top 10 defense (which is possible given our improvement and our schedule) then zimmer deserves to go straight to the hall of fame. i think if the other 31 teams were in a comparable situation maybe one or two teams would have a top 20 defense. even defensive geniuses like pete carroll and bill belichick have bottom 10 defenses, with NE having the worst by DVOA. that said, both of those teams hav
  12. so just to highlight how well of a job kirk and the offense did in the passing game: before yesterday the bears had only allowed three touchdowns to opposing receivers all season. thielen got two by himself. before yesterday they had only allowed two receivers to get 100 yards in calvin ridley (110) and AJ brown (101). jefferson had 135.
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